Cagliari 2-0 Juventus | Gagliano and Simeone Score to Stun the Champions!| Serie A TIM

Goals from Luca Gagliano and Giovanni Simeone saw Cagliari surprise the champions with a home victory | Serie A TIM

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Cosmic Significance
Cosmic Significance:
İt's weird not seeing Cristiano in the thumbnail with a frustrated face...
Viral Video
Viral Video:
No penalty for Juve ? LOL
abdou salem
abdou salem:
I can't see Juventus defeating Lyon in this form. Let alone Real Madrid or Manchester City.
"We've already won the Scudetto, let's just slack off now" - Juventus
Aan Nafee Zahir
Aan Nafee Zahir:
man of the match:

Cagliari's goalkeeper
Faze Machine
Faze Machine:
With this performance it’s better to just give up the champions league
Red Orange
Red Orange:
Sarri's style doesn't suit Juve in anyway, since he took over Juve has just been winning games because of the quality of their squad and individual players. . . He's not fit to manage Juve and under him they don't stand a chance to conquer Europe. . . The mid needs overhauling .
Juventus should thank Lazio, because they lost 4 matches in a row.
Nelson Raj
Nelson Raj:
Juve have probaby declined under Sarri, we had a soul when we were with Allegri, now I don't know what our style of play is. Definitely very undeserved Serie A win.
Without Rabiot Juve loses a lot of creativity.
Sanju Hoque
Sanju Hoque:
Now I understood why kepa refused sarri's decisiona in chelsea
I’m 100% convinced Liverpool gave juventus lessons on how to slack off after winning the league
Travis Travis
Travis Travis:
Sarri is helping Juventus to break new records this season 😂
Dev S
Dev S:
Juve Wins = Penaldo
Juve Loses = Sarri

Wt hypocrates
Vintage Kakashi
Vintage Kakashi:
Simeone finally takes revenge against Ronaldo lol
John Blessed
John Blessed:
No penalty for Ronaldo means no party for Juventus. #Penaldo 🤣
muhammad aiman
muhammad aiman:
i always feel worried when rugani in the first 11, i mean this guy doesnt look convincing at all juve always seem to lose when he starts
Eddy Hartanto
Eddy Hartanto:
1:24 the reason of juventus did a huge mistake to sold Mandzukic, far post master
katende willy
katende willy:
I repeat, Juventus won the league just because other teams don't know what it means to win the league
T F:
Since Mandzukic left there has been no passion in Juve
alba minero
alba minero:
No penalty no party 😂😂😂
Juicy Bert
Juicy Bert:
The other teams in the top 4 have had so many chances to raise their title bids but they’ve choked too many games. This is why Juventus have won the league for the 9th time.
This is such a bad performance from JUVE. Really becoming the 'Old Lady'.
Even Ronaldo seems fed up and can't do anything..
kas fc
kas fc:
Is that Diego Simeone’s son
Nini 1405
Nini 1405:
Let’s go Ciro! Go win yourself that golden boot, you deserve it also!!
Android Pack King
Android Pack King:
Lyon wondering if they're playing this Juventus.
Hak najej Mess
Hak najej Mess:
'i think they drank a lot of beer in the weekend'-----------Diego Simeone 2020
Can we just appreciate all the saves from Cagliari goalkeeper
Zxenon Nemrod
Zxenon Nemrod:
Immobile , the road is clear now. Go break that record and get your Serie A golden boot
Juventus aren't ready for UCL.Whats going on

Is this team sleepy
The Blissful Rudra_02
The Blissful Rudra_02:
So the trend continues... When Rugani is in the starting 11, Juve lose. Poor lad😅
Ashutosh Khantwal
Ashutosh Khantwal:
Juventus doesn't deserve the title this season.
kavindra Martoliya
kavindra Martoliya:
Without Dybla,Juventus has lost significant part
Shashi Shekhar Gupta
Shashi Shekhar Gupta:
First goal was like playing pes in beginners...😂😂🤣
Now I'm fully confident that ucl is not coming to Juventus...🥺🥺
Aimar Razak
Aimar Razak:
Underrated team in Serie A is much better than juventus.
Carol Samuels
Carol Samuels:
Juventus should get Pochettiono as MANAGER
Arx Teo
Arx Teo:
If this was fc barcelona there gonna be 1 million news already blaiming evert singles player's/ couch mostly messi
Uche Sunday
Uche Sunday:
Honestly I haven't seen champions of a league playing like a relegation team they are so annoying to watch especially rugani bentacur danilo and alex sandro
juizy skrap
juizy skrap:
Asha Kumar
Asha Kumar:
What happened to Higuain?
I want the past Higuain with supr skills
Big fish Ke
Big fish Ke:
If Juve has won the views would have been 1million in 1hr 🤣🤣
Now its really a major headache for Juventus to win against Lyon
Who else has noticed since the restart when rugani plays we loose just give demiral gaming time
Kabihan Maharjan
Kabihan Maharjan:
mark my word this coach will destroy juventes...
forget about champions league..
Football Legend
Football Legend:
Fun fact: More than half of us coming into comment section have not even watch half of vedio 😂
Was Juventus playing or just having a friendly or practice match
Roz Sa
Roz Sa:
100% convinced that had covid not happened, Juventus would've lost Serie A this season. Champions league distractions along with indifferent form would've cost them more points than it did. It is just a real shame that Lazio and Atalanta just fell short.
Juan Screamo
Juan Screamo:
Sarri : my favorite players are Rugani and Higuain 🤣🤣🤣
I want to see Dybala than Higuain.
Stanley Kubrick
Stanley Kubrick:
Higuain : I tried to pass to you every-time bro...
Nicolás Moreno
Nicolás Moreno:
2:29 Higuain just ignored that pass on the right wing?!!!
vivek kumar
vivek kumar:
Congratulations :Ciro immobile for golden boot
This matches solidified my belief that the best player in juve is dybala .
33 shots,
2 goals conceded

Well played, Juventus!
Wasim Momin
Wasim Momin:
Cagliari goalkeeper! Great save in the end man! 👏
Juve are the most mediocre "top" team in Europe. Without the help from the refs, they're quite pedestrian.
Juve need Dybala and de ligt for ucl 💪🏽🔥
Just proves how much the other teams dropped the ball, Juve were there for the taking this season, and no one stepped up to them... smh...
Young Javanese
Young Javanese:
Alessio Cragno. Great,as always.
Balwinder Kaur
Balwinder Kaur:
My fav club juv is keep losing how can every time they have a match they will lose or draw i just don't get it
Noah Velez
Noah Velez:
Cagliari playing beautiful fútbol in that first goal showing Juve how it should be done.
Majd Arja
Majd Arja:
2:22 Sarri looks like he's gonna loose it
Giovanni Someone avenged Diego😂
Mahdi Cadde
Mahdi Cadde:
The keeper is on fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Fahimul Haque
Fahimul Haque:
Juventus missing bit of foot work from dybala and Costa!!!they bring a lot energy on the pitch.
Mohit Kashyap
Mohit Kashyap:
They forgot, they still have 2 match to play in this season. How can we expect champions league from juve with this performance 😔
Sanyog Gogia
Sanyog Gogia:
Cagliari surviving all thanks to their goalie👌🏻👌🏻😍
Football Legend
Football Legend:
This show that next year Serie A whould be Intrusting😋
Sia Ahmadi
Sia Ahmadi:
It’s painful seeing Buffon’s age dragging down his performance
Yonathan Osvaldo
Yonathan Osvaldo:
What is the name of Cagliari's second goal song? Thank you
Nilesh Bundele
Nilesh Bundele:
No penalty no party for penaldo😂😂😂😂😂
Agung Jayamulia
Agung Jayamulia:
Mafia league 😂
Ujwal Adhikari
Ujwal Adhikari:
Diego Simeone's son scored the goal.
ramma pratama
ramma pratama:
How many match again for Juventus Management to prove that Saari Tactics was "ZERO", some player was also "ZERO". Very lucky Scudetto you had this season 👏👏👏
Mikail Aleksandar
Mikail Aleksandar:
Old bone's Buffon.. What a goal Simeone jr 👏🏽
ʀɪᴏ ᴍᴀʀᴛɪɴ
ʀɪᴏ ᴍᴀʀᴛɪɴ:
Those two in back everytime we lost
Stefan Cajic
Stefan Cajic:
Now Italy has loads od great keepers for national team, such as Cragno, Gigi JR and Meret.
Laishram Manao
Laishram Manao:
No penalty no party 🤣
Muhammad Arsyad
Muhammad Arsyad:
Next Milan Scudetto With Ibracadabra
John Christie
John Christie:
ok this team MAY get past Lyon but then real or man city? forget about it
King Zayn
King Zayn:
Just Appreciate Cagliari Goal keeper 👏👏👏👏👏🙌
Leon Cruiz
Leon Cruiz:
Juve ain't progressing wt the current situation, player's n formation it's impossible fr them to lead.
Trevor Omondi
Trevor Omondi:
Juventus were once one of the most feared teams in Europe, how far they have fallen.
Yongky Wijaya
Yongky Wijaya:
Juventus isnt that great dude..ppl must have realized it..
Jan Pavlic
Jan Pavlic:
When Juventus dont have penalty:
CRLoser lost again, what about giving back the half of salary at least this year? You sweared to be God's brother, you rememba?
Osaa S
Osaa S:
Ahahha ronaldo emmemememe mama REAL MADRID 👌
Mr Joy
Mr Joy:
Cagliari: let's continue the game

Juventus: well.. OK, but we're still hangover. Scudetto's Just delirious.
noobmaster 69
noobmaster 69:
its simeone with the goal. 🤣😂🤣😂😂
Shiori Kashiwazaki
Shiori Kashiwazaki:
i mean come on time to give Cragno a huge respect and recognition!!!!!!
yee haw
yee haw:
one word: inconsistency

as a juventus fan this hurts but we’ll get through it! #finoallafine
Clash Academy
Clash Academy:
RIP Juventus🙌🏻
M Faizan
M Faizan:
Inconsistent Juventus.
M Gk
M Gk:
As a former player from my country said:

"If you play in the Seria A you must accept matchfixing"

This game 😂
Nishant Nimish
Nishant Nimish:
Simeone finally beats Ronaldo 🤣🤣
eat with hesh
eat with hesh:
Gigi!! U should retire now😢
Nicola Nicola
Nicola Nicola:
Disfruto como un erizo !!🤣🤣🤣
danny selak
danny selak:
Buffon looking for the yougins
Buffon absolutely shocking on that second goal.
Uroš Nerandžić
Uroš Nerandžić:
The tickets fell like dry autumn leaves.