Carabao Cup analysis: Manchester United are up to speed and Everton 'absolutely flying' | ESPN FC

ESPN FC's Don Hutchison and Ian Darke break down Wednesday's Carabao Cup results as Newcastle, Manchester United, Manchester City and Everton secure spots in the quarterfinals. Darke says Ole Gunnar Solskjaer will be determined to win this competition as the squad get up to speed while Hutchison marvels at Everton's newfound form despite some injuries at the end of their match vs. West Ham.


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65 comentarios:

Everton should thank Carlo Ancelotti, he turned them as a winning team. What a great manager he is 👏
Ryan Elvins
Ryan Elvins:
People should never sleep on on a side that's managed by Carlo Anchelotti
Roddy Scott
Roddy Scott:
My Word Everton are a joy to watch again :)
Carlos O
Carlos O:
Everton are a fun team to watch hope they keep it up
S Bam
S Bam:
UTD were behind because (apart from the Europa league), Maguire got into trouble in Greece, Greenwood in Iceland, AWB was in quarantine, Pogba got Covid and they keep mucking about in the transfer market instead of bringing players in nice and early like other teams.
Varun Popat
Varun Popat:
Everton is bomb!!!
Alex Vieran
Alex Vieran:
I am eagerly waiting for Everton vs Liverpool
It will be more exciting
Shahid Willie
Shahid Willie:
Everton are very serious
Panda Music
Panda Music:
Everton is the real football manager
Karl Moore
Karl Moore:
I see don couldn't be bothered going to the bathroom, so did it in a bottle instead!...
Saravanan Nagayah
Saravanan Nagayah:
Carlo should try to sign his former keeper Donnarumma from AC Milan as Pickford is not in good form currently..
Alex G
Alex G:
Ancelotti & James effect on Everton, The whole team just Leveled up 1.
DELUSIONS again. 2nd half Brighton had 1 clear chance and had possession 50% so not that impressive
Why has Dom pissed in that Evian bottle behind him the dirty pig? 😂
uthank pettukola
uthank pettukola:
So last week united were in trouble but this week they’re up to speed?🤔
Caleb Nauseb
Caleb Nauseb:
It lookes like Everton are wanting a top6 finish😀😀
Daniel Goodman
Daniel Goodman:
Even as a united fan, Everton just are different gravy at the moment
Hamza Shahzad
Hamza Shahzad:
Merseyside derby should be awesome this season
Tymko C
Tymko C:
The fart sound at 3:25 of this video was the best part of it.
Liam Clarke
Liam Clarke:
You don't know why Utd are a few weeks behind 🤷🏻‍♂️
Because their season ended mid August & started again mid September maybe 🤔
With half the squad on international duty inbetween, with Shaw & Rashford injured & Pogba & AWB in quarantine.
Be better at your job.
TheMan WithNoName
TheMan WithNoName:
This is Man U up to speed is it?? It was a Carabao Cup game with a lot of bench players getting minutes. Credit for the result, but I'm not holding my breath quite yet.
Pep better up his game big-time and quickly; he is the best paid manager and must continue to prove he is worth every penny he is earning.
Mata will again sit on the bench next prem match 😑
Calvert -Lewin was called 😂😂😂😂 Good analysis.
Jason Bell
Jason Bell:
What do you mean why?

United played later than any team in the EPL they had a busy end of the season

They had 30 days to have a rest and a pre season they has 1 pre season game look at city they also had similar issues.

ESPN need better people Jesus why why why? Everyone had more rest and more pre season
Azarel Nikhla
Azarel Nikhla:
"3-1 victories" lol
Christian Tan
Christian Tan:
Mr. Be.
Mr. Be.:
Don't listen to them, man u are not up to speed
Nick 87
Nick 87:
Get some decent pundits
Drake Geralds
Drake Geralds:
Ole should start Bailly, Dalot and VDB for our next match if he has half a brain
sam symec
sam symec:
Wdym we're upto speed lmao that was the second string.
Fabrice qvo
Fabrice qvo:
Man utd probably gonna play against Everton or man city .....
Ali Babar
Ali Babar:
I want to see Carlo Ancelotti again managing Chelsea.
Zakir Khodabocus
Zakir Khodabocus:
DCL on fire
Gareth Southgate will bring in Tammy Abraham over Calvert Lewin and drop Greenwood and Foden. PE Teacher! 😂
George Phillip
George Phillip:
Brighton we’re never the better team lmfaoo what are you on about
Ikuesan ola
Ikuesan ola:
I love Ian darke
A Roshan
A Roshan:
Everton will win it
Zaid afif Khudhaiyer
Zaid afif Khudhaiyer:
السلام عليكم
Miki Melo
Miki Melo:
Can't help but thinking Man Utd would have won the last CUP with their 2nd Team. They are well-rested and hungrier to prove something.
Might have boosted the UEFA league chances as well by resting the first team. Hopefully Ole will stick to the "original" guns this round.
Marko Frost
Marko Frost:
When will my boy DCL get the recognition he deserves...
Oral Campbell
Oral Campbell:
Brighton were the better team at what point
Im a Pool fan, we have won this trophy many times and have a great chance this season too but...scrap it! So wasteful with league cups! The FA-cup is the prestigious one and should still be in, but this cup is just extra much to have
Paul K
Paul K:
everton have got the manager chrlsea should of had ....
Well this title didn't age very well
qasim sajjad
qasim sajjad:
I think these people do t like or even hate man utd pogba s free kick was master class and their calling it deflective am I wrong or right
Sizzling Schumi
Sizzling Schumi:
Ancelloti is a world class manager.. Winning champions league as a player and then managing AC Milan and real. Madrid to glory
Calvert gonna be top scorer this season
Me also
Me also:
Everton is not winning anything... improved team but currently shooting about their weight.
That is a big bottle Dan
javier book shadows contributor du
javier book shadows contributor du:
200th comment glory ManU
ismael yerena
ismael yerena:
who else is in the 90% club here??
Ying Yang
Ying Yang:
Why are top clubs taking this comp seriously and rising injuries - winning it makes no difference to anything
Adnan Jr
Adnan Jr:
do you think dean henderson is better than de gea?
El Dio
El Dio:
Everton will be lucky to make top 6. Don’t overreact to their purple patch, this is just new signings bounce.
1991 toyota camry owner
1991 toyota camry owner:
where's chelsea?
Loftus Blake
Loftus Blake:
Man Utd will trash Spurs and Jose with his outdated football and im very happy to see the only real club on Merseyside doing good.
With Witt
With Witt:
Lol no tf they’re not
Ukiyo Presents:
Ukiyo Presents::
Manchester United are the only team that can win 3-0 an still get criticism
ram hal
ram hal:
Pogba being excited when his poor shot was deflected towards the goal tells exactly how low the bar is ! 😂
Ashutosh Sampat
Ashutosh Sampat:
I'm a united fan but I can easily say Mata sort of wasted his career by being at United. He was world class in Chelsea and has been great for us. But we have never used him as a pure no. 10 (where he is a maestro). Could have been aa good as David Silva if Mata wasn't used as a winger. Still he can contribute in the first XI. Pace is overrated if you have an intelligent footballing mind which Mata does. Need him especially against tactical sides in Europe where British Huffing Puffing doesn't work.
Sam Allardyce
Sam Allardyce:
everton will win the league this season 💪🔵⚪🔵
mike heap
mike heap:
Lets not start with utd, they are a poor team. Should have got beaten by Brighton in the league game who hit the woodwork 7 times and had a cast iron penalry overturned by bias VAR.
camilo 2 marin
camilo 2 marin:
United was shocking today. Dan James was awful. Fred couldn’t pass. Donny looked lost until the subs came on. Zero game plan. I predict Leeds to finish above us this season.