BTS Gushes Over Ariana Grande | GRAMMYs 2020

ET spoke with BTS ahead of the 2020 GRAMMY Awards, which air Sunday, Jan. 26, on CBS.


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Entertainment Tonight
Entertainment Tonight:
GRAMMYs 2020: Fashion Recap w/ @Trixie Mattel , Brett Alan Nelson, & Iskra Lawrence
Interviewer: “How do you deal with haters?”

RM: _”We write Cyphers”_
Roshni Qureshi
Roshni Qureshi:
Bts stylist be like: Let's dress every one in turtleneck except jin😂
chim chim
chim chim:
but wth namjoon looks so fine I couldnt take my eyes off him he is literally shining
RM: it's really hard

interviewer: what is ”hard”?

Suga: **Chuckles in Dirty minded**
Sun Shine
Sun Shine:
Its so cute that whenever there is an english interview,all bts would hide at RM's back because they are not much of an english talker,not hating but I think its just so cute.
gimzoo loves you
gimzoo loves you:
Rm: "it's going to be harder."

Me: *sips tea* this comeback is gonna be..... interesting....
Ashley Yu
Ashley Yu:
"she's spitting bad words" *ye that's really ariana*
TAEHYUNG why no one talks about taehyung. he looks so sad and tired
Eunmin Woo
Eunmin Woo:
In Korea, there's a saying "When someone's talking smack, your ear itches"
It breaks my heart that Taehyung look kinda sad
I can't afford BTS concert ticket
I can't afford BTS concert ticket:
Jungkook: *answers in English without the help of his dad

Jungkook after: *feels lit
Sunshine HOBI
Sunshine HOBI:
Everybody talking about Kookie in the comment section but nobody talking about V
You didn't guys noticed V ?? He completely looks like freaking sleepy 😂
Ok but let's talk about V...he looks so damn handsome. I'm dead.
Deepti Verma
Deepti Verma:
*Namjoon* : "......and harder"
*Jimin and JK* : * dirty minded people are blushing *
when the girl said “ariana grande” jk turned his head immediately lmaooo
"Everyone loves ariana"
"Who doesn't" - Namjoon
In our president we trust
CleYoFe Tra
CleYoFe Tra:
When jungkook wants to talk when ariana grande was mentioned awwww so cute
Katelijn Hovestad
Katelijn Hovestad:
“It’s gonna be HARDER”
“What does that mean??”
BTS death metal album confirmed

Love Yourself: Death?
Map of the Soul: Death?
Things that i really noticed

1. Taehyung being a big M00D at the back
2. Jk's emotional swings
3. RM's talent using that sexy *like* about 33+ times in check 4mins
Listen Boi
Listen Boi:
The way Jungkook wasn't paying attention or anything and then when Joon said "Harder", he just went-
Jungkook: *._.*

Interviewer: ari-

Jungkook: 👁👄👁
아누쉬카초두리 Anuskha Chowdhury
아누쉬카초두리 Anuskha Chowdhury:
no one is talking about Jin looking like a whole snack
Namjoon : it’s gonna be harder.
Interviewer: what is hard?
Namjoon’s brain: shit I did it again
Meanwhile jk and Yoongi: *trying not to laugh*
stop calling jin eomma he has more balls than y'all
stop calling jin eomma he has more balls than y'all:
"she's the one right now, she's the one"
Lmao I swear to god they say that about every female American singer, first Halsey, then Ari and then Sia
Interviewer: Ariana Grande
Kookie:- kookie.exe has turned in
Ghetto RatAtatAta
Ghetto RatAtatAta:
RM: (to Ariana) She’s the one right now, she’s the one

Halsey: Am I a joke to you?
Nieves Martin
Nieves Martin:
RM: " you know if there’s light, there’s always shadow right?"
Me: oh Namjoonie, so you gave us a spoiler and we didn’t notice
Xoxo Nino
Xoxo Nino:
Nobody noticed on: 1:37 V put his chin on Suga !!!! UWU I'm jealous right now. I love you too BTS Kisses from Morocco
Wynter Storm
Wynter Storm:
1:45 Jungkooks face after rm said it’s going to be harder has me rolling on the floor dead 😭🤣🤣🤣
Pika Mochi
Pika Mochi:
Everyone mentioning jungkook whipping his head when they mentioned ariana... but hobi literally came out from behind joonie with them biggest smile
Jungkook looks like a rich man character from k-drama.
He went from boyfriend material to husband material in a blink
Liyah Liyah123
Liyah Liyah123:
Jungkook-*looking at some one*
Moonchild _luv
Moonchild _luv:
Namjoon is such a great speaker wow I can’t take my eyes off of him I love him sm😭😭💜
Jin looks like the brand new CEO of a company in the town uwu
ninis film
ninis film:
Armys: IU or Ariana Grande
Jk: I.. urgh- cant choose
Priyanka Rai
Priyanka Rai:
Whenever Rm is speaking others members are looking at him from behind just like sons look at their dad full of affections or i can say siblings looking at their big brother speaking so proudly, i mean they really look adorable in those silent looks also!!!
Taekookie Girl
Taekookie Girl:
RM: (to Ariana) "she's the one right now!"
JK: (smiling) feeling proud of her.
Ally Gibby
Ally Gibby:
2:00 RM’s shy-nervous laugh is hilariously contagious 🤣 Never fails to put a smile on our face 💟
Bre Bre
Bre Bre:
Alright so y'all not gonna talk about jk's face when RM said "Harder"

My dudes mind switched over to something pretty different....
Interview: what is hard?
Rm’s mind: ohgodnohelpmeisittoolatetopretendthaticantspeakenglish
Perla Guerra
Perla Guerra:
Lmfao Jungkook eyes popped out when they said Ariana Grande...
Jeffrey Hou
Jeffrey Hou:
Two things here:
Namjoon Seokjin and Jungkook be like we are taking over america while the other four looked like they wanna go home asap.
Jungkook got really hyped up while Ari was mentioned. A fanboy was detected 🖤
Dreamy Giuls
Dreamy Giuls:
Jungkook: wonders off

Interviewer: *ariana gran-*

Jungkook: *i have been summoned*
Arianne Mae
Arianne Mae:
1:54 when the girl say 'what do you mean by harder?' look at jungkook and jimin who's top of dirty minded . Lol
Ruby Jane
Ruby Jane:
“My ears are itching ‘cause someone is hating”

-Kim Namjoon 2020
Pragati Medhe
Pragati Medhe:
Teahyung looks so sad like he's not in a good mood. It seems like he's body is there but his mind is somewhere else. I didn't get it this is not how teahyung behaves. 😔😔
Rajib Kalita
Rajib Kalita:
Everybody: Hi, hello, this, that blah blah

V: What the hell is going on
TAE's kookie
TAE's kookie:
Interviewer: you love Ariana
Jk: yeeeahhhh
He is so cute😚🤭😛
Tania Singh
Tania Singh:
Taehyung be like, “screw Grammy I wanna go home.”
Syuhada Atasya
Syuhada Atasya:
J-Hope be like “I really proud to you bro” everytime he stare at RM when he speaking ♥️😂
alma alejo
alma alejo:
Interviewer: so, Ariana....
Bts: *YES*
David Acharya
David Acharya:
Interviewer: Ariana----
Jungkook: *turns head*
Also jk: It's "My Time"
Rounav Das
Rounav Das:
Kookie was distracted in the middle only to hear ari's name...when he turned his head front in a second😂😂😂😂
Gideon Quill
Gideon Quill:
Interview lady: you love ariana
Jungkook: *firm nod* YES.
Farhana Shimu
Farhana Shimu:
Suga:sweet smile
J-hope: dance king
Jimin:little mochi
V:good boy
Jungkook:little bunny
BTS: best boy band in the world❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Leah Carola
Leah Carola:
They're lucky cause RM was there to help them speak and translate in english
Sabrina Ly
Sabrina Ly:
Namjoon: “Harder.”

Me: *watching an edit of this dying*
still with you
still with you:
Jungkook sounds so sexy when he speaks English, he reminds me Cole Sprouse
Cecilia Sagala
Cecilia Sagala:
MC: "You love Ariana?"
Jungkook: *exciting* "YESS". Fanboying detected lol
Lyss Marie
Lyss Marie:
Rm: “it’s really hArd” 😭
Serena Alexi Sue
Serena Alexi Sue:
No one:


Jk: *i'm ready perform for army i love you so much*
Lol Lol
Lol Lol:
*Jungcook is the first one to say "yes" when the interviewer asked do you love Ariana?* 😂😂
Sharon Dabu
Sharon Dabu:

me: no words to explain it!
also me: it's like a bomb will explode if they announce they will collab
Krysten Lee
Krysten Lee:
“It’s gonna be harder”
Flashback to Jin complaining about choreo getting harder with every comeback 😂
Tae's little smile when the interviewer said, "I purple you" was so sweet
Anyone notice Tae staring at the girl who is speaking 0:03
Soo funny 😂😂🤣🤣
Kim Namjunie
Kim Namjunie:
New challenge: Take a shot everytime namjoon says "hard" or "harder".
juliana ferreira
juliana ferreira:
2:52 JK puts his arms around Jimin and that glance!!!! god please get a room kkkkkk (it´s a joke ok)
Bishnu Acharya
Bishnu Acharya:
our alien has been changed
I mean he seems inactive nowadays
so i request all ARMY too give more attention to him

I am not saying only love V
I mean to say he looks so depressed all the time
He is not like our previous tae always smiling but now he barely smiles😥😢
most of the army are saying that
he is in list of suciding
💜so i hope u all have understood it💜
Min Yoonji
Min Yoonji:
Namjoon: it's really hard...
Jungkook: 1:46
Dinesh Gamdha
Dinesh Gamdha:
Me: Ask to our taehyung also standing with a sad face
Taehyung thinking : I'm also there ask me also I'm there in Purple Army
egghead lian
egghead lian:
interviewer: you love ariana?
the rest of bts: smiling and nodding
jk: *YEAH*
Brian Lee
Brian Lee:
Jungkook: oh there’s Billie Eilish, I love her.

Interviewer: Ari.....

Jungkook: Billie who??
They are not Chinese They are Korean
They are not Chinese They are Korean:
RM: it's going to be harder

Me: Jungkook do you know something 🙊🧐🧐
Interviewer: (to jk)"You love ariana"
2nd interviewer trying to save the sit:"Evrybody loves ariana"

Jk:"....ummmm I didnt need saving"
James Ultron
James Ultron:
Interviewer: How do you deal with hate.
RM: *You know what I realize I don't have to deal with it, I'm not their parent*
An yee
An yee:
The ARMY here in comments be like: "it's going to be hard"
Interviewer: Arian-

Jungkook: Immediately turns around
Min Yoonji
Min Yoonji:
Namjoon: Let's say 'I purple you' together. Hana. Dul. Set.
Bangtan: ᴵ ᵖᵘʳᵖˡᵉ ʸᵒᵘ
Jimin's Lost Jams
Jimin's Lost Jams:
1:39 really Taehyung? Stop wrecking my bias list!!! ARGHHHH😂😂💜💜💜
Joon: *Really hard!*
JK: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Jimin:( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Yoongi:( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
l disgustaed I
l disgustaed I:
Jungkook : 😐
Interviewer : ari-
Jungkook : 👁️👄👁️
Kawaii Potayto
Kawaii Potayto:
"If there's light, there's always shadow, right?"
Smooth Namjoon
trusfrated suga
trusfrated suga:
namjoon's words really hit differently
Jins Handsome FACEU and Jimins lost jams
Jins Handsome FACEU and Jimins lost jams:
0:21 the way Jin looks at Namjoon just melts my heartu and the eye they all look and listen to namjoon when he is speaking is so adorable 🥺💜
Music and me iqrasha
Music and me iqrasha:
BTS in 2019: presented on a Grammy stage
BTS in 2020: performed on a Grammy stage
BTS in 2021: will win the stage
Janae Germain
Janae Germain:
Namjoon was caught in a trap as soon as he said the word "harder".😂😂😂
Keketso Chere
Keketso Chere:
Can we talk about how perfect namjoon looks😫
Dominus Viride
Dominus Viride:
They weren't gushing. They were just complimenting her!
Miyuki Morgan
Miyuki Morgan:
Namjoonie: its gonna be better....and harder
Interviewer: hold on, what is HARD?
my mind: Y#@[email protected]*@$....nonono
yoongiverse sunshinehope
yoongiverse sunshinehope:
Can we talk about how fine Namjoon looks? Like Ddaeng...
“she spit some bad words”

Me : yeah like you haven’t cursed—

he’s so cute :,)
tata v
tata v:
Namjoon: it gets harder
namjoon: something gets harder

*me with my dirty ass mind*: FAMILY FRIENDLY-
Toral Gandhi
Toral Gandhi:
I know I am late butnI couldn't help but kept replaying the look on jungkooks face here...😂😂

I mean look at him rolling his eyes...
*dirty minded kookie*
RM: Its gonna be harder
Anchor: What do you mean harder? What kind of hard!?
RM: Its gonna be real hard!
Anchor: What'd ya mean by that?
RM: Its gonna be HARDEST!!
When RM said his ears are itching, that's an actual Korean saying. It means that someone's talking about you (not in a good way).
Interviewer: Aria...

Jungkook: Immediate headturn.
Namjoon : Its gonna be harder-
Jungkook : 👀
My perverted mind : Another Baepsae? Oh yeahh..
I want Namjoon to be my doctor and i'll just visit his hospital to have a little chat. His words are really amazing