Buddy Valastro & Wife Lisa Cook Eggplant Parm & Bananas Foster, Tour Their Home & Kitchen | PeopleTV

Celebrity Baker, Buddy Valastro opens up his home where he and his wife, Lisa, show us what their favorite recipes: Eggplant Parm and Bananas Foster.
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Buddy Valastro & Wife Lisa Cook Eggplant Parm & Bananas Foster, Tour Their Home & Kitchen | PeopleTV

100+ comentarios:

Miss kibet
Miss kibet:
When a man provides and he's respectful to the wife, there is no need for any fight.
Flower Power
Flower Power:
They are the first couple whose refrigerator looks like normal families....they actually cook
Brittney Huggins
Brittney Huggins:
Does she even age???? I’ve been watching cake boss for years and she looks the same
Sophia Saccone
Sophia Saccone:
You can tell they are so in love with each other. They are so cute together.
johnny appleseed
johnny appleseed:
Finally someone’s fridge that actually looks used
Vesna Rafal
Vesna Rafal:
That’s a proper husband when he says it’s my grandmas recepie but my wife makes it best!Pure devotion to her husband too!
Alana Di Stefano
Alana Di Stefano:
15 years of marriage and never had a fight 😳
What's she slipping into that parm 😂😂
Abba’s Child
Abba’s Child:
This is an old school couple love it! They should have a show together.
Ashley Marie
Ashley Marie:
Buddy: “I’m not a big drinker.”

Lisa: 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Buddy: 😐😐🤨🤨🤨
When a man takes good care of his lady, it shows.
Rose Rivera
Rose Rivera:
I don't know how Lisa keeps that figure with all that delicious Italian food. Yummy, my favorite.
They remind me of a better version of matildas parents
These two are adorable! 15 years of marriage and the chemistry is STILL on point! Food looks fabulous!
A Medrano
A Medrano:
Lisa isn’t only beautiful but, a great wife and mom♥️ she makes and cans her own sauce 👌
eldie balderas
eldie balderas:
His wife looks and sounds like Jessica Simpson
Terror Jr1
Terror Jr1:
When buddy said “I’m not a big drinker” Lisa knows damn well you are 😂😂
Alfredo Cuevas
Alfredo Cuevas:
“I don’t think I’m a big drinker” gets a DUI for drunk driving 💀😂
kiss Sanand
kiss Sanand:
The man never ages.. wow.
Well... if there’s a zombie apocalypse I know where I’m going. Well be able to eat for years without concern. 😂😋
Jewel Tones
Jewel Tones:
They look like they have fun together. That’s important.
Every time I see Lisa I think of Jessica Simpson....she’s very pretty!
Nemesis 009
Nemesis 009:
The Playboy mansion doesnt compare with the Cakeboss mansion
Arianna Alonso
Arianna Alonso:
Wow, he looks good. Has he lost some weight? Also, how does Lisa stay so skinny? She's around so many sweets. I'd be 400 pounds
Dannielle Bella
Dannielle Bella:
Omg I Love them !! I love the fact that their fridge is packed like a normal family, and you can clearly see that they're not faking it when it comes to cooking . I'm definitely going to try this recipe looks so Yumm!!
Gwendolyn Proctor
Gwendolyn Proctor:
I love how you can just tell how much buddy loves her. It’s so sweet to see him so mushy around her
Deep ❶
Deep ❶:
I used to watch his show "Cake Boss" with my family 😍😍😭
marian arguelles
marian arguelles:
OMG, they're so cute together... and Buddy can't keep his hands off her. they're so sweet.
Chelsea Beliectioner
Chelsea Beliectioner:
Lisa is great, 4 kids same figure doesn’t age and cooks great .....she has a great head on her shoulders
Samantha Lewis
Samantha Lewis:
Love this. Lisa is so pretty.
Ellen Casey
Ellen Casey:
A marriage from Heaven the perfect GORGEOUS absolutely handsome couple. Children were made so proudly.
I wonder if Buddy is apart of the Italian american mafia.
Eggplant Parm!! Big deal in my famiglia too. I bake mine now. It's still so good.
Trang Lam
Trang Lam:
Never had a fight!?!?!!? I wanna be happy like them when I’m married
Her life sounds exhausting, cooking all the time.
They’re so adorable together. I’ve loved Cake Boss ever since season 1. Amazing show
Lorna B
Lorna B:
I loved this show and would record it when I couldn’t watch it! Love Buddy and his family!💕💕👏👏
Music Laura Enjoys
Music Laura Enjoys:
You 2 compliment each other very well.
Hélia Alves
Hélia Alves:
She is absolutely stunning and they are a lovely couple! I loved it when he had to give in and run the ice tray under the water 😁 That ice ball is indeed perfect, I would love to have that ice maker myself 💖
Alice Zakarian
Alice Zakarian:
I love the family so mach god blessing u guys😘😘😘😘😘😍
Evelyn Grace
Evelyn Grace:
“Another layer of SOusause”
Love her and yes, him too. So old school. She orders tomatoes and makes sauce and cans. Man! What a beautiful story and couple.
Shady Fontaine
Shady Fontaine:
I hope that in the future I’m gonna be like this with my husband but probably not cause ima be forever alone 😔✌🏼
Marina Deoudes
Marina Deoudes:
Is Cake Boss ever coming back, or has the show been canceled??
Neda Bravo-Leal
Neda Bravo-Leal:
15 years without a fight I need them to give relationship advice!
The Wanderer
The Wanderer:
Honestly that eggplant parm looks bomb. 🤤
Venus Leoz
Venus Leoz:
Instead of an expensive "ice ball maker" you can just fill a balloon with water and put it in the freezer.
Eve Stark
Eve Stark:
They are so Italian 😄
Doctron Four
Doctron Four:
You know instead of having that large contraption there’s actually sphere ice cube molds out there. Could save yourselves a step.
gabbie rose
gabbie rose:
I like how buddy is constantly eating
Love his wife, love how they really have food in their house
Shannon Miller
Shannon Miller:
Can I just say I LOVE watching them together ❤️😍😍 😍😍 😍 love there energy and dynamic!
I thought he was gonna say “iceball baby”!😂
The I’m not a “big drinker” DIDNT AGE WELL LOL
Buddy’s look at the freezer with the breads was incredible.
karen lacy
karen lacy:
What a cute couple. So in love ! How wonderful
Ashley Marie
Ashley Marie:

Buddy: 😏 mmmmm

Me: 😳😳 wrong website
Wife: don’t eat all my eggplant !
Boddy with full mouth of eggplant: noo.,I don’t! 😂😂😂😂
karen renken
karen renken:
this so reminds me of when I lived in NY and had great dinners with my freinds
merlins twin
merlins twin:
Loveliest couple ever, and that refrigerator - a normal family's refrig!
betty boop
betty boop:
They're a beautiful lovely couple. Best wishes to them and all the family ❤️
Yesenia Arjon
Yesenia Arjon:
In love with these two!
Rajia Sultana
Rajia Sultana:
I would love to see her have a cooking show❤
Monique M
Monique M:
Omg Lisa is so beautiful I remember watching cake boss when I was like 10 and I never realized how pretty she is
Angelina Hunter
Angelina Hunter:
Gee, that was fun! What I most appreciated with that Salad with Radicchio and Fennel and a Lemon -- boy! That would be delicious and as much as I cook I have never had that Salad combo and I can't wait to try it -- great show! Thank You!
Karen Netherland
Karen Netherland:
Indeed Buddy, that is a grill. Lisa, everything looks so good. God bless you cooking last minute for 20 ppl. Buddy should be bowing to you lol 😂
Karen Bilyk-Vogel
Karen Bilyk-Vogel:
That looks so delicious, what a wonderful wife u have!❤
Regina Danielle
Regina Danielle:
I'm addicted to there accentssssss
Geraldine Pothiah
Geraldine Pothiah:
I love cake boss I see the way he makes his cakes n try to do it my self. He always makes it look sooooo easy
Geraldine Pothiah
Geraldine Pothiah:
I love cake boss I see the way he makes his cakes n try to do it my self. He always makes it look sooooo easy
I haven’t watch this show in a while and Lisa still looks the same sheesh
Sarah Lozi
Sarah Lozi:
Is it just me or does buddy look like Michael from gta....
the whole calling thing is basically my dad
Making this right now! I wish you’d do more of these
Leslie Machuca
Leslie Machuca:
*Sees this vídeo*

My family:*Does weekly grocerie shopping

Me:When is their time of the year that they go to the store?Like literraly the amount of food is for like a year.
jackjaa Maiava
jackjaa Maiava:
This is my favorite show. I love love this show.
Mimi ß
Mimi ß:
15 years married and never had a fight?! okay but that’s gOaLSSss
Shih Tzu- Mason
Shih Tzu- Mason:
I love Lisa,she looks so sweet and kind 😍
Susan Bishop
Susan Bishop:
I hope Lisa does more cooking shows! Italian is my favorite food. :D
stephania kazoun
stephania kazoun:
He looks to be an amazing husband and person.
Look Up
Look Up:
i make this always.... this is the best recipe ever... i can't eat eggp parm in a restaurant anymore... family loves this recipe....
Flower Power
Flower Power:
He is a very lucky man she loves to cook, can cook, and is beautiful ❤️
Kayla Luter
Kayla Luter:
You can look in they eyes and tell sum not right
Hayley bourgault
Hayley bourgault:
Looks so good!!! I love to eat the eggplant just fried too
Such a beautiful couple. Buddy u so blessed
First Born
First Born:
I love it when they cook together ❤️
jackjaa Maiava
jackjaa Maiava:
I want to meet this man and his beautiful families.
jacqueline walsh
jacqueline walsh:
Very lucky wow I he goes u never know what will happen wow so blessed
Anna Jury
Anna Jury:
Wow! What a home! What a meal! What a pair of beautiful people! Thank you for sharing ❤️ your recipe of egg plant parmesan, and inviting us into your home!
I love them, they speak beautiful, I study English with you
Anita Matysik
Anita Matysik:
What a yummy in my tummy meal! It looks incredible!
Yesenia V
Yesenia V:
Wow they compliment each other so well. Beautiful couple, and she actually cooks! Wow that’s amazing. They do their own meals and well that actually all looks delicious!!!!! Want to try it. Thanks guys, you are the best. Many blessings to the family ❤️❤️
Mlnyc Secc
Mlnyc Secc:
Genuine love 💗 for food, for family, for life 💗💗💗💗💗💗
Sarah Adams
Sarah Adams:
I am part Italian and I love Italy food more then other foods
Flor Resendiz
Flor Resendiz:
Woooow... a really nice great life❤❤❤❤
15 years marriage, any fight.... you are so blessed
Mrs. Ortiz
Mrs. Ortiz:
Congrats Buddy and your lovely wife! All this from selling flour baked goods! Great hustle
Shelby Sills
Shelby Sills:
This just made me so hungry omg
Daniela Felix
Daniela Felix:
they appear to be such kind hearted and loveful couple, it warms up any heart
Jay Ara
Jay Ara:
Lisa you should have your own show:) it would be a home run for the network!
Slap Me
Slap Me:
This is family goals good food, nice house, big loving family Im trynna get like this😔😂❤️
Adoring Motherhood
Adoring Motherhood:
you guy's are great and so friggin adorable ! Your true love for each other shines through ! I love it! OH yeah, Your guys' food looks super Delicious and I am so hungry after watching this hahahah! I love eggplant Parmesan!