Everton suffered a 3-2 defeat at Burnley despite Richarlison's penalty brace.

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UK Born
UK Born:
In my almost 50 years of being an Evertonian I have never felt like this about our club.. Sad, sad times.
Official Kierxn
Official Kierxn:
Cheers lads, totally wanted to watch this again 👍🏻
I think going to the championship could be the wake up call that Everton need. If they do, just hope that they don't go the same way as Sunderland, Portsmouth or Nottingham Forest.
This game got us relegated
What an insane season at both ends of the table!!!
Noah Okoth
Noah Okoth:
I thought Everton would be playing in the CL in a few years time,how wrong I was,so bad to see them relegated,but so is football,it is what it is
I thought we were going to draw this match. Well, it was my fault for keeping my hopes up to high.
Stephen McNally
Stephen McNally:
What a shocking team and club. When your chairman is prepared to rest on his laurels by saying "we've had good times" you just know the incompetence of those running the club is going to catch up in the end. The last good times I remember were 84 - 87 (yes 35 years ago) apart from a solitary FA Cup win in 95. Championship bound because of complete boardroom incompetence. That's Everton for you.
Samuel1127 Lee
Samuel1127 Lee:
It's been a long time comin'
And the table's turned around
'Cause Everton is goin'
Everton is goin' down
I'm not runnin'
It's a little different now
'Cause Everton is goin'
Everton is goin' down
Scott Hewitt-Pursglove
Scott Hewitt-Pursglove:
Hi im a burnley fan and just want to say you're a great team i hope you stay in premier leauge but WELL DONE BURNLEY
Hugh Slooskant
Hugh Slooskant:
No one will be able to explain why Patterson has less PL appearances than Kenny this season
Kenny Rowat
Kenny Rowat:
As a celtic fan looking in, I like both clubs for their fight and grit plus real fans. Shame one will go down although it could be a good chance to rebuild for Everton and Lampard should they drop down and come back stronger.
Squidley2018 R
Squidley2018 R:
Lampards face st the end says it all 😂
Eugene Onegin
Eugene Onegin:
This club deserve relegation. A club that sold it's soul, cheered on new owners and a new plastic stadium, business models, PR stunts, media and marketing. Football? Whats that?
Max Okey
Max Okey:
Totally ridiculous how these players allowed themselves to be pushed about, if you on a lead get stuck in and don't just throw away every thing half hearted displays
eng hock koh
eng hock koh:
Lampard : not my fault but Burnley's.
they kicked us to champioship not me.
Tirto Ananda
Tirto Ananda:
Brilliant Goal From Richalison. Everton Defeat Against Burnley In The Turf Moor Stadium.
L Lin
L Lin:
I would ask everyone to go to 1:23 and look at the moment that Taylor skipped past Kenny. At that moment, DCL was just ball watching and Doucoure slow jogging. None of them tracked the Burnley players running into the box. So much slack has been placed on our defenders but our biggest liabilities include Doucoure and DCL. Even Iwobi was trying to track back into the box. I know if we drop Doucoure we would start winning. Like if you agree.
Daniel Salcedo
Daniel Salcedo:
Everton no podía perder este partido literal era ganando o empatando no se jodía tanto
Y pues everton tiene un calendario más difícil que burnley
A everton le falta arsenal de visita liverpool de visita leicester de visita
Y chelsea y united de local
Mucha suerte
Adam Turner
Adam Turner:
Not to worry Everton fans you only have Man United, Chelsea, Liverpool Arsenal, Leicester to play!
Ruata Sailo
Ruata Sailo:
Im a big big fan of Chelsea and Personally Love Frank that how he has played for the Blues at a time, But Manage a team is not for him, Its totally not his Passion and Line. I wish him not to be Managed any team after being sacked from Everton. That's all I want for him.
If you slow the video down at 2:04 you can literally see Lampard's heart breaking. Neat!
Google 'M e t z i t z a h B ' p e h' Google it!
Google 'M e t z i t z a h B ' p e h' Google it!:
Can't think for the life of me why Begovic wasn't picked to go in goal. Pickford's positioning in at least two of the two goals is questionable at best, meanwhile he's brilliant for England... Very, very strange.
Tempered Glass
Tempered Glass:
Still in tears laughing people wanted a seasoned manager in Benetiz thrown out for Lampard. Don't care if Everton stay up or go down the fact remains you thought you were being cool blaming Benitez for the state of the club and bullying him out and made it worse demanding a change. Look at the situation now.
Joe Dastra
Joe Dastra:
That last goal mate come on...
micheal james
micheal james:
At this point you just have too laugh we all know what is ganna happen as Sean dych said we don't know how to win
bri c
bri c:
The thought of everton getting relegated this season just fills me with pure joy. Cheers lads 🤣
Neto Kendal
Neto Kendal:
How can 4 Everton defenders be inside the box & the only Burnley player in the box isn’t marked & slots that ball in for the 3rd goal..🤦🏾
Mark Sweeney
Mark Sweeney:
Iwobi and Pickford look at each other after the first goal. Kenny and Holgate switched off for the second, Godfrey for the third two mistakes, the miskick and then him and holgate running into space for the second.
Phil Fagan
Phil Fagan:
Iwobi was awful again. First 11 is questionable. More players on the bench better than some picked. We need fighters now
Leon Dylen
Leon Dylen:
Thomas Tuchel went to win champion league with the same squad Lampard had.
The Neut
The Neut:
Everton had to at least draw or win this game to ensure their chances of staying alive, but as usual they bottled it and their defense is just abysmal man, half the teams in championship can do the job better. Their chances of being in PL next season looks even more slim now as out of the next 9 games, only matches where they can pick up points r against Watford or brentford. Relegation looming.
Robert K
Robert K:
actually the performance was not really bad, clearly there is improvement from previous games. but the defense is still really leaky, 2nd goal kenny was beaten badly, 3rd goal we can expect better clearance from godfrey. really feel bad for the lads, they deserve more from this game.
Riki Zpto
Riki Zpto:
Welcome to Championship baby🤗🤗🤗🤗
Adrian Symcox
Adrian Symcox:
sean dyche can always pull out a big result great manager
p sk
p sk:
it's over for Everton, it seems. players have no motivation or whatsoever
The Documentary Channel
The Documentary Channel:
Well Come To The Championship
Philip Mason
Philip Mason:
Oh goody, we get to watch this cluster fuck of a game again, thanks.
Asres Benayalew
Asres Benayalew:
Not even an Everton fan but have always been obsessed with preservation of good history. Never been relegated from the PL is one extraordinary achievement that should be preserved for as long as possible.
Kenwright and Moshiri have to go.
Frank needs to phone his Uncle Harry for some advice. If he doesn't answer then he should give Big Sam a call... Everton have his number 🤣
Yusuf Sebastian
Yusuf Sebastian:
Two penalty, and you lose.. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 clay evert... 🤣🤣🤣
David Blackburn
David Blackburn:
John Dikson
John Dikson:
Everton don't fear work hard and trust in your abilities and you will still be in the top flight
David J.
David J.:
Going to tough on the city when the Merseyside Derby isn't a thing next season
Even I’m depressed and I’m not even an Everton fan💀
The squad should be at least in Mid table. What's wrong with them seriously?
Hugh Slooskant
Hugh Slooskant:
way Kenny gets beat by Charlie Taylor @ 1:21 is embarrassing
Mark Burton
Mark Burton:
Once again we have no highlights. What bunch of overpaid bottlers. Richie I will be very sorry to see you go but I seriously can't blame you. Good luck it has been a privilege watching you try unlike the rest.
“Oh no”😂😂
Big Dreamer
Big Dreamer:
Janys Mahoney
Janys Mahoney:
£500mill spt on players n last6 yrs; up an coming decent rookie manager following well established coach; downright talented Calvert-Lewin an most def' Richarlison an STILL under par f majority of this seasons trouble.Has the LAMPs finally gone out on the Toffees PL status or will their LAMPs shine bright once more?
Therule Ox
Therule Ox:
Hahaha I love this greeting from liverpool fans
Lampard looks like he's turning into Pep.
Bahrin Yunus
Bahrin Yunus:
Everton will be in Championship next season.... 🤔
Funny enough Rafa is more likely to save Everton from relegation than Lampard is.

Relegation is not the end of the world. Everton will rise again and who knows maybe immediately.

No football sense, horrible defending from kenny, selling himself when he has so much space behind him.
Hernán Arancibia
Hernán Arancibia:
Weghorst +2 ❤
Maruko AMV
Maruko AMV:
I would love to see Everton on championship. Well good luck facing Man Utd, they aren’t in the best condition right now. But neither were u
Right Now i dont blame
Frank lampard he try his best
Actually Rafael Benitez
The players they dont learn his ideas and become losing team
And frank start his new ideas and structur
Give him time and he will do well for sure
Right now
Players confidence level is so low and mentality is so less in every players mindset
Players need to work hard heads down and start to grind after thar they will become good still have time come on toffess you can do it
Love from
Arsenal Fans
Full support for Everton
I love Toffess club because our manager old club and he prasie every single word about Everton
Come on lada you can do it
Working together givea us winning mentality
Lets do itt
JTR7 Faker
JTR7 Faker:
I dont know why they look so happy when its 1-1 from a penalty?
Paul Davis
Paul Davis:
RIP Frank Lampards managerial career
Charles Ochieng
Charles Ochieng:
I swear Lampard wants to relegate us
Shane D
Shane D:
Getting relegated, will struggle to come back to the Premier league.
Chris حسن
Chris حسن:
Once was enough thanks
Being a reds fan well this is great .
The Psychology Guru
The Psychology Guru:
Absolutely beautiful seeing this. The glutinous fans of Everton going down. I want it. The world wants it. It’s going to happen! Luvv it ! Suffer and feel pain hahahahahaha luv ittttttt! Love ❤️ it!
Lana Felix
Lana Felix:
Burnley won says it all
So, I guess I will be watching Championship football next season...
Ray Finkle
Ray Finkle:
Everton had to cheat for their two goals lol . Hope they get relegated. Good riddance
husain hasni
husain hasni:
Come on guys, we need to stay behind frank lampard. We can finish top four next season on championship.
Janys Mahoney
Janys Mahoney:
Atleast they got the hardest match outta way;I mean uve only got Chelsea,Utd,Leic x2,(plus biggy) 'Pool etc,..as part of run-in not t mention rather impressive newbies Brentford. Nash seriously;much of these games GAINST higher oppositions,well, their not on the *critical unlike the afore above mentioned. No1 could of predicted this.times r really desperate an being desperate -call f desperate measures so here's hoping u do yourselves,fans,manager, owners proud in these final 8/9games.Thers still a matmatical possibility of PL stay wit 24/5 pts still on table
Jon Banks
Jon Banks:
How would any prem club of sane mind have F Lampard as manager? total lunacy
Lips 1878
Lips 1878:
Watching Godfrey get booked for wasting time at the 50th minute mark on a free kick up 2-1 away to a team that’s won only 3 games all season might be the biggest low I’ve ever felt as an Everton fan…

I said when lampard took over to my dad we will go down the man hasn’t got a clue.. that’s not Ben wasting time he’s been told to do that. That’s the mentality the club has now. Frank played 5 at the back at home to a non league side. he has spread this mentality of being scared and worry.

I’d be amazed if we stay up now. If we do it will only be because of us fans at goodison demanding them to play. Only thing we have right now.
should've started dele
Misha Kharchenko
Misha Kharchenko:
Hey it's not all doom and gloom Blues fans. When in all likelihood Everton play MK Dons next season there is a great matchday burger deal. Fans can purchase any burger with fries and a drink at the MK stadium for just £14.95 ! Also, it's just a great day out in the town of Milton Keynes...many wonderful things to see and do. So silver linings toffeemen !
will be sad to not have a derby next year tbf. as funny as it is to see everton go down, hope they come back up soon and dont do a sunderland.
Everton fans....the man city handball gets given and you go on to draw the game which means you stay up but Liverpool win the title. Handball doesn't get given, meaning you get relegated but Liverpool DON'T win the title. Which would you rather take?
time for the first team to look for new clubs total useless
don't let this relegation match distract you from the fact that in 1998, The Undertaker threw Mankind off Hell In A Cell, and plummeted 16 ft through an announcer's table.
Mate you going to championship 😂😂😂👍👍👍
Good Bye Everton😆
Jose Nino
Jose Nino:
If Everton is relegated then they can win the championship trophy next season
James Morgan
James Morgan:
Conmen, cheats, frauds. Chase the lot!
Sezuka Wa
Sezuka Wa:
discard 7 players and change coach! .....comedy team🤣🤣
Pertahanan jadi madalah itu frank juga waktu di chelsea main cukup terbuka makanya antonio rudiger dan alonso kurang maksimal
Hugh Slooskant
Hugh Slooskant:
did enough to win this game, if you defend like idiots you will lose to anyone, even Charlie Taylor
Geicy Sousa
Geicy Sousa:
Everton em bola parada é uma porra
kwong wing lai
kwong wing lai:
🤣🤣🤣 Lampard
Robin McArthur
Robin McArthur:
Lampard? Biggest mistake your board ever made.
Wong Family
Wong Family:
See the funny side of football of taking on Lampard and Rooney as managers.
Стасон Скорый
Стасон Скорый:
Дорогой Лэмпард - это тебе карма за все твои деяния будучи игроком!! 😂🤣🤣
Everton is awful and Lampard out
Gabby Kumi
Gabby Kumi:
Next match Man utd
We’ll be waiting for you
Fikayo Lucas
Fikayo Lucas:
Everton vs stock city next season in the championship 🤣🤣
Aza C
Aza C:
DONT tell me Lampard went to BURNLEY with a
Ric DCL Gordon
. Iwobi Doucoure
. Holgate
- Burnley plays long but Lampard sends Doucoure to press leaving Iwobi and Holgate 2v2 for second balls
- Midfield runners with Iwobi as a CM who only tracking to 25meters out and stops = cutback goals.
- Big Ferguson's 442 would be better than this shit
Daniel Lowbridge
Daniel Lowbridge:
Lamps at the end. Lol
Mr H
Mr H:
Why do teams post the highlights when they lose 🤦‍♂️
Cassano Gray Campbell
Cassano Gray Campbell:
Dem go sack Lampard again 🤣🤣🤣 clueless coach
One One
One One:
You gonna build a brand new stadium just for efl championship matches ?