Bugsy Malone director Sir Alan Parker dies aged 76

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Celebrated director Sir Alan Parker has died at the age of 76, his spokesperson has confirmed.

The filmmaker oversaw hits including Bugsy Malone, Evita and Angela's Ashes.

Announcing the sad news on behalf of his family, a spokeswoman said Sir Alan died on Friday morning “following a lengthy illness.”

Tributes soon began pouring in online with fellow director David Puttnam saying: “Alan was my oldest and closest friend, I was always in awe of his talent. My life and those of many others who loved and respected him will never be the same again.”

The Awakening director Nick Murphy described Sir Alan as a "huge talent."

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26 comentarios:

Mediterranean Diet
Mediterranean Diet:
Midnight Express. Maybe his best film.
Marxam 66
Marxam 66:
Pie firing machine guns will forever be a memory of my youth.
RIP Mr Parker. You always fulfilled your Commitments.
clintjason macgyver82
clintjason macgyver82:
RIP Alan Parker.
Bam Boozle
Bam Boozle:
RIP Sir Alan Parker, thanks for the wonderful movies.
#N17COYS angelo
#N17COYS angelo:
RIP Sir Parker
Ryan Wardrop
Ryan Wardrop:
Nice one buddy thanks for the films 💯❤️🙏💙🇬🇧®️™️
Deb Babe
Deb Babe:
Alan Parker 1944-2020. The man could direct anything: musicals, big budget films, indie films, historical films, adults or kids. A rare talent indeed. Your body of work speaks for itself. Rest in peace, Sir Alan Parker.
Mark Letts
Mark Letts:
RIP...and thank you,..👏🇬🇧
Chevanton 77
Chevanton 77:
What a great director.. RIP Sir Alan 🙏🎥❤️
Qwad Luzr
Qwad Luzr:
I played Dandy Dan as a kid, in a show that toured Europe. Was the most fun ever! Still love this film, one of the best made. RIP.
Dylsky H
Dylsky H:
Loss of a true great. His films bring back fond memories like milestones in life only matched by similarly great music... 🙏
Scott Briggs
Scott Briggs:
We're walking up and down, outside the Wall.
dat vergil doe
dat vergil doe:
Rip man, you made incredible films. Midnight express and bugsy are two of my all time favourites. Thanks for the memories.
Dylsky H
Dylsky H:
Pink Floyd The Wall and Birdy, Midnight Express amongst others also worth a mention....
Dylsky H
Dylsky H:
Esmy Pacheco
Esmy Pacheco:
R.I.P. Alan Parker Evita 🙏🙏🙏😭😭😭😢😢😢😭😭😭🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Jag Bungle
Jag Bungle:
What a very underrated director. This director needs more attention right now.
Rest In Peace 😥🙏🎞🎬.🇬🇧.
Mark Reynolds
Mark Reynolds:
As an adult Mississippi Burning is a classic, as a child its Bugsy Malone.
RIP Alan Parker
What'd he die of?
Toby Baker
Toby Baker:
Proper old school film maker. R.I.P
Anonymous Brother
Anonymous Brother:
Good riddance
In honor of Alan Parker, I'm going to watch Pink Floyd The Wall. Nobody stop me!
Made adverts interesting, musicals enjoyable, Turkish prisons terrifying and even brought back film noir in 1987 with the criminally underrated Angel Heart
London Patriot
London Patriot:
A man with a Knighthood from a dodgy royal family, who made a film with exclusively child actors, mysteriously happens to 'die' while there's a global exposing of an elite pedophile child sex trafficking ring generating $100bln+ per year, that has deep dark roots throughout Hollywood and the film industry in general going back decades... hmmm
Gusy Vuton
Gusy Vuton:
Descanse en paz querido Parker