Cardi B Defends Kylie Jenner In 'WAP' Music Video As Fans Make Petition For Her Removal | PeopleTV

Cardi B explained that husband Offset is friends with Travis Scott and that she has gone to Kris Jenner in the past for advice.
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Cardi B Defends Kylie Jenner In 'WAP' Music Video As Fans Make Petition For Her Removal | PeopleTV

99 comentarios:

i’m mad that carol baskin is not in prison still smh y’all worried bout kylie jenner 😂
David Smith
David Smith:
are these people serious? people are dying out here, starving, being homeless, and governments heads are stuck in their own butts doing absolutely nothing to help people, yet people are compainng about a kylie jenner being in some video??? wtf is going on
Retta L
Retta L:
Ugh. People just take stuff way too far.
Batquan Hurtado
Batquan Hurtado:
My god Not Everything is about race 🙄
Rosh G
Rosh G:
Of all the things to petition about? Someone really had time for that? Just don't watch the video. All the ladies looked great and added a different flavor.
Carol Baskin murdered her husband and has the AUDACITY to complain about Cardi B having green screen big cats in the video? Girl FOH! 😂
Terry King
Terry King:
Just say no to removing her, the video is already done. If those that are petitioning don't like the video, tell them not to watch your video or go out and make their own.
Nancy Cali
Nancy Cali:
Wtf why is this about race? Hahahahaha she’s there cuz it’s all about the likes and views and to make us talk. They win!!!
Maxine e
Maxine e:
But there were others that didn’t dance either lol y’all just don’t like Kylie
Jenova Correa
Jenova Correa:
It ain't that serious. Y'all really mad 🤦
Xavier Ward
Xavier Ward:
OK I'm black but everything dosnt have to do with race
Stephen Jackson
Stephen Jackson:
Wow blame every problem on racism 🙄
Poopy Butt
Poopy Butt:
People really managed to make a girl walking in a music video a race issue😂😂😂 this world is so screwed
SPeedLimit5% I-
SPeedLimit5% I-:
I honestly wouldn’t have a problem with Kylie being in it if she paid her workers.
Divine Egh
Divine Egh:
Are they kidding??? Kylie doesn’t do this kind of stuff so what do they exspect her to do😑😑 it’s a cameo not a talent show
Janelle Taylor
Janelle Taylor:
People complain about everything smh
Sweetner Candy
Sweetner Candy:
Bro what? these people be stupid, making petitions to get someone who works with them removed for what? because she is making more money than you by just being in that video? all the things you guys could've made a petitions on about that video, it was Kylie? what about the fact they were straight up sexualizing animals in that video? or what about the fact that they had wild animals as props in the first place?
Really a petition? How can a random person(s) that has nothing to do with the video try to change? Free press. Ridiculous. You don't like it, don't watch it.
Ali T Khalife
Ali T Khalife:
People are so weird and sensitive these days
..the complaining about Kylie part is nothing compared to the freak complaining why there's wild cats in the video !! Wtf
Timi. Hand L
Timi. Hand L:
People are so disrespectful let all the girls play their roles, get paid and why can't everyone be happy with that, that's what's wrong with the world today. To much hate!
Devon Diego
Devon Diego:
Normani wasn’t doing the most she’s literally a dancer 😂😂
World Of Kirraaa
World Of Kirraaa:
“ Carole Baskin “ has no reason to be upset .. like I’m mad confused right now is she mad about a greenscreen of animals ?
shut yo slow ahh
shut yo slow ahh:
Kylie looked pretty in my opinion🤷🏽‍♀️
tHat 0n3 WeEb
tHat 0n3 WeEb:
Yall stay mad at anything lmao
Speedy Pete
Speedy Pete:
Cancel her why not , everyone else is cancelled . But Kylie is completely useless in that video
Paul Grohens
Paul Grohens:
Y’all can’t be serious😭YOU doing the most😂😴
Sonia Felix
Sonia Felix:
Carole Baskin need to shut up or dance
Really Carole Baskin? You killed your husband. Have several seats 💺
RobiXOXO Love
RobiXOXO Love:
Lol! Ppl upset over that??? Ppl dont have enough to do! I don’t know if it’s the quarantine or what!
People are just jealous. They hate the fact that Kylie is famous because of her looks, so they try and find every little way to tear her down. I've seen that a lot recently with popular creators. People get jealous of them so they exaggerate their wrongdoing's and act like they're horrible people when in reality people are just jealous and rude.
leah blurzzz
leah blurzzz:
They worrying about Kylie? They need to be focused on breyonna Taylor!!!!
Angel G369
Angel G369:
*_Racists are the ones that usually bring race up in the first place._*
Windsor Johnson
Windsor Johnson:
I guess if they ain't talking about, you ain't doing something right 🤷🏾‍♂️, critics arguments about there opinions on this video is petty and overly sensitive 😒 If you don't like it just say you don't like it and keep it pushing, if you do like it, enjoy it and keep it pushing 🤫😏
Lmao Carol not in jail?
Ericshizz 1992
Ericshizz 1992:
Can't Photoshop the imperfections on their body in certain parts? That's ok, just reduce the quality for moment to make it less noticeable
Hunter Webster
Hunter Webster:
Look, I have no love for any of the Kardashians. The most positive feeling I will ever have for them is indifference. But even I gotta say that this "controversy" is a stretch, even for the most sensitive SJW's out there.
If it's Cardi B's music video, let her put whoever she wants in. It's not like anyones forcing her to throw her in, right?
Jessica Petersen
Jessica Petersen:

When Carol baskins makes the most sense??¿? 🤷🏻‍♀️🐾
Omg y’all snowflakes bring race into everything
Andrew Gutmann
Andrew Gutmann:
Watch out Cardi, Carol gonna feed you to those cats
D Park
D Park:
They all killedddd it ☺️❤️
Barmaniac TV
Barmaniac TV:
joe exotic shoulda finished his job😂
Elias Sanchez
Elias Sanchez:
Edit all of them out along with the music
"complicated" yeah air-pole dancing is super complicated choreography yep. some girl was only doing a pose and she was white I don't see what kylie Jenner is getting attacked here
Venus Carmen
Venus Carmen:
❤️❤️❤️ thank you Cardi for never looking at color ❤️ #teamcardi #teamnormani #teamkylie #teammeghan
Destinee Moore
Destinee Moore:
i honestly don’t understand why y’all are so bothered i think her fine a** killed it😂🤷‍♀️
Wait didn’t Carole baskin kill someone?
Jr Lara
Jr Lara:
Carole gonna feed them tigers 👀
morales monster
morales monster:
Lmfao 🤣😂🤣😂🤣👏👏👏
Kaliah Morris
Kaliah Morris:
@carolbaskin didn’t you feed your husband to a tiger lmaooo
Karlie Seinwill
Karlie Seinwill:
I thought Kylie was a great pop up in the music video
Kylie look good in that outfit
The fact that Carol Baskin also has a problem with the video us very telling 😂😂😂😂
L D:
I ain't mad. Kylie looked delicious.
😂 damm anyone else got offended by this music video!
rube goldberg project
rube goldberg project:
They took this way too far. If it was that inconvenient for them to include in the video, they probably wouldn't have done it.
McLain Hunter
McLain Hunter:
I see no ones talking about carol baskins deciding to make an appearance 😂😂😂😂
kookieMONSTER Craig
kookieMONSTER Craig:
Carol Baskin still trying to stay relevant
Elizabeth Farmita
Elizabeth Farmita:
I dont really think any of that was about race. The background of the song goes in the house or some like that, Kylie is just one of her hoes lmao.
Faith Garden
Faith Garden:
Repent in jesus name he will forgive you💕💯
Dee Thegoat
Dee Thegoat:
Oh ok and what does this has to do with you
gasmeup ‘
gasmeup ‘:
austin bevis
austin bevis:
Wow carol Baskins was actually making a lot of sense
Mel D
Mel D:
Mad? Why I know
You cant
Victoria Martinez
Victoria Martinez:
Where can I sign 😂😂😂
Wow like always, YALL ALWAYS HAVE TO BRING RACE INTO A DAMN MUSIC VIDEO WHAT THE HELL. Back in the days news reporters were like “ill risk my life to report on gang violence, even if it costs my life!” And now its like “black woman did more dancing this is very racist” smh
emmy mboungou
emmy mboungou:
bruh why tf is carole baskin commenting on this im dead
If she wants to be included as one of the “whores in the house” like the song says let her do it! LOL People should be more upset with the degradation and message of the song than who is featured in it.
That Little Voice
That Little Voice:
Okay .. the points about the cats sound thoughtful.

As for the rest of this gossip piece .. who are these people and why does anyone care about this crap?
Carol baskin has no reason to be mad it’s easy to edit a tiger into a video they don’t even need tigers anywhere on set pacific rim was completely cgi and looked as real as possible you telling me they can’t do it with tigers but if it was a big tiger pimp then she can get mad I just don’t think any live tigers were involved
Giovani Soprano
Giovani Soprano:
Baskin is a murderer!
Carol did it!!!!
This has to be the most HEAD ASSERY I HAVE EVER SEEN
My Subliminal Results
My Subliminal Results:
How tf is this trending with only 272 comments? Did someone pay for this to trend-
I love Kylie in the video. People are so jealous, get over it.
Benjamin Brown
Benjamin Brown:
LOL "the most" they all did nothing leave kylie alone
Jessica Cheramie
Jessica Cheramie:
Jesus died for you was buried and rose again on the third day according to the scriptures.

If you confess with your mouth Jesus is lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead you will be saved. Please repent of your sins and accept Jesus Christ as your lord and savior
K.O. Beatz
K.O. Beatz:
since when did fans become directors
Carole Baskin killed her husband
what's the big deal? people always looking for controversy !!!
Coded Carlos
Coded Carlos:
I really dont get why kylie is being slammed for just being in a video leave her alone dang all she did was appear there and yall having a problem? Smh
Liz P
Liz P:
These "slacktivism" petitions are the perfect example of "the soft bigotry of low expectations". Black women don't need white saviors to remove potential white "competition" in order to achieve something (least of all, in rap/R&B music😂). They don't require special treatment, or lower standards, to excel - it's insulting.
lmao yall get your own life
jeffrey blichfeldt
jeffrey blichfeldt:
Wtf 😂? Why is a topic of discussion ?
Desiree Taylor
Desiree Taylor:
everett bettencourt
everett bettencourt:
This is news apparently
The Roach Baby
The Roach Baby:
Jace Pickering
Jace Pickering:
They were just friends and wanted her to be in the video
Eyes wide Open
Eyes wide Open:
tinker bell
tinker bell:
Good ole carol baskin fed her tigers they snacking lol go on somewhere carol lol
Brittany Field
Brittany Field:
Liso Salmoino
Liso Salmoino:
People acting like they created the music video smh
Dream Shgang
Dream Shgang:
I genuinely have a dislike for kylie but I really do LOVE the video and how they worked hard for the production of it. If they wanted her in, they wanted her in. Same thing with Rosalia and Normani doing their thing and it added diversity, they made this video the way they wanted it. They are proud and earning money, and topping the charts with this song. And the people complaining are the people sitting on their phone being miserable and not paying attention to REAL world problems. And that’s my opinion🤷🏾‍♀️
holy crap these people need to get a job and move on with their life
Aaron Clorox
Aaron Clorox:
Carole Needs to shut up and go dig up her husband !!!
Jason Cleary
Jason Cleary:
Why do people have to make everything about race wtf
Carol has bigger problems, like a dead husband
Selena G
Selena G:
Kylie want all typa fame