Cagliari 0-2 Milan | Ibrahimovic At The Double To Keep Milan Top! | Serie A TIM

A brace from Zlatan Ibrahimovic saw Milan beat Cagliari! | Serie A TIM

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100+ comentarios:

Senya -
Senya -:
This is just getting ridiculous at this point. There is no way this man is normal.
Other players: I go to MLS to retire
Zlatan: I go to MLS for vacation
Ger Cri
Ger Cri:
Zlatan has a grizzly bear carpet in his room. The bear isn't dead, it's just afraid to move!
Asri Azmi
Asri Azmi:
My son: Dad where is the remote?


Son: what do you mean?

Me: On top of the table
Zlatan smurfing in Serie A
Ibra is an alien. At 39 years old, he's still running all the time, scoring goals, playing full time.
Calabria also deserves credit
Gaby van Dinteren, PMP
Gaby van Dinteren, PMP:
2049: This news just in, Ibrahimovic accepts a contract for Real Madrid
Ashley Burns
Ashley Burns:
Winning Serie A this season will be one of their and Ibrahimovic's greatest achievements.
Anonymous Thamizhan
Anonymous Thamizhan:
Fun fact= ibrahimovic is about a year younger than Ronaldinho 😂🔥
Praveen M
Praveen M:
When Zlatan is Offside
Offside becomes onside
Zlatan Effect
U G:
The fact that he joined an out of form Milan side at 39 years of age, confidently said he'll take it to the top, and is very well doing just that makes him the GOAT of Serie A
Project ATOM
Project ATOM:
Remember when Ibra called out Ronaldo for moving to Juve for a "challenge" and he received backlash from the fans?? Ibra certainly walking the walk
AlphaBeta Gamma
AlphaBeta Gamma:
Zlatan after the match: "I should've scored three..."
Mohamad Khattab
Mohamad Khattab:
Everyone is talking about Zlatan, but can we also appreciate Calabria’s performance tonight!
Minh Anh
Minh Anh:
Nice video❤❤
Elman junior
Elman junior:
Remember when they compared him to Carlos Vella
What's crazy is that he's been out for like 2 month. His form is unbelievable
Rajan Tiwari
Rajan Tiwari:
Zlatan should be considered as one of the greatest just for his longevity
Daniel Ferrara
Daniel Ferrara:
ZLATAN came into serie a like “daddy is home”
Live Football Betting
Live Football Betting:
Zlatan now has 12 goals in only 7 games from start. That’s one goal every 53rd minute. Unbelievable
Sam Martin - Peak Performance
Sam Martin - Peak Performance:
At this rate Zlatan will go through reverse puberty
Pes Maestro
Pes Maestro:
Zlatan:- Does the goal stand?
Var:- yes .
Arthur Gerald Piet Koene
Arthur Gerald Piet Koene:
VAR ref: He is offside
Another VAR ref : But its Zlatan
Decision : ONSIDE
Nong Pande
Nong Pande:
Hauge pass to Ibra besides shoot, because he afraid Ibra Will Punch him if he didn't score🤣🤣🤣
Kene Oruche
Kene Oruche:
AC: we at the top of the table

Zlatan: whatttttt

AC: sorry, we forgot you the table

Donnarumma has an amazing save in almost every highlight that I watch
If milan wins the title zlatan should get ballon d'or.
If Milan win the title, Ibrahimovic must be nominated for the Ballon D’or
Zexa XIII:
Manchester utd and AC Milan on top of the table again both legendary teams.
gourav jadhav
gourav jadhav:
Zlatan Ibrahimovic the 39 year old youngster 🔥🔥🔥
Ionut Sarbu
Ionut Sarbu:
C.Ronaldo " I am the best "
Zlatan : Hold my goals
Hans Krištof
Hans Krištof:
If Milan will take scudeto than Zlatan Ibrahimovic deserve FIFA "The Best" award and Golden ball.
Pietro Ferrari
Pietro Ferrari:
Milan: How far you will go?
Zlatan: Yes.
George Ramirez
George Ramirez:
Saelemaekers getting 2 yellows just 8 minutes after he got subbed on has to be a record, surely.
찰리 'The General' 아담
찰리 'The General' 아담:
Class Is always PERMANENT
right focus
right focus:
I've said this before and I'll say it again. Are we going to ignore the fact that Zlatan is a vampire? This man doesn't age.😶😶
Calabria has developed into a top player, excellent technical ability.
SBS - 005
SBS - 005:
Serie A is the most entertaining league this year.
yudi kentoy
yudi kentoy:
Forza Milan INDONESIA 🔴⚫
sofiane benterki
sofiane benterki:
Thanh Pham
Thanh Pham:
That’s what we call carrying a team!
Arief Gerie Pratama
Arief Gerie Pratama:
This is beyond my expectation for Milan this season..
Soccer 24
Soccer 24:
Ibrahimovic the réal définition of âge is just a number
Sandi Gunawan Kusika
Sandi Gunawan Kusika:
Ibrahimovic & Mandzukic, a perfect combo. 😀
Spurs Flying High
Spurs Flying High:
Based on stats, Zlatan's finishing goes up proportionally with his age.
Zlatan is 39 and it could be that he will score 39 Goals in one season of serie A
Raihan Sadath
Raihan Sadath:
At almost being 40 he plays like a 25 year footballer. Absolute beast🦁
Badman No.1
Badman No.1:
Ibrahimovic is a perfect example of never giving up...
Akshay Raj
Akshay Raj:
When he came ,milan was nothing.but they are ruling serie a.because the king has come🔥
Afsal Afsal shaz
Afsal Afsal shaz:
Who is the best player in serie A?
ANS: Zlatan 💯💯💯
Dwayne k27ism
Dwayne k27ism:
Back in his first game for 2021 and already a goal scoring threat!
manohar singh
manohar singh:
Year 2100 : zlatan finally says goodbye to earth and humans and boards his space ship. He was just bought by an interstellar club
Kyle Muckian
Kyle Muckian:
what Ibrahimovic is doing at 39 truly is remarkable never take legends like Ibra ronaldo and messi for granted enjoy them while we can
MA 7
MA 7:
I can imagine the line from Zlatan once AC Milan win the league "Zlatan did this"
Cool Kidz
Cool Kidz:
Really Zlatan Ibrahimovic is the monster 😍❤❤. Ac Milan is on fire😍
As a Roma fan, it's sad seeing Naingholan in the line-up of a relegation team
Unlimited Shaka #SMS4
Unlimited Shaka #SMS4:
Zlatan entertaining his kids

What a legend 🙌
Budi Hartantok
Budi Hartantok:
The One and Only KING ZLATAN. 🔴⚫️🔥 From Indonesia 🇮🇩
Legend of the legend, Zlatan
Bro Piaang
Bro Piaang:
I love zlatan . I hope he will never retired🔥❤️
The SibVan
The SibVan:
_Ibrahimovic played one match and went from fifth to second in the list of scorers_
Suhandi Wijaya
Suhandi Wijaya:
Every time Zlatan got called for offside, the referee gets a yellow card.
Tymko C
Tymko C:
Ibra - the man, the myth, the legend.
yodha andhika
yodha andhika:
That salaemaker reaction is comical
Sándor Veres
Sándor Veres:
After the end of COVID I will make an italien football journey immediately.
Francis Nzioki
Francis Nzioki:
He never Compares Him self with human... And Now I think you all know why...👊👊🔥🔥🔥
Leon World
Leon World:
Milan, Manchester United waking up giants. I hope they see each other in UEFA cup final
Rafael Lixandru-Boroghina
Rafael Lixandru-Boroghina:
San Siro should be called : Zan Ziro because Zlatan own everything!
Forza Milan ⚫️🔴⚫️🔴⚫️
Otto Nic
Otto Nic:
he is talented. one day he'll be great!
dondondon matafaka
dondondon matafaka:
Zlatan is at his full form today, those touches and those runs were perfect.
Sambulo Sushi
Sambulo Sushi:
Can't wait to see Mario and Zlatan
John Berry
John Berry:
Mandzucik and Ibra upfront is 71 y/old😂
Thuan Tran
Thuan Tran:
Calabria is totally different this season. His attacking skills have been improved a lot, as well as the defending skills. The long pass for Ibra's second goal was great, same as what Bastoni from Inter did to Juventus.
assnw assnd
assnw assnd:
Image when Zlatan becomes a coach.
Levon Shikwambana
Levon Shikwambana:
They really missed him!
Elvis Cerda
Elvis Cerda:
Zlatan means Serie A ❤
putu suarnaya
putu suarnaya:
Really diving in the ground🤩
Q l'ba
Q l'ba:
2:06 what a pass from Joao Pedro
Remember, Ibrahimovic gonna be 40 YEARS OLD this year.
T Hu
T Hu:
Finally, IB is back
Yezuar. Official
Yezuar. Official:
Ibra is insane 🔥
Kayumebel Homedecor
Kayumebel Homedecor:
Remember Zlatan is 39 🔥
cote sport
cote sport:
Ibra is the best in serie a Italia love him from morocco
this dude missed 2 months of football and when he returns, he scores 2 goals like it was nothing? he's making his legacy bigger than it needs to be!
One of the greatest players of all time no doubt
The Untold Legends
The Untold Legends:
Ac milan and the post is a beautiful love story this year
Bow Fetish
Bow Fetish:
Zlatan will never get an icon card, cuz he’ll never stop playing
Bayu Purdantono
Bayu Purdantono:
39 and still at score sheet...
nicholaus luvanda
nicholaus luvanda:
Zlatan is setting a playing football at the peak age height that will be hard to reach for ages.. a definitely Lion 🔥
Alex BG1
Alex BG1:
Ibra to his teammates: "Before you were born I was already winning championships."
revika varialo
revika varialo:
Jamie Soon Da
Jamie Soon Da:
Scudetto isn't our goal, but heyyy why not?? 😂
와 칼라브리아 뭐야
Nick Mckitton
Nick Mckitton:
I'm 54 with one leg, but still could do a turn in Serie A.
FeelsBadMan n
FeelsBadMan n:
It's actually unbelievable how I used to remember Ibra used to smoke people back in 2006-2008 days at Juve/Inter... And now after what 15 years he is doing it again? same level same things? Un real.
Forza Milan ⚫🔴💪🏼...
Let's go 🔥🔥
Himanshu Tiku
Himanshu Tiku:
When Ibra scores even Var has to comply!!!
Ocxie Arfath
Ocxie Arfath:
The big red machine IBRA 🔥🔥🔥
This man scores wherever he goes