Watch extended highlights as Everton booked their place in the Carabao Cup quarter-finals with a commanding 4-1 win over West Ham at Goodison Park. Dominic Calvert-Lewin hit his second hat-trick in as many weeks with Richarlison also among the goals again. Onwards, Evertonians...

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100+ comentarios:

for once, I'm actually interested in watching Everton play
O Z:
Maybe Ancelotti can do to Everton what Mourinho did with Fc Porto.He has a good team that plays well together and he has special players that can change a game to their favour.Ancelotti is back.
Nithin Neyyan
Nithin Neyyan:
After the Arrival of James , Every Everton Player Play like the Legends 😀😀😀
Moko Tjia
Moko Tjia:
What an football ancelotti brought in. Their best signing by far beside those golden boy James.
Ball is life
Ball is life:
I'm in awe with James Rodriguez. Such slick passer of the ball and his vision is accurate.
Brad Buster
Brad Buster:
How James made a really big impact on the teams moral
yusuf hifzan
yusuf hifzan:
james control everton play. what a impact!
Toretto Fast / Furious
Toretto Fast / Furious:
Tomás Ortega
Tomás Ortega:
Wtf with that Evertons striker. He scores even when he doesn't want to. Gold there.
Everton is like napoli when ancelotti managed. His football is always entertaining.
Aaron Rusk
Aaron Rusk:
I'm just gonna become an Everton fan at this rate
Thank you ma man Ancelotti. He has revolutionized Everton. You got yourself a new fan
Rafael D
Rafael D:
Alan Aherne
Alan Aherne:
Rodriguez is absolute 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Z-Bond Project
Z-Bond Project:
i hope everton win one or two trophy in this season
everton and england won inchas latin with the hiring of james rodriguez. South America is football greetings.
He can't stop scoring at the moment he's really showing his class glad Ancelotti has faith in him and is building him into a deadly finisher
Rengcha Aimol
Rengcha Aimol:
Whoever might score Or assist the creator will always be JAMES the "Architect" of Everton midfielders💙💙💙
Gadis Cantik
Gadis Cantik:
Richalison is so underrated
Ali Babba
Ali Babba:
Can't wait to see everton beat liverpool
Acerry Reborn
Acerry Reborn:
This is the first season that I actually look forward to watching Everton games. Nice job lads
Kabra sim
Kabra sim:
Don Carletto can revive Everton players's passion. He is my role model coach.
p rb
p rb:
James is an amazing football player, I don't understand why is the reason that Zidane not have him in the team 😢😡
Bagak Rolando
Bagak Rolando:
When aquaman decide to score a hat-trick.

Seriously calvert look like jason mamoa.
Ajit Thapa
Ajit Thapa:
James another best performance
The amazing W
The amazing W:
I know were talking about how good was James but calved Lewis is actually unstoppable
Hjulian Betancur
Hjulian Betancur:
!Viva colombia HP!🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴
Ibrahim Permana
Ibrahim Permana:
Trio RCJ : Richarlison Calvert-Lewin James ⚡💥🔥
Gideon gid
Gideon gid:
who agrees with me that all their attack to goals was from James rodriguez
Dino Kadribasic
Dino Kadribasic:
“Rodriguez to Sigurosson! you know the rest! He’s gonna find the back of the net!”
Inyoman Sudiana
Inyoman Sudiana:
The best Everton Under Anceloti 👌
Josephshiu Khiamniungan
Josephshiu Khiamniungan:
Without James Rodriguez everton would have been just another club in the premier league. Gotta love James he is making a great difference.
Ricky Sengupta
Ricky Sengupta:
Calvert Lewin will shine this season. More than most 🤟🤟🤟
Sigit Prabowo
Sigit Prabowo:
Calvert-Lewin's goal instinct reminds me of Inzaghi. Simple, positioning, & clinical finishing
Ricardo Acevedo
Ricardo Acevedo:
Chelsea Fan here to support James!
Bro I'm keeping up with All of Everton's games this far. What a great squad 👏 beautiful football too
Randi Syaiful
Randi Syaiful:
james Rodriguez 🎯🔥🔥🔥
Ben Yeasting
Ben Yeasting:
Not going to get carried away here but we’re winning the treble
Nithin Neyyan
Nithin Neyyan:
James + Richalison + DCL Every Name Now looks like Legends because of James 🙋
everton in this season is on fireeeee
Great win blues! Hope Richi, Allan, and Kenny can recover well.
aditya fermanda
aditya fermanda:
Hope this season will be the 2 horse race between 2 merseyside club... Its been a long time
Daniel stiven arboleda zapata
Daniel stiven arboleda zapata:
Efect James!
If we can beat Liverpool next two weeks then everything will go smoothly
James looks class on that pitch
Victor Soriano
Victor Soriano:
Love that James is off to a great start at his new club!
Yoga Ginarno Aji
Yoga Ginarno Aji:
2:30 that through pass so great class
Niha Rika
Niha Rika:
I am a liverpool fan, and I am really hyped up to see liverpool vs everton than any other english team.
ferdin penik
ferdin penik:
For the very first time, it was a joy to watch everton this season..especially with the arrival James Rodriguez
Michael Keane on the first goal was
Hamngoi Mkho
Hamngoi Mkho:
Keep James free from injury
Lamz Gajmer
Lamz Gajmer:
Afterall... thanks to James...❤️❤️
The Everton players have begun to understand James' game, find the hole and run that James puts the ball there like with his hand. / Los jugadores del Everton han empezado a entender el juego de James, búscate el hueco y corre que James te la pone allí con la mano.
Akshit Gupta
Akshit Gupta:
Although its quite shameful to be waiting to watch Everton matches as a Liverpool fan but right now its more like seeking guilty pleasures 🙈. Just love Ancelotti since he beat us in 2007 UCL final and James since the Monaco days. That midfield with Allan providing cover, Dacoure providing Engine and Gomes with grace and passing is just supreme like any Ancelotti team. All they need is a better keeper and a better defender alongside Keane to be serious contenders for trophies.

P.s. Cant wait for the Mersyside derby for the first time in years 😍😍. Its gonna be lit 😍
Keku Ndachung
Keku Ndachung:
Ancelloti is shaping Everton to be the Giants ✌️
El Gato Volador
El Gato Volador:
The Perfection, James and Calvert Lewin.
Yujesh Shrestha
Yujesh Shrestha:
I think everton channel is growing because of james Rodriguez
love from korea since 2015. oh I do love this team.
Christian Mikkelsen
Christian Mikkelsen:
If Everton keep playing this well, they honestly could be a contender for the Champions League
BF Putra
BF Putra:
How Calvert-Lewin playing and scoring goals reminds me to Filippo Inzaghi
Shefad Roshan
Shefad Roshan:
I started watching everton fc matches this season.. 🙂
Justin N
Justin N:
I love the way Everton play this season. Carlo really found their weakness, midfield. Hope they will qualify for Europa league next season.
GuruKrishna Ramakrishnan
GuruKrishna Ramakrishnan:
Rodrigues making the difference..
Josh Zuccotti
Josh Zuccotti:
The spirit of the blues💙 another great win we keep going! COYB🔵💙
AllFor One
AllFor One:
Wowww. Never expected everton like this.
Jeebs holibas
Jeebs holibas:
Everton looks mighty impressive! A great balance in the mid field great batting and defensive power. Looking forward to see the games !
Sandesh Kharel
Sandesh Kharel:
My favorite club is Chelsea but watching Everton game I can say chelsea may lose to this brilliant team 😩👌
Burmeze Python
Burmeze Python:
Merseyside derby gonna be LIT 🔥🔥🔥 this year.
Dangmei Motivational
Dangmei Motivational:
Everton doing really great after signing James... woow
Horners Homeland
Horners Homeland:
Even their YouTube Admin is so good, he posted 10 minutes Extended Highlights Lol
I’d like to thank the advertisers for treating me to a massive close up of Steven Gerrard's face while I’m trying to watch Everton. Nice touch. Just what I wanted to see
Umberto Behounek
Umberto Behounek:
Good signings and Ancelotti is amazing. Nice to watch Everton now!
The Merseyside Derby is gonna be a joy to watch
Everton look really strong! And this is coming from a Liverpool supporter...
Zola Man
Zola Man:
look how hames changed everton playing at the midfield he is simply class
Crash IT
Crash IT:
I'm sending you virtual hugs to anybody that needs it! Stay safe everyone and stay positive.
One doesn't own emotion, and when one is owned by emotion, it's a reflection of one's belief that one owns them✌️Non-Duality
Zik Micheal
Zik Micheal:
Nice play Everton. Iwobi getting back his confidence!
Kerio Divers Cheploch Gorge
Kerio Divers Cheploch Gorge:
am happy for everton ,they deserve champions league football. i cant wait for the derby from a liverpool fan
Everton might actually make the top 4 by the end of this year yo, wow😳💯💯
I hope James rodriguez will inherit the number 10 choeesc❤️❤️
M Projects
M Projects:
James actually playing makes me happy
Chibuzo Omega Findoro-Obasi
Chibuzo Omega Findoro-Obasi:
This was A Very Strong 4 - 1 for Everton Great Performance by Them coming from Someone who lives beside the WestHam Town
Everton really doing good this season so far. wish our chelsea was in this form
Abdifitah mohamed Yusuf
Abdifitah mohamed Yusuf:
Everton this season is fastastic 🥰, really I enjoy watching them keep going 💙💙💙
M Ridwan Mansyah
M Ridwan Mansyah:
Amazing , effect james
Kurnia Okviandi
Kurnia Okviandi:
Always interesting when see don carlo magic. My former coach good luck
Caden James
Caden James:
As a spurs fan I respect carvin lewin he's really going for it this season how much people will want to buy him lol
Cond Riano
Cond Riano:
This just shows how real Madrid treats their players
Lilja hash
Lilja hash:
Even tho am man city fan but I still like how Everton plays and they helped man city so many times like draw with liver pool and man utd which helped us win the league come on once again
The confidence Everton have going forward is scary ! COYB. 1 MILLION VIEWS 😊
Anderson Kinsey
Anderson Kinsey:
At this point, I'm enjoying watching Everton more than my team, Manchester United. Lol
In a way Rodriguez has really been an inspiration to the Tofees, DCL, is just a different picture from last season, Sigurdson, has stepped up as well. Cudos Ancelotti
Jaime Serrano
Jaime Serrano:
Serdar Agirbas
Serdar Agirbas:
Ancelotti knows how to get goals out of Calvert-Lewin, loved him at Chelsea and doing a great job at Everton. 👏👏👏
Short Lyrics
Short Lyrics:
i see everton qualifying for the uefa if the continue like this
well done ancelloti
artha wiguna
artha wiguna:
We will see everton in ucl next year
Joshua Kerry-Harper
Joshua Kerry-Harper:
Chelsea easy
Man utd easy
Everton Hard
For the first time in forever
Ashis Pattanaik
Ashis Pattanaik:
The derby's gonna be special this season.
james positive vibe in everton
Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt:
Nice one Everton. A club like you should be competing at the top. Keep it up.