Cagliari 0-1 Atalanta | Luis Muriel Penalty Decides The Game! | Serie A TIM

Luis Muriel scored from the spot to give the away side victory, after Andrea Carboni was sent off on 26 minutes | Serie A TIM

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100+ comentarios:

Julius Mo Stochholm Krag
Julius Mo Stochholm Krag:
Me when Atlanta are only scoring one goal👀
jjj perez
jjj perez:
Dream Match Atalanta VS Wolverhampthon
Akash Gupta
Akash Gupta:
Poor decision to cancel simeone's goal
Kryptic 99
Kryptic 99:
i assume everybody will be happy if Atalanta won the CL this season
you just cant hate this team
Ivan Mayusa
Ivan Mayusa:
Muriel and Zapata!!! 🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴
Magicblue 9
Magicblue 9:
Inter drop points again, they now have 64 points 3rd place and Atalanta has 63 points 4th place
Malinovsky was the number 1 on the pitch, shame he didn't score today.
Yono Bmw
Yono Bmw:
vova sasha
vova sasha:
I just hope Atalanta keep playing this way. In the final 8 of CL has many chances to win the title. It will be magnificent
Vito Certosino
Vito Certosino:
After Sassuolo played (and lost 4-1 )to Atalanta , Sassuolo has scored 13 goals in the following 4 matches . Atalanta's goalscoring power is so big that is contagious.
DjCotes Musik
DjCotes Musik:
So many leaders in this Atalanta team.
Gomez, Zapata, Illicic, Muriel, etc..
That Simone goal was hard done.
hshimk88 jama
hshimk88 jama:
Atlanta could reach the semifinals if they come up against Barcelona or Leipzig
Straik Wot
Straik Wot:
Malinovsky the best
I would not be surprised if atalanta reach the final of ucl
Football Malayalis
Football Malayalis:
That handball VAR decision to cancel simeone's goal was really harsh.
dan frees
dan frees:
Italian soccer has been by far the most entertaining since the restart 🏆👏🏼
Now Aalanta is huge pressure for Inter
That first disallowed goal was harsh!
Tushar Ghosh
Tushar Ghosh:
Papu Gomez is the most underrated footballer in Serie A 💙
Rodrigo Jose
Rodrigo Jose:
Atalanta for the Champions League this season 😍😍😍
They've virtually locked up their spot for next seasons champions league thanks to Roma losing again!! Incredible what Atalanta is doing right now
Jeffery Tang
Jeffery Tang:
Atalanta winning only 1-0 feels like a loss haha
Eduardo Grasso TV
Eduardo Grasso TV:
Povero Simeone. Per una volta che non segna un tap in a porta vuota
Md Saif
Md Saif:
So happy to see Ilicic back! He was in such great form before the lockdown.
Parasat Kasym
Parasat Kasym:
Atalanta winning every game after quarantine👍👍👍
Hafidz Alhabsy
Hafidz Alhabsy:
The fenomenal team in seria a and europe 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
QbanWay 88
QbanWay 88:
Atalanta could win serie A if they werent so behind at this point... If they were in the Lazio position they certainly had a chance
Anas Anud
Anas Anud:
Atalanta on 🔥🔥
Angki Cc
Angki Cc:
Sunday sinyangwe
Sunday sinyangwe:
Love the way Atalanta play,number 1 from Africa Zambia
Viva Colombia :)
Stefan Oancea
Stefan Oancea:
If atalanta continues to win game after game they might challenge for the SERIE A title! I'm not joking!
Batırdın beni Atalanta bir gol daha atamadınız ya abv hepinizin özellikle senin ilicic
ɪʙɴᴜ ᴀʙɪ ᴍᴜsᴛᴀǫɪᴍ
ɪʙɴᴜ ᴀʙɪ ᴍᴜsᴛᴀǫɪᴍ:
goal keepers best keeping yes
Theodore Roosevelt
Theodore Roosevelt:
Atlanta would be on second place at end of the season
Land 360
Land 360:
Atalanta are the most underrated team in serie a
edy suroso
edy suroso:
atalanta tim yg baik
Irakli Samsonia
Irakli Samsonia:
27' Andrea Carboni (Red card Cagliari); 27' Luis Muriel (Pen. 0-1)
Andrii Kormyltsev
Andrii Kormyltsev:
За Малиновского и двор стреляю в упор
Emanuel de Lima Camargo
Emanuel de Lima Camargo:
Atalanta campeã da Champions.
Solo Tacchinardi
Solo Tacchinardi:
VAR..well, 😁😁😁
Sik Juice
Sik Juice:
Atalanta should buy Nandez, Orsini, De Paul
celestial rex
celestial rex:
How is that VAR decision correct FFS ? That goal was beautiful and it just slightly touched his hand
Andrey Chernokoz
Andrey Chernokoz:
Atalanta will fight for scudetto, must be 2nd at least
So harsh to disallow Simeone's goal
Sugeng Santoso
Sugeng Santoso:
Calon juara liga champions
Hermes Schmitd da conceicao
Hermes Schmitd da conceicao:
So é o Atalanta o time ta jogando muito
Ismael Soberano policarpio
Ismael Soberano policarpio:
Gran victoria mi atalanta va en 4 lugar y3 puntos es el equipo mas goleador de la serie a faltan 8 jornadas para escalar pociciones a este paso el equipo puede acabar subcampeón
I love Atalanta i hope they go far in champions league Muriel and Zapata
Сергей М
Сергей М:
Кальяри боролись как могли
Daniel A.M.
Daniel A.M.:
Antoni Cahyadi
Antoni Cahyadi:
Although nerazzuri only net 1 goal, at least they still got point to make distance with below team, i hope they can get trophy somedays #forza orobici
La Media Argentina
La Media Argentina:
Atalanta deberia pelear el campeonato a la Juve en vez de la Lazio
Tedd Von koenigswald
Tedd Von koenigswald:
Forca atalanta
Samanaye Cisse
Samanaye Cisse:
Sooner or later, Atalanta's key players will be snatched away by bigger clubs...
John Nunez
John Nunez:
Atalanta is still undefeated in the restart. Yet they have not scored many goals as anticipated
Luis -/
Luis -/:
De no ser por esos palos, quedaba 3-0
Nelcy Buitrago Alzate
Nelcy Buitrago Alzate:
Que golaso
نجوى كرم
نجوى كرم:
سلام عليكم أنا محتاجة مساعدتكم الله يخليكم ضروري والله العظيم معنديش بش نخلص كراء هذا شهر
Lost a couple of hundred of Euros on over 3.5 goals! Did not expect Atalanta scoring only one goal for more than one hour of the game!
Player 1984
Player 1984:
Муриель, какого ты бьёшь пеналь Малиновского
Артур Гибадуллин
Артур Гибадуллин:
Вот тебе и Кальяри, Всего один гол Аталанта организовала и тот с пенальти!!!! Ещё бы не тупо отменённый гол Симеоне, вообще бы в ничью сыграли!
Penaldo the penalty merchant
Penaldo the penalty merchant:
why didnt they start zapata, ilicic and gomez
Abdul Rahman Ryan
Abdul Rahman Ryan:
Petty VAR decisions put a dampener on a thrilling contest!! Need VAR for BLATANT decisions, not rubbish like fingernails too long, foreskin exposed....
Facundo Russo (F.R. 32)
Facundo Russo (F.R. 32):
Muriel y simeone on fire
Noah Velez
Noah Velez:
I honestly don’t understand why they took off that goal from simeone, it was a total banger but GG to Atalanta. I really wish they could’ve won the league.
The King
The King:
Atalanta the true nerazzuri should've won this season.. but they got no money to sucked up the referee
Prasobh Pradeep
Prasobh Pradeep:
Atlanta is the ajax of 2019
David Gomez
David Gomez:
Atalanta esta imparable muriel gooooool
Евгений Горенков
Евгений Горенков:
Малина лучший!
Alexander Betancur
Alexander Betancur:
I’m a Real Madrid fan but I’m rooting for this team for the champions league. Muriel & Zapata 👍🏻 🇨🇴
Kevin Lukas
Kevin Lukas:
João Pedro 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
Cartoons in black & white
Cartoons in black & white:
Why isn't J. Iličič not starting?
Koeman OL
Koeman OL:
Ilicic has not played since the restart of football and he's not injured.
Pls who knows what's wrong?
Jhon jairo Viloria orozco
Jhon jairo Viloria orozco:
Grande muriel
lol VAR got that wrong
Zdravko Bitunjac
Zdravko Bitunjac:
Atalanta is very fast and talented team.Besides Real M , Atalanta is the only team i like to watch.
Surajjyoti Nath
Surajjyoti Nath:
I think that was not a handball. Where he supposed to keep his hand?
Var ruining another match
daniel fajardo
daniel fajardo:
what happened with the simeone's goal???????
worst handball decision in history of this sport
Syafiq Sulthon
Syafiq Sulthon:
Cagliari and simione got robbed, where simione hand supose to go? or football kit need pocket in the short to secure player hands in macth?
Ali Kavak
Ali Kavak:
Adrian el Picante
Adrian el Picante:
Que mano vieron??? 🤦‍♂️cuslkiera lo robaron al calgiari
Marco Murenu
Marco Murenu:
Sack the commentator!!! A football match is not a funeral!!!
Captain OKZ
Captain OKZ:
How did this end 1-0???
Abdikadir Mohamed
Abdikadir Mohamed:
Marcilio Ramos
Marcilio Ramos:
Atalanta is in crisis? Just won with one goal! Atalanta go to title the Champions League !
Kausar Ahmed
Kausar Ahmed:
This has to be Atalanta worst match, they got 1 nil against 10 man, normally they get at least 5 goals against team like this
Cartman Bruhh
Cartman Bruhh:
Atalanta wins another one game.
*everyone liked that*
Cagliari got robbed by ref again..
Henri Siregar
Henri Siregar:
Hey you guys please it's Atalanta, not Atlanta
Algún habla hispana por aquí o estoy yo solito:v
Wild Cat
Wild Cat:
Jj t T
Jj t T:
Luis Muriel The Colombian R9
Forza Milan
Forza Milan:
This season Juventus may win the league but Atalanta won our hearts🧡(AC Milan fan)
Really want Oo
Really want Oo:
Atlanta '' how to lose
Legio XIII
Legio XIII:
Someone's goal.
Zhandr Max
Zhandr Max:
Lucky Cagliari