Cameron Boyce Remembered By Dove Cameron & More On 21st Birthday

Cameron Boyce's memory lives on in the hearts and minds of his loved ones. Family and friends paid tribute to the late actor on May 28 to commemorate what would have been his 21st birthday. The Disney Channel star suddenly passed away in his sleep in July 2019 after suffering a seizure due to epilepsy. Cameron's former castmates Dove Cameron and Sofia Carson commemorated the occasion by honoring his legacy, while his parents, Libby and Victor Boyce, expressed their gratitude for the outpouring of support from fans.

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Cameron Boyce Remembered By Dove Cameron & More On 21st Birthday


100+ comentarios:

Can’t believe it’s almost been a year since cam has passed RIP CAMERON
Weird Club
Weird Club:
His freckles and curls. He was the best we miss you.
Blair McAuley
Blair McAuley:
RIP Cam he was a gift to the world
RIP cam we love you and we miss you more than anything
Chris Noziere
Chris Noziere:
I would do anything to bring Cam back. He didn't deserve to die so young he had whole future ahead of him. He had dreams he wanted to accomplish and you're telling me those dreams are never going to come true. That breaks my heart💔
Here I am crying in my bed still one year later 😢😭
My Dad is in heaven with Cameron, so he will take care of him.
Nicholas The Reactor
Nicholas The Reactor:
He will be missed #gonebutneverforgotten.
Jenn Gibson
Jenn Gibson:
Rip Cameron Boyce you are missed.
Greg Simmons
Greg Simmons:
So sorry for the loss of your son 😢 who passed away much too young. My sister lost her 💔 son when he was just 8. It's a club nobody wants to join. As long as you remember his life, he lives on forever. Happy Heavenly Birthday Sweet Cameron 💗
Ryan Ciani
Ryan Ciani:
anybody else watching Desceandts movies to celebrate him tonight? i watched the 2nd movie
james wuenschel
james wuenschel:
Disney had a pencil
Cameron had a highlighter
Disney drew the world
Cameron made it brighter
Edit: oh my gosh thank you for all the likes stay safe
Mary H
Mary H:
My heart just breaks with sadness every time I see that sweet sweet handsome face of freckles. The world needs young men like him. Please pray for God's comfort over his loved ones.
Gabriella Veliz
Gabriella Veliz:
I’m turning 21 on my next birthday, and I really wish now that I could do something to bring him back. And I still wish that I could give his family a big hug
Aɴɢᴇʟ Dᴏᴠᴇ
Aɴɢᴇʟ Dᴏᴠᴇ:
Cameron died on my birthday, and he was (still is) my celeb crush
KehlaniAestheticx YT
KehlaniAestheticx YT:
Can't everyone be happy today is a day cameron would have wanted us to be lit of his 21 birthday because YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE!!!
im cryying we all wish this never happend but its real life its so sad i was making a edit for him and i started crying #gonebutneverforgotten
My thoughts and prayers to his parents and sister🙏🏻 He was amazing person that made many huge impacts.
crazy gracelol
crazy gracelol:
Rip Cameron, we miss you. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Cameron, happy birthday to you and many more. Love and prayers to your friends and family.
If u hate bts and blackpink Your world is fucked up
If u hate bts and blackpink Your world is fucked up:
I don’t even cry at people death besides my family’s like that but after hearing all of this I’m literally tearing up
Brooke Barron
Brooke Barron:
the most beautiful soul. happy birthday my love, you are not only such an inspiration to me and so many. Your light and positivity will never go out❤️
May Flower
May Flower:
He would have been 21 today just makes this even more sad #restinpower Cameron
Luvs Sugar
Luvs Sugar:
Happy birthday Cameron Boyce ♥️ 😢 the world needs more people like him, why is it that Cameron of all people had to go. Who was truly truly the sweetest boy who cared about everyone and wanted to make the world a better place🎂
By Dove Cameron & more?! So is Dove Cameron more important than his literal parents?!?!?! 🤬🤬🤬🤬
Mayra Frausto
Mayra Frausto:
Okay we all miss Cameron Boyce but lets not miss the fact that he passed away before he got to see descendants 3 come out im low key crying right now
Cudi IsTheName
Cudi IsTheName:
“ we aint making it pass 21 “ RIP CAMERON BOYCE
Tauvia Whitlock
Tauvia Whitlock:
Happy birthday Cameron 🥳🎂we miss you so much 🥺💔🤍❤️
Shaquel Smith
Shaquel Smith:
It still hurts to know he's gone.Happy birthday cam and I love you so much 💗💗💗
Debra Sloan
Debra Sloan:
😥😪You Are Truly MISSED 💔
Sreeja Thomas
Sreeja Thomas:
No he is not dead no no no No
He just in a deep sleep right 😭😭😭😭
Brandon Lyttleton
Brandon Lyttleton:
Happy Birthday Cameron and he's still my favorite actor and dancer
Rana Lui-Kwan
Rana Lui-Kwan:
We all go... what you leave should be bigger than you." - Cameron Boyce, 2018
Alicia Ong
Alicia Ong:
Rest in peace Cameron Boyce 1999-2019 we are all here with you we all love you ❤️❤️❤️❤️💘🌈
María Cobarruvias
María Cobarruvias:
It still brakes my heart when I see how me everybody misses him especially his parents. It would always hurt forever in our hearts.😥💔😔
Jenna Riddle
Jenna Riddle:
R.I.P Cameron Boyce!!! Cameron could have been 21 today but he can't be here on earth to celebrate his very special day! It's almost been a year since Cameron passed away on July 6th 2019 last year and I'm still crying with a broken heart! I wish Cameron could be here with all of us and his family too! Nothing is the same without Cameron! At least Cameron can celebrate his 21st Birthday up in heaven! We all miss you and love you so very much Cam! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢😢😢💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔
ϻ๏llψ lee
ϻ๏llψ lee:
I'm telling the truth, my brother has his b-day the 28th of may and by celebrating my brother's birthday is like celebrating his birthday.
Rest in peace Cameron, we all love you.
Lydia De los Santos
Lydia De los Santos:
RIP Cameron..😭🙁

It’s ok guys He is in a Better place now Surrounded by Angels.

God Bless you Cameron. ❤️
Isabella Villegas
Isabella Villegas:
I love you cam I miss you so much u are my idol and will aways be. My heart goes out to his family and friends It was my dream to meet you some day with dove,Sophia I will never forget how u inspired me and aways will Happy 21st birthday Cameron I love u even though I was never close to you Thank you for showing us to be kind and fight for what we believe in. 😭💙 I love u cam happy birthday your a shining star 🌟
Abby Quintanilla
Abby Quintanilla:
It’s so sad there’s days I forget he’s dead because it’s so unbelievable!😥 RIP Cameron we love ❤️ you forever!
Rachel Mohan
Rachel Mohan:
I miss Cam so much. I loved his freckles and curls. He was in my favorite movie Descendants. Sometimes I don’t believe that he’s gone.

P.S. I saw this thing on google that said Dove Cameron is going to play Carlos in Descendants 4. WHAT!!!!
Elisabeth Fanfan
Elisabeth Fanfan:
Make it a celebration we all love him he was a good man he should have one
Ella Varley
Ella Varley:
It's still hard to think he's gone...there's nothing else to say...we just love you Cameron! All of us and so much! I just hope that this huge love can bring some happiness to your family! Losing you as a big star is hard enough... I can't imagine for them...
Hope Breeden
Hope Breeden:
I'm at Walmart Walmart right now watching this and I'm over here about to cry. I love and miss him so much!!! Forever in my heart.
Lucy Reed
Lucy Reed:
I still feel so sad and almost start crying when I think about him and it's been almost a year
Maleeha Dickinson
Maleeha Dickinson:
I know I don't know him but from what I see he is a good person God bless him and his family love you he will always be with you guys you are in a better place your family and fans love you more than enything you the best love you so much we miss you wish you where here with us now😭😭😭😭😭❤❤❤❤❤
Precious Young
Precious Young:
May we remember that he was the greatest person ever
Laura Henckens
Laura Henckens:
Knowing that cam is no longer there has never felt more real than on his birthday yesterday. We love him so much and I still can't get over the fact that he had to go so soon.
Sending all the love to his family and friends💕💕
Princess isabella Ari Kidder 27
Princess isabella Ari Kidder 27:
Awwwww this makes me very sad he died so young I’m very sad we all miss him very much I wish he was still here on earth happy 21st birthday
RIP Cameron Boyce 1999-2019 I our hearts forever 😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😭😭😭😭😭😭💔💔💔💔💔💔
Evgechristi ag
Evgechristi ag:
I was crying during the whole video. I literally grew up with him. The first disney show i'ver watched was jessie and then later I watched the gamer's guide just because he was the protagonist and I will never forget how happy i was when I found out he was gonna be one of the four descendants characters🥺
When Cameron passed away I cried very hard because I grew up watching him and it felt like I lost a close friend but I know he’s smiling from the skies. We miss you Cameron and we will continue on with the sweet memories of you 💕
i am crying again this is my 8 that i cried today and Yesterday.
Aryanna Tofigh
Aryanna Tofigh:
Miss u my texting is bad because my hands are shaking sooo hard
Suresh Kumar
Suresh Kumar:
I realy wish cam was still alive
To the four ppl who unliked this video are u out of ur fricking mind
when i watch jessie i laugh when i watch descendants i cry, he was taken to soon 😔
Solana Stewart
Solana Stewart:
When I tell you him and Skai we’re the funniest people on Jessie and I loved him on Decendants he played to heck out of his roll so I cried my eyes out when I heard he passed I didn’t believe it in till my Best friend called me and told me and then I started to see everybody posting tributes and IG I will make sure to keep his family in my prayers Rip Cameron and we all love you and we’ll miss you so much 😘😢🤗
Plasma Productions
Plasma Productions:
I still think this is some weird dream-
nicola dye
nicola dye:
If I had one wish it would be to bring Cameron back
Hermione Grainger
Hermione Grainger:
You are forever be in our hearts thank you for everything you did we will miss you I'll and love you❤💓❤💓❤💓❤💓❤💓❤
Kate Elizabeth
Kate Elizabeth:
Never forgotten!! The one and only cam
Adriana Liz González
Adriana Liz González:
Hi Access! We still love Cameron Boyce and we miss him everyday. He's spirit always are gonna watch over us and he never be forgotten. Happy Birthday Cameron!
R. I. P. Cameron we love you!!
Rip Camron. Happy bday camron we miss you and hope you are doing good in the heavens.😭👼
Cameron Wright
Cameron Wright:
Rip Cameron Boyce we all love you forever and god bless Cameron Boyce Parents and god bless Cameron Boyce RIP Cameron Boyce thanks you🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Beyond lover
Beyond lover:
im sorry for your loss i love and miss him to
Veda Aditya Ramsaroop
Veda Aditya Ramsaroop:
Cam we love and miss you so much. We wish you were here to celebrate your birthday with us, but we know you are celebrating it with God and his angels.😇 We love you so much and miss you every single day. But knowing that you are in a better place now is so comforting.❤ Love you.❤ Happiest Birthday love.❤
nancy munoz
nancy munoz:
Rip cameron. You are in a special place now.
princess destiny
princess destiny:
i just wanna hug him :(
KyKy 24
KyKy 24:
Can not believe it has almost be a year we miss you so much ❤ 💜
Erika Okon
Erika Okon:
Oh my gosh we really miss him
Loic Sonson
Loic Sonson:
RIP Cam you were a big light for the world 😫😫😫
Stay strong, we all miss Cameron and we will always remember him.
May 28th 1999 - July 6th 2019.
noelle katelyn
noelle katelyn:
RIP cameron. you hav made us more happy than u know. i was so sad when i heard the sad news. rest in piece.
Tim Henderson
Tim Henderson:
Mr and Mrs boyce's I'm very sorry about your son i wish him a happy birthday for you I'm miss him too he was I'm favorite actor
KehlaniAestheticx YT
KehlaniAestheticx YT:
I really don't know what to say. I'm still sad but today was the day I knew and felt like he was excited about hes birthday. I know god and the Angel's did well today. Cameron even thought your in heaven. Just remember you only have one life to live and you don't live forever. I love you. As a brother of mine. I'll see you in heaven soon. And today was a happy day, I LOVE YOU CAMERON. ❤🌼🧡
Julia Ahrun
Julia Ahrun:
That‘s so sad🥺☹️😢😭❤️💔♥️ Rest In Peace ❤️💔
Kiara Dsouza
Kiara Dsouza:
I was crying very so hard 😭😭😭
I cant believe its gonna be a year to his death
Keisha Charles
Keisha Charles:
WHY ARE PEOPLE DISLIKING, the people who disliked are heartless
Esmeralda Pérez
Esmeralda Pérez:
Feliz cumpleaños Cameron en donde sea que estés❤️❤️
Anthony Minter
Anthony Minter:
Rip Cameron we love and miss you happy birthday
Imani Warren
Imani Warren:
Cameron boyce, I hope you had a peaceful birthday in heaven. We love you very much
Alexandra Tonico
Alexandra Tonico:
😭😭😭 RIP beautiful freckled soul♥️🙏🏽♥️
Kiran Dessai
Kiran Dessai:
I can't believe that is has been over a year that he has passed away. We really miss you. 😢😢
Jeevanjot Nijjar
Jeevanjot Nijjar:
Cam u were the best hope u have a good birthday in heaven love u soo much he was the best dont cry I love u all specially our angel Camron
I'm hungry
I'm hungry:
His 21's birthday and he isn't here. I can just imagine him if he was here right now. Standing up for us, and protesting by our side. If only he was still here. 💕
Carrie Young
Carrie Young:
The pain in his mothers eyes is heartbreaking 💔😥 praying that God brings comfort and healing to his family in Jesus name ❤
J Chiasson
J Chiasson:
Rip cam we love u and miss u
Mirthekid _
Mirthekid _:
This just shows how much good people can leave behind a positive message when they gone rip cam😔🕊🙏🏾
yolanda leonard
yolanda leonard:
my heart breaks for his parents and sister. they loss their son and brother. no parent should have to bury thier kid
Tom Fraterrigo
Tom Fraterrigo:
You will always be remembered Cam We all love you😥❤
Max Danyel
Max Danyel:
Cameron Boyd will be Miss and His memory's will be remember
M a k e n z i e e
M a k e n z i e e:
His future was just thrown away... like he would of have accomplished SO MANY AMAZING THINGS 😭😭😭
If he never died wonder what he thought about George Floyd
Gabrelle E.
Gabrelle E.:
It's a shock you wouldn't have thought someone so gorgeous, caring and sweet life would have ended .
bobbie Brown
bobbie Brown:
I know this is late but happy birthday and you were/are an inspiration to everyone...R.I.P X
Ayo Aboyade
Ayo Aboyade:
Rest In Peace Cameron. You’ve done so much amazing things to this world. You were an absolute angel. Thank you for all you did for us🥺❤️🕊
Atim Lestari
Atim Lestari:
His smiles made the whole world happier
Trissy kevd1504
Trissy kevd1504:
I love how when he smiles his eyebrows raise.
He is forevor in my heart. I miss him, and love him a lot. rest easy cameron