Burnley claim all three points | HIGHLIGHTS | Burnley 1-0 Spurs

Watch the highlights from Tottenham Hotspur's 1-0 defeat against Burnley in the Premier League.

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100+ comentarios:

The Ishmaelite Caesar
The Ishmaelite Caesar:
Tottenham Hotspurs. What a generous club! Taking from the rich, and giving to the poor!
V tomar
V tomar:
Ladies and gentlemen, Tottenham hotspur
From hero to zero. What a stunning rollercoaster show!!
I think the problem is, Conte wants to play 3 in the back, which puts a lot of responsibility on the wingbacks. But the wingbacks are shit period. Until Conte can get the players that he wants in the Summer, he needs to stick with back 4, then he can use back 3 again next season with better quality wingbacks.
Edit: back 4 against weaker sides so that at least we can create more chances in attack although defense will still be horrific. Goals scored and goals against still might balance out.
Ada Garcia
Ada Garcia:
6:11 Son unos de los Xxlike.Uno

11:44 Sun: ''Hotter''
12:50 Hopi: ''Sweeter''
13:51 Joonie: ''Cooler''
17:55 Yoongi: ''Butter''

15:50 Son unos de los mejores conciertos ,
, no puede ir pero de tan solo verlos desde pantalla, se que estuvo sorprendente dpzt...
Tu..belleza.viaja.al.universo.se.reune.con.estrellas. 🖤 y.luceros...tu.mirada.enamora.al.sol.....tu.hermosura.quedara.por..una.eternidad.en.los.corazonede.
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan:
Idk but this result is probably the most soul crushing since the champions league final. It feels like no matter how well we do we’ll always be brought back down to earth before we actually achieve anything
Against city it was always our front 3 vs 2 or 3 defenders for city. But when teams have most of their team back like Burnley did we lack the quality to break them down. This comes down to our wingbacks, they can't get passed any players. Both wingbacks had chances to put the ball in the path of forward runs from kulusevski or son but always held on to it. The wing backs are the problem here
Tao that can be Told
Tao that can be Told:
Poor Son. Son made 3-4 key passes (0.29xA). None of which was converted. No one made any key passes to Son (0.0 xG). This to a player who has one of the highest goal to xG ratio in Europe! Only thing left to enjoy for Spurs fan is seeing the Kane Son duo break the scoring partnership record. This season will be the last chance for the partnership most likely.
Safdar Ayyaz Khan
Safdar Ayyaz Khan:
4 defeats in the last 5 games. This clearly shows the agenda England had against mourinho. They would have absolutely destroyed him with those stats. But somehow Conte has revived tottenham and is doing amazing when he basically has Nuno stats
Abel Mokopakgosi
Abel Mokopakgosi:
From a city fan, thank you Burnley...
Spurs doing what Spurs does best.
TheGenesect10 - MatStrike
TheGenesect10 - MatStrike:
Back to reality for Spurs
The lilywhites
The lilywhites:
Oh Spurs, you're playing with my heart
Son Heung-min created 4 chances. It is difficult to accept the underestimation towards him.
Pushpender Gusain
Pushpender Gusain:
Tottenham is good in counter attack and open situations. It finds difficult to score in crowed situations.
Jake Scott
Jake Scott:
Conte can’t leave if he leaves we’re just gonna get back how we was he is a perfect manager for us we can’t let him go
This was a game which was more suited for Winks. Burnley were trying to press high in the beginning of the second half also and unlike Bentacur and Hojbjerg, Winks can use his body well to give one touch passes to Kane, Son or whoever is in the middle with decent accuracy.
Have a feeling this could have been a different game if he would have started.
Zax Ceed
Zax Ceed:
Win against City, but Defeat by burnley.. so amazing
Jack Tag
Jack Tag:
looking back, this was a massive turning point for spurs. conte mentions this defeat and how it really hurt him every second press conference. they used that pain and improved.
J A:
The only consistent problem in this team is Levy
Balearic Blazer
Balearic Blazer:
These last 5 days pretty much sums up life as a Spurs fan! I don't even get mad now. Roll on Leeds! 🥶
John E
John E:
Two amazing strikers are wasting their efforts for passing. Sad reality.
Νικος Ραπτης
Νικος Ραπτης:
Since Poch Spurs are a a team depends a lot on counterattacks.Yes he achieved 2019 final but i never was impressed by his way.Managers after him did not tried to change much and try to control games better.When you have so good forwards you must find a system to create more for them and not depending all the time to them to create.Just my opinion but for years the midfield at Spurs are more workhorses than creators
from UCL finalist to underdog team, this is spurs🔥
Nicky 63
Nicky 63:
Good job, beautiful goal!
Unbelievably, London press "pundits" are giving Son a FOUR rating for the match. Some Tottenham YouTubers are blaming him for the loss as well. Losing against Burnley is frustrating enough. Watching Sonny get the usual sh*t treatment is almost too much to bear. Like Contè, perhaps Son is also "not good enough" and leave the club.
Unfortunate. So many close chances. We should have had this one in the bag. Nice header (goal). Til' next time...
Ab 10
Ab 10:
We’ve come a long way since 5-0 , also the potch days when we won palace 4-1 , I miss them . Sacking potch was the biggest mistake we’ve ever made period. And if we kept mourinho , we would have won man city final …
Venkatesh G
Venkatesh G:
This is why I enjoy supporting Spurs. It's a rollercoaster ride. Coys ❤
J A:
How Jose took this team to a cup final is beyond me #specialone
Popo Thiusung
Popo Thiusung:
The son passes all the ball is incredible
I think how hard it would be for Tottenham players to face this result after a big victory. Still, thank you for showing good performance, and there are many fans who always support you. I will cheer for the next game. Tottenham, fighting!
Carl Rees
Carl Rees:
It was always going to end in tears Conte & Levy working together. I said he'd quit when he can't get any more out of this squad than Jose could & he doesn't get the backing from Levy he'd demand but it's in danger of not even getting as far as the Summer window to put that to the test anyway, he already appears to want to quit. Paying big wages to top managers is just fruitless whilst the squad is as it is & whilst there's not sufficient enough investment to improve it, I said the phrase a few times over the last few months about this squad & the managers in charge of it & I'll say it again: you can't get blood from a stone.
They overestimated Burnley. Well done Burnley!
성 이름
성 이름:
Tottenham's midfielders tried to connect the ball to wingbacks but they can't break through defender with their dribbling.
That's too bad the only player who can pass forward is our striker. We need the player who can play like Eriksen
I think that the cause of the defeat in this match was bad conditions due to various conditions: Weather, physical strength, luck, tactical timing
Come on SPuRS !!!
너무아쉬운경기네요🥺 토트넘 화이팅!
Son should have finished those "key passes" by himself. Even though he misses all of them in doing so, there is practically no difference in fan's blaming him with those vain "key passes" to other mediocre players.
It feels like the season is over.
Pope was excellent, some would say it’s luck but he was really good
The build-up can't get over the defense.
김대훈 :
its so heartbreaking. months ago we still far above arsenal and we have games advantages, and i was like, okay this will be a good season. but... well.. im a fan since YP Lee, Mido era. and yeah it looks like we are not going anywhere near a title soon.
R Munthe • 9 tahun yang lalu
R Munthe • 9 tahun yang lalu:
A classic Spurs. Win again the highest then lost against the lowest.
Craig Mullen
Craig Mullen:
Incredible how they beat Manchester City
Agus Priono
Agus Priono:
From hero to zero
The team IS slowly improving..., only exception is playing in rain. We just don't seem to be able to handle that.
With the Conte system the passes from the Wingbacks have to be of higher quality to break up teams sitting low like Burnley..., I guess that is the key for this team now.
Football Dedicated
Football Dedicated:
We Are not creating anything when a team made us have the ball. Absolutely disgracefull performance
Simple thing is spurs can’t break a team down to save their lives, the amount of opportunities to put the ball in the box only to play a short corner and lose it says it all really
priyanshu kunwar
priyanshu kunwar:
Nothing new, it's the history of spurs
Heroes Zeros
Heroes Zeros:
Why is everyone expecting 2 signings to change the fortunes of the team?
We still have a ton of garbage playing in the first team.
It’s gonna take a proper rebuild to have a chance of winning regularly.
Conte is gonna walk for sure. He’s using “fans deserve better” as an excuse to cut and run.
Nothing will ever change if you keep giving ENIC your money.
Emmanuel Ofori-Kuragu
Emmanuel Ofori-Kuragu:
beat the best and lost to the last. Spurs for you.
And people said that Romero would make our defense solid... Yet his head was non-existent in that cross. Also, Lloris not going for it helps the critics...
Fila R Ramadan
Fila R Ramadan:
Spurs is focusing to defeat Man City, but other PL teams is focusing to defeat Spurs
Why Striker Kane should have kicked the cross to wing back ???
It means Two Wingback players were shit on this game.
Need more qualified Wing Back player.
Afif Harist 2005
Afif Harist 2005:
Line Up


N. Pope 1 (GK)
C. Roberts 14
J. Tarkowski 5
B. Mee 6
E. Pieters 23
A. Lennon 17
J. Cork 4
J. Brownhill 8
D. McNeil 11
W. Weghorst 9
J. Rodriguez 19


H. Lloris 1 (GK)
C. Romero 4
E. Dier 15
B. Davies 33
Emerson 12
R. Bentancur 30
P. Hojbjerg 5
R. Sessegnon 19
D. Kulusevski 21
H. Son 7
H. Kane 10
산체스가 안뛰니 우울증이 치료되었는데....윙크스,에메르송 때문에 심장병이 온거같다...
Mr Mash
Mr Mash:
A typical proper Burnley performance.
A typical below par spurs performance overall despite kane playing well.
Well done to Burnley.
C'mon Burnley! C'mon Burnley! C'mon Burnley!
Buen partido del Tottenham
Won against Man City, Defeated by Burnley
What a mysterious club
Hugo Boss Wood
Hugo Boss Wood:
Gotta take the lowlights with the highlights. Can someone give Conte a hug
maria daza
maria daza:
Can we please get a back to back win someday???!
Son Heung-min is committed to Tottenham. But I'm not being respected. It's so painful to watch Tottenham's game.
Tottenham fan
Tottenham fan:
If we'll play like this, we can say goodbye to the Champions League.
Sergio Berlin
Sergio Berlin:
The match that broke conte
Wandile Joseph
Wandile Joseph:
At least they beat Man City and had their ‘best performance of the season’, that has to count for 9 points, right?
Apai Nanil
Apai Nanil:
Conte must not depend on back 3 defend too much because the opponent can read their weakness ... Should use other formation also...
Jin Jja
Jin Jja:
번리의 두줄 수비를 뚫으려면 3명의 수비수를 사용하고 윙백들이 크로스를 올리거나 구석쪽으로 수비를 분산시킬수 밖에 없었습니다. 콘테의 잘못이 아니라 윙백의 잘못입니다.
With South Hampton, Burnley, the same problem. Center and right headers. Also, watch out free runners running up.
Conte is a master, but the owner's enthusiasm and investment are lacking, and the players' game ups and downs and level are limited
Lennon looked like Messi because of Sessegnon.
Lim Louis
Lim Louis:
It has never made any sense to loan out our only creative playmaker in Lo Celso. The only one in the team who is creative enough, the only one who can make things happen from midfield. It doesn't make sense to buy Emerson Royal as the solution to our right-back when he is clearly more of a winger just like Serge Aurier before him.
Juliet Rebcca
Juliet Rebcca:
2 steps forward one step backward. Why😢
Imagine were we would be without Kane and Son or romero we would be 15th or 16th im so done back conte in the summer or he walks simple task levy and dont bring dead players in like royal and sesspool we need good players
I know Burnley is a tough place to go but come on bruv..
Alessandro Marques
Alessandro Marques:
É a cara desse time perder do Burnley após vencer o City..... Vocês são complicados
SwaGiee BilZz
SwaGiee BilZz:
That is the history of Tottenham Hotspur 🤣😂
ky vjsr
ky vjsr:
their is only kinggod heungmin....nobody scored son's amazing pass.
Rizki Wahyuuu
Rizki Wahyuuu:
Ayo bangkit Spurs, mana kehebatanmu 4 tahun lalu, pasti banyak yang berharap kau kembali ke UCL
Meam Dapheavattanak
Meam Dapheavattanak:
I’m Chelsea fan but,I hope spur back with all win .
Levy always brings only cost-effective players, so he has no choice but to fall behind in the top 4 competition.
The one thing I’m always question myself how are we beating top teams in the league and then lose to a shit team I hope conte gonna fix that.
Dashger HG
Dashger HG:
Kane and Son 2 best world class goal finishers but assists comes among the 2 themselves. Where are the midfielders?
Wayne Murray
Wayne Murray:
Spurseyness in all its splendour on display last night 🤣🤣🤣🤣
color king tims
color king tims:
Seriously Son he must leave this club quickly possible
Robin McArthur
Robin McArthur:
Ever ask yourself why Pope isn't the England keeper.? Far and away the best keeper in the Prem
Spurs deserve this win
Zhang Xuanrui (Chs)
Zhang Xuanrui (Chs):
as a utd fan i really feel for all you spurs fans. Even i cannot believe what i have seen.
Recently, Son seems to lack confidence, I think he needs to selfish and more active play.
peace we
peace we:
They say 'the hole of Spur is Levy'
This situation will be continued....until he decides to change himself....
Chin Kok Koh
Chin Kok Koh:
Spurs has 2 jobs this season: first, to open up the title race, then to open up relegation fight
Lewis Thomas
Lewis Thomas:
How can you beat Man City away and then a few days later lose to Burnley???
Ernest Chandra
Ernest Chandra:
Usually kulu will curl it and made the goal. its just his type of goal.
내가 지켜본 15년동안 변하지 않는 토트넘
Tu Ho
Tu Ho:
Just few days ago, they beat Man city at Etihad....😩😩😩😩
Hi Tree
Hi Tree:
Son plays too kind. He needs to be more selfish with taking shots no matter how much ENGLISH PEOPLE FAVOR KANE over him.
Han Kim
Han Kim:
bigger problem is that nobody wants to come to tettenham b/c of levy, not just about $$$
Farid Ardiansah
Farid Ardiansah:
Comeback Stronger 🤍
sp k
sp k:
이것이 토트넘의 현실이다.
Mendez Best
Mendez Best:
As soon as Winks camr on at half time i knew we were doomed..Winks, Royal and Davies in the same team = Defeat
Club went downhills since Champion's league final...
We needed investment like Liverpool did with Van Dijk and Alisson. Look what we have now. Jose asked for top-class CB like Skriniar and he got Rodon. Conte asked for WB and he got 3 midfield out of squad, still no WB signed.
Bentencur gets injured, all we have is bloody winks. Even our best 11 far weaker than Top3, and no one on our bench gives us hope something can happen with subs.