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The Bundesliga is Back - Damn Right!
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The teams are back from their training camps and are well prepared for the second half of the season. The anticipation among the players is great, new faces joined the teams and want to stir up the league. Erling Haaland is the new striker for Dortmund, Munas Dabbur is now a Hoffenheim player and Ezequiel Palacios joined Leverkusen. In this new video powered by 442oons the Bundesliga stars show their joy and perform the new song 'Bundesliga's Back' as a boy band. What do you think? Which newcomer will give the best performance? Let us know in the comments!

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100+ comentarios:

Jose Suarez Year 9
Jose Suarez Year 9:
Can we respect that it is one person doing all these voices what a legend❤️👌
Luong Anh Doan
Luong Anh Doan:
Lewandowski: "Gonna make TOTY"
EA: *Hold my beer*
Claire Stroud
Claire Stroud:
The 442oons Bundesliga team wouldn’t be the same without Thomas Müller I mean thomasshole muller
adawg Czekalski
adawg Czekalski:
This should have been the lockdown bundesliga return song
Football is Life
Football is Life:
Tena fata shakik babu and juta chor illu baby
Who will be here at 6.00 PM (CET) with me (the Bundesliga Admin) and Dean (@442oons) in the Chat! 💬😱
Red Boy
Red Boy:
Everybody sooner or later: “(0:27)”
Jarno .27
Jarno .27:
Who’s here After erling scored A hat trick voor borrusia Dortmund in his debut and two goals vs FC koln
Harry Kane
Harry Kane:
Lets do it for these boys

* coman and sule happy noises *

Lets do it for dave

* sad sule and coman noises *
Hammy Squad Gaming
Hammy Squad Gaming:
0:21 me when looking at a new Bundesliga video
Varga Kristóf
Varga Kristóf:
Love to see Haaland in Dortmund shirt. Sorry for bad english
Aidan's Vlogs
Aidan's Vlogs:
This should be a song for Jamie Vardy. It’s like this 🎶“Jamie Vardy yeah let’s have a party.”🎶
Leonardo Fabiano
Leonardo Fabiano:
0:07 Look how fast is werner 😂
stistko 2006
stistko 2006:
0:45 Lewy sounds like Zlatan in 442oons aninations😂
DevStrike B
DevStrike B:
Haåland in the video: Shoots and heads in 3 goals

Haåland in real life against Augsburg: *Actually scores a hat trick*
Yeet Me
Yeet Me:
Ey, my Argentine boy Palacios is featured

From a River Plate fan
Emmett Bradley
Emmett Bradley:
whos here after bundesliga is coming back
George Mansour
George Mansour:
We need to see Klinsmann in 442oons.
Murilo Alexandre
Murilo Alexandre:
Original Song, Backstreet Boys-Everybody
This song fits Well with Bundesliga being back on the 26th
Akarm Dia
Akarm Dia:
Evryone when corona virus is gone
Riañolski 💛🖤
Riañolski 💛🖤:
442oons predicted the Haaland's Hat Trick
0:28 did anybody notice but none of there teams where on the tv
Jan Senekovic
Jan Senekovic:
Time to see Asterix and Obelix destroy the league even more than the first half.
Youssef Helmy
Youssef Helmy:
1:30 I LOOOOOVE the Astérix & Obelix reference
Marcelo Gomés
Marcelo Gomés:
00:40 Poor Lewandowski 😢
Bianca Mullner
Bianca Mullner:
As a Backstreet Boys fan as a teenager (I’m in my 30s), I approve of this video!

Someone gif that dance!
0:42 who is here after ea make lewandowski 99 😂😂😂😂
0:28 as a Werder Bremen fan, I can tell you that's not accurate depiction of how we feel right now 😞😖😭😭
George Goal
George Goal:
This dance was sick!
Justin Sialm
Justin Sialm:
Am I the only one not watching this after it was announced to return.
As a fella living in Paderborn, I would never expect to see our mascot in one of 442oons vids 😂 Awesome !!!! :D
Tahsin Al Shams
Tahsin Al Shams:
0:16 Production unit of 442oons
Jamie Murney07
Jamie Murney07:
Can you do one of these songs for the lockdown ending
No Yes?
No Yes?:
Damn, Muller is a great dancer
Boyd Guenther
Boyd Guenther:
At 0:45 where did lewy's mouth go
That One Gills Fan
That One Gills Fan:
Football x Backstreet Boys
My dream has come true😍😍
lavi shaul
lavi shaul:
מי ישראלי פה?
TheAdamBloxBoy - Roblox and Brawl Stars
TheAdamBloxBoy - Roblox and Brawl Stars:
Today it’s back !
Liverpool Fan
Liverpool Fan:
It really is coming back from quarantine
Yay I like the Bundesliga
Nicholas Fairbairn
Nicholas Fairbairn:
still mad Alphonso Davies hasn't really been featured yet
Mugilan Sevvel
Mugilan Sevvel:
This was after the Toty 2020
Hold my 🍺
N1coNinja 0511
N1coNinja 0511:
0:36 sancho’s voice changes
Now is a good moment for this video
jerucho gaston
jerucho gaston:
H Tawil
H Tawil:
Title: the bundesligas back

Covid -19: enjoy it while it lasts......
Branko :D
Branko :D:
Is it me or is halland's lips in real life massive
I love how I got this recommended when it finally came back today
Micha Kornbluth
Micha Kornbluth:
Such a great video, can't wait! Love 442oons too so this video is epic
00:43 the voice is like zlatan's voice.
Someone before the restart
Striker YT01
Striker YT01:
How I wish this video came out o n the 9th of May
Liz Beashel
Liz Beashel:
Sule: I’m the tallest ever

Haaland: hold my beer
varo varo 23
varo varo 23:
I love the this minute 1:15 the position of their necks os very funny
Now it’s back from lockdown and in my recommended

Good timing YouTube
Boiii 1234
Boiii 1234:
Love u 442oons keep it up
Kris Gordon
Kris Gordon:
0:48 I FEEL GUT!!!!
NT 767
NT 767:
Damn! This made me want to watch the Bundesliga!
John Alkiviades
John Alkiviades:
Like Lewandowski
Comment Halant
Joe Mack
Joe Mack:
This has a different meaning now
Martin Svoboda
Martin Svoboda:
0:46 Not today, old friend
Panda God
Panda God:
Who's here after the bundesliga was announced to come back on May 9th
Ralphy Prossers
Ralphy Prossers:
Well I can't wait for the premier League starts well it's good that we can watch some football 😁😁😁
John Reid
John Reid:
Oh Bayern going win when football is back.😢
LPR Geddes
LPR Geddes:
It's Dave!!!!!!!!
Michael Qin
Michael Qin:
Finally someone as tall as Sule!
Just Vidzz
Just Vidzz:
The guy below me likes typing in Cappitall letters!
Dung alex Bach
Dung alex Bach:
Covid 19: we’ll see about that we’ll see about that
Vasco Oliveira
Vasco Oliveira:
0:34 , a meme was born.
Ankit Mavinkurve
Ankit Mavinkurve:
Dani Olmo signed for Leipzig JA! (I've been supporting Leipzig even when they were in bundesliga 2)
LH 06
LH 06:
Admin how many Bundesliga Transfers has there been.
Can't wait to see srbeny in these videos soon 😍
Billy Rai
Billy Rai:
No I can't believe he's injured not dave
yeeting with Aly
yeeting with Aly:
I remember when this was 16 hours old
i thought u were gonna sing "Guess who back"
Why do yt recommend this to me when bundesliga returns after corona
Enzo Esteruelas
Enzo Esteruelas:
I played this on Saturday, may 16, I had to
Dan theMan
Dan theMan:
Anyone here after the Bundesliga is the first league to return #BUNDESLIGASBACK
The Pineapple guy
The Pineapple guy:
Bundesliga: i’m back

Corona: hold my beer
1:29 best
Thymen de Vries
Thymen de Vries:
I see Tim haaland And think can haaland sing😂
The Crazy Ukrainian 3
The Crazy Ukrainian 3:
I love these animations.
Toha Yakorkín
Toha Yakorkín:
Bundesliga is back
Who's here while the Bundesliga is shut down but will start back up on the 16th?
Bayern Mary
Bayern Mary:
Niklas broke the bed 🤣🤣❤❤
Aidan's Vlogs
Aidan's Vlogs:
One of my favourite songs on 442oons.
First sign of corona: Dave the horse!
esat islami
esat islami:
Your legend of voice
William Hall
William Hall:
Bundesliga is back again
Just An Observer On The Internet
Just An Observer On The Internet:
"football's back"

not for long
nawaf rashid
nawaf rashid:
Haland just scored a hattrick on his debut 👏👏
Alexander B
Alexander B:
Some of the songs on 442oons are spot on. This is one of them. 👍
Love it 🤣
Andrian Banaru
Andrian Banaru:
Who is there after Bundesliga's back AGAIN due to Coronavirus?
Coronavirus: im gonna end this season
Miller Macuga
Miller Macuga:
I thought they would do it for COVID again
Florida Man
Florida Man:
We need this but it's the covid version
Jayant Calla
Jayant Calla:
Thomas dancing lol