Cagliari 1-2 Inter | Lukaku Scores Again as Inter Win Again! | Serie A

Romelu Lukaku scores in the 72nd minute to earn Inter 3 points against Cagliari

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100+ comentarios:

Shakil Ahmed
Shakil Ahmed:
Say no to RACISM! *LUKAKU!* 🔥
Not surprised Serie A cuts out the commentator calling out the caligri fans. It's the same story year after year
Shoaib Dawood
Shoaib Dawood:
Lukaku silencing the racist chants in the best way
milo miriam
milo miriam:
Respect to lukaku🙏🙏
Original Soundtrack
Original Soundtrack:
That's why I love Cagliari so much! Forza Cagliari! You have a great team this year, hope you can do something big.
David Vargas
David Vargas:
The assist and the 360 spin was amazing.😍
Damar Wendo Imam Tias Asmoro
Damar Wendo Imam Tias Asmoro:
I'm a United Fans but I'm Happy with Lukaku score for Inter #RESPECT
Connor Southerton
Connor Southerton:
Great to see Lukaku enjoying his football again! Could've had a brace but his impact since arriving is definitely noticeable!
Jose Mourinho
Jose Mourinho:
Inter are a team to watch Contes is building a class team
Very happy for Lukaku as a United fan. He's a quality striker and it's a shame he couldn't work out in England but great to see him back doing what he does best!!
The Italian FA are doing nothing to stop racism in Italy.There has to be punishments
Sensi is a sensible player! I wonder how can he wasn’t in the radar of big clubs in these years?
Very beautiful game shown by Inter this season, hopefully it continues. Lukaku and Sensi are so charming #ForzaInter #MaiStatiInB
Hugo BR
Hugo BR:
That pass from Lukaku before the penalty was pretty great
Jorge Ayala
Jorge Ayala:
Un Inter de Milan que promete mucho, ojala lo podamos ver campeón y romper la hegemonía de la cebra! #ForzaInter!
En Unión Y Libertad
En Unión Y Libertad:
Ojalá el Inter mantenga el ritmo toda la temporada, tiene muy buen equipo y entrenador ⚽
Jornada Tavares Tavares
Jornada Tavares Tavares:
O Lukaku apenas queria confiança e vai marcar muito mais, podem crer!
Now I want to see Cagliari getting 2 games with closed stadium for racially abusing Lukaku, just like when we did it to Koulibaly. But nothing will happen, I know it already...
Carl Rees
Carl Rees:
Great to see Inter regarded as contenders again. They've always been my favourite Italian club so I'd love to see them win the title this season but I still think it might be too big an ask just yet to dethrone Juve. If anyone can garner instant success though then Conte has proved he can more than once.
L N:
Great victory! Playing w Cagliari at Sardegna has never been easy.
Ya Ya
Ya Ya:
I’m an Everton fan and I love to see lukaku score ⚫️🔵⚫️
Top goal scorer in sere A
🔥🔥 ✅
Dylan Daniels
Dylan Daniels:
25+ goals for Lukaku this seasom
Nerazzurri Sempre
Nerazzurri Sempre:
I love inter since 1997 best of luck this year. I'm sure conte is a great coach and inter has a great players! Forza Inter from Canada 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦
Elite Martial
Elite Martial:
What a king. Man's just showed Rashford and Pogba how to take a pen under immense pressure
We came here to watch and comment the MATCH, not people's color. Great Inter performance from ALL players and great support from ALL Inter's fans.
I’m a arsenal fan but I really hope lukaku does well in Italy
All the respect to Conte! We really appreciate your contribution during your stay at the Bridge!
Victor Camarasa
Victor Camarasa:
Respect Lukaku 🙌
Dr Chunky Biscuit!!
Dr Chunky Biscuit!!:
Playing in a slow league suits Lukaku! The man with a brick wall touch!
who is't loves burb'rry shouldst wend to heaven
who is't loves burb'rry shouldst wend to heaven:
Wow they “SERIA A” even cut out the commentator’s comments pointing out why Lukaku was reacting that way after scoring which is Racism chants. Disgraceful and I doubt anything g would be done!
Barun Majumder
Barun Majumder:
Nainggolan was talking to his former friends in Inter. Sportsmanship
Alex reznov
Alex reznov:
Conte’s 3-5-2 just amazing.
Alex Delpiero
Alex Delpiero:
This year is the breakout year for Sensi... Amazing Talent.
Raphael B.
Raphael B.:
Great performance By sensi!Forza inter!!Also great penalty shout out from lukaku
Alexandre Augusto
Alexandre Augusto:
Aí nn tem jeito o lukaku ta fazendo gol pra caramba tbm Aí o gabigol nem volta mais
So happy for Lautaro's goal. There it is the future #9 of Argentina!!!
Lukaku already proving his worth - love how he stands against racism💪
Mario Theophanous
Mario Theophanous:
Sensi and Nandez are absolute ballers! Class players
Proud of Lukaku
Beecas Shrestha
Beecas Shrestha:
United didn't treat lukaku well. though I m a United fan I m happy for lukaku. best wishes to him
Ingvar Ellingsen
Ingvar Ellingsen:
Lukaku, you got my support!
Sebastián Bianchi
Sebastián Bianchi:
Que jugadón de Nandez para el gol del Cagliari, cumpliendo como siempre
Lukaku is going to be the top scorer this season he is just so hungry for goals,Man u had stopped his career from growing a bit
Wins like this are also needed, in pain but 3 point sealed
Piet Hdhf
Piet Hdhf:
Respect for lukaku!
Jordan Paterno
Jordan Paterno:
Mamma mia, Sensi! Che giocatore! Mi sta piacendo un sacco!
Inter is a great team 👌 I like the way they are playing
The Best team in Serie A until now 👍
I can tell lukaku will have a bright future in inter more than united
stanton mosoti
stanton mosoti:
This inter Milan is on fire... Lukaku
Kiss two Gays
Kiss two Gays:
Lukaku has impressive physicality.
Abady Joseph
Abady Joseph:
Sensi , Bello giocatore 😍👌👌
Jn Philippe
Jn Philippe:
Sensi Show Lukaku é Goool !!!!
Radik Ari Amboro
Radik Ari Amboro:
2:41 Magnificent Movement
Ali Altan
Ali Altan:
I don't remember the last time lukaku scored a skill requiring goal
jorge alberto salazar garcia
jorge alberto salazar garcia:
Woaoooo SENSI, just incredible, es bueno tener este equipo, FORZA INTERRRRRRRRR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
gilang super
gilang super:
Lukaku and Sensi are Incredible!!
Marcos Silveira
Marcos Silveira:
#ForzaInter against racism, we are together Lukaku
Anak Rantau
Anak Rantau:
Lukaku amazing
Respect LUKAKU 👏👏
#SayNoToRacism 👊
BManuel Muzquiz
BManuel Muzquiz:
Sensi es muy bueno muy parecido a verrati Italia tiene una media de mucha calidad, le falta un buen centro delantero para ser de nuevo dominante
Groove Traxxx Gingerbreadman
Groove Traxxx Gingerbreadman:
You watch him totally eclipse EVERY Man U striker this season.......just watch!!
yariv oyev
yariv oyev:
why is no one talking about that spin by sensi?🔥
Josh S
Josh S:
Quite ironic that he’s scored a pen
Gustavo Sebastián Hoyos
Gustavo Sebastián Hoyos:
Alexis Sanchez, Romelu Lukaku y Lautaro Martinez. La delantera del Inter.
PeterQ The Kid
PeterQ The Kid:
Go Go Go Inter Milan...from a Chelsea fan
Sholeh Dellavorto
Sholeh Dellavorto:
Semoga penampilan Inter Milan konsisten hingga akhir musim. #ForzaInter
Hahaha that miss by Lukaku 🤣🤣🤣
Inter is doing well this season, I'm happy those giants are back
YaMB -Boi
YaMB -Boi:
Did u see the one where Lukaku asks for the ball and then misses practically an open net because of his awful first touch so I guess that hasn’t changed
Hamiisii M.
Hamiisii M.:
since this isnt the first time these fans are doing this something harsh should be done,
Cagliari should be relegated two levels below
Potential Gamer
Potential Gamer:
inter should be lucky to have such a great manager wished chelsea never sacked him :(
Como se te extraña Uruguayo!
Yulli R
Yulli R:
Vamos Inter, Lukaku 👍👍
I A:
Lukaku will be a force with Inter he seems the right fit for their style of play, disgusting behaviour from some of the fans.
Why Bandido?
Why Bandido?:
Lukaku es el LeBron del fútbol 🔥
An C
An C:
Forza Inter ❤️, Lukaku 💪.
Just some guy without a Beard.
Just some guy without a Beard.:
Don't mess with my Man.. LUKAKU👊👊
Reananda Hidayat Permono
Reananda Hidayat Permono:
Hey Lukaku can you come back and shoot penalty for Man Utd? We failed to score 2 already
Dario Amado
Dario Amado:
Que grande NÁNDEZ 💙💛
İnter eskisi gibi olmaya başladı güçleniyo yavaştan liverpool gibi patlicak darısı milanın başına
Deeper Forest
Deeper Forest:
Nandez! I always knew this guy got some stuff saw him in uruguay team before now its time to shine brotha
Brandon Teh
Brandon Teh:
3:28 The lukaku we all know~
Lance O'Doherty
Lance O'Doherty:
United fan here, so happy for big rom!
Miguel Martins
Miguel Martins:
I have a feeling Inter is going back to its days of glory
Shahid Willie
Shahid Willie:
Lukaku 🔥🔥💪😎
Mbabu Mgolwhagyduu
Mbabu Mgolwhagyduu:
Perfect league for him minimal movement
Congratulations INTER for winning the serie A
Dahsyat lukaku, kemenangan kedua, kita dukung selalu, say no to racism! Yang setuju ikut like ya 👍
Franklyn Reyes
Franklyn Reyes:
Lukaku is class . If he were still at united . They wouldn’t have tied or lose against CP
kemar gordon
kemar gordon:
Great win clapping 🇯🇲
2:50 was flawless.
Lukaku has transformed
Chucho Rodriguez
Chucho Rodriguez:
You know your team is TRASH when lukaku is your PK taker 😭😭😭😭😭
Houssem Chakroun
Houssem Chakroun:
Romelu Lukaku 💙🖤
Budi Setiawan
Budi Setiawan:
Handanovic's habit of just watching ball recurrence although he can reach it.
Always love to see conte. Haha.... win or lose,
He is nuts
abdi libaax
abdi libaax:
United need Martinez, we gave them two players. I'm telling you he's gonna be the best in the world soon, I fear City or Barcelona will get him.
Jaime joel Pilay delgado
Jaime joel Pilay delgado:
Lukaku the best
Akif S.Rahman
Akif S.Rahman:
Fantastic 🔥
Barca, inter and dortmund in one grup 😍😘