Camille Vasquez Presents Closing Arguments in Johnny Depp v. Amber Heard Trial

During the defamation trial on Friday, Johnny Depp's lawyer Camille Vasquez presented closing arguments to the jury. In her arguments, Vasquez told the jury on Friday that they cannot pick and choose what to believe regarding the allegations of abuse. "You either believe all of it or none of it," Vasquez said.

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100+ comentarios:

This woman is brilliant. She has pointed out nothing but the facts and completely torn apart Ambers lies and contradictions. Really admire her and yet work she’s done throughout this trial
Mackenzie Fitzgerald
Mackenzie Fitzgerald:
It’s crazy to think that Camille was a teenager when the first pirates of the Caribbean came out. She probably watched it and had no idea that 20 years later she would be defending Johnny in a trial
I went into this trial believing they were both train wrecks and that almost any combination of the stories could be true. Watching the redemption of Johnny as this trial has progressed, the pieces coming together one by one rebuilding the truth of him is not only testimony to how incredibly talented his legal team have proven to be, but also to his bravery in showing the world just how broken he was, and how Amber preyed upon that. If I was undecided when this began, I most certainly am not now, and I hope that people can step back from admiring Johnny as an actor for a while and admire him as a person.
Tobenna Okoli
Tobenna Okoli:
“When promoting the biggest role in her career, until this trial”

Camile Vasquez is CUT THROAT and I LOVE IT!!! 👑👑👑
Wickedcop1 Youtube • 13 years ago
Wickedcop1 Youtube • 13 years ago:
We all deserve an apology not just depp. She made her way to the top of the me too movement. An abuser tricked us to believe she was one of us. To find out an abuser was the face of the moment sickens me. Disturbs me to the core.
Akshit Gupta
Akshit Gupta:
"Tell the world, Johnny"

He did and we listened. We believe him.
Sam Brown
Sam Brown:
I love the way Miss Vasquez summarised the entire case, as her closing argument. It truly depicts the truth!
Jason Kessler
Jason Kessler:
What an amazing attorney! I am a trial attorney myself and I was captivated by Ms. Vasquez. She is a superstar!!!!
I am glad she got promoted after this, incredible work and professionalism.
Pamela Porter
Pamela Porter:
Camille is absolutely brilliant. And her voice is so nice to hear. What an amazing woman.
I'm actually going to miss seeing Camille Vasquez, now that this is all over. She's been the star of the trial.
R M:
I no longer care if 7 people are not convinced by Johnny's testimony. Billions around the world believe him and know he is telling the truth. Amber may convince those 7 but billions know she's a vile, cruel woman who did not deserve this gem of a man.
Len Mathew
Len Mathew:
After reviewing all the evidence, Like most of us , Camille understood what a manipulative liar Amber is . She felt sorry for Johnny and took it personal and gave her all for this case .
Aya Gaber
Aya Gaber:
Back to watch this after the verdict with a huge amount of relief and pride.
Thank you Camilla ❤️
Suzanne Lyle
Suzanne Lyle:
Let this be a lesson to Not Avoid jury duty when we are called.
We never know if we will ever need a fair jury of our peers
De Turner
De Turner:
Wow. Wow. Wow. When she listed every single witness and said you either believe all of them or AH… saying either everyone is lying or just she is. I’m praying that sticks with the jury.
Dude… I feel sick for Johnny. It’s just horrible what he went through.
Jessica mcintyre
Jessica mcintyre:
Dude I didn't realize closing arguments was the 6th year anniversary of her doing this to poor Johnny. I AM SO PROUD OF YOU AND THE AMAZING DREAM TEAM OF LAWYERS
Katey Janson
Katey Janson:
I’m so tired of Amber or her lawyer saying over and over that this is a step back for women of domestic violence. She is the person who set it back because she gave him the power by lying in the first place. From the fake makeup, to the orchestrated recorded (I mean who does that?) scenes between them, the gold digging, and the lying about the donation of the divorce settlement…it was all so obviously she who has set things back. Johnny is no peach either. But he is not violent toward her. Otherwise I’m sure she would have that on record by video too.
"I use pledge and donate synonymously"
"I was not punching you, I was hitting you"
The greatest quote in this closings statement: “…there is an abuser, but is not Mr. Depp. And there is a victim, but is not Miss Heard”. A big movie in real time.
Kelsa Mosley
Kelsa Mosley:
I watched her live but I had to rewatch it. She did such a good job and pointed out so much important evidence.
Christopher Phoenix
Christopher Phoenix:
It's nice to see that humanity can still come together and vindicate a true victim and identify a true monster... Humanity does have hope... this whole case is so much more than just a defamation trial... it's a test of humanity.. it's a test of JUSTICE... it's so much more.
Alexis Andrews
Alexis Andrews:
For someone so easily triggered by what she’s “survived”, she is holding up pretty well every time she is blatantly accused of lying about it… 🙄
Jake A
Jake A:
I would not wanna mess with her. She is a lion in the court. She trusts herself and doesn't back down.
Shambhavi Sanghi Shetty
Shambhavi Sanghi Shetty:
I guess I’ll never believe in justice if Johnny doesn’t win this case. Also, how amazing is Camille Vasquez? Love her
A brilliant closing argument by Camille who highlighted each act of violence with evidence to disprove the claims and emphasise the lies upon lies by Amber Heard!! A masterclass for all law students.
Camille is the perfect balance of intelligent, likeable and determined. We believe that she believes in her client
Nikhil Kedia
Nikhil Kedia:
My heart goes out to Johnny Depp and all people who have to go through this - be it a man or a woman. Just listening to few instances in this statement breaks my heart. I wonder how those who live it entirely get through it.
Camille Vasquez is the hero we never knew how much we needed until we seen it.
Anti-Boutique n’ Bourgeoisie
Anti-Boutique n’ Bourgeoisie:
Honestly how is this not a criminal act what she did? She should be getting a jail sentence for lying under oath.
Mihaela Jermilova
Mihaela Jermilova:
Not all of us with histrionic personality disorder are cruel. But we are desperate for attention and we do fear rejection and abandonment. And we love the high we get when all eyes are on us. Regardless of whether it's positive or negative attention. I just hope people don't think all of us are monsters after this. Some of us work towards bettering our lives and the lives of those close to us by working on ourselves.
Vlad Gaitan
Vlad Gaitan:
This is actually painful to hear like you know that if he did the same he would be in jail for 1000 years but she can just stay there like a psycho and maybe get away with it. I would really like to know what must a man do in that situation ? You cant beat her you cant leave because she will just go psycho and destroy your life... like what is the right way to resolve that issue for a man ?
Jared Barhorst
Jared Barhorst:
Your channel has done a great job uploading and keeping us, myself at least, up to date on this extremely entertaining trial. Thank you for all the work!
Strycker Daves
Strycker Daves:
I'm getting chills listening to this. I just hope JD get justice and AH gets what she deserves to answer all of her lies.
A O:
Camille did a brilliant job in closing arguments.
Aobakwe Sanyane
Aobakwe Sanyane:
Watching the trial and looking at AH constantly lie and show her true nature, the one thing that I'm happy about is that she had to sit down and listen to someone tell her the truth in her face and she can't run away. I really hope that this is a learning point for her and many other people. Narcissists will try to change only after they hit rock bottom and even if they do change, it then becomes a question of how long till they relapse back.
Pawan Khertola
Pawan Khertola:
Amazing speech! It brought tears to my eyes 🥺 Camille deserves a round of applause 👏🏽
"She came into this courtroom prepared to give the performance of her life,and she gave it."
"Miss Heard sobbing without tears"
A Chill Pill
A Chill Pill:
Keep in mind that Narcissists prey on empaths. Jonny was probably one of the only people who would have stuck by her for even as long as he did, and also he was one of the most vulnerable for having such an open heart to her.
Sofia Shrestha
Sofia Shrestha:
You know when someone is really passionate about their work. A round of applause for Ms Vasquez. What a woman!!! Her words are so powerful ❤️👑
Idk if it’s just me, but when they had to play recordings of Amber yelling at Johnny it looked like he started to have a really hard time listening to it. After the second recording started playing he looked like he was in actual pain😔 Can you imagine having to hear the hateful words of your abuser over and over again and not only that but to hear that in front of a ton of people 😖 yikes I feel for him. The look on his face says it all to me.
Alyssa Custer
Alyssa Custer:
Camille is such a role model. Seriously an amazing human being! After Miss Elaine went on the attack (her 15 min of fame afterwards) and blamed everyone but herself and AH, Camille kept it classy in her interviews. Camille is so unbelievable, I am so happy for her making partner. She deserves everything good in life ❤
Tristan Yokom
Tristan Yokom:
Camille Vasquez has stepped out of the realm of relative obscurity and into the halls of legends
Shim Abigail
Shim Abigail:
Alternative Title of the Video:
Camille just barbecuing AH with straight up facts for 46 mins & 13 secs! 🍷👏👏👏
god jihyo's apostle
god jihyo's apostle:
Camille was an extraordinary pillar for johnny's side of story throughout this trial. she's incredible
Mike Coleman
Mike Coleman:
Greatest closing argument that will inspire future dedicated lawyers like Camille. So impressive!
Juliette Wilkerson
Juliette Wilkerson:
Even Amber’s lawyers were looking admirably at Camille. Johnny’s team is unstoppable!
The look on Johnny's face when she read out all the people who testified for him was heartbreaking I hope she never has a days happiness in her life.
alexa soldo
alexa soldo:
after this trial, i hope we hear that she’s doing great and amazing things! camille is an amazing lawyer, person and deserves the world 🌎 🤍
Prechelle L. Dixon
Prechelle L. Dixon:
“Tell the world Johnny”
The line that will haunt AH for the rest of her sociopathic life.

We heard him.
We believe him.
We stand with Johnny Depp.
This is definitely a lesson why we need to listen two sides of story. If we choose to listen one side, we will never learn the truth behind the story itself.
Crystal's Chaos
Crystal's Chaos:
I love how Camille has gone so hard for Johnny, it says a lot and knowing how loving and appreciative Johnny is he probably feels indebted to Camille for the rest of his life
uche Aiyke
uche Aiyke:
I weep for Johnny Depp..
I'm surprised Johnny Depp still seems sane after the trauma both physical and emotional and psychological...
Johnny Depp needs justice.
carol beard
carol beard:
This lawyer is the best and should be a great inspiration to all law graduates.
Luis Costa
Luis Costa:
Well done miss Vasquez, may you have a long life and shine allways!
Denisse G
Denisse G:
Omg all the incidents and lies summed up makes me sick! This woman is a monster
Absolutely, she was "sobbing" without tears, snot, red eyes or tear streaks, what a terrible performance.
Sunny R
Sunny R:
I teared up listening to some of these, so sad 😪. Seriously, imagine living it :/ for Johhny to sit there and listen to all this pain and relive it. I could genuinely feel his pain. I can't IMAGINE how someone could be that cruel to even do that to that to him and not feel remorse :/. I hope she sufferes badly from her evil consequences.. Can't stand her 🤮
there’s way too many evidences that disproves her “monster” claims! the justice system has to work this time. Nobody should get away with ruining someone’s life like the way she did to him.
Dingle Berrymore
Dingle Berrymore:
Camille’s closing is *chef’s kiss* perfect. 10/10. A master class in delivering a closing argument.

Meanwhile Amber Heard “taking notes” until the bitter end.
Best attorney I’ve seen. She’s very good at her job. I hope the jury gets it, and sees through Amber’s BS.
Manar Marzouk
Manar Marzouk:
What a hardworking lawyer Camille is. Hats off
Joe Smith
Joe Smith:
Look at Amber’s face around 34:57…she goes from her standard smirk to an attempt at a traumatized, hurt expression as though she’s recalling the brutal attack with the bottle Camille is describing. When Camille moves on to the next argument, Amber snaps right back out of it and returns to her smug expression. Terrible actress, total psycho.
Melanie J. Thomas
Melanie J. Thomas:
How is she even smiling throughout this? A real victim would not be this relaxed. She’s delusional and lives in her own world. I really hope the jury makes the right decision.
This closing statement is brilliant, Camille did it again. They missed nothing! Bravo to them, they’ve done their part…. If they don’t win, it’ll just be the jury’s fault for sure
TJ Blaidd
TJ Blaidd:
Camile needs her own TV show now.
I can't get enough of her!
Jonathan Gist
Jonathan Gist:
As a lawyer I have to just say this is epic. Epic. Masterful.
marcia smartt
marcia smartt:
Johnny Depp’s attorney Camille Vasquez did an amazing job. One of the best I’ve seen. I’m sure she’s going to be sought out often after this case.
“See how many people side with you”

As a man that statement is very scary to hear, to think about how many men has been told that and laughed at is heart breaking dude.
Barbara McCabe
Barbara McCabe:
Teard intentionally chose May 27, 2016 to make false allegations against him for a TRO on his daughters birthday to hurt him even more. She was so jealous of Johnny and his daughters beautiful relationship something she probably never had with her dad.
Moe Skeetz
Moe Skeetz:
Amber Heard is a really disturbed individual. She really needs help and I hope she gets it after this. The fact that Johnny Depp had to endure all of this and have his name dragged thru the mud repeatedly is frankly disgusting. Her career deserves to ostracized and canceled like all the abusers before her.
Lloyd D’Locks
Lloyd D’Locks:
Camille is such “A gracious lady” … She is star quality .. Ben Chew and the whole team have conducted themselves with such integrity, appeared so organised and most importantly believable …
Rewatching the winning argument!! This is one for the ages.
Lisa Johns
Lisa Johns:
If he losesthis case I would be SHOCKED because this woman clearly made this up
Dana Jacobs
Dana Jacobs:
I can watch Camille all day and night lol
Scott Nukend
Scott Nukend:
Absolutely destroyed by Camille. Incredible
Lareen Ketchup
Lareen Ketchup:
The music of the Truth. Congratulations Johnny. Enjoy your peaceful life. Well Done Camille 👏🏽
Ross Farengael
Ross Farengael:
As someone who went through something similar to what Johnny did, I feel for him... The fear and shock of "why?" and that clip of where he says "I'm scared to death" hit so close to home it nearly got me in tears man...

Very glad for his lawyers/attorneys especially Camille, she really went the extra mile with this case.
Kerry M
Kerry M:
Love Camille. Johnny couldn't have picked a better law team. And I could listen to Camille talk all day! Such a lovely voice!! Congratulations once again! ❤️
Zachaaryala Remnant Seeker Ba
Zachaaryala Remnant Seeker Ba:
Come on Jury, use your heads! A knife🔪... seriously?? A victim doesn't hand their abuser a weapon to antagonize them! But an abuser does...
So sad, Johnny Depp is listening to this rocking in his chair back and forth to sooth himself from the pain. I am a woman but far too many women get away with lying against men, destroying their lives. The court system needs to change. Anyone, man or woman can be a victim of domestic violence. In this case, I believe Amber the woman was the abuser and Johnny the man was the victim.
Nightshift by OMMAN DIZON
Nightshift by OMMAN DIZON:
Amber Heard to Johnny Depp:

“You can, please, tell people that it was a fair fight and see what the jury and the judge think. Tell the world, Johnny. Tell them, ‘I, Johnny Depp, a man, a victim too of domestic violence’.”

And so he did 👌🏻
A Franks
A Franks:
“Two years later when promoting the biggest role of her career, until this trial.” 👏🏼👏🏼😂
I just realized she made the accusation on his daughters birthday. How repulsive she is
Louise Regan
Louise Regan:
Wow, a very powerful and inclusive statement in defense of Johnny Depp.
Amber should be in prison for what she did to Johnny. A man doing all of that to a woman would be locked up and the key thrown away!!!
Lisa Lisa
Lisa Lisa:
Goosebumps! So proud of this badass woman!!!
CmD Streamz
CmD Streamz:
Camille Vasquez is phenomenal. What a great closing argument and rebuttal.
Lisa Janes
Lisa Janes:
It is so very sad that he loved her, my father was destroyed by an Amber..sadly when she left he still pined until he died even knowing how rotten she was. It’s a big deal that Johnny escaped, a lot of war wounds but a great future we all hope. Poor man 😢
not you
not you:
Looking at Heard’s Lawyers, I feel bad for them. Their peak moment as lawyers in the public eye will be this failure of a trial.
Angel Harrison
Angel Harrison:
Vasquez is a absolute Bombshell! Johnny did very good picking her to represent him. She is soooo well spoken and such a amazing lawyer!
Keren Gitsik
Keren Gitsik:
"biggest role of her career, until this trial". on point! awesome speech.
Jenn Ifer.
Jenn Ifer.:
To think that are millions of women suffering real violence...... what a vile person
Nicole May
Nicole May:
I find it so funny how Amber writes and writes and writes when she’s uncomfortable with what she’s hearing GIRL what ya writing, this is closing arguments, trial is over! 😂 😝 😆
Jay xox
Jay xox:
Camille is just perfect, I am shook if this doesn't make me want to become a lawyer I don't no what will like come on this is what they are here for....justice!!!! Congrats Johnny👏👏
julia ingram
julia ingram:
" telling the world..." a very, very clever start to a great piece of writing. Well done to whoever wrote this statement and well done to Camille for a perfect delivery.
Aithyn Zandt
Aithyn Zandt:
Something tells me that if Amber is dubbed “not guilty” through trial by jury, she’s just gonna repeat this process again. lmao
Aisha .B
Aisha .B:
THIS is how you do a closing statement. I’m praying the jury know who they will be saying is innocent and guilty within the next week. Praying justice is served for Johnny. Edit: credit to Johnny’s team for being the best people who could have represented him. We applaud you, and more so we applaud you Johnny Depp for telling the world the truth 🤍
Sukanya Manobal
Sukanya Manobal:
How could the court in the UK believe in Amber?