Cagliari 1-2 Atalanta | Zapata seals the win for Atalanta | Serie A 2021/22

The Colombian striker nets his seventh of this Serie A campaign as La Dea get back to winning ways in Sardinia | Serie A 2021/22

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100+ comentarios:

Isaac Montoya López
Isaac Montoya López:
Tremendous effort by Zapata on the first goal. Strong and steadfast with the ball, opening spaces for teammates. Not only a goalscorer. Great player.
I'm the Witch
I'm the Witch:
My eyes just hurt moving so much watching this highlight trying to see the ball
Erismario Santana
Erismario Santana:
Zapata joga muito!!
s e e    m o r e......
s e e m o r e......:
Zapata week to week 🔥
Ngô Tuấn Hưng
Ngô Tuấn Hưng:
How can we stop Zapata from scoring. He’s a beast this season
Bruno Liegibastonliegi
Bruno Liegibastonliegi:
These new camera angles are just awful.
Mvrio's MV Edits
Mvrio's MV Edits:
Dear Serie A admin, please revert to the old cameras. 🙏🏾
In addition to that, please add the timecard and score for each team in the videos.
Thank You. 😊
JG Owner
JG Owner:
Zapata and Koopmeiners becoming mates I see, they read each other so well
Ridwan Alausa
Ridwan Alausa:
What's with the angles.
Serie A already occupies a hallowed spot as the page with the best highlights on YouTube. Let's remain guided please.
Guilherme Cassiano
Guilherme Cassiano:
Vamos atalanta 💙🖤🖤🖤💙💙💙 melhor time do mundo
james mckenna
james mckenna:
Zapata is on fire 🔥
Pasalic 🇭🇷 Scoring goals or assists per game 😍
thomas swords
thomas swords:
Zapata another underrated player he is quality
Jhon_ Camacho
Jhon_ Camacho:
Vamos Duvan Zapata 🇨🇴 Así Toca Con La Selección Colombia 🇨🇴🇨🇴 Vamos A Ganarle A Brasil Con Toda 🇨🇴🇨🇴
Daniel Sumi
Daniel Sumi:
João Pedro deserves credit.. that finish was clean
Ilham Assegaf
Ilham Assegaf:
what is wrong with your camera angles, SERIE A?!! Please back to the old one!
Duvan Zapata just like Romelu Lukaku
Atalanta , for such a tiny team, play some seriously attractive football. They give up on any defensive shape to score more than the opposition.
Whoever recommended these new camera angels should just be fired. Awful.
James Hunter
James Hunter:
Need to get the old camera crew back, not liking these new ones
Avi Chanda
Avi Chanda:
What a team!!
Luis Arturo Mendoza
Luis Arturo Mendoza:
Duvan Zapata - On Fire 🔥⚽
Cristian Reyes
Cristian Reyes:
Atalanta ❤️ Zapata 🤚🤯
Flori Etus
Flori Etus:
Atalanta the best ❤️
Ali Rasulzade
Ali Rasulzade:
Forza Atalanta!!
ARIS Munandar
ARIS Munandar:
Forza Atalanta from Indonesia
Cezary Szczepkowski
Cezary Szczepkowski:
These close-up shots are terrible. Please stop it
Ganz Lecker
Ganz Lecker:
What's happening to the camera? It's almost impossible to watch.
Debabrata Bhandari
Debabrata Bhandari:
Jao Pedro should be in the Brasil team . They don't have poper CF
Congrats Atalanta from Milan fan 😊👏🤝🤗
Alirio Ospinafresneda
Alirio Ospinafresneda:
Sin duda zapata el mejor
Mehmet Ziad
Mehmet Ziad:
Zapata is a beast
Eu Revikz
Eu Revikz:
Zapata what a unit
Forza Atalanta e cagliari in b endlich..
Noah Cozi
Noah Cozi:
Koopmeiners underrated
Teo Dizdar
Teo Dizdar:
Pašalić 💪💪🇭🇷🇭🇷
yusuf ismail
yusuf ismail:
Pasalic 😍
Lech Godlewski
Lech Godlewski:
There was a clear penalty for Atalanta on Pašalić
Channa vhero
Channa vhero:
Gasperini 👍
Antoni Cahyadi
Antoni Cahyadi:
Back in top 4 again, crucial win from sardegna arena #Forza Gli Orobici from Indonesia
Sti highlights... come DS nei anni 90....😂 A me piacciono..
Ivong BE
Ivong BE:
Hope, Cagliari relegations to Serie-B.
Diego Merla
Diego Merla:
plz stop with the "innovative" camera angles
Pls Make the Video Longer with all the Highlights :D woud be so nice
Zach Mohammed
Zach Mohammed:
nice win atalanta
Elsa María Jaramillo
Elsa María Jaramillo:
zapata on fire
gat man
gat man:
Arriba el toro duvan desde Colombia
Kyle Lacey
Kyle Lacey:
Zapata was a pain in man utd neck
maison agus setiawan
maison agus setiawan:
Teun Koopmeiners 👏👏👏
Great soccer.
Julio Cesar Bueno Pedroso
Julio Cesar Bueno Pedroso:
Atalanta Bella Victoria ⚫🔵
geronimo apache
geronimo apache:
Zapata wasting so many clear chances or doesn't pass when he should.
ian SoP
ian SoP:
keren nih atalanta konsisten maen nya
Dede Supriatna
Dede Supriatna:
Poor cagliari 😥
Vegeta Sama
Vegeta Sama:
Colombians are on fire 🔥
Mads Kenneth
Mads Kenneth:
Atalanta er doing great.. But what if Cagliari bought back ibarbo?
Oscar Marín
Oscar Marín:
Duván debería jugar con la camiseta del Atalanta debajo de la amarilla de la selección Colombia para ver si juega igual 😁
William Gagnon
William Gagnon:
The problem with those camera angles isn't that they are fundamentally bad, it's that they're very poorly edited.
gores lambai
gores lambai:
😍😍😍😍#LA DEA
Forza serie a
Sigit Adi
Sigit Adi:
When we people take over Serie A, I will send the camera director to the gulag!
Deni Adelfina
Deni Adelfina:
Forza atalanta
Garr Gadrel
Garr Gadrel:
Luigi mario Bros
Luigi mario Bros:
Bien godin igual!!.
Gabriel Vieira
Gabriel Vieira:
Voltem com os ângulos antigos. Esses são horríveis
Mr. Ditkovich
Mr. Ditkovich:
The new camera angles are great, said no one ever.
Леха плотно присел...
Bye bye Cagliari from Seria A
Kevin Mottl
Kevin Mottl:
I cambi di inquadratura son da mal di testa, come vi è venuto in mente? Bah
J04ck1M 26
J04ck1M 26:
penalty if that juvartus
Tadhg O'Sullivan
Tadhg O'Sullivan:
What does llicic have to do to start
Marko Stevanovic
Marko Stevanovic:
Pls stop with this new camera angles, it is terrible
what's with the constant camera changes? it's like watching WWE lol
Eglon Bregu
Eglon Bregu:
Can we please sort out the cameras? Thank you.
The old ones were perfect.
L P:
Ma perché fanno tutte ste inquadrature e zoom che poi si fa solo confusione
frans cornelius
frans cornelius:
Weird angle
Giuseppe Michael Pipicella
Giuseppe Michael Pipicella:
Honestly not digging the new editing cuts, they're a little chaotic
Baptiste Perrin
Baptiste Perrin:
The cameraman was probably drunk ....
dome dome
dome dome:
#seria a tim da italiano e un po disgustoso vedere gli highlights in inglese solo perche vivo all estero
Indra Wira
Indra Wira:
Weird angels, it’s hard to see the plot
Andrea Rossi
Andrea Rossi:
Who came up with the new camera angles?
These camera angles are not great
Мигран Тероян
Мигран Тероян:
Почему в серии А самые отвратительные судьи в мире???
kaycee fresh
kaycee fresh:
Poor Camera Angle, very awful and disgraceful from Seria A
Hendi DS
Hendi DS:
These new camera angle makes me dizzy
Allan Crespilho
Allan Crespilho:
Those camera shifts are very disturbing. Gave me a bit of a headache. Looks like a bad videogame montage.
Saad Ahmad
Saad Ahmad:
The camera angles gave me a headache
Brian Nnanyere
Brian Nnanyere:
Yeidon Sancho
Yeidon Sancho:
small team, couldnt beat a terrible manchester united team
What's up with the camera angles.Just show it normally na
Nick Nazarov
Nick Nazarov:
Where is Miranchuk
anwesh kumar
anwesh kumar:
Camera angle is giving me headache.
These Camera angles are awful...
Babang Gojek
Babang Gojek:
I hate camera angles, I'm dizzy
Moises Fernando
Moises Fernando:
This camera angle is weird.
Martin Walker
Martin Walker:
Terrible camera angles. Unwatchable.
rijal wicaksono
rijal wicaksono:
zapata vs lukaku