BTS - 'Permission to Dance' Dance Tutorial (Explanation and Mirrored) | Ellen and Brian

Learn the chorus choreography and ending point dance for 'Permission to Dance' by BTS with Brian’s mirrored and detailed explanation! :)

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Taught by Brian Li -
Ellen Min -
Our couple account:

0:00​ Intro
0:17 Chorus (1st 8-count) explanation
2:35 Chorus (2nd 8-count) explanation
4:57 Chorus (3rd 8-count) explanation
6:35 Chorus (4th 8-count) explanation
8:51 Chorus (5th 8-count) explanation
9:35 Chorus (6th 8-count) explanation
12:36 Chorus (7th 8-count) explanation
13:59 Chorus (8th 8-count) explanation
15:17 Chorus with counts
16:28 Music 75% (Chorus)
17:13 Music 100% (Chorus)
17:47 Point Dance explanation
20:11 Point Dance with counts
20:33 Music 100% (Point Dance)

This video is mirrored so you should watch it as if you’re looking at yourself in the mirror. You can also follow what I say in terms of the direction (left/right). Feel free to change up the speed of this video depending on your personal preference by adjusting it in the YouTube settings and repeat the parts based on your own learning pace.

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Michelle Batliner
Michelle Batliner:
Not even 24 hours after PTD release and Brian’s already figured out the dance and made a video for us 🥺 💜 thank you!!
Nice tutorial Brian but a potato bag like me can't even move his legs 🕺
bangtanpink collab will end the internet💜👑
bangtanpink collab will end the internet💜👑:
Hybe labels: Hey army here is our new song permissio-
Ellen and Brian: hey guys here is our dance tutorial
Light: I'm the fastest

Brian: hold my dance
수민파크 •17 years ago
수민파크 •17 years ago:
Popular opinion :stanning BTS is the best decision ARMY did!
Farah Naz
Farah Naz:
i was waiting for this lmaooo. i refuse to learn from anyone else. you guys explain it so well. really appreciate it!!
BANGTANTV: Lets relea-
Ellen and Brian: Here’s a tutorial :)
Ray Mak
Ray Mak:
This is so amazing
Anna M
Anna M:
When "dont talk the talk, just walk the walk" is your favorite part.
• ᴊᴏ-ᴄʜᴀɴ •
• ᴊᴏ-ᴄʜᴀɴ •:
Brian: Please don't break your knees
Also me: **Almost breaking my knee**
A Believer
A Believer:
Brian already learnt Permission to dance explanation+mirrored+outfit + editing done and posted vid just after a day of release
Meanwhile me :
Still trying to learn I NEED U
【 💜ᴋoolove edits💜 】
【 💜ᴋoolove edits💜 】:
I think this choreography is so cute aren't it who agrees.. 💜 👇🏻
BTS: We're having a comeback
Brian: It's GAME TIME
Naffisa Abedin
Naffisa Abedin:
Brian! It hasn’t even been 24 hours how do you do it T_T
Ellen and brian are faster than Jin's rap 😂😂💜( just kidding)
Let's break the record Army's 💜💜 BTS for life 💜💜🇮🇳
change yourself
change yourself:
Bighit; here's permission to dan-
Brian: here's the tutorial.
Beomgyu's Sand Hanitizer 🌚
Beomgyu's Sand Hanitizer 🌚:
Brian and Ellen learned the choreography in one day ....
Are you kidding me ?
They are too good...
The hand gesture with the 2 fingers on the opposite palm is sign language for “dance”, and the scratching of the body with the thumbs up and fingers curled is sign language for “fun”. It was so nice of BTS to incorporate International Sign Language in the choreography.
Ashley Lamb
Ashley Lamb:
As soon as I saw the video, I thought, "I can’t wait till Ellen & Brian cover it"! Soooooo excited to see this in full! Thank you for the tutorial! We all purple you!!!!! 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
Miguela Ocampo
Miguela Ocampo:
I think you guys just beat the record of fastest to learn a choreo
your truly amazing! just came out yesterday and you already have a tutorial. just amazing.
Ahmed Mohamed
Ahmed Mohamed:
kpop group breathes:
Eileen and Brian: Hey guys, this is our dance tutorial
Xinda Nobody
Xinda Nobody:
Just found this channel! Used to learn a lot of dances through self-teaching a *very* long time ago, and BTS has made me want to dance again. I'm so glad I found a mirrored and well explained video.

Note: Some of the gestures are sign language! So I think that's a really nice touch they added in!

Thanks for sharing!
Typical BTS Gurl
Typical BTS Gurl:
This song is such a vibe 🤩
M Karimi
M Karimi:
I was just listening to PERMISSION TO DANCE and I went to check YouTube and saw that there was a new notification called BTS - 'Permission to Dance' Dance Tutorial and I'm like got to watch this
Só aprendo a dançar com você mesmo, isso é um milagre! Obrigada!
I was waiting for this today when I saw it on Brian’s story on insta and I’m so EXCITED TO LEARNNN
bia 비아
bia 비아:
o jeito que ele explica cada detalhe, impossível não aprender :)
Sakshi Chauhan
Sakshi Chauhan:
Holy're fast..🤩😍👌
If you are a true Blink, stop fanwars
If you are a true Blink, stop fanwars:
You both are just soo fast and I even wonder that you guys can be the 8th member of BTS AND BLACKPINK OR ANY KPOP GROUP TOO 💜😌❤️🤩
Jimins lost Jams
Jimins lost Jams:
Finally, I doesn't wanted to got teached from anyone else that's why I haven't learned jet.
I love your videos!❤️💜
Ciara Alessandra Castillo
Ciara Alessandra Castillo:
Hi, Brian! I learned Butter because of your tutorial and please teach us 3J's Butter special performance feat. Megan Thee Stallion. Thank you! Learning your tutorials from the Philippines! 💜
Namjoonie 🦀
Namjoonie 🦀:
The great tutorial everything and the wardrobe everything great, everything is a great talent that the boy has to make everything look easy jsjs
I love how you guys learn dances so quickly.😭 I'm gonna learn this to do the PTD challenge. Is anyone else doing the same?😭😭
Please make a cover version of this song" Gotcha " by the author of this song, Pad Ji-hoon.😊💖😍❤️
We don’t know each other but I consider you the greatest dance teacher I’ve ever seen. Like you explain it so well and easy for not good dancers like myself and I just want to say thank you🙏🏽
A Link To TheArt
A Link To TheArt:
any Kpop group: H--
Elle and Brian: dance tutorial!
Azerbaijan kpoper🇦🇿
Azerbaijan kpoper🇦🇿:
Charles Charvaka
Charles Charvaka:
You guys are insane, the song pretty much just came out!
A Poddar
A Poddar:
I am so thankful for The amount of dedication you and Ellen have to share tutorials and covers and also make it so visually appealing. Thank you guys !!
Kim Søsø
Kim Søsø:
I don't know why I don't trust anyone else, I love to learn from him alone and I've been waiting for him impatiently 💜✨ I love you and I love Allen too 🥰💜
Ellen and Brian’s wardrobe is always on fleek🙄❤️
I felt so so easy just when Brian explain all of this things 😭. Love this youtuber so much😭❤️
T & Z Parkour and Vlogs
T & Z Parkour and Vlogs:
Man…. Only thing that’s going through my head right now…

…That was a FAST post!!!…
amazing tutorial Brain! I wish I had found this and the song sooner because I absolutely LOVE this song and the choreography for it and I'm so happy you made a tutorial for it!
Shruthi vandana Rakkappan
Shruthi vandana Rakkappan:
Brian you're just way too great it's not even 24 hours yet. Thank you for this wonderful tutorial ❤️❤️❤️💜💜💜💜💜💜
I think Brian was a backup dancer in the Mv cuz he is so fast! ✨ So talented
CE JU vlogs
CE JU vlogs:
"I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service." - Romans 12:1 KJV
Dawn Dustyy
Dawn Dustyy:
Thank you so much!
For our school prom me and my friends decided to do a secret dance performance with arrangements made on the day with the dj, we weren’t even sure if our song would play (We followed your cover for Dynamite+added individual twists). After we performed we became the highlight of the night and I earned the title of Dancing King with a cute purple sash! We are planning to dance once again for our high school graduation dinner this december and this song is the one ☝️ Much Love
The power Army and BTS holds 💜
Kim JinminyLuv
Kim JinminyLuv:
I wanna dance BTS's song during the holidays and you are my coach 😂💜 Thank you Brian for your help and your videos 🥰💜
Kashish Bhalla
Kashish Bhalla:
the fact that not it has not even been 24 hours of the Official M/V and Ellen and Brian already *posted* their tutorial after learning the choreo and practicing it and then editing it . Loads of love to both of u and a Huge thank you from all the ARMYs for explaining the choreo in such an efficient and easy way
Mikha Anoop
Mikha Anoop:
Omg of course Brian’s already learnt the choreography
I already knew, the day ptd will release they will be ready with the choreo on the next day......!!💜
Stephanie Samuel
Stephanie Samuel:
Ellen and Brian work so hard to do tutorials and dance cobers for us and this help me learn to dance. Ever since I started learning to dance, I've always been watching Ellen and Brian. I love dancing and I've started dancing about 5 or 6 months ago and they have helped me a lot. All I have to say is thank u Ellen and Brian for helping me and for any 1 who wants to dance, don't give up. I've improved a lot and I am going to continue to dance. Once again thank u Ellen and Brian😊
maddie rollins
maddie rollins:
Yesss I knew you'd have this for me! I can't wait to learn it so maybe I can participate with BTS on July 23rd! 😄💜✨
Fun fact at 19:10 when you were talking about the hand being the stage and the person dancing this is actually the ASL sign for dancing, and the one before was for fun/joy and the peace sign actually means peace XD
Syaza Ieman
Syaza Ieman:
Omg this really helped me out ! I only can dance to the chorus part before this , but if you can see this , I just wanna say thank you , you helped me a lot ! ><
Gio Pronin
Gio Pronin:
Congrats on doing it so quick Brian!! I had to delay mine because boy oh boy this dance was tiring ahaha as always the lights makes everything so much warmer and nicer! Love your dance as always!
Thank you Brian!!! Now I can learn the choreography easily from your tutorial 💜
Atiny Starmy
Atiny Starmy:
Woah Brian the MV just came out like I don’t even have the lyrics done and not only did you LEARN the dance you finished an entire tutorial as well 🙌🏼
Nora M
Nora M:
I can't stop imagining how amazing SF9 Tear Drop dance cover will look if you guys do it as a couple bcz the choreo is genderless and it makes it more intersting
ive gotten a taste of bts and i cant go anywhere
ive gotten a taste of bts and i cant go anywhere:
when i first see the dance i don’t get it a lot, when brian does a move, it makes more sense when i see bts’s and his 💜

you’ve helped me a lot! thank uu
thank you so much Brian for this amazing tutorial as always :,))) you’re always so clear and precise and just what a beginner needs !!
Lenore Williams
Lenore Williams:
It's so true. Compared to the other choreography I've seen from BTS, Permission to Dance and Butter are really the easier routines.
VLOGS by dzie
VLOGS by dzie:
This dance felt like a workout I'm trying to catch my breath , how does the members not get so tired of this
tara g
tara g:
ur so fast but i rlly appreciate your uploads !!! im still trying to learn butter but this will definitely be my next choreo to learn !! love the peace sign move during the point dance bc apparently it’s sign language for “dance” so it’s very fitting and inclusive for the deaf community 🥺 this choreo seems easy so i should be able to do this at least 😭 once again thank you for your uploads it’s helped me learn a lot of kpop choreo even though i am in no way a dancer
Herah Ali
Herah Ali:
Thanks Brian it has helped me so much, I'll again watch this video and dance with you along, just hoping for my leg injury to be healed!
I really watch only 2 channels for dance tutorials,as they are the only channels that actually help me. Your videos are really helpful to me, and to many people as well. Your explanation is not too big or tiring and I find it extremely easy to learn from you guys. Thank you so much for providing us this video so quickly, I was looking forward your tutorial... 💜💜💜💜
Gen Z
Gen Z:
I love the permission to dance choreo. It’s so thoughtful and unique. Especially the sign language part🥺💜
❤lots of love to my favorite couples Ellen and Brian❤


BTW armies 💜purple u all my lovely lovely armies 💜
Aadya Sharma 10th Troopers
Aadya Sharma 10th Troopers:
You guys are just amazing!!!!
I mean how can you learn a choreography in less than a day🤯
Love you guys 🥰
This video helped me a lot
Majo Ramirez
Majo Ramirez:
The way you explain the sign language for "dance" is so cute 'cause its totally what it means <3
Thanks Brian...... It literally helped me a lot....... Keep goin' we are here to learn and support you guys <3
Kiki Hihi
Kiki Hihi:
Farah N.M.
Farah N.M.:
Brian, do you and Ellen study the MVs like PhD students?? Y'all are so fast even when the MV hasn't been up for 24 hours!!! Y'all are amazing🥺😍😍😍
i have so much respect for all the dancers out there like i literally cant do a simple step
Awesome Koga
Awesome Koga:
Love this video! I’m watching it and dreaming I could do it. I’m so uncoordinated I’d probably hurt myself trying but, love how everything is explained.
Great job! Keep it up! 💜
Damn when butter was released the same day we had the tutorial😩 and now PTD, the very next day we have the tutorial😩 I can kinda imagine whattt would be the schedule of yours💜💜
"Please do not break your knees." lol Army crazy though so it needed to be said!
Bandit Pugs
Bandit Pugs:
He's so into it-
I could never T_T
Sarah Roy ʕ ´•ᴥ•` ʔ
Sarah Roy ʕ ´•ᴥ•` ʔ:
They upload the tutorials faster than Jin rap scolding his memebers when he's mad :')
Vera Afenyo
Vera Afenyo:
I appreciate your patience and how you took it step by step 💜 PTD yay
t a e l i s o o
t a e l i s o o:
BTS: here is Permission to-
Brian : here is the dance tutorial:)
i love your tutorials 🥰💕 they really help me a lot!!:)
I love this song and also the dance. Unfortunately I have to have surgery on my shoulder and won't be able to really dance the way I want to until it heals. However I can't wait to learn this one when I'm all better!
Meriem Ben
Meriem Ben:
Thank you so much brian. That was my first time learning a whole choreography and i even participated in the permission to dance challenge ^^
Neha Samrithi
Neha Samrithi:
OMG! This tutorial is just amazing.. I learnt this dance from you Brian.. Thank you very much💜💜💜
16 B.V.S.K Harika 8D
16 B.V.S.K Harika 8D:
You guys are amazing.... Literally it was out yesterday and you did a tutorial...great job...🙌👏
MagZ Santos
MagZ Santos:
Thank you for this! Managed to learn the dance even if some parts I am still confused at and just improvised on it. :)
I consider you as my dance teacher ☺️ thank you soo much for your work and letting us learn all the choreographies ☺️
Elizabeth Anne Ebite
Elizabeth Anne Ebite:
THANK YOU SO MUCH. oh my G! I really learned the dance steps of Permission to Dance with your help. I enjoyed your tutorial. when you clap, I clap too out of satisfaction. SUBSCRIBED :)
charvie bhatia
charvie bhatia:
You even taught the right way for the thumbs in the point dance. U world really hard. Thanks for making this
HP Dad TV:
Simply mind blown. Thanks for always providing amazing tutorials just a few hours after the official mv release!
The use of sign language in a dance routine that works is brilliant! Thank you as always :)
Thaina Maia
Thaina Maia:
Tutorial perfeito!! 👏👏
Athulya S kumar
Athulya S kumar:
You and Ellen are one of the most dedicated people in this world😤💜