Cali Colombia Airport Aeropuerto Internacional Alfonso Bonilla Aragón CLO

Come tour with us the International Airport at Cali Colombia

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Alfonso Bonilla Aragón International Airport formerly known as Palmaseca International Airport is located between Palmira and Cali, the capital of Valle del Cauca Department, Colombia. It is Colombia's 4th busiest airport in passenger volume, with 5,600,000 people using the airport in 2016.

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The Class Action Attorney
The Class Action Attorney:
Great video of the Aeropuerto De Cali
Eugene Z
Eugene Z:
Cali Airport CLO looks great.
Muy buen tour del aeropuerto de Cali
Victoria Zapata
Victoria Zapata:
Great tour of the Aeropuerto in Cali
John Francisco Bolaños Moreno
John Francisco Bolaños Moreno:
Elegant! and beatifull the airport of Cali - Colombia.
rodrigo gomez
rodrigo gomez:
That's doméstic departures, the international "track" IS the other side
Union Roofing
Union Roofing:
Lots of little restaurants and places to eat at this airport in Cali
JZ Embroidery
JZ Embroidery:
thanks for sharing this video of the Airport at Cali Colombia
Luis Jarrin
Luis Jarrin:
Relax World Music
Relax World Music:
I want to visit Cali. Thanks for sharing
Pero lo que mostró es Solo la terminal Nacional de pasajeros.
J B:
That’s the domestic side. I don’t think your video included the international terminal correct?
Jason Park
Jason Park:
Hola. I wonder there are public transportation from cali airport to the city.
Or taxi, uber? If possible how much it is.
Gracias for video
The video only shows the domestic terminal.
That part is not the international passenger terminal.
Gustavo Rios
Gustavo Rios:
Yo fui a ese aeropuerto por que viaje en a chile y buelvo a colombia en 2 años
Bryan Arias
Bryan Arias:
How change domestic Hub..
Gloria Espinosa
Gloria Espinosa:
Que. Hermoso