Can This Liverpool Team Become Premier League Greats?! | #SundayVibes



With the help of some familiar faces from Liverpool FC, NIVEA delivered a special surprise to help those in Liverpool stay in touch with their families -



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Theo Paul
Theo Paul:
Yes, love Sunday vibes. Great cast on the show as well
LJ Williams
LJ Williams:
Would love to see sunday vibes run live on sundays. Could do a live stream on Sunday where us as the viewers can watch live and converse as you guys talk. Also gives you guys (FD) the option to interact with us and we can share our opinions and ask questions. Maybe it becomes a more podcast like video rather than a polished video and goes for an hour or so long
Reuben Burrows
Reuben Burrows:
Love the content boys! Much appreciated and has helped many people get through this lockdown ❤️
abdullah hussian
abdullah hussian:
Of course Pato wasn't here for a podcast praising Liverpool
Really enjoy #sundayvibes great way to round off the week and the return of football 😁
William Hesketh
William Hesketh:
as a stand alone campaign it's impressive, it's a shame that the lockdown will eventually stain an otherwise stellar season. City last year faced stronger competition from liverpool and won 3 other competitions so that side pips it for me
Cynan Jones
Cynan Jones:
Personally, I believe that Grujic should be given a fair amount of game time at liverpool next season, he’s currently one of Hertha Berlins best players this season
Kenenna Udochukwu
Kenenna Udochukwu:
Great video. I don’t know all your names but there were some really insightful opinions in this vid. As a Liverpool fan, I’m particularly worried about injuries. When Salah and Mané leave for the AFCON for 1 and a half months, we’re going to be short on quality. That’s why I wish we signed Werner. But it is what it is.
Young Stars
Young Stars:
24:25 tbh, I actually agree with Dougie that Leipzig had an outside chance. I mean Bayern are the best side and their last three games have all been draws, so really anything can happen when it's just one game. It's more open this year than it's ever been and, in all probability, ever will be😂
Alex Huang
Alex Huang:
I absolutely love watching the person questions segments every time . Just seeing them be less professional and just be themselves arguing about everyday stuff. Feels heartwarming somehow
Shane McGowan
Shane McGowan:
Interesting to see how Real Madrid will improve their team. Their loanees are potential fits but none are major upgrades on their starting XI. A move for Mbappe could be partly funded by Rodriguez, Vasquez, Asensio, Jovic potentially
Shane McGowan
Shane McGowan:
Liverpool will most likely wait until late in the transfer window to make moves. Saka would be ideal cover at LB, LM, RM, and even CM but may not get that move until his contract expires next summer
James Cooper
James Cooper:
I enjoyed Dougie saying "we've been smashing up the Indians and the Chinese"
Shane McGowan
Shane McGowan:
A back 3 could really suit Chelsea if they don’t upgrade their goalkeeper or left back. It would allow Azpilicueta to support the defence more, Alonso and James to play in their best positions, and less defensive work for Ziyech and Werner
I love a lot about this Liverpool team; Klopp is a great manager, and seems a great bloke. They have amazing players who generally also seem like good people (unlike some former Red "legends" who might be managing in Scotland). They play attractive attacking football, whilst maintaining a solid defence, and they fully deserve to win the league. But I still hope they don't because of Liverpool fans.
Arnas Mazurkevicius
Arnas Mazurkevicius:
Everyone seems to forget Minamino, he barely got any minutes, he can sub Firmino if need be, but he is a very good attacking/midfield option, almost like a new signing
Liverpool also have the likes of Harry Wilson and marco grugic as good squad players
Mashed Tilts
Mashed Tilts:
I'm with the Hamster on his Chicago Town take 💪🏼👏🏼
Ajay Agath
Ajay Agath:
Coutinho worked fine in Klopps pressing system, why would we use younger players when the drop off quality is massive and we lack a creative mid which coutinho fits In
shaqiri isnt out of favour, he's just always injured
tdyerwestfield - OFTW OG
tdyerwestfield - OFTW OG:
Matip is certainly a quality back up. His excellent passing and packing stats are his key assets. Lovren however, I'm sure is David Luiz in disguise. Hopeless, and despite years of experience, never ever learn from their mistakes and consistently make the same errors leading to goals.
Tyler Ellinor
Tyler Ellinor:
dont get how its okay for City to have 4/5 top players in attacking positions, but it seems to be impossible for other teams. being a bench player would still see 20 starts a season from around 60 games
Jimmy Knizzle
Jimmy Knizzle:
Nice to hear some level heads talk about Liverpool’s future, so many people use an agenda, but it’s clear they have a bright future.
Ariel Luna
Ariel Luna:
If pato were here: “Liverpool aren’t even that good” smh
Boys, loved this weeks vid. Can we have a top flight SV thats outside the top 6?
Ariq Restyawan
Ariq Restyawan:
21:50 both shaqiri and origi are amazing imo, but if I have to sell one, I won't hesitate to let shaqiri out the door
I think Havertz to Chelsea is a lot more likely to happen that most believe. Chelsea was virtually spent no money on Ziyech and Werner due to the Morata sell and the departure of Mario palisic and Likely Bakayoko. The hazard money is still just sitting around
Josh Williams
Josh Williams:
I want a full independent investigation on zac vs joe’s football pyramid episode.
William Charles Schneider
William Charles Schneider:
Has everyone forgotten that minamino is at liverpool too?
Ed R
Ed R:
Question for FootballDaily - who leave Liverpool’s midfield and who replaces them? Origi? Keita?
Connor Gallagher who's on loan at Swansea deserves a look in at Chelsea next season. Tore it up at Charlton in the first half of the season and is continuing it at Swansea. Loads of competition to break into the Chelsea team but offers something different to all the current midfielders and if Kante is on his way out in the next couple of seasons, Gallagher can be that combative box to box player that Lampard is playing Kante in this season.
Dexter Bridge
Dexter Bridge:
I think Liverpool have still got more to come in terms of players joining and improving. Especially if they make some big signings like Sancho?
Srinivas Sadhanand
Srinivas Sadhanand:
Tosin Adarabioyo has been class at Blackburn this szn from Man City. He could get a chance there as a 4th CB next szn because physically, he definitely more blessed than Garcia. And to do so well in the Championship is impressive.
Next Sunday Vibes should be on AC Milan and Arsenal. Is there any way back to greatness for these teams or are all arrows pointing in the wrong direction?
Evan Guthman
Evan Guthman:
“We’ve been smashing up the Indians” 😂
I disagree with Joe, It's gonna be a head-to-head competition between city and Liverpool next season.
they would have to win atleast 2 more premier leagues to be in the conversation IMO
Shane McGowan
Shane McGowan:
Danny ward isn’t necessarily a flop. When Leicester bought him they said he wasn’t a Schmeichel replacement. It’s expensive to buy young English goalkeepers; Gunn cost more for Southampton and stoke quoted 20 mil for butland
Jordan Donnelly
Jordan Donnelly:
As a Liverpool fan I agree with Dougie completely on the coutinho situation
With the way the rest of UCL will be played every team has a chance.
Nasra Omar
Nasra Omar:
Joe gomez is one of the best Premier League defender this season
Nathan Franklin
Nathan Franklin:
Still not over that FIX on the football pyramid gifting Zac the win
jezza T
jezza T:
the lack of recruitment is gonna hurt us next season, dont see us retaining the title with no backup frontmen other than origi. 1 spare useable centre back and no back up on the left back
Josh Davo
Josh Davo:
Great work again lads👊🏻
akshat srivastav
akshat srivastav:
Quality content!!😂👏
Saroj Koirala
Saroj Koirala:
This liverpool side looks too good because the rest of the top sides have been crap
Not gonna lie, frustrated that we missed out on Werner, especially since I think we could have paid for the move by potentially moving on Origi, Shaqiri, Wilson and Grujic. None of whom have impacted the team by either not being able to get in the squad (injuries or loans) or simply haven't delivered on a consistent enough basis.

That being said, if West Ham go down I would go right in for Felipe Anderson, given that he is capable of putting up good defensive and dribbling contributions, can cut in from the left and might be more willing to be a rotation option given that he would have been relegated by that point. Plays on the left and seems far more willing to fit into a system than Origi does in terms of contributing to the team.
Riccardo Platone
Riccardo Platone:
''We talked a fair odd bit'', basically just mentioned almost in the last two seasons because of United's turnmoil
Mujeeb Ahmed
Mujeeb Ahmed:
Yes and they will dominate for many years.
Are we gonna forget about all the VAR decisions and how unlucky city have gotten this season
gongo long
gongo long:
- Hamill, 2020
Sem Mutalindwa
Sem Mutalindwa:
I’m a Liverpool fan and I wouldn’t take Coutinho back if his transfer fee was £0 and we didn’t pay him a penny in wages
Calum brooks
Calum brooks:
Sunday = sorted thank you!❤️❤️✌️
Alexander Tsang
Alexander Tsang:
Quickfire question: what are the best goal celebrations ever?
Liverpool improved on a 97 point season, of course they're one of the greats. Ferguson never had to compete against a team as good as City
Gerald Koh
Gerald Koh:
Whatever happens, even if a few members of the current squad decide to go to Barca/Madrid for whatever reason, and even in the case where we see the likes of United/Arsenal/Chelsea improve significantly, Liverpool will be sure-fire title contenders for the next few seasons. the infrastructure they have in place will guarantee that
Tom Marchant
Tom Marchant:
It’s not going to be a 2-3 week break for Liverpool because they’re already out of champions league
Dennis Hansen
Dennis Hansen:
As a Liverpool fan I’m absolutely fuming that Liverpool didn’t sign Timo Werner. Timo Werner would perfectly suit Liverpool’s way of playing. Everyone of Liverpool’s starting attackers is 28 years old, which means they are at their peak, their pace and other abilities will shorly soon start to drop off. I think Liverpool should try to sell at least one of their attackers while they can get crazy money for them and that Timo Werner would of been the perfect replacement for any of them. Let’s just say that Liverpool would of bought Timo Werner for 53M, rotated him with the starting attackers for 1 season and then sold for example Sadio Mane to Real Madrid for 100-150M or something like that. Liverpool would then sell an ageing players and replaced him for an guaranteed superstars whit a lot of potential and many good years ahead of him, all on profit of 50-100M. That profit they could used to sign a really good backup fullback and a really good backup attacker + maybe a starting CB
Ali Rawjee
Ali Rawjee:
Yeahs it’s one of the best PL teams ever
yahya i
yahya i:
Love Sunday Vibes but it sucks that you're always 4-5 days behind. You shot this on Wednesday. So much happened and so many games played since.
Redwan Hamid
Redwan Hamid:
Liverpool's midfield is the worst compared to the other top 4 team, their team performance is so good that people can't critisize their midfield
J Sav
J Sav:
how much are chicago town pizza paying hamill? this is the second time he has mentioned them
Elisabeth Roberts
Elisabeth Roberts:
12:50 Lmao same because our old owners with Hicks and Gillett were horrifically bad.
Harrison Baker
Harrison Baker:
Well. City will win the ucl, there depth will really carry them
Caleb Wesley
Caleb Wesley:
A show without Pato: All negative vibes are nonexistent
Barbara-Anne McGregor
Barbara-Anne McGregor:
Liverpool have Harry Wilson returning
Did the guy just say midfield is not difficult position to play in for Liverpool😂😂, liverpool are were they are because of how hard midfielders work.
Darren Heuston
Darren Heuston:
danny cebelos he said might have a chance at real madrid.he forgot to mention ,'b' after saying real madrid.
Ben Rochford
Ben Rochford:
Joe saying self isolation bothers me for some reason 😂 Good vid as always lads
Tristan Jamieson
Tristan Jamieson:
YESSSSS CHRIS!!! Loving the Domino's bashing! I'm completely on your side
Lewis Bromilow
Lewis Bromilow:
Actually fully agree with Hamill, Domino’s is bog, much rather get Chicago town
Young Stars
Young Stars:
Love how half the comments are about the Football Pyramid and Dougie getting his revenge for having to cope with Joe living rent free in his head for a year😂😂😂😂 #allhailDjellab #therealbigalgerian #justiceforjoe #statspiracy
Filip Wretner
Filip Wretner:
Even if you don't like it this Liverpool team will go down as one of the greats. 22 points ahead is unheard of, they night not be invincible but if they keep winning games they will get over 100 points which would make them better than City's centurions.
Mark Welsh
Mark Welsh:
They just had a 3 month break so 3wks should be fine
Jason Antonio Fernandes
Jason Antonio Fernandes:
Sorry, Liverpool were far from great for me - besides some good individual players, they have scrapped almost every win this season. I guess that is a champion side but honestly, like I said without fans Liverpool are useless. I see them around mid-table next season... Where they belong.
Boothy's Gaming
Boothy's Gaming:
Hamill you are bang on with the Chicago Town/Dominos comparison there lad 👌🏼
Serge Vasiliu
Serge Vasiliu:
Have to agree with Hammil with regards to the pizza. Absolute steal at £5 for the quality you're getting. 🍕💷👌
Daniel G. Jensen
Daniel G. Jensen:
I really don't understand the Timo Werner hype. I beleive he will flop in PL. Would bet on it 😁
Scott Winner
Scott Winner:
Gotta talk about llorente. What the hell is going on and why is he the best attacker in the world?
Jezza 007
Jezza 007:
Luis Suarez, Cucho Hernandez and Pervis Estupinan all deserve a chance for us (Watford) next season
tom brown
tom brown:
We dont know whether man city beat arsenal? Im an arsenal fan but this was surely a forgone conclusion? WERE BOTTLE JOB DRAW FC FFS 😂 havent beat city since cazola played for us
Akshay Panwar
Akshay Panwar:
Joe Gomez 5 years no goal in league.
Can be the best of his generation to never score a league goal !
James Deegan
James Deegan:
Back up at left back, Wigan's Antione Robinson? Would accept back up or a youngster position, good player, home grown and nearly joined AC. Would cost £10-£15M. Also maybe Jamel Lewis when Norwich get relegated. We have Ojo and Harry Wilson coming back from loans at the wings. We don't actually need alot of business done.. Could also get Campwell from Norwich just as cover
Les Corlett
Les Corlett:
Gini is Mr. Consistent for Liverpool. FFS get the contract signed.
Conor Foster
Conor Foster:
I think Liverpool are going to raid Norwich. The likes of Buenida, Cantwell and Lewis
Ian Clinton
Ian Clinton:
I swear you guys have had this conversation at least twice before. It's not hard to come up with topics now that football is back. Here's a couple:-
1. Is Arteta the man to lead Arsenal forward?
2. Is Ancelotti the man to take Everton to the top 4?
3. How Werner, Ziyech and co. will work at Chelsea and what they can achieve.
4. Can Wolves make the top 4?
5. Signings that Leicester can make to make them cement that top 4 spot in future.

Etc etc etc
William Keelan
William Keelan:
Rhian Brewster not had a brilliant season but not a bad season at Swansea?
marcus mclean
marcus mclean:
Coutinho has nothing to do with the front 3 he would play behind them in midfield
Øyvind Wien
Øyvind Wien:
i would take phil back
Thomas Muller
Thomas Muller:
No, they’re too defensive, and are too lacking in quality. They’re a good team, but not a good set of individuals, obvious when you consider that they have firmino up front and their best midfielder is allegedly Henderson
coodakay W
coodakay W:
BREAKING! Doug arrested for matchmaking in recent football pyramid match between Zac and Joe! Stay tuned for more to come
Tommy Knockers
Tommy Knockers:
Sure, If Liverpool do it for the next couple of season. Otherwise they can't really be compared.
James Ofomah-Parry
James Ofomah-Parry:
Hamill is right about the pizza
Alex Grayson
Alex Grayson:
Convinced the whole FSG out thing is opposition fans using Liverpool profiles
Keir Miley
Keir Miley:
I don’t know why this is the only show about football that actually backs up their claims with evidence
Hey guy's, Real Madrid to win la liga this season with 87 points.
nikhil prathap
nikhil prathap:
Loane Harry Wilson for liverpool
'I won't go into Henderson per 90 stats' because they're average. Bored of Jordan Henderson
Cameron Paul
Cameron Paul:
Shame the Liverpool vid isn't available in Australia
Tom Nicol
Tom Nicol:
liverpool have bottled this season for how good they've done in the prem they should of at least 2 trophy's