Bundesliga is BACK! German government gives the green light | ESPN FC

Gab Marcotti and Julien Laurens join Dan Thomas on ESPN FC to celebrate the news that the German Bundesliga season will resume behind closed doors as early as May 15, after receiving approval from Angela Merkel and the German government. The pair also assess the stories linking Manchester City winger Leroy Sane with a return to Germany to league-leaders Bayern Munich.

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100+ comentarios:

Cole Thompson
Cole Thompson:
The Bundesliga is a hundred percent better then the French League
Uche Okeke
Uche Okeke:
germans seem to always be ahead of everyone.
sai shashank
sai shashank:
everyone's eyes on Bundesliga wright now
Savage Cabbage 13
Savage Cabbage 13:
the title race will be interesting too. 5 teams are in the racing
Jules knows deep down that ligue 1 can never be as exciting as the bundesliga. I mean the commentators alone
Giovani Setiono
Giovani Setiono:
"Bundesliga team bad at defending"
yeah I'd rather watch a 5-5 match than a scoreless match
Don Juan
Don Juan:
The best organized League in the World.

Bundesliga = Hero for the Sportsworld!
Kack in die Jeans
Kack in die Jeans:
Dortmund vs Schalke is a MUST WATCH on May 16
kay ahmed
kay ahmed:
I'm just desperate to see a man kick a ball at this point, never in my life would I of said this 🤣
The Big Screen Music
The Big Screen Music:
They Bundesliga will have the most eyes on its games than ever before! Gimme gimme gimme!! 🤣 ⚽️ 🥅
Zarif Shaukat
Zarif Shaukat:
I might just start crying oh my god
Luis Ramrod
Luis Ramrod:
Best news since the pandemic started!!!! 😀😀😀😀
apache tyson
apache tyson:
He picks on Bundesliga defence but his french the worst football in Europe lol
Luis Jimenez
Luis Jimenez:
The Bundesliga is my favorite of all the leagues in the world
Daniel Adjei
Daniel Adjei:
A minute silent to all those who lost their lives 🙏🙏but the game has to go on
Benjamin Moslehi
Benjamin Moslehi:
Hopefully the bundes gets the recognition it deserves
PSG should make their own league, but instead of teams, it consists of all the squad players individually doing a 1v1 on a pitch half the size of a regular pitch because at this point, they've made an entire Country's league a joke
David Ellis
David Ellis:
Let The Games Begin ! ⚽
Praduman Thakur
Praduman Thakur:
a little light out of tunnel.
apache tyson
apache tyson:
I'm glad it was Bundesliga that's back first coz it's the only leauge I watch 👍
Aman tsegu
Aman tsegu:
Congratulations to football fans.
I think you guys could show a bit of love for leagues outside of Europe. The K-League is starting tomorrow. It's a good league.
A Z:
If football is back.. Life is back.
This really good for the league everyone will tune nothing else to watch
Music to my Ears! I can't wait to see my Schalke 04 get on the Pitch!
Not 2 busy
Not 2 busy:
They should defend more than they do? This coming from the numero uno PSG supporter.
The same PSG team that simply can't defend well enough to win a CL title over the past years.
You're in an indefensible position Jules. N'est-ce pas ?
Travis Godfree
Travis Godfree:
At this point it's been so long since I've seen some live action, this is more exciting than my first born son
Pritam Karmakar
Pritam Karmakar:
Tv attendance will break records
Harry Perkins
Harry Perkins:
La liga might be starting in June
Nick B
Nick B:
More goals in the Bundesliga is good for the game. Bundesliga attendance is already the best I think but perhaps TV deals could get better etc. I think it's in a good place, more goals but not too many goals.
Joseph Ndjock II.
Joseph Ndjock II.:
The French guy should shut his mouth, football is entertainment we do not want to see games ending one zero, this is also the reason why nobody cares for the French League
Let the football begin guys
We made it
gab needs to go somewere else n comment
tes tes
tes tes:
I can't wait for this.
Let me Eat cake
Let me Eat cake:
French league has always been mediocre. Now it's just dead. That French dude has a lot of nerve
naushad junglee
naushad junglee:
As we say "the show must go on"
Alma Avram
Alma Avram:
everyone looking at Bundesliga starting what could possibly be the reopening of all the championships including the Champions League
George E
George E:
Ligue 1 is farmers league.
Bethuel ange
Bethuel ange:
France is whack
Rishi Joe Sanu
Rishi Joe Sanu:
The best league in Europe without a doubt. PL can suck it
Ligue 1 is actually competitive if you take out PSG. The other teams play some good football against each other. PSG is just too OP to play against such inferior teams.
Ugo Nwabuwa
Ugo Nwabuwa:
Our live is coming back. Love 4rm London, so exicted.
King K
King K:
You cannot be a pundit and a super fan like Juels or Stevie, he’s clearly bothered by the fact that the bundesliga is returning just a couple weeks after ligue 1 decided to cancel.
buttplugs and mastadons 1988
buttplugs and mastadons 1988:
Yes football
YallaGoethe TV
YallaGoethe TV:
Ladies and Gentelman: "Germany"
Looks like Dan's toothbrush had been in quarantine.
Chevaughn Crowl
Chevaughn Crowl:
I am beyond happy
gab is a hater he wished football was off uefa clown i mean it he wanted the prem off
german actually handle the covid quite well compare the other top other 5 league country and they have the lesser death ... only 7k compare UK 30k, spain 25k, italy 29k and france 25k ... thats why they can resume football this earliest.
Leon Dave
Leon Dave:
Prithwiraj Baidya
Prithwiraj Baidya:
Ah finally!
If the UK had competent leadership then we could’ve been resumed the season
None of these guys watch the Bundesliga, they have said so in the past
1:06 *blinks intensely*
stem ster
stem ster:
Anything will do
I'd watch harry kane training in his back garden at the moment
Finally! We wanna see some real football!
Great Germany! Great Bundesliga!
V R:
Finally some football !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sivuyile Maqumbo
Sivuyile Maqumbo:
Germany Bundesliga is lit 😍😍
Arminiusz Mazowszanin
Arminiusz Mazowszanin:
I love the game when teams go forward all the time - Bundesliga is not that at all. They score many goals but the game is not attractive in most games - Bayern, Dortmund, Leipzig play ofensive football but the rest is not.
it's been 84 years....
Ryoma 1994
Ryoma 1994:
The infamous John Cheech
The infamous John Cheech:
Brendan Barone
Brendan Barone:
Arminiusz Mazowszanin
Arminiusz Mazowszanin:
Premier League is "very interesting" - Liverpool "struggling" for title and in january 2020 they are with over 20 poing advantage. You can fell into deep coma.
Charlie Tellez
Charlie Tellez:
Yeah! Bundesliga is Back!😎✌
Tom MM
Tom MM:
Ok now I am supporting Dortmund until silly premiership starts ; )
Phantom Thief YT
Phantom Thief YT:
At what time could the matches Start?
Sports Talk with Ikenna Iteogu
Sports Talk with Ikenna Iteogu:
Awesome, French Ligue 1, Belgium and Netherlands should have waited before cancelling their seasons
I am here to see Juls blinking his eyes every 2 secs
MaNemA Parsa
MaNemA Parsa:
Jules thinks everyone defends like the teams in league 1
Singh is King
Singh is King:
Waiting for it. India loves Bundesliga 👏👏💐💐
Luke Pitts
Luke Pitts:
I don't even watch the bundesliga that much, but Jesus am I excited for this.
Vintage Vvk
Vintage Vvk:
how they gonna compete 13 games in 45 days
But Jules is right! And I'm of German ancestry...
Is everyone going to be tested on the day before the matches kick off,
Salute to Germans being patience in Lockdown situation and bring the curves flatten.
Sebastien Boulas
Sebastien Boulas:
Im a Bosnian dude ans i love Bundesliga i cannot wait until it continues.
MI Gamez
MI Gamez:
At least teams can look out for talents
Darragh Mannion
Darragh Mannion:
All eyes on gabs stomach
mark Willmore
mark Willmore:
Can't wait for first corner into the box
Nk Naeem
Nk Naeem:
Won't be missing any matches missed football so much. Though I am not a fan of bundesliga
Wisdom Argentina
Wisdom Argentina:
Money vs Lifes = Money!
Thaikodrums -
Thaikodrums -:
If you didn't enjoy Bundesliga before, you sure will now.
Prashant Mishra
Prashant Mishra:
Jules just being bitter. I knew he is bit emotional but I never knew he can act like a dickhead as well. French tried to make a example out to themselves by cancelling the league and now jealous that other leagues are back on their feet
Alexandre Berg
Alexandre Berg:
Clueless reporting; criticising a league they don’t watch !
Thank you Nazis
Deandre Cunningham
Deandre Cunningham:
Finally am happy
Sebastien Boulas
Sebastien Boulas:
TheDahkter Izzin
TheDahkter Izzin:
Das ist gut!
Tech Evolution
Tech Evolution:
Not sure how Julien, shaka and Stevie keep their job
Shaun Taylor
Shaun Taylor:
No neutral venues then.
Aaron T
Aaron T:
did ligue 1 jump the gun?
Sebastien Boulas
Sebastien Boulas:
🇩🇪 🇩🇪
Maldini 3
Maldini 3:
Jules talks as if Ligue 1 is better than the Bundesliga
Ali Toure
Ali Toure:
Alphonzo Luis
Alphonzo Luis:
Bundesliga finna be bigger than world cup
Zuneid Obaray
Zuneid Obaray:
Jules should pay attention to whats happening in the french league. Hating because other leagues are moving forward
CLPgyralvX - Let's Plays von und mit Lucas
CLPgyralvX - Let's Plays von und mit Lucas:
It's interesting to see that the most international football-fans are happy with the restart of the Bundesliga, while in Germany, everybody is upset.