Burnley vs. Tottenham reaction: Kane, Son & Co. showing a new level of efficiency | ESPN FC

Tottenham are into fifth-place after a cagey 1-0 win vs. Burnley at Turf Moor. Son Heung-min's lone goal for Spurs underlines their new-found level of efficiency according to ESPN FC's Julien Laurens. ESPN FC's Shaka Hislop praises Burnley for their fight and both pundits share their predictions for where Jose Mourinho's side will finish the season in the Premier League.

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Credit to Burnley, they were exceptionally well-organised and made it extremely difficult for Tottenham to get anywhere near scoring positions. Plus, everyone knows how dangerous Burnley are from set pieces and they were centimeters away from going up 1-0 if not for a Harry Kane clearance off the line.
I expect many teams to find points hard to come by at Turf Moor as usual.
Greatest Analyser
Greatest Analyser:
Hope Mourinho does well, this guy gets far too much disrespect
And people say oh Mourinho defensive football. Tottenham have the most goals in the league so far
Heung Min - Son scored the same amount of goals as Man City (8) and more than Arsenal (7) in the Premier League
dlm cmfc
dlm cmfc:
Big UP for Burnley to keep Spurs to 0:1. Soild in both attack and defense but Kane, a superstar player, saving a goal plus amazing assist. Another Son-Kane combo. Go on you Spurs!
Daniel H
Daniel H:
Hislop is wrong with his analysis. It was deliberate on Spurs part not to run behind the defense in the first 60 so they don't expose the flanks defensively. Mourinho always change the game approach in the last 30 and preps the team relative to the score/timeline. A bit too conservative? Perhaps. But it's not something they didn't see coming.
Steeve Cantave
Steeve Cantave:
Why is Jules mulling over whether Spurs are better than Arsenal. Arsenal have nothing going forward and park the bus against every big team. Man Utd can’t score without pks, and Chelsea are a long way from finding a balance between defense and attack. I think Spurs are almost a guarantee to finish in the top four. As long as Mou can get the defense organized, they have plenty of attacking players to score and create goals.
Young Heartthrob
Young Heartthrob:
Kane and Son lowkey have that Messi and Suarez connection. It’s on a telepathic level now.
Greatest Analyser
Greatest Analyser:
If Burley, Nicol or Moreno was here they would probably criticise Mourinho for winning
Frank R. Pérez
Frank R. Pérez:
A Gareth Bale, Kane, Son attacking trio could heavily boost Spurs performance and if Liverpool and City continue to struggle, Spurs may end up becoming title contenders this season.
Can we do it on a cold, windy Monday night on Turf Moor? Yes. Yes we can. 👊⚪️⚪️
Ethan Cooley
Ethan Cooley:
I remember at the start of the season, everyone had spurs finishing 8th 😪😪😪
Mr. Cool
Mr. Cool:
Anyone can win the league this time, good luck to Spurs.
Ddmk 1985
Ddmk 1985:
But for a dodgy var decision against Newcastle and a unexplainable collapse vs West Ham we would be top of the league
JJ Henry
JJ Henry:
Kane Son partnership has level up with this 2nd header goal. Best and deadliest duo in the world.
the Game was boring but we got three points and that's all that matter
RG _Nald
RG _Nald:
Teams will struggle vs Burnley 🙌🏾
Brian Anthony
Brian Anthony:
Winning games, like these, shows the maturity needed - to challenge for the title ❤⚽️✔ COYS!!
Avi Sen
Avi Sen:
Sonny for Ballon dor! .... Jose to win a treble for the 3rd time!
The English league is very interesting this season. Liverpool, Man City, Tottenham, Chelsea, Man Utd and Arsenal are clearly the favourites to win, but then there are also teams like Everton, Leicester and Wolverhampton that are very good and can be potential surprises.

With so many even and decent quality teams, there's hardly a boring weekend in the English league, which is right now, and by far, the most exciting league in the world.
Rich Law
Rich Law:
They never talk about Son, always try to light on Kane; so an fair
Ovie grant Digbori
Ovie grant Digbori:
Hate to say it..But spurs are playing some amazing football...good efficiency
BeAst TitAn
BeAst TitAn:
Jesus as an Arsenal fan it hurts to see it...
I wanted Jose you know...
This is the season for Spurs to win it
Jawo Lamin
Jawo Lamin:
This people think that Spurs cannot win the league or make top 4. Comparing Spurs with Arsenal who will finish higher. Common guys so some respect man. Both Spurs and Arsenal can make Top 4. Right now no team is 100% consistent.
They did have a ball cleared off the line, and that could of been a different game... idk still early in the season!
Jerry Dboss
Jerry Dboss:
Burnley played really well
Tottenham should of been first if they didn't drop points against Newcastle and West Ham
Anyone can win the league this year, but Spurs will finish above arsenal again
Vaibhav RK
Vaibhav RK:
Yeah son was surrounded by 3 burnley players evrytime lol 3 man 3 😂😂😂
Daniyal Iqbal
Daniyal Iqbal:
I dont think they have ever talked about tottenham this much and its really the start of the season
malcolm tanhamira
malcolm tanhamira:
I thought Kane didn't get the assist ❔
The Goat
The Goat:
Nothing is pretty against burnley...they make you work
Ibrahim Mchumo
Ibrahim Mchumo:
Look here fellas, Burnley is a tough team and made it difficult for us but at the end of the day we got the 3 points and that's good enough for me. COYS
엄청난 케인 팀원들 멘탈 나간때에 고군분투
MOM받아 마땅하다 손흥민 골도 멋졌다
무리뉴는 두줄수비 부시는법을 모르는가?
부정확한 롱볼축구만 주구장창 ...시대에 뒤떨어진다는
소리를 들을만한 경기력이었다 👿👿👿
이런 손케 두선수 주급을 절반으로 여지껏 잘써먹었다
이젠 제대로된 대우를 해야한다
20만파운드 제시 했다는것은 모욕이며 팀을 떠나라는
등떠미는 짓이다 인종차별이고 레비회장의 악수다
손웅정씨는 너무 심한겸손은 팬들을 한국을 욕보이는것임을 알아야한다고 생각합니다 이젠 손흥민은 개인이라고 치부하기엔 너무 대단한 선수 입니다
영국인은 토트넘팬일뿐 손흥민팬은 극소수입니다
Tim Carr
Tim Carr:
Spurs are always one injury away from a crisis, whether the injury be to Kane or Son..
It looks like mourinho has his starting 11 pretty much sorted out. And its nice to continue development from here. He never reached to that point in manu.
Tyrone Hodges
Tyrone Hodges:
Arsenal have played three of the clubs finished in top 8 and lost all 3 and show nothing going forward I think we could see a everton and spurs winning the league
Yuvraj Singh
Yuvraj Singh:
Only if Bale,Son and Kane all had a telepathic connection ........................
Cortalim Speaks
Cortalim Speaks:
Why is everyone asking about winning the title so soon. Are we jumping the gun to soon?
yaj lumabstinence
yaj lumabstinence:
The same pundits who were dissing mou so much last year........
David Carreno
David Carreno:
all of sudden they switch up on Tottenham
Rudesh Gaonkar
Rudesh Gaonkar:
Either Kane or son can be contenders of ballon dor if they are fit
I find Tottenham winning very unlikely considering how many people sre tslking about it. This kind of think only happens when teams go under the radar which Spurs had managed but then stupidly beat United 6-1.
Diego Medina
Diego Medina:
Tottenham & Mou are going to have a great season & all the haters can suck it
Mourinho is 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Jason Lieu
Jason Lieu:
Where’s Stevie when we need him?
Wayne Henriques
Wayne Henriques:
No team is going to present with three points, look at how the season is going? Look at where City is? The position they are in the table doesn't make it impossible for them but they are given the chance to win the league, and how they will improve, can't other teams improve also? If City was in the top five presently and another team was in the position they are now they would write them off as a team with a real chance to win or challenge for the title
Abdul Alquraishi
Abdul Alquraishi:
tottenham should be in the first place . they lost 4 point against newcastle and west ham
Mubarak Omar
Mubarak Omar:
Shaka thinks it was Sissoko that slid in Son smh it was Ndombele
Jaza457 X
Jaza457 X:
Sleep on Jose at your peril!
adam bryant
adam bryant:
Man city favs
Liverpool 2nd favs
Spurs 3rd favs
Chelsea 4th fav
Nobody else is winning the league. I think Spurs might do it, its gonna b a strange season. Spurs have a deep squad, two world class attackers and a manager who knows how to win
사랑해❤🇰🇷SON👍 Thanks for your fantastic play😍 You give us to energy and happy feeling😍🇰🇷 We are the korean couple who have been loving foe 13 years❤
Olan Richards
Olan Richards:
Shakka there were no runs because Credit to Burnley,they give them no space to run into,did u even watch the game.Jose knew this was coming thats why his speed merchants were on the bench
c smitty
c smitty:
How do you let burnley have that many shots though.
Troy J Sisqo4mojo
Troy J Sisqo4mojo:
Shaka with the picture behind him makes he's hair cut look like Tito from the Jackson 5
Connor Mcleod
Connor Mcleod:
Gotta love these jose haters
Hav Son Mst Win !!!
phuntsok namgyal
phuntsok namgyal:
A Lozi
A Lozi:
This is the most ENTERTAINING channel I ever seen, they are in LOVE with Jose Mourinho, I believe HE comes in their Dreams every night, maybe day time also. just be careful while driving as he may pop up.
M The g
M The g:
jose got no chill
bruce Hur
bruce Hur:
1st goal right foot
2nd goal left foot
3rd goal right foot
4th goal left foot
This isn't even his final form. Wait till he becomes Heung Max Son!
bruce Hur
bruce Hur:
1st goal right foot
2nd goal left foot
3rd goal right foot
4th goal left foot
This isn't even his final form. Wait till he becomes Heung Max Son!
Saurabh G
Saurabh G:
It'd be so much fun to watch these clowns like Shaka Hislop eating their own sh*t when Jose Mourinho finishes in the the top 4 and wins a silverware this season.
Chris Y. Kim
Chris Y. Kim:
Spurs will finish above Arsenal.
Bad Ass
Bad Ass:
Son doesn't like Lloris. So just expel Lloris to make Son great.
And Bale ?
Sujan Poudel
Sujan Poudel:
Anyone can win league this year, stfu and enjoy the process. Wait till the end, to see who can.
Karume Huie
Karume Huie:
You all watch Arsenal match you really think that Arsenal can come in top four we have try manke top ten table. Harry Kane and Son who Arsenal have Aub on nobody. On we can finish top gour. I am Arsenal i have watch this one on fold
Anyone have a guess for when Mourinho might start bale in the epl?
Gary Barnes
Gary Barnes:
Why I waste my time listening to these clowns.. Change their opinions every week
Not 2 busy
Not 2 busy:
Jules > Bale will hit form.
What, like getting a birdie or a hole-in-one ?
Scotti Kidd
Scotti Kidd:
Mou lose the game next week and it's another story...
Ryan James
Ryan James:
And so begins Tottenham's hype train, they probably won't finish in the top 4, these men are bottlejobs. That's what they do
Awful performance... Spurs went from beating teams 4/5 goals to getting almost beaten by 18th place Burnley. Clearly should’ve been Burnley’s win as they played a lot better. You delusional Spurs fans are really hyping this Kane & Son thing... sooner or later when one gets injured you’ll be crying like kids just like when Son was crying last season when he got injured. They’re good but NOT the best in the world. I repeat they’re good NOT the best in the world.
javier book shadows contributor du
javier book shadows contributor du:
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