Cameron Boyce Death - The Disturbing Truth

In this video, we pay tribute to one of our favorite stars from Disney and tell you everything there is to know about the death surrounding Cameron Boyce. Rest in peace.

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Emma Win
Emma Win:
This is how much people love Cameron 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼
Hold Up
Hold Up:
His body died, but not his soul.

Because legends never die.
Arktii 難
Arktii 難:
I rewatched Jessie because of his death and at the last Episode of Jessie, Jessie said "make me proud and get good grades at school and dont forget to learn" which made me cry because he died in a young age
roblox devil UwU
roblox devil UwU:
Hes last words 😭
'I love everything and everyone'
I miss this legend this was my fav movie decendents😭😭😭
I miss him😭
Dream Solo
Dream Solo:
I remember that one episode on Jessie where she said "Now you won't get it back until 2020" its sad that he never got it back:(
He didnt drink 🍺
He didn't get married 💍
He didn't do drugs 💊
He didn't have kids 👨‍👧‍👦
He didn't kill 🗡
He didn't hurt 😲
He didn't deserve this 😢
one year later: we are are still depressed about this. WHY CANT THIS JUST BE A DREAM? WHY HIM? WHYYYY
Karan Brar was the one who found his bestfriend dead.
I can't even imagen
I'm an African and I really loved him in jessie and descendants, it's so sad that I'm just finding out about his death a year after he died but I know that he's in a better place.
My Face First
My Face First:
All I know is that my heart just sank I just learned about this on a Show called the Hubie Halloween, I'm hurt and deeply impacted 😔
It’s kinda sad how he didn’t get to celebrate his 21st :(
Jenito Santos
Jenito Santos:
Why did he had to be the one who died😖
Mohita Rajwani
Mohita Rajwani:
I wish Cameron didn’t die so they could make another moive all the best Cameron miss you a lot
Kristin Millbranch
Kristin Millbranch:
He left an amazing legacy. We all miss him deeply.
Rosa Uazengisa
Rosa Uazengisa:
He is dead now but not his heart he still has a heart 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
In the dark
You can’t see
But when Cameron
was around
It was bright as can be
Kailumlee 1
Kailumlee 1:
When he was younger i watched jessi every day and cameron was my all time favourite actor now my friend is actually in love she cant sleep she slept last was like 4 days ago and she said if she could she would die to replace his death but i know it was horrible but i said it was to late and she said to me his body may not be here anymore but his life still lives
Kelvin And Kelly Talk Show
Kelvin And Kelly Talk Show:
But he's like my favorites Disney Channel person I can't believe his he's dead
Si’i Ganatta
Si’i Ganatta:
RIP bruh he was a kind harted actor
Hilary Egharevba
Hilary Egharevba:
He was a very good actor, Bit why at a very young age😭😭. He acted in more than one shows. And pls stop using him for likes
The Serenity Show
The Serenity Show:
Disney had a pencil
Cameron had a highlighter
Disney drew the world
Cameron made it brighter

Rest In Peace
You Will Forever Be In Our Hearts
Yasmyne Williams
Yasmyne Williams:
I'm glad that he was going to do his dream job but when him he had so much to live for 😿 I love to break dance too last year me and my friend did a break dance for Cameron I think I send it to him before he died🥀🥀
Lexi Smith
Lexi Smith:
I can’t stop crying about his loss we’ve lost a god statistics say u can’t have a siezure until you’re 35 but statics were wrong and Cam could have lived his life to the fullest love u cam
Obomate Amachree
Obomate Amachree:
He was such a nice person may his soul rest in peace
Bubbly Kamii
Bubbly Kamii:
At first when I heard it I didn’t wanna believe it but it’s so sad 😭
Xx ItzPurpleGirl xX
Xx ItzPurpleGirl xX:
Still can’t believe he’s dead when I was little I loved him in Jessie
This man is hearting comments one year later SAINT
Neliso Thwala
Neliso Thwala:
Rest in peace man we all love you.
sona's slimetopia
sona's slimetopia:
I am so sad but he has made a place in our hearts
I love Cameron! Here’s a amazing actor, if he were to haunt anyone I wish to haunt me ;D
He’s amazing cause he played in my fav movie and fav show
tin hnem
tin hnem:
This is how much u cried cause of camrons death
...... /
rehan arif
rehan arif:
Why did he have he die when he was so loved and needed when there are countless others who lived more than 70!!!!!!
kate lynn
kate lynn:
I'm still crying to this day because I hid my emotions when he died and didn't talk to anyone and would avoid the news and jessie but now its 3:00 am and I have been crying for hours 😭😰 I miss u so much cam ❣
Chloe Fernandez
Chloe Fernandez:
i cant stop crying i love desintants its wait iv it one of the ressones why they stop making the movie i just CANT sTOP CRYING THIs Is sO sAD I HATE IT WHY DID HE DIE
Victoria Cootey
Victoria Cootey:
Why’d he die so early at a young age
It’s really hard to believe he’s actually gone
Raghda Abaza
Raghda Abaza:
God wanted to Take Cameron Home Because Cameron Was Special To Him.
God only takes the prettiest flowers.. R.I.P Cameron Boyce
Aubree Rowley
Aubree Rowley:
I hope he died with no pain/I MiSS HIM SO MMUUCCHH
Nicki Ches
Nicki Ches:
I'm literally crying right now, R.I.P. I really miss you
Jessie S3 E5: You’re not getting this back till 2020!
He never got it back 🥺🥺🥺
Anaya Fragoso
Anaya Fragoso:
This scared me cuz I also have epilepsy, I’m having brain surgery this summer wish me luck and rip cam ily ❤️
Lola Belle
Lola Belle:
If you love him like plz and it will go straight to heaven and get to him so he knows everyone loves him
I Lıҡє Dяєѧṃ
I Lıҡє Dяєѧṃ:
Cam was so nice he always cared about every one he will be missed
rapstrumental s
rapstrumental s:
When I heard that he died in his sleep it hit me hard my mom a year ago also died in her sleep
Audrey Barkdoll
Audrey Barkdoll:
I miss him. Descendants will never be the same.
Alex R
Alex R:
It’s been only 8 months since he died and it feels like he didn’t die that long ago.
I feel ashamed that I never knew that he existed until his death
Gacha Nugget Ù-Ú
Gacha Nugget Ù-Ú:
I almost killed my self to his dead because I awalys wanted to meet him he’s me idol he’s a guy that we will never forgoet❤️
nana kojo
nana kojo:
God took him away before Hollywood gets to him
Joan Henderson
Joan Henderson:
He Is Still Alive In Are Hearts
᯾ Gacha Waffles ᯾
᯾ Gacha Waffles ᯾:
When I heard that he died I was like
“No this is a joke”
Until I saw more and more people started going on about it and I broke down
Angel's Tropical Island
Angel's Tropical Island:
I miss him a lot. He’s in my favourite movie and tv show (descendants-movie, JESSIE-tv show) now they have to find someone else to act his part. It’s not gonna be the same 😭
That Dude, music and roblox
That Dude, music and roblox:
I remember I was watching Jessie and Jessie said he would get his car on 2020 but he never did :( RIP🥀
Alfonso Serrano
Alfonso Serrano:
R.I.P. Cameron boyce , you will be missed by your Family,friends and fans and everybody that loves you very much ;-;
who loved JESSIE ?
Marcus Mccloney
Marcus Mccloney:
Things like that is sad cause i have seizure to and i used to watch some of the stuff he played in and i didn't know he had seizure...
Nash Oneal
Nash Oneal:
In “Jessie” Jessie says to Luke, Cameron Boyce, you can have your car in 2020, he didn’t even make it there
Andraeia English
Andraeia English:
I know it’s kinda sad to see him go Cameron died young
Jennifer Jones
Jennifer Jones:
he was the best i love his movies they are the best
Rebecca Vanheerden
Rebecca Vanheerden:
This is how many people love Cameron
Jayden Rivera
Jayden Rivera:
He is one of my favorite Disney actors I watch all the shows bunk and Jessie and his movies he was a funny guy I was wanting to meet him but he died so rest in peace but sometimes we have the leave things behind and keep on moving forwards in life not a rush it's a journey
_lilychoi_ *
_lilychoi_ *:
When I found out Cameron died...

I had one question.....

Why him..?

❤R.I.P Cameron Boyce❤
I love you

Thank you for so much likes and comments!
Patricia Phiri
Patricia Phiri:
May his soul rest in pesce
Coled harted Me
Coled harted Me:
I wish I never. Saw this now ever time I watch despondents or a mother move with home in it alls I think of is that his gone
DLR Gaming
DLR Gaming:
He deserved this in no way possible I can’t believe this happened he will always be alive in our hearts🥺
Man I miss him. He played the role descendants fighting his cancer.. what a legend 😔💔
Jasmine Ngwenya
Jasmine Ngwenya:
He didn’t deserve to die I’m still crying
Isaac Whitmire
Isaac Whitmire:
😭😭😭😭😭 i didn’t even know I’m so sorry 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
lesedi nale
lesedi nale:
I could not believe it when my sister told me I was heartbroken
Ngl I still cry to this day in 2020 September he was a big part in my life I loved his acting and everything he was so funny kind and talented it was sad to see him go
NhuVy Funtime
NhuVy Funtime:
No camron when i first saw you in decendents you were my FAVRIOT (now ilike all thought
Phoebe and Heidi!
Phoebe and Heidi!:
He never had kids
He never got married
Never got to watch his grandchildren
But yet he still managed to put smiles on our faces
R . I .P Forever love you Cameron!!
Luna love
Luna love:
He was so good in descendants and I miss him
Mason Davis
Mason Davis:
if he was alive he would say something amazing
Courtney Lynn Westerberg
Courtney Lynn Westerberg:
His body died but his soul is still alive I’m so sad that he died and he died so young😭🥺💔😷
Nick. S
Nick. S:
I'm biracial and I face the same struggles with stereotypes :(
Life or death
Life or death:
I can’t believe it almost been a year with out this bright young soul
Margaret Marko
Margaret Marko:
This is one of HES shows
Wear Your Sunlight
Wear Your Sunlight:
So basically he predicted his death ☠️
I didn't know who was cameron but I got this recommend so I watched this
Analia Morales
Analia Morales:
He is a angel 😇 in heaven I love him so much and he was in liv and maddie
malu p. Alquiroz
malu p. Alquiroz:
Cameron boyce

C- caring
A- amazing
M- magical laugh
E- encouraged
R- respectful
O- obedient
N- nice

B- brilliant
O- overly loving
Y- youthful
C- caring for friends and family 👪
E- enchanted smile ☺
Arsilda Arsi
Arsilda Arsi:
How love Cameron Boys he is amazing actor i love him i Miss him so much like how love him pleasee 😇😇🎆🎆🎇🎇
Brynlee Genchur
Brynlee Genchur:
I can’t believe I’m still sad about it
lunar gachagirl
lunar gachagirl:
6:28 i spy with my little eye....
elizabeth afton(reply if u see it /get it!) Hint: FNAF aftons
Invirsible Dominate
Invirsible Dominate:
I didn’t know he was one of my favorite actress I almost cried 😭
Epilepsy is a serious and deadly disorder. People need to start realizing how serious it is..
Alisia Polakova
Alisia Polakova:
He’s not dead he’s still in our hearts
Mona Azarians
Mona Azarians:
This is how many people Wish Cameron was a life🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
Jocelin Martinez
Jocelin Martinez:
I miss him sow much 💔😭💔😭💔😭💔😭💔😭💔😭💔😭💔😭💔😭
Sup 5
Sup 5:
Don’t cry Bc he’s gone😭

Smile Bc he was here 🙂
Wolf girl Freya Redl
Wolf girl Freya Redl:
Cameron and dove and slofie and jay and Charlie D’Demeleo
Jocelin Martinez
Jocelin Martinez:
Terica Lawson
Terica Lawson:
I miss Cameron so much that I wish it could be a descendants 4 I was so excited about descendants 4 until I found out his death but at least he's gone home to the Lord 😭😭😭😇😇💙🙏🙏🙏
LIKRY Roblox
LIKRY Roblox:
One can change millions but millions can’t change one
TØP4ever •_•
TØP4ever •_•:
He was a light that never shut off 🥺 rip Cameron
We love you 😭
Linh Trịnh
Linh Trịnh:
i still miss him so much :((
Salma Gentzsch
Salma Gentzsch:
Me hearing the news: WHY GOOD WHY DIDI YOU DID THIS TO H
Tony M
Tony M:
I was so shocked when he passed. I always loved his character in anything he did. R.i.p 🙏
izzy Playz rb
izzy Playz rb:
Cameron will never be replaced in my heart