Camila Osorio vs. Laura Pigossi | 2022 Bogota Semifinal | WTA Match Highlights

Watch the Match Highlights from Camila Osorio vs. Laura Pigossi at the 2022 Copa Colsanitas in Bogota.

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38 comentarios:

Pigossi reaches her FIRST career WTA final!
Parabéns Laura, torcendo para conseguir seu título no WTA 250 Bogotá. 👏👏👏👏👏🎾🎾🎾🎾
Marcos Rodrigues
Marcos Rodrigues:
Laura mostrou seu jogo mesmo dessa vez, sem erros pra ser a questão e boas escolhas de acertos aos pontos. Grande FINAL à Laura Pigossi ❤
Roger D
Roger D:
sofrido demais, muita emocao. final amanha. show
Nicholas Ferraz
Nicholas Ferraz:
Parabéns 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷👍
Robinson Salcedo
Robinson Salcedo:
Una lastima por maría camila dio todo lo que pudo hasta una pierna para ganar es orgullo 🇨🇴
Marcio Alexandre
Marcio Alexandre:
parece que a medalha de bronze na duplas ano passado deu confiança para as meninas, a Bia Haddad tem subido no ranking e agora a Laura nesta final
eu brabo
eu brabo:
Laurinha On fire!!! This Pigossi is a fantastic tennis player!!!
TR Hansen
TR Hansen:
Camila Osorio certainly has made Nova Scotia very proud.
Moorish Brooklyn
Moorish Brooklyn:
Too bad about the injury; certain would have been a different ending. Good match.
Cristhian Barcenas
Cristhian Barcenas:
Para que salga en Colombia una jugadora con talento innato aparte del esfuerzo y disciplina quizás faltarán décadas maria tiene esfuerzo y disciplina pero talento innato no tiene
Mr Nowak
Mr Nowak:
You know pigossi can win this title even with doing EUGH every other time she hit the ball.
Alan Costa
Alan Costa:
Yastremeska MTO record against Tomljanovic was destroyed today... Camila took like 6 MTOs. Mas foda-se, Laura não perdeu a concentração nenhum momento e também fez sua melhor partida nesse torneio.
Daniel Gonçalves
Daniel Gonçalves:
vamosssss Laura 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Cameron Bedeau
Cameron Bedeau:
You have to go out n really beat Camila. Come to net, finish off the points. That's what Pigossi did. Well done
Jackpot Deagonlink
Jackpot Deagonlink:
What a week ! Congrats laura !
Joselito Teixeira Jesus
Joselito Teixeira Jesus:
Laura,Laura parabéns
Jimmy Needy Quintero Aleans
Jimmy Needy Quintero Aleans:
Eres genial Maria Camila Osorio Serrano.
Christian Migliorini
Christian Migliorini:
I'm sorry for Maria because She dreamed this defense of the totale but She can't Say that She hasn't proved
Ghani Moner
Ghani Moner:
So the MTOs were Osorio’s strategy to beat Pigossi? Lmao
Pigossi (27 years old) never won a main draw WTA match before this week, now a finalists. Just a WTA player doing WTA player things.
Carlos Chambliss
Carlos Chambliss:
Roger D
Roger D:
final de 2 qualifiers.. sera que e comum isto??
Markus E
Markus E:
Congrats, Laura.
Maybe next time, Maria.
Roger D
Roger D:
two qualifiers in the final. is it something new???
501 Man
501 Man:
Speaking as a big fan of Camila, I am sorry she lost but she will be back in winner's circle. Wait, Watch and See.
Pigossi making some
Wierd sounds lol.
ach nix
ach nix:
Gotta love those cockoo crazy latin american tournaments on clay
Jorge Fernandes
Jorge Fernandes:
É Brasil carai receba
Osorio mala leche.
Filip Špale
Filip Špale:
Why she was serving “unnormal”?
monti monti
monti monti:
Que fantasma Osorio haciendose la lesionada. No es la primera vez
SM Richman
SM Richman:
Laura Pigossi is abusively abnoxious on the court. Deliberately screaming during each point, in order to distract the other player. Behaving in a hostile manner when winning a point. This kind of unprofessional conduct is precisely why I do not watch matches like this. The WTA should prohibit this toxic behavior. It is disruptive of tennis matches, unruly, and repulsive to fans who expect upstanding manners and demeanor among all players.
C.V. V
C.V. V:
Players who grunt-scream at every swing shouldn’t be advancing.. that sound is annoying..

Pigossi, Sabelenka, yes I’m talking to y’all.
Bambang Setyoko
Bambang Setyoko:
Roberto Akd
Roberto Akd:
Laura Pigossi es de VARsil?? Que raro nunca sacaron buenos tenistas los brazucas a excepción claro de Gustavo "Guga" Kuerter..
Saludos desde San Juan, República Argentina
Einars Dubrovskis
Einars Dubrovskis:
Stupid umpire. Again match officiated in Piggosi's favor. A lot of incorrect line and score calls. This umpire clearly favored Pigossi. This umpire awarded to Pigossi those points which should have been awarded to Osorio Serrano. Umpires of this tournament clearly are simping and white knighting Laura Pigossi. Pathetic umpires. This chair umpire in a lot of situations saw Maria Camilla Osorio Serrano's winners as unforced errors and Laura Pigossi's unforced errors as winners. Absolutely absurd officiating by this umpire. This chair umpire again didn't do her job correctly. This match is yet another proof/evidence that umpires can't be trusted anymore and that instead of completely all tennis officials in completely all WTA, ATP ITF and junior level tournaments in completely all stadiums in completely all courts and in completely all matches instead of completely all tennis officials should be used only Hawkeye or any other electronic device which would do completely all tennis officials duties including match officiating instead of them, that would make all the scores correct and fair and save time and nerves for all tennis players and us tennis fans. I am not trolling, whining complaining or crying about this match and I am not spreading hate about or trash about anyone. I am simply stating facts about this match. I am simply angry and disappointed with this umpire, because umpires of this match clearly robbed Maria Camilla Osorio Serrano from her win in this match. If this match would have been officiated fairly, then Maria Camilla Osorio Serrano would have won this match.