CAREER-HIGH 62 PTS For Stephen Curry‼

Stephen Curry scores a CAREER-HIGH 62 POINTS to lead the Warriors past Portland!

62 PTS, 18-31 FGM, 8 3PM, 18-19 FTM

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Look at Curry man so INSPIRATIONAL
Who’s here after curry just bagged his 4th championship! That man is a legend for real!!
If a crowd was there, then the entire arena would explode.
Jim Magistrado
Jim Magistrado:
"Baby Face Assassin"
"The Game Changer"
"Best shooter of all time"
"The Unselfish Guy"
#SC30 #2021MVP
Steph quieting all his haters he's been hearing for the past few weeks 😤
The thing I like about this performance is it wasn’t just a “shoot the lights out” game. He was fiercely attacking the paint too. That itself takes not just skill, but strength.
The Real JacobTv
The Real JacobTv:
This man got 62 points with a whole flower pot balancing on his head💪🏾🤧
saksham arora
saksham arora:
I started watching basketball because of this guy....
Something special.💯
Curry to Damian, "You merely adopted the logo, I was born in it, molded by it. I didn't see the paint until I was already a man and by then it was nothing to me but free throws."
B Jack
B Jack:
You need a crowd for games like these to get the full experience
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt:
Everyone: Steph can’t carry a team Steph: “ And I took that personally”
He’s the best shooter, ever. I love how he is not a big guy, but he still manages to get rebounds, plays down low, and of course can drill a 3 from way downtown.
1:43 The disrespect when grabbing and swinging himself past him... the disrespect that WHOLE GAME. Dude is a monster
Man, I miss the crowd, the warrior fans would have went absolutely crazy
Fynnick Jackson
Fynnick Jackson:
Here after the finals, man he IS THE MVP
Justin Galan
Justin Galan:
The funny thing is that Steph would have probably reached the 60 pt milestone earlier in his career (most likely during 15-16) if Kerr didn't mercifully sit him the rest of the game when the Warriors were consistently killing opposing teams..a testament to how damn good they were.
Justin Lewis
Justin Lewis:
Ray Allen, Larry Byrd, Marc Price, Reggie Miller, Michael Jordan.

Never in my life have i ever seen anyone shoot the ball like Steph Curry. It’s almost like being in a trance watching him when he’s on fire.
Emily An
Emily An:
The thing I like about this performance is it wasn’t just a “shoot the lights out” game. He was fiercely attacking the paint too. That itself takes not just skill, but strength.
That Fake American Dude
That Fake American Dude:
Do people actually realise how smart this man is with his movement. I didn’t even watch the full game but from these highlights alone, Curry’s movement and his basketball IQ are ELITE. Simply one of the best to be in the game. A once in a generation talent for you. Well done champ.
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy:
The thing I like about this performance is it wasn’t just a “shoot the lights out” game. He was fiercely attacking the paint too. That itself takes not just skill, but strength.
I just love this guy. He's my favorite of all time. You never know what your going to get from him and he keeps it so exciting.
Jalen Bhardwaj
Jalen Bhardwaj:
His reaction on his last shot was priceless😂
Lester Apuli
Lester Apuli:
Look at Curry Man so Inspirational. Nba 2022 Champion 🏆
Everyone: Steph can’t carry a team

Steph: “ And I took that personally”
Julian Caesar
Julian Caesar:
Steph makes it look so so easy, that’s how good he is
The Key To Life
The Key To Life:
What I love about Curry is just like Jordan, Duncan, etc. is he stuck it out with his team and made it happen eventually in 2015 and stayed loyal until again in 2022 instead of just hopping around 💯
Benjamin Kosto
Benjamin Kosto:
Seriously, if he wanted, he could do this just about every night. It's clear to see his change in energy & determination but he makes it look so easy. I've seen enough of these standout games from him to realize just how special he is. And he's consistently underrated... it's maddening. He's a top 12 player All Time
Of all the players that get on a hot shooting streak and just go all out, Curry is the most consistent I’ve ever seen
Darrion Sardo
Darrion Sardo:
Curry proving to everyone that he his the greatest shooter that’s ever lived... stop doubting this man
Michael Vega
Michael Vega:
My favorite player of all time. I remembered his college days on the court.
He and his partner shooting guard single handedly carried their team into the NCAA playoffs. I new he was special back then. He had a killer long shot from anywhere on the court. He displayed a great shooting touch and eye. I lost track of him until he blossomed with Golden State and became one of the "Splash Brothers". Dubs against the world. He will be a cinch H.O.F.
Warren Taylor
Warren Taylor:
NBA GOAT Scorer! I believe that there have been many times in the past that Curry could've done this, but sat out the whole 4th quarter because the Warriors had an insurmountable lead in so many games.
Dude is ridiculously talented! Definitely touched by God!
Bro I remember watching this game. I saw him hit the defining shot. So inspirational
Shahid Kazi
Shahid Kazi:
“Draymond shoots a 3....A pass, let’s just say it’s a pass”😭😂
The Absolute Best January 3rd of my life so glad I was able to witness Steph break his old career high of 54 but more importantly the way he did it.
prophet DJS
prophet DJS:
This is video game stuff here. I've seen a lot of shooters over the years, but to have ball handling & play making & still be able to shoot like this is incredible. With that being stated he is the greatest shooter of all time, some might debate it but I've never seen a player like this that shoots shots at a high degree of difficulty all the time from anywhere on the floor.
Still the best PG and has been the best PG in the NBA for the past 7-8 years, no debate about it!!
Ron Bonora
Ron Bonora:
Fantastic game by Curry. 62 points. You can imagine how great Wilt Chamberlain was when he scored 100 points in one game without a three point line.
He’s quite good
Haresh Buch
Haresh Buch:
Titans of Transition
Titans of Transition:
Inspirational! Simply awesome Stephen Curry.
Look at Curry man
Look at Curry man:
I’m praying for another game like this from Curry man
Billie Klein
Billie Klein:
I'll just say that the broken hand paid off a bunch! Whoever did hand surgery on Steph, is a LEGEND
“Are you almost looking forward to the double teams?” “..not really!” Way he said that cracked me up
Ariel Viniegra
Ariel Viniegra:
Uno de los mejores jugadores de la historia de la NBA... Este hombre es un triunfador....porque es puro entrenamiento y perfeccionamiento del tiro....desde niño....así....nacen los triunfadores....
Man it's crazy how time flies... It feels like it was just yesterday when this team was on a 20-0 to start the season. Getting old sucks 😥.
He looked like a kid just running around and having fun! You could see it in his eyes that he just wanted to shoot the ball with no worries!
Gawd Triller
Gawd Triller:
This was a different steph in this game lol you can see the look in his eyes the energy was different. I like this curry 🔥
Manish Kumar
Manish Kumar:
First comes: Professional NBA players

Then comes: Legendary players

And then finally comes our Stephen curry 🏀
brii Byun
brii Byun:
Is it the real definition of "back with a vengeance"? Wow! Just wow. Is this your year Stephen Curry?? 👏👏👏
Pat Pittz
Pat Pittz:
I mean lets be real....hes very inspirational. Look at Curry man.....i mean LOOK!!! 🤣😂😂😂🤣
serdy ximi
serdy ximi:
Man, I miss the crowd, the warrior fans would have went absolutely crazy
Never underestimate how much Draymond means to this team, he makes Curry, Klay and everybody comfortable when he is out there
Medric Adu
Medric Adu:
Steph curry is a special player I wish there was more shooters like him in the nba wow
Kobe Garzon
Kobe Garzon:
The real Curry is back! I think he is slowing down when Durant entered his team, he put less effort because Durant is there, but now the MVP version of Curry is back
Humble asf even after dropping a 60 bomb, look at curry man so inspirational
Smith Sightings
Smith Sightings:
“Just shoot shots and make em” -Steph Curry
John Red
John Red:
As Steph scored 62, I know that the world is slowly getting back to normal!
Gordon Walden
Gordon Walden:
I feel that at some point this man will put it all together one game and will put up a number never before seen in a game this side of Wilt.
Jeremy Ness
Jeremy Ness:
Nothing better in the nba to watch then when Steph catches 🔥🔥🔥
Win From Within
Win From Within:
Steph's 3s feel like they're worth 6
Lipe Primoz
Lipe Primoz:
Desisto o cara não erra uma de 3 😩😩🔥🔥
dolimi jotoo
dolimi jotoo:
Man, I miss the crowd, the warrior fans would have went absolutely crazy
Look At Curry Man So Inspirational 🐐❤️
Baked Science
Baked Science:
Lol this when lillard was telling us how "it's different" now for Steph.
There's just something so satisfying about watching your own highlights...
Scoring 31 in a game is difficult af. This man scored 31 in each half 🥶🥶
"Stay humble and stay in the game."
Luke Anderson
Luke Anderson:
Greatest shooter of all time 🙌
kolim jone
kolim jone:
Best Player of the Generation!!! King of three-point throws!!!
Sophia D
Sophia D:
Y’all were underestimating him sm....there’s the Steph Curry we love to see💙😤
Arsene Di Nzau Mbudi
Arsene Di Nzau Mbudi:
Portland is lucky there was no crowd
He would have scored 80 points
Anthony Hunt
Anthony Hunt:
Curry could’ve done this every season but chose to get his points off the ball to help the team. He’s a true master at his craft and the best shooter I’ve ever seen.
Lightspam Orochi
Lightspam Orochi:
Damn this guy looks like he might win a couple rings in his career
LH Produções
LH Produções:
I’ve never liked gsw but Steph has always been an inspiration and I like the way he plays and now I play a bit like him I shoot longer now and better at it
Best shooter of all time for me💯🏆❤️
0:43 will never not kill me. Dude gives his life for that job
Chocolate Salty Balls
Chocolate Salty Balls:
I know very little about basketball but I do love my 3 pointers and this guy just lands them like it's nothing.
Darius Jones
Darius Jones:
I like this takeover get on my back version of curry that he's been the past two seasons, At this point Steph is second to none when it comes to dominance in the league, he just does it a different way
Curry of course is a Great shooter but his vision is legendary as well, his vision so underrated!!
Absolute madness☄️🔥
Maria Diane Jessica Bughaw
Maria Diane Jessica Bughaw:
This Steph Curry is a new whole Level you can see the hardwork and passion. THIS STEPH IS A LEGENDARY
Legend has it he’s still on fire 🔥
Finally he broke his career high. You know the amount of times Kerr has yanked Steph out after a 50 piece just because the Warriors were blowing out the opponents
Haresh Buch
Haresh Buch:
Math Googolplex
Math Googolplex:
Yesterday did 57 points, he’s crazy
1:44 Damion Lee's (#1) reaction in the corner has me rollin 🤣
Terence Buie
Terence Buie:
A once in a life time point guard
some random weeb here
some random weeb here:
Everyone how does it feel not getting any help
Steph: I took that personally
HE MADE THAT look EASY! If no one told you he had 62, you would guess he had about 40 at the most. And he only took 31 SHOTS. That's a TRUE SHOOTING PERCENTAGE of 100% #StephGonnaSteph #DubDynasty
Young Dab
Young Dab:
That's honestly God-given talent right there
The bench reaction at 3:47 is everything LMAO
Ros Wong
Ros Wong:
The threes by Curry were INSANE!!! HE IS BACK!!!
Curry was different this game he woulda out scored MJ if he played all game
HUH What?
HUH What?:
Give this man the MVP, the other candidates for the MVP has a stack teams. Curry's carrying the team.
Armani Kozomara
Armani Kozomara:
I played against Steph's high school and all the records and 3 point records right outside the gym say "Curry"😂🔥him and his brother own all the records.
Brian Wang
Brian Wang:
Look at Curry man, so inspirational!
Zimran Mazeed
Zimran Mazeed:
The way Steph moves without the ball is acc crazy, it's an underrated part of his game