Carlos Alcaraz vs Albert Ramos-Vinolas - Round 2 Highlights I Roland-Garros 2022

Alcaraz vs Albert
Ramos-Vinolas - Round 2 Highlights I Roland-Garros 2022. Watch the best moments from the the match that opposed Carlos
Alcaraz and Albert
Ramos-Vinolas at #RolandGarros 2022. Carlos
Alcaraz won 6/1 6/7 5/7 7/6 6/4.

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Roland-Garros 2022: from 16 May to 5 June.

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100+ comentarios:

KimiRai 2007
KimiRai 2007:
95% of the comments are about Carlos. I want to congratulate Albert Ramos-Vinolas for his brilliant game and attitude. Really impressive to be able to play a long and intense match like that at 34. Real pro. 🤩👏
Those last points are just INSANE. This kid has got some crazy athleticism, his speed and flexibility are out of this world.
ankit sharma
ankit sharma:
Huge round of applause for Ramos for putting up a great fight.
A bit more clean finishes on critical points and game could have been his.
paul ebhart
paul ebhart:
What carlos pulled out in the most important moments is just pure mental class of a champion! Well done Carlitos!!
Felix Walpole
Felix Walpole:
didn't play his best today and Albert was playing incredible tennis. That being said he found a way to win out of a tough situation -- what champions do! Good for you kid
Carlos is even giving us classic matches now like the big 4 used to do back in the day! Crazy comebacks, amazing shot-making in clutch moments, saving match points, fighting until the last point...feels like we are back in the early 2010s! The generation in between has not given us these kinds of matches very often and there is not as much excitement when the likes of Zverev and Tsitsipas go to 5 sets. With Carlos, you never no what is going to happen next!
This could be the match that makes him a champion. He so easily could have folded, but he really showed some grit out there. Every champion has bad days, but the best just refuse to lose.
Ravi Tripathi
Ravi Tripathi:
I think every top player has to sometimes go through these tough opening round matches, when they catch an inspired opponent and are not themselves feeling their best. What was important here was the mental ability of Alcaraz to hold it together and also his stamina even in 5th set. These wins will help him with his belief that even when he plays his worst, he can win.
Tw1st3D D4rKM1nD
Tw1st3D D4rKM1nD:
Gotta feel sorry for Albert a little.. he was onto something but he just loose it at the end. Congrats to Carlos for another hard working victory! 💪
Ramos-Vinolas played so well in this match. Just a couple of dips in concentration at the end of the 4th set and those allowed Alcaraz back in. Amazing match from start to finish!
Chandra Sekhar Dadi
Chandra Sekhar Dadi:
Ramos you tried everything and played wonderful. Alcaraz ran everywhere we thought impossible. Great game of the tournament I saw so far. Brilliant by Alcaraz. I am not sure if Ramos tried drop shots ever!!
Espectaculares Albert y Carlos, fenomenal partido! 🥰
These are matches that build a champion’s mindset. The best lessons for Alcaraz are in times like these, not when he’s steamrolling over opponents in straight sets. Kudos to Ramos-Vinolas going toe to toe with the kid. Huge respect for him.
This guy is not afraid of anything. Either it's a slam or its a masters tournament he plays the same insanely good game.
This match was insane! Congrats to Carlos he's beyond amazing but also Albert for puting up such a fight!
Mukesh Jha
Mukesh Jha:
It’s commendable what Albert Ramos-Vinolas was about to do given his age. Carlos had age on his side and luckily escaped an upset. Excited to follow Ramos in his next matches
althea graham
althea graham:
Wow, the spectators sure got their money's worth with this match-kudos to both players, you're awesome!!
Andy Taylor
Andy Taylor:
True respect for his incredible determination to never to give up a point. Such a huge foundation for him being a massive champion in the future!
jose manuel Murillo alcantara
jose manuel Murillo alcantara:
Que enorme fortaleza mental la de los dos jugadores por igual.Cualquiera de los dos españoles merecio ganar el match.
Enhorabuena a Carlos por aguantar la presion de Albert ,que lo tuvo muy cerca y no aprovecho esos momentos de " bajon " de Carlitos.
Partidazo !
Respect for Ramos-Vinolas!
Heavy Topspin
Heavy Topspin:
This is the kind of match Carlos needed to experience. Sure, Ramos-Vinolas is distinctly second-tier, but the long grind, losing a close set, and being down in the match are definitely going to help him grow and prepare him for an exhausting match against someone closer in level to him.
Javier T.
Javier T.:
Carlos Alcaraz had won their two previous matches when his ranking was lower than Ramos'. In this match Carlitos came as a clear favourite but Ramos came out with a very good strategy.
Ramos played a lot to Carlitos's backhand and made few mistakes. Moreover Albert was much better at converting his breaking point opportunities.
Also the court was slow today and that probably benefited Albert Ramos.
Once again Carlitos won a very difficult match.
ramiro fauno martinez
ramiro fauno martinez:
Alucinante Carlos Alcaraz !!! Los dos últimos sets son una sinfonía de fortaleza física y mental y un tenis increíble !! VAMOS CARLOS !!
Humbert Humbert
Humbert Humbert:
I caught this match live at the end of the 4th set. At the point I really thought the 19-year-old would crumble under the great pressure created by high expectations and roarings of enthusiastic fans. He weathered the storm though, proving himself worthy of all the praises. I would really love to see this young man clash with Djokovic or Nadal in the ensuing matches. Might go down in history as one of the classic matches as well.
Patrik Marflák
Patrik Marflák:
Alcaraz was struggling with consistency for the bigger part of the match. He was far from his best in the attacking game, even the drop shot didn't work as good as usually. It was frustrating to watch at times, but he made it all up with some crazy defence. He also played very solid at the net, it's great how he moves forward to finish the point at every opportunity and he is not afraid to do it even on the big points.

It reminded me of the Barcelona semifinal against De Minaur, where he also didn't play his best tennis but somehow found the way. This was similar but bigger, and it's a good grand slam lesson for him. It's also another proof of his bullish mentality, that never lets him give up and force him to make winners out of balls most other players wouldn't even run to.

Credit to Ramos Vinolas, who made a great effort. I really felt sorry for him at the end of the match, but it would be too bad if Alcaraz lost like that in the second round. If he was more effective at taking his chances, it might have been a straight sets win with no drama. He was 8 out of 31 at breakball conversion, while Ramos Vinolas took 6 out of 7. That's a lot of wasted chances against a guy who is not the best server in the world. But sometimes there are matches like that and it's better when it happens in the second round than in the second week. I think it was just a bad day in the office and he will be back stronger in the next match. There is some revenge to get against Korda.
M Pa
M Pa:
The heart of Nadal and mental toughness of Djokovic, incredible player!
Christian Guichay
Christian Guichay:
Que grande Albert también, los destellos del gran talento mental de Alcaraz han decidido el partido!
LazyBoy Gaming
LazyBoy Gaming:
Congratulations Albert Ramos-Vinolas for putting up a serious Fight 💪👊
Pingu Rider
Pingu Rider:
Ambos jugaron a un nivel extraordinario, estaba claro que Albert no se lo iba a dejar tan fácil a la promesa del tenis mundial
Ercelina Alvarez
Ercelina Alvarez:
Me encanta ese chico Carlos Alcaraz, Le vienen muchas cosas lindas en este fabuloso deporte ! Dios lo siga bendiciendo!
Clemente Perez
Clemente Perez:
Una pena que estos dos grandes jugadores hayan tenido que enfrentarse en segunda ronda. Creo que Ramos Viñolas merecía haber llegado más lejos. Y casi nadie quería ver tan pronto fuera del torneo a Alcaraz.
This close game made him mentally stronger, good for next games.
Leonardo Rozas Villegas
Leonardo Rozas Villegas:
Great match from Albert! Congratulations Carlos, reach for the top.
Ed Lockley
Ed Lockley:
That final set from Alcaraz was truly unbelievable. Even though he didn’t play his best for much of that much, he’s proved to himself that he can still play his best at the end of a 5 set match. I hope this gives him confidence going forward
Smith Abraham
Smith Abraham:
Well done Albert Ramos, great work 💪🏼
Silvia Hernandez De Salguero
Silvia Hernandez De Salguero:
Muy buen juego muy bueno el juego de R.Vinolas,yo tenia mi corazon en un hilo,pero carlitos como siempre salio del bajon
Y ganamooosh💪💪❤
Carlos, que potencial tiene este chico, le espera una carrera de tenis muy buena y con muchos éxitos, todo trabajo invertido tiene su recompensa 💪👌
Howard Fung
Howard Fung:
Kudos to both, what a great match!
Max 7even
Max 7even:
Man, Ramos also played well. He's 34. Played insanely good against an in form young Alcaraz.
Paul Macklin
Paul Macklin:
Champions hate to loose and will do anything to stop that happening!!! Carlos athletic ability and his capacity and commitment to save and win the unwinnable points are simply next level.
Critical Thinking
Critical Thinking:
Partidazo. Puntos increíbles de Alcaraz en la defensa y gran partido de Ramos, al nivel de un Top 15...
Mar Casabuena
Mar Casabuena:
Esta maravilla de chico se entrena y prepara a 25 km de mi casa, lo siento muy cercano y le deseo muchos éxitos. Mucha fuerza vamos Carlitos Alcaraz, sin desmerecer a Albert que es un gran jugador, me da pena que se encuentren en fases iniciales dos jugadores españoles, pero el juego es asi.👏👏💪
Hats off to Ramos. He gave Alcaraz all he could handle. Excellent test for Alcaraz going forward. I doubt it, but it would be nice to see Korda give him another battle.
Félix de Vega
Félix de Vega:
Alcaraz reminds me of a young Nadal. Time will say if he will go as far as Rafa. Congrats also to Albert Ramos he played really good today, it was an amazing performance from both players.
Karen V
Karen V:
Just incredible shot-making, the speed!
Agustín Aliaga Casaletti
Agustín Aliaga Casaletti:
Amazing level of tennis from both players! Envidia sana de mis amigos españoles por producir tantos jugadores sensacionales
Ravinder Singh
Ravinder Singh:
2:50 & 3:03 are the "Points of the year" 🔥🔥 No doubt
Sam HouChun
Sam HouChun:
This must be one of classic matches in Alcaraz’ career! Ramos is one of favourite clay masters, respect 🫡
liouy cnny
liouy cnny:
Alucinante Carlos Alcaraz !!! Los dos últimos sets son una sinfonía de fortaleza física y mental y un tenis increíble !! VAMOS CARLOS !!
monique deLatour
monique deLatour:
What an absolute high quality tennis match from both players. Next level play. Beautiful to watch.
Agus Young
Agus Young:
Beautiful match... Both players deserve credit to have shown great entertainment. Carlitos never give up attitude makes him win the critical moment and the match.
Great match by both. Albert Ramos deserves a lot of credit for fighting tooth and nail to make a match after set 1. Alcaraz is fearless, what guts on key points.
atul singh
atul singh:
I guess what really sets him apart from a lot of other players is the fact that scoreboard pressure doesn't affect his game.....whether he is set points up or match points down....he just follows his methodology.....which really is a courageous thing 2 do for such a young man.....bravo
the best display i’ve ever seen from vinolas. his tactical awareness on clay is impressive.
toto momo
toto momo:
OMG! This kid just gives me goosebumps 😱
Helen PM
Helen PM:
Partidazo! Vaya dos grandes! 👏👏👏👏
Paul McCann
Paul McCann:
Great to see that despite being off his game today Carlitos was still hanging incredibly tough on every point. A bit sad for Ramos-Vinolas, but at least he can go back to his regular acting gig on "The Walking Dead".
Jeremy Sry
Jeremy Sry:
wow this match felt like a quarter-finals/finals 🤯
Al Amin
Al Amin:
Carlos is the future of mens tennis but whilst watching this match I couldn’t help rooting for Ramos -Vilas. He is nearly double Carlos’s age. What a warrior!
Esperemos que sea el De Miñaur de RG. Hubo momentos en los que parecía todo perdido.
Γιάννης Τσαγκάρης
Γιάννης Τσαγκάρης:
Congrats to both for that epic match.The defences of Carlos when he broke for the 5-4 on last set was awesome and shows how much he wants this.
Gods Righteous Man
Gods Righteous Man:
This kid is outrageous. I’ve never seen a new talent emerge this fast before. Hell he might be a future great.
Yes I saw the score line but I’m talking about his age, attitude, resilience, gifts, and hard work
Same as every year. Grand Slam 4 hour and a half match from 2 great guys and all we have is a 4 min highlights, not even handshake included. Why? Alcaraz deserves more.
His foot speed is incredible he returns balls that no human should be able to! Let’s go dude!
Aston M.
Aston M.:
Alcaraz wasn't at his best with many, many unforced errors, but Albert Ramos-Vinolas played out of his mind. Hardly won a match this year, amazing. One thing I find particularly annoying is Alex Corretja interviewing Alcaraz entirely in Spanish, so the rest of the non-Spanish speaking world doesn't have a clue what the f they are saying. I hope RG/Eurosport will never allow this again.
Milagros A. Sáenz
Milagros A. Sáenz:
Pobre Albert, luchar tanto para nada. Cuando estás en el medio es difícil salir de ahí.🇪🇦🇪🇦
A really good test for him. You get the feeling throughout he was thinking "I got this". The panic syndrome so prevalent among next gen didn't show up in this match.
adam saunders
adam saunders:
What a match. Both played great. Was interesting to watch Carlos having doubts and then bringing back together at the last half of 5th set was amazing. Big learning curve for him .
Dexter Coronado
Dexter Coronado:
Saw the last two sets of this and it was just a nailbiter especially when Alcaraz was retrieving and miraculously keeping the ball in. It was really his tenacity that carried him through, which left one to wonder on his dip in form. He was just too passive here. Maybe nerves are coming into play.
The amount of resilience and composure! Very few Nextgen players possess that. Vamos Alcaraz!
Congratulation to Alcaraz. Though his level dropped insanely today yet he won. 74 unforced errors, 61 till 3rd set, 47 drop shot error. His biggest weapon drop and volley totally failed today. My best wished stays with him.
Santi Hung
Santi Hung:
Es increíble los dos grandes jugadores de tenis!!! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
paari raaju
paari raaju:
Awesome match!! Excellent tennis by both the players. Carlos was brilliant, every ball was either returned or a winning shot is the result. Albert for his age played a wonderful tennis. Congrats Carlos👍🏻👍🏻👌👌👌
Utkarsh Pant
Utkarsh Pant:
3:02 Defence from another planet
He was literally nowhere in the frame and Ramos was at the net
Erik The Half A Bee
Erik The Half A Bee:
Alcaraz played really poor tennis for his standards, but i am very impressed with his mental and physical capabilities. This could prove a very important match for his career from which he learns a lot about himself.
josemanuel garciadonado
josemanuel garciadonado:
Impresionante Carlitos Alcaraz y su competitividad sin límites aún cuando estaba al borde de la derrota !!!
Bobby M
Bobby M:
As always, ELECTRIFYING! Ramos-Vinolas amazing too. What a match!
Ramadean Channel
Ramadean Channel:
The kid has everything, most importantly mental toughness. Vamos Carlitos 👍👍👍👏👏👏
usanee beilles
usanee beilles:
Congratulations to Alcaraz. What a match!
Glad to see him in good health, and injury-free.

Very well played from both.
Considering of playing a monster-teenager like Alcaraz, my thumbs up for Ramos Vinolas. I wish him well.
Roger Ramirez Burbano
Roger Ramirez Burbano:
Creímos que el tenis estaba en su ocaso, el big three está por acabar su vida tenistica ...pero este chico nos da nuevas espectativas y disfrutar del tenis que el ofrece limpio ..gracias por esta oportunidad...
Vimal Vinodan
Vimal Vinodan:
Wow. Alcaraz has to work really hard to win this one. Kudos to both players for showcasing their talent.
B R U Z Z Y:
What a match best game I've seen this year, Albert was so good but Carlos is just too good such a determined fighter I hope he wins it
Great effort by Ramos-Vinolas--almost got 'em.
Rafael Lorenzo
Rafael Lorenzo:
When you go to see Carlos Alcaraz at a game, you're not going to see a game, you're going to war... 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 My goodness, what a long-suffering games this boy gives and what a show... 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Kara Gomes
Kara Gomes:
Inacreditável!! o ponto do 40-A foi fantástico. Alcaraz não desiste de bola alguma.
Eu termino os jogos difíceis do Alcaraz tão cansada quanto ele. Emocionalmente um caco pois grito e fico de pé o tempo todo ^^
I think this match will be a lesson to Carlos: Not to play at your best, but still win the match. Or like coach Brad Gilbert told Andre Agassi: You don´t have to be perfect, you just have to be better than the other guy.
Jack Rabbit
Jack Rabbit:
What a thrilling match! Props to both players
Raphael Rangel
Raphael Rangel:
Just WOW! Amazing match from Alcaraz and Ramos-Vinolas! Well deserved for Carlitos, especially after all that running to get the almost impossible points.
I've never seen anyone move like that on a tennis court! Absolutely unreal.....
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan:
Alucinante Carlos Alcaraz !!! Los dos últimos sets son una sinfonía de fortaleza física y mental y un tenis increíble !! VAMOS CARLOS !!
JS Mariani
JS Mariani:
I love the athleticism. It reminds me of my youthful tennis days, where I could get to just about any ball - and then muff it.
Pablo Paniagua
Pablo Paniagua:
Que partidos como este tengan resúmenes de 3 minutos y medio tiene delito...
Carlitos showed his young age in this one. ARV was great because played smartly and with experience; he just had no energy anymore at the end, or he'd have won. Carlitos should and will learn from this match.
Eliton Simoes
Eliton Simoes:
Vou repetir que falei meses atrais,Alcaraz vai ganhar Us open 2022, quero ver quem vai parar esse garoto na quadra dura! Saibro è mto bom, Na quadra dura...ele é monstro!!
DAniel Guillen
DAniel Guillen:
No vi el partido pero al parecer estuvo muy peleado, Hay que destacar el gran partido y esfuerzo de Albert Vinolas es ciero que a Carlos le ayuda el publico en ocaciones. Tremendo partido en el que pudo haber pasado cualquiera de los 2
Selcuk Cifci
Selcuk Cifci:
Trust me Ramos vinolas is really good on clay He could nearly beat everyone with this game
Jhoan Mora
Jhoan Mora:
Alcaraz is definitely the next legend. Nobody can beat him now.
Roberto Rondon
Roberto Rondon:
O menino é monstro!
josh nosher
josh nosher:
That insane point @2:27 is mind-blowing! I love the way he howls the moment the ball leaves his racquet showing that he knew instantly that ball was going to land in for a winner. Again, mind-blowing hand-eye coordination.
Andrew Burton
Andrew Burton:
From what I see Carlosa isn't going to get his way in the next few years without issue - two great passionate talents