Cameraman hit by police on live TV while covering Washington protests

An Australian cameraman was struck by American police on live television while covering protests in Washington DC on Monday.

The incident occurred on air as Channel 7 reporter Amelia Brace was covering protests near the White House during the network's Sunrise morning program.

Police can be seen rushing protesters before a police officer struck cameraman Tim Meyers as Brace shouted "Media!"

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100+ comentarios:

stronghold stronghold
stronghold stronghold:
So USA is finally exporting democracy at home like they did in the middle east
USA always preaching freedom, democracy, human rights... has descended into nationwide anarchy during a Pandemic. Hahahahaha
Moaz Nayle
Moaz Nayle:
For years and years they were condemning others for the same shot they are doing today, what a disgrace
Will 08
Will 08:
I guess this is one of the reasons for the protests in the first place
Can't believe Tories are pushing us to be closer to america
bob joe
bob joe:
Britain: *climbs under a rock* That kid isn't mine, NONE of them are mine!
Krisztián Kőrösi
Krisztián Kőrösi:
Keep covering these unforgivable events!
carl saveus
carl saveus:
Police started to clear the way for HIS IMPERIAL MAJESTY, which wanted to make his Bible moment in front of St John´s Church (recent poll numbers showed a drop in christian support, that´s what all that was about,.. the selfish tantrums of a man-child)
Chucky Wucky
Chucky Wucky:
That's how we say "Welcome to America" (PUNCH!)
tok pek
tok pek:
At least the Hong Kong police did not attack the camera men from foreign press. Wonderful US police.
The Hong Kong police were too mild with the western media where were there to villify them instead and not to give a true picture of what was happening in Hong Kong.
Bystanders begged for Georges life, they did not standby and do nothing!
Mark Lawry
Mark Lawry:
The Whole World's Watching!
Vincent L
Vincent L:
What's the freedom in USA? Using two different standards in the world.
Veer Choudhary
Veer Choudhary:
Reporting is also a very tuff job, salute you Mam. God bless you forever.
Rachie 00000
Rachie 00000:
And what did the reporter do that meant that was reasonable force?
Jorge Martinez Escandon
Jorge Martinez Escandon:
Americans now what do you think about Hong Kong police? :)
Arnel Hilario
Arnel Hilario:
Do ya'll remember covid?🤣
KRS Movie
KRS Movie:
Hong Kong police are angels compared to these nazies in police uniform
Nickk W
Nickk W:
oh look how they used to bash on China for not having human rights and democracy. what a joke USA
Soylent Blue
Soylent Blue:
They didn't hit the dude hard enough....🤭
Sylvia Justice
Sylvia Justice:
The -police looked like they were charging at a (US) football game.
Lose Battles, But Win The War: Grand Strategy
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khalil moukademe
khalil moukademe:
The real face of the USA revealed :) horrible !
Iam watching this while drinking Arizona Icetea in Germany :)
tony Kari
tony Kari:
Well. Common. Trump needed to clear out the street so he can go to his favorite church and take a few pictures. What is he supposed to do cower in his bunker underneath the White House like he did the night before? Whay to show the world your not a coward Donald. Super dooper power move there
Chanel Coco
Chanel Coco:
Disgusting- the Australian reporter and Cameraman should use Government Lawyers to get justice against that police officer - absolutely vile that the police aren’t discriminating against the rioters and the reporters - that’s not right. They can’t expect the news reporters to dress in formal wear and to not dress in sneakers if they are being expected to run away from teargas and stun grenades as well as rubber bullets. Disgusting and I’m so glad I’m not American - they are so feral
I think Ludacris made a song about this... "Move bi..." and so on.
“Move swift as the Wind and closely-formed as the Wood. Attack like the Fire and be still as the Mountain.”
― Sun Tzu, The Art of War
Lol USA can finally taste their own medicine,after the things they have done in Middle East. 😂
Bike Rider Vlogs
Bike Rider Vlogs:
We forget the Newton's 3rd law of motion "every action has an equal opposite reaction "
Nancy Jane
Nancy Jane:
Well you are in with violent protesters.
sulation Yang
sulation Yang:
President of order and law won't let you know what's happening about peaceful protest, because he doesn't want to see any of them.
High Frequency Vibrator
High Frequency Vibrator:
Police are given orders to attack media crews, so that there is less video footage and coverage of their attrocities.
Marisca Daal
Marisca Daal:
Young C
Young C:
Welcome to America, your freedom is depend on the darkness of your skin. And currently the only one with the highest freedom is orange color.
The Rational National's 18.57 yt video - 'WATCH POLICE INSTIGATE & ESCALATE ALL ACROSS THE U$.''
Rebel Yell
Rebel Yell:
This is what happens when you come over just to start trouble
i thought it's a movie
mona archy
mona archy:
They protest against police brutality and they respond with police brutality. =/
Jonathan Lim
Jonathan Lim:
lol.....Big Bro treatment
Tobore Yalaju
Tobore Yalaju:
OMG I have never seen this before
Michael Taylor
Michael Taylor:
Now you see what is causing escalation and violence jack boot thugs with badges.
Now stop making protesters look bad a angry Amerika is deaf and you have to scream at them
Spanners Watson
Spanners Watson:
Hazi mah
Hazi mah:
hk police should learn from amerikkka police
Laila key
Laila key:
Cosmic Viewer
Cosmic Viewer:
It had to have felt good for that policeman...just sayin -
stephen roche
stephen roche:
This is how they now want to treat us the U.S.A the country who will critscise vehemently any other country if this sort of behaviour by the state prevailed.
Are you still talking?
Are you still talking?:
Dumpster Fire
Dumpster Fire:
XD take that media
Are people still happy they voted for Trump?
Kelvynn Lee
Kelvynn Lee:
Haha! Australian news deserve that shyt.
What The "HELL" ????
Police in the US are out of control. They are making themselves the enemy.
K Thomas
K Thomas:
hood manor
hood manor:
So funny
Yoga SMI
Yoga SMI:
Wow, U.S years after years telling other country about freedom of speech, condemned country about their journalism. What a hypocrite, what a hypocrite, what a hypocrite. Surely now no country will believe this hypocrite country. Trump's protest about how they handle Hongkong protestster, and now He threatening to handle with army?
Paul Rogers
Paul Rogers:
Justin Brown
Justin Brown:
I'm proud to be an American . But right now 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
God please protect my country
I'm from New York city
Zoe Smith
Zoe Smith:
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Bible Language of end of the World Ebe:
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The bible says” Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for some one to devour”
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Sir Hanszo
Sir Hanszo:
he was hiding behind the concrete wall.
Land of the free. LOL
sebba c
sebba c:
you wanted democracy and over the use of police power you have
Michael B
Michael B:
Emilia got knocked out
Michael Carey
Michael Carey:
What is News 7 going to do about it? Give up, like your nations gunowners did? Australians are supposed to be tough,Crocodile Dundee tough, remember him? Fight!
Listen Up
Listen Up:
Aussie assault
Menny YT
Menny YT:
Strugglin making america great again?
Middle class white people: Surprised Pikachu face.
Everybody else: Welcome to reality.
P wie Pepe
P wie Pepe:
Nice, the US turned officially into a dictatorship. Or how Trump call it "DOMINATION". He is poor soul, that Orangeface.
Crime Gaming
Crime Gaming:
I wish everything will be fine soon.. guy its very dangerous to protest right now in my opinion bcoz of covid..
so i dont know whole reality in usa.. i am indian and i really want protest should be peaceful and non violent..
i am not with the police and govt but what people are doing looting,breaking stuff is wrong..
I hope matter will b resolved asap
As a US Army veteran, I'm disgusted by the violence being commited by the radical protestors but also by the police. This is wrong on so many levels. There was no justification for this level of brutality by the police against peaceful protestors & the media. This is getting out of hand, as both sides have committed agregious acts of wanton violence against each other. America is descending into chaos & insanity. Really sad & disturbing to see!
Are we just going to ignore the obvious visiting time traveling alien woman at 0:40
Arturo Bolanos
Arturo Bolanos:
Ok, first of all that wasnt a hit.
Paul Hickey
Paul Hickey:
We'll get out of the fu##ing road
Teofilo L
Teofilo L:
For a country who like to lecture other countries on how to behave....
Richard Jenkins
Richard Jenkins:
Cops there are out of control
Paul Russell
Paul Russell:
Her cameraman has been hit by rubber bullets, moment later he's punched. Rough day in the office, hope they pay the guy well.
Nygel Labelle
Nygel Labelle:
This is absolutely worrying but for Clyde Palmer and Pauline Hanson they're going to want to replicate this because they're Donald Trump's allies in Canberra🇦🇺.
Alias Adros
Alias Adros:
target media and no evidence .....that america today ...what a shame
zhmz888: water HK pro-liberal democray protestor are behind you gus..haha..I just love to see the wonderful sights of democratic protests..air is so sweet..haha..
This is so rude
Thu Ngo
Thu Ngo:
🙏🙏🙏 for American
The media are the problem
It's China fault. Freedom of press is good. Ut only as a tool against other countries.
Mohammed Mekkawy
Mohammed Mekkawy:
American values
Karma to USA..!! 21st Century is not your era.. Wake up
Joke Time
Joke Time:
This is really hard to believe!
Young God
Young God:
Those reporters aren't too bright are they.
Thilanga Sajan
Thilanga Sajan:
Poor People Present Is Idiot 😂😂
The pigs have balls
Damien de Chillaz
Damien de Chillaz:
#cameraman lives matter
Jose Rivera
Jose Rivera:
Purge is here to stay
Wow where is the freedom of speech, ??? America is the worse country in the world regarding the human rights
K G:
People should start arming them selves like police then, vests, shields the lot. in the masses
Lio cremm
Lio cremm:
Asesinos disfrazados de policias, animales sedientos de sangre con uniforme, todos son asi, ninguno es bueno