Carlo Ancelotti WELCOME back to Real Madrid

Carlo Ancelotti WELCOME back to Real Madrid
#Ancelotti #RealMadrid

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100+ comentarios:

Nino Productions
Nino Productions:
Welcome mister. Good luck!

Yky 92:48
Yky 92:48:
We sacked Ancelotti to bring in Benitez to sack Benitez to bring in Zidane for Zidane to quit to bring in Lopetegui to sack Lopetegui to bring in Solari to sack Solari to bring in Zidane for Zidane to quit and bring in Ancelotti
Ødegåård 21
Ødegåård 21:
Cmooooon he’ll make Ødegaard world class just ask James and Isco.
Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln:
A *legend* left *Real Madrid* , A *legend* came back to *Real Madrid*
SEN31 Extra
SEN31 Extra:
Arnav Mishra
Arnav Mishra:
Make Raul his assistant and see him become the next Zidane.
Christopher De Freitas
Christopher De Freitas:
Of all the managers we were linked with? He’s the only one I think we can fully breathe a sigh of relief with 😂
Nik m
Nik m:
i remember
when he was in real
he telling every one that real should score around 5 goals every game
im sooo happppyyyyyy
Let's go for 14 Champions League title! Hala Madrdi!
Mohd Meesam 67
Mohd Meesam 67:
Real Madrid played the most beautiful football under only Carlo's era. Don for a reason!!
Georges R
Georges R:
When I saw the Orange and Blue new kit, I knew Ancelotti was coming back
mihir natani
mihir natani:
Back then laliga team used to press high that creates more chances for teams like madrid and barca . Now they just sitback defending endlessly
Vitor ™
Vitor ™:
is this official? if it is, it's a great comeback from a coach who did a great job from 2013 to 2015. welcome back carleto.
Carlos CR7
Carlos CR7:
Welcome Míster, he is the winner of La Décima
Is this official?
549 Isaac Lalrinsanga
549 Isaac Lalrinsanga:
Mourinho and Ancelotti's madrid was something else❤️zidane's madrid was great too
Madridista 09
Madridista 09:
Don carlos is back 😭😭😭😍😍
Sahand Dara
Sahand Dara:
yow that was the best news ever but still alot respect for zizo good luck carlos
Aditya Basnet
Aditya Basnet:
He might conceded 5 goals, but we had the caliber to score 6 vs any defence. Thats how Carlo make our attack strong .
Welcome back Don ❤️
Ode and Brahim will be better with him ,hope Vini also will do good.
I hope they keep that counter attack alive because that makes real madrid even more special ❤️ #halamadrid 🏳️
Geo Mejia
Geo Mejia:
Yes, finally no more 1-0 games
Income 5-0 games weekly
Nabeel Hakeem
Nabeel Hakeem:
The man who made me fall in love with Madrid and football.
Shadowfaxe 35
Shadowfaxe 35:
Toni the sniper kroos
Toni the sniper kroos:
Welcome back Carlo🔥🔥🔥
Life in Korea
Life in Korea:
Soy de Corea🇰🇷
¡Apoyamos al fútbol de España!👍
Ved Chechi
Ved Chechi:
James was a very good player under Ancelotti
Jonathan Portillo
Jonathan Portillo:
i want to cry now, this man gave us La Decima. I never understood why RM didn't trust more on him in 2015.
SkyBantai Plays
SkyBantai Plays:
6:49 the birth season of BBC. Absolutely lethal force we were.
kapil kumar gambhir
kapil kumar gambhir:
now i only need ronaldo back and ramos contract renewal🥺
Ramírez Luna Mauricio
Ramírez Luna Mauricio:
The best Bale is coming!!
William Gabriel Cruz Perez
William Gabriel Cruz Perez:
Nino your vídeos are amazing
Neelakandan A Menon
Neelakandan A Menon:
Welcome don Carlo to your kingdom 💯
Welcome back Carleto!
TE Flasho TV
TE Flasho TV:
My coach favorite of the last years, i I never wanted him to leave.
prashast nigam
prashast nigam:
Welcome back!!!!! 😍😍🔥🔥🔥
Welcome back don carlo #HalaMadrid
Kushal Karki
Kushal Karki:
The king has returned to his kingdom
V. L. P.
V. L. P.:
Kevin Le
Kevin Le:
Lets goo so happy with him!
Soumalya Datta
Soumalya Datta:
Those were the days! I am proud that I was able to witness them. Bring back the glory days Don Carlo!
This year, we will win the champions another time. Hala madrid
fernando a.k.a
fernando a.k.a:
😲 que contragolpes se armaba ese Madrid ¡que velocidad!
_ lilvctr_
_ lilvctr_:
Thankfully we got Don Carlo imagine if we had gotten pochettino
Rafael Aguilar
Rafael Aguilar:
Vamoossssss ahora traete ha un 10 como james 😌🖐️
We just witnessed prime James Rodriguez in this video 😭💔
Nymgmhb A
Nymgmhb A:
Carlo’s RM played the most entertaining football
Zizou’s RM played the most efficient football
Omid Attai 17
Omid Attai 17:
He is look like more dangerous when he chewing gum 😄🔥
Carlo Ancelotti! I am so hyped, he is' back. 😋 🙏
Harsh Ahuja
Harsh Ahuja:
U are damn fast brother😂😂😂 👏
Khalid HSH
Khalid HSH:
Welcome Back Legend hope to see the Beautiful Football again ❤️❤️
I feel rodrygo must be sent on loan in some good team
Eduard Claudiu Domnisor
Eduard Claudiu Domnisor:
And it's finally official! Welcome back legend!
Even morata was good with him 😂
Tejas Angadi
Tejas Angadi:
I loved the Intro 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Timothy Myers
Timothy Myers:
Props for making this video so fast and i'm so happy for don to be back. HALA MADRID <3
Navy Seals Team X
Navy Seals Team X:
I missed him
Anish Harkare
Anish Harkare:
Here we go !!!! ❤
one of the greatest manager of all time welcome back coach
Pisn Disn
Pisn Disn:
Imagine he brings James back with him again😂
i expected Conte.... i think Antonio Conte was better option in this situation ! but.... i hope Ancelotti can build up the team again
Ufff that Bale of that time 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️
Kamarul Eiman
Kamarul Eiman:
Now next season will be a wonderful season to watch
Álvaro Chávez
Álvaro Chávez:
Bienvenido Míster!
Grande Carletto Ancelotti! ⚽❤️🔥✨
aaa terharu😭😭😭😭
Yesss Vamosss Don Carlos❤❤❤
Denilson Daniel
Denilson Daniel:
Welcome back Carlo😍
Aldistha Pratama
Aldistha Pratama:
Leyenda ❤️
Soon James will back 😂
Fikri Ajani
Fikri Ajani:
Welcome Back Mr La Decima 🌟🔥
Reza Gharri
Reza Gharri:
What a perfect Real Madrid 🤍
I feel pride 🔥🍻
Whooaah Gaming
Whooaah Gaming:
i wanted to see antonio conte as the head manager
Filipe Oliveira
Filipe Oliveira:
Já é oficial ? Seja bem-vindo de volta ao meu MADRID 🤩🤍
The sun will shine on us again
No Flex Zone
No Flex Zone:
That team when he was in Madrid before 😔
Faiq Yasir
Faiq Yasir:
He will start a new era where mbappe will come
Negan Thunder Gaming
Negan Thunder Gaming:
We need Ramos to Stay 🥺🥺🥺
Muhamad Yulianto
Muhamad Yulianto:
Hype.. 🔥🔥 Wake UP reall
Ra3ad Ot
Ra3ad Ot:
best coach I’ve ever seen
The on that brought the most difficult champions league in madrids history, the 10th
Ryan O
Ryan O:
I’m actually pretty content with this 🤷‍♂️
Welcome to real madrid winning hattrick ucls again ;)
Umar arif
Umar arif:
They just confirmed lesgo🔥, hope he resets the squad
Gaurav Mantri
Gaurav Mantri:
Don Carlo 😍😍
MehdiHidde 4
MehdiHidde 4:
Don Carlo👑❤
Yessir 💪🏽🔥
Jesús Merlo
Jesús Merlo:
Yo no entiendo si el Madrid es español y todo sobre el inglés XD
Umar arif
Umar arif:
Isco the happiest person rn 😂
I loved that beautiful season 😍😍😍😍😍😍
The Godfather back again!!🔥
Maanas Arora
Maanas Arora:
Now we just need the trophy man Gareth Bale 😍😍
Abhishek Yadav
Abhishek Yadav:
Who else thinks he would turn rodrygo into a beast ? ❤️❤️💀
Sthefany Antunes
Sthefany Antunes:
Tomara que ele consiga recuperar o bom futebol do Marcelo e Hazard🙌🏼
Fares Salaheldin
Fares Salaheldin:
HALA MADRID ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🥺🥺🥺🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
Ankit Prakash
Ankit Prakash:
Isco will be so happy right now😂 good for him
Alif Maulana Arkim
Alif Maulana Arkim:
welcome back sir 🔥💗
Samuel Augusto Prada Espinoza
Samuel Augusto Prada Espinoza:
I cried watching this, as Madrid fan you were happy to see this guys prove to the World why Real Madrid is the biggest club ever, Welcome Back Carlo, thanks to back after they dont let u work more years, u deserve won at less one title this season, i hope magic night will back again
Prince Rajput
Prince Rajput:
Welcome back Don Carlo🙏
Ediman 3007
Ediman 3007:
The man the mith the LEGEND
Jacob Black
Jacob Black:
Nice to see Cristiano’s goals in Real again ❤️
Himanshu Shrivastava
Himanshu Shrivastava:
Best dream for Madridista!!!💖💖
Purple Penguin
Purple Penguin:
Wait this is confirmed? I thought he was just an option
Artur Sadowski
Artur Sadowski:
Carlo made of Hazard and Mbappe dream attack 😍