Can Liverpool still win the Premier League without Virgil van Dijk? | Budweiser KOTPL

Budweiser presents Kings of the Premier League – Joleon Lescott & Sam Quek pick their Premier League Team of the Month and King of the Month using Sky Sports Power Rankings. Do you agree with their choices?

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Joe Cush
Joe Cush:
Really liked this analysis and manner from Sam Quek, you should definitely get her back for more.
Ruth Less
Ruth Less:
As long as ALISON stays fully fit,and Matip comes back soon,we should be able to cope, especially with out front line,we can always score more than we concede anyway.
We probably need a CB but going by times gone, Klopp normally stays loyal to the squad and youth to fill in.
Emerson Okorie
Emerson Okorie:
Lescot literally saying City have no fans and there's no difference between them playing in an empty stadium and playing with their fans 😂
Kevin De Bruyne
Kevin De Bruyne:
City won a League title with Delph at LB😂😂
Mew TM
Mew TM:
If Real Madrid can win La Liga without Cristiano Ronaldo, then surely it's the same scenario for VVD at Liverpool. Anything is possible
Jim Clawley
Jim Clawley:
Henderson more important from a leadership stand point. Defence are playing well without Virg, they’re more focussed. Allison equally important too
Liverpool definitely have the depth to win the league for sure but its going to be a rough ride this season with probably some losses and draws.
Foong June Meng
Foong June Meng:
Why would Liverpool need to sign a CB when we have Billy Koumetio , Rhys Williams and Nat Phillips hungry for a chance to play . Klopp putting his trust on his youth and squad players to do a job and so far they haven't disappoint . People need to stop thinking managing a football team is like freaking FIFA game.
S Miln
S Miln:
Nat Philips was in the 2. Bundesliga not the Bundesliga love, massive gap in quality
Mark Law
Mark Law:
Liverpool doesn't need a center back. We need a second goalkeeper
Rayhan 44
Rayhan 44:
Lautaro Could be a perfect Replacement for Aguero
Well next video will be can Liverpool win the league with no defence! 🤦🏼‍♂️
Devasya Takkar
Devasya Takkar:
Sam was really good. Both of them actually but she really stood out. Maybe coz I'm a liverpool fan myself
Mission impossible
Damian Brown
Damian Brown:
Pocket tweet incoming
James Lewis
James Lewis:
We got to the champions league final with karius in goal we can easily win the league without van dijk
Lennon D'Souza
Lennon D'Souza:
Nat Phillips was in bundesliga 2, a worst quality league than the championship. He did a job for the game against West Ham but cant be consistently relied upon. We definitely need to sign 1 more cb in Jan due to the circumstances.
Nat Phillips played in the second division in Germany
Amer Alanati
Amer Alanati:
Beautiful discussion 👌
David Redgrift
David Redgrift:
Lost Gomez now aswell, January can't come quick enough for Liverpool
Morbid Angel is better than Death
Morbid Angel is better than Death:
Regardless of how Rhys Williams and Nat Phillips perform, Liverpool will look to sign a centre back in January. Even if Van Dijk hadn't been injured, CBs for January were already being looked at.
John Smith
John Smith:
Matip one of our best players last year? I like him but he barely played, what is she talking about
5:56 Don't do that. Don't give me hope.
Mohammed Faisal
Mohammed Faisal:
Yes, they can still win the title without van dijk. They're still winning their games. If they get a result against City then I think definitely they can still win the title. The main question is will they? I'm not sure but they have a real real real shot at retaining their title
James Lewis
James Lewis:
Ben Pearce
Ben Pearce:
Man U need someone who can win? Sounds a lot like the last chap they had, I think it was Jose something? 🤔😅
love her. as REDS
Tom White
Tom White:
The player with the most errors leading to a goal in the Premier League since 2018? Probably be better off
steven coker
steven coker:
I'm not going to lie Liverpool can win the league without van dijk
Ethan T
Ethan T:
The hairline tho
eng hock koh
eng hock koh:
no. unless they sign the sweden flop linderlose from man utd.
Of course they can
Yes but it'll be freakin' hard. Perhaps a CB in January to help us over the line. Tactics might change too. But yeah LFC can do it
Cosmin Contra
Cosmin Contra:
Definitely, because Klopp's tactics are the major factors of Liverpool's winning streak. The players are still excellent players without Klopp, but I don't think they'd win EPL and UCL without his great system
Kelvin Mutua
Kelvin Mutua:
Sign ozan kabak in January
Red Heart
Red Heart:
LFC will win it anyway too many top ones in their squad
A A:
Chelsea and Liverpool gonna fight for the title this season
CP Bandz
CP Bandz:
U kno we can win the league without him stop all the talk
Maverik S
Maverik S:
Consistency will be key and Liverpool have it in abundance.... As long as they can get a consistent cb partnership.
Rain Tfue
Rain Tfue:
Abdullaahi Ahmed
Abdullaahi Ahmed:
She is absolutely gorgeous🥰🥰🥰 and she clearly knows what she talking about instead of most pundits😎
Stuttgart were in Bundesliga 2.
Realist Gooner
Realist Gooner:
Much harder to replace Kompany than Aguero imo. Finding a commanding leader is not easy. You can find a striker to bag in 15-20 goals. Especially when you have a front three who all contribute. Aguero has also been injured.
Jaazib Shah
Jaazib Shah:
Like: Liverpool will win the title
Comment: Liverpool can't win the title
david miller
david miller:
No one man makes a team , strength in depth will win us thru
Sniper 11 N.D.
Sniper 11 N.D.:
Martinez L. I would definitely buy him. If city needs a striker that's your player. He could be a good replacement.
League yes although Man City are a lot tougher defensively now, I'd say a big CL game against say Bayern really need VVD in there with their rapid attacks
Aaron T
Aaron T:
dahir snr
dahir snr:
Abhideep Jain
Abhideep Jain:
Yes. Just means they likely won't be getting 97 or 99 points again. Pretty simple.
arthur kizito
arthur kizito:
Liverpool's key player is Alisson. With
Adrián in goal and Alisson injured, Liverpool will not win the league. KEEP ALISSON FIT.
Bic Fox
Bic Fox:
Evertons run, as predicted by myself has ended, they’ve has their usual five minutes jumping up and down on the terraces, the draw against Liverpool was like winning the Champions League for them. They will dine on that one all season.
Spurs won’t be that far behind them, few big games coming up for them, I can’t see them beating any of the top teams, they might beat Man Ushited but that’s no big scalp any more is it.
N N:
Alaba to Liverpool?
Of course they can
Nicholas Hunt
Nicholas Hunt:
Lescott thinks the utd board, manager and players are all in harmony and it works. Wtf??
Of course
N1SCO bisv
N1SCO bisv:
Stuttgart played in bundesliga 2 last season, not the first bundesliga...
Aaron T
Aaron T:
nat phillips played in bundesliga II
Mark Lee
Mark Lee:
In the long term it's good for Liverpool cos it's a chance for Joe, Rhys, Nat and Billy to step up and mature.
Harvey Elliot GOAT
Harvey Elliot GOAT:
Definitely, we’ve been much better then we thought imo
hamzah 13
hamzah 13:
It's not just the manager it's the team.
David Diop
David Diop:
Liverpool Can win premier league, champions league without van djik because we have mane salah jota henderson thiago alisson and more
Lescott pointing out that Manchester City are used to playing with no fans in the stadium so it works out better for them. 😂
David Daritan
David Daritan:
Joleon is ignoring the fact that even without fans, Liverpool haven't even drop any points at Anfield apart form Burnley last season, while for City, they already lose/draw at home.
An ordinary Liverpool fan
An ordinary Liverpool fan:
People who call us LiVARpool don’t watch football
Pandurang Gireesh
Pandurang Gireesh:
This season maybe the most interesting of all time, limited or no preseason, no fans and many injuries. Going to be more Interesting going forward and shows how much depth and quality each team has
The Normal One
The Normal One:
Since he got injured we've won 5 on the bounce including Ajax and Atalanta away and got a draw away at City. Also had a completely legitimate last minute winner ruled out in the game in which he got injured + no red for Pickford. We look pretty good for it to me.
Charlie James
Charlie James:
Phillips hasnt played a top 6 team yet and u played west without Antonio
Mista Frankie
Mista Frankie:
Sam Quek tho 😍🤤
Mark Smith
Mark Smith:
Aguero is Liverpool's nemesis how he has never scored against or performed well against them
Sar H
Sar H:
joe gomez is more than enugh .... and there is planty of talented players sitting on the bench . i would consider what i have if i was klopp
Charles Harding
Charles Harding:
Finally a woman on one of these programs thats not annoying. Her and Rebecca lowe are the only ones so far
Dulche Leche
Dulche Leche:
Nat played in bundesliga II tho 😬
Ed Hye
Ed Hye:
Is Sam Quek Asian or... ?
Jamo Duncan
Jamo Duncan:
No chance
This season is hard to predict. No single team is sure to win anything
Keita is the next iniesta
Keita is the next iniesta:
Yes but we need a cb in January
day feed
day feed:
I can listen to Sam Quek's voice for whole day
Jr Exquisite
Jr Exquisite:
Discuss like he is bigger than a club..he might be😀😀
That would be the Anfield Joleon where Liverpool have won every game this season, yeah? Sure its not going to be the same without fans there, but their record since lockdown at home is still spectacular, I think only Burnley late on last season got something. Thats consistency.
Not happening. You have to be perfect to win EPL so if you're missing 1 key player for the entire season you can forget about it. It's rough but it's true.
Mannig Ulubabyan
Mannig Ulubabyan:
Working on a Video , Should i Include Music or not ? I personally want to test how it will look without the music.
Your suggestions needed!
Maximus_gamingOFFICIAL HD
Maximus_gamingOFFICIAL HD:
Ok I’m so sorry but I still can’t take him seriously with that hairline 😭
Suhaib Suhaib
Suhaib Suhaib:
And they say women don’t know anything about football
Bic Fox
Bic Fox:
We won’t win anything this season unless we stop leaking so many goals at the back, and the forwards pick their game up dramatically, the odd one goal here and there isn’t good enough. So much for one of the best forward line in the world. YNWA.
Rosie and Ebi's Music Channel
Rosie and Ebi's Music Channel:
VVD is key
William Hobbs
William Hobbs:
The real question is can they win the premier league without VAR carrying them
Jaesen Chong
Jaesen Chong:
My observations. Even you have Van Dijk back in the defense, Liverpool will not win the EPL. Goals are not coming because of selfish Mo Salah. He hangs on to the ball far too long thinking he could over powered defenders around him which are closing him down. He loses the ball easily becuase he is less physical against defenders. When other team mates are in a better scoring position, he did not release the ball to them. Liverpool could have won the game against Man City and City was not threatening too much.
S4 Migit Man
S4 Migit Man:
Yes but only if Matip and gomez stay fit but liverpool need to play more defensively to prevent counters
Kerod Fresenbet Gebremedhin
Kerod Fresenbet Gebremedhin:
Poch can win titles with this squad tho
The beautiful lady speaking sense.
Gunner Boy
Gunner Boy:
If Liverpool continue with Gomez at centre back, then they won’t win the league. He is their weak link because whilst he is talented he makes way too many errors, doesn’t react quick enough & close down, and he struggles with the physical players. He has been at fault for the majority of goals that Liverpool have conceded & strikers have now worked out to target him. I’m a right back for my Sunday league team & couldn’t hit a cow’s arse with a banjo if I tried. However, if say we had multiple injuries then they shoved me upfront & I was playing against Gomez, I would back myself to score a hat trick because the guy is a walking disaster.
LFC Spectre
LFC Spectre:
Don't worry we have Rhys Williams next Rolls Royce.