Carlos Sainz & Lance Stroll Both Crash on Lap 1 | 2020 Russian Grand Prix

Two separate first-lap crashes for Carlos Sainz & Lance Stroll ended their races and any hopes of a good result in Russia.

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99 comentarios:

shubhankar dey
shubhankar dey:
Didn't even show leclerc's POV who was involved in this. Great.
Mendozer •••
Mendozer •••:
The Monza podium is cursed.
You literally have the commentator saying "We can't see who hit him from this angle" and yet you don't show any other angle. What on earth?
Elber Galarga
Elber Galarga:
Charles Leclerc: “Nothing, just an inchident on the race.”
Divyesh Agrawal
Divyesh Agrawal:
Surprised they didn't show Leclerc's onboard because I think he was the one who hit Stroll
Also, Carlos' crash straight up shouldn't have happened
RearView Racing
RearView Racing:
Carlos already getting into the Ferrari spirit...
Stroll own an f1 team.
Leclerc own fia.
Why no penalty for Leclerc? This is such a yoke!
Amirul Arrif
Amirul Arrif:
So no camera angles from the cars behind stroll? Ok....
Sainz just did a Grosjean Baku type "achievement"
Change the title first.
Sainz crashed and stroll was hit by Leclerc.
Nadia Passarelli Carvalho
Nadia Passarelli Carvalho:
LeClerc once again getting a pass
Oreo Boi
Oreo Boi:
🟡Hulkenberg: remember what I taught you in Renault?
🟠Sainz: Yeah, *Hulk Smash!*
🟡Hulkenberg: That’s the spirit!
🟠Sainz: Hulk smash the wall

🟡Hulkenberg: No-
Jean-Guy Côté
Jean-Guy Côté:
Stroll was totally ahead of Leclerc, they were not side by side. How can this be a simple racing incident?
Why not show Leclerc punting Stroll out of the race? Too afraid to embarass the star Ferrari driver by doing so?
SandalphonCPU • 210 years ago
SandalphonCPU • 210 years ago:
They should name Turn 1 and 2 “The Turn of Penalties” like they did on “The Wall of Champions”
Angus Noble
Angus Noble:
Lance's one was fair enough, he got hit from behind.

Carlos however...
Geert Matthys
Geert Matthys:
Carlos: when you no longer go for a gap you stop being a race car driver *hard stare*
Zac: sorry what?
Atlas Fenix
Atlas Fenix:
why they dont show leclerc? plus why wasn't he even penalised??
''Furkan Emir''
''Furkan Emir'':
Stroll didnt crashed leclerc crashed in to him.
SGstylerSG YeEaAHh
SGstylerSG YeEaAHh:
Stroll didnt crash he got spun into the wall by leclerc 😂
sinan uzi
sinan uzi:
No penalty for Leclerc? 🤔
Alwyn Jose Raja
Alwyn Jose Raja:
Leclerc needed a penalty!
Zach Jo
Zach Jo:
FIA gotta protect the golden boy at the expense of Stroll
So let’s get these similar incidents out.
2018 French GP: Vettel hits Bottas, 5sec penalty.
2018 British GP: Raikkonen hits Hamilton, 10sec penalty.
2019 Brazilian GP: Ricciardo hits Magnussen, 5sec penalty. Hamilton hits Albon, 5sec penalty.
2020 Austrian GP: Hamilton hits Albon, 5sec penalty.
Why wasn’t this incident even investigated? You can’t just say “Lap 1 stuff”, because Leclerc was clearly behind Stroll at the exit of the corner and Stroll was on the white line, unable to give any more space to the inside. Leclerc definitely should have gotten a 5sec penalty at least.
King Tin Hou
King Tin Hou:
I like how leclerc didn't get a penalty for punting stroll into the wall
no leclerc's onboard??? ahhh I almost forgot, FIA:Ferrari International Assistance. got it, wink, wink...
Musculus IV
Musculus IV:
How did leclerc not get a penalty for this?!
Aizuddin Fahmi
Aizuddin Fahmi:
People being mad at Stroll foe being out in two consecutive races but both of them were not even caused by him at all.
Le'clerc deserves a penalty.
But then if being sat in that bright red hunk of junk, worse than last years cheating Ferrari isn't penalty enough, I don't know what is
Communist Russia
Communist Russia:
Sainz moment was a bruh moment for everyone out here
Joao Guimaraes
Joao Guimaraes:
Dont be shy show us charles POV
Ford galaxie Fan club!
Ford galaxie Fan club!:
0:24 crrrrrrrrunch
Why not show the onboard of Leclerc hiting Stroll?

Stroll left him the most possible space and Charles still hit him.

Unexcusable how it wasn't even investigated
Gravity's Rainbow
Gravity's Rainbow:
No Leclerc on-board of the Stroll incident...Okay...
Charles not getting a penalty for punting Stroll was pure Ferrari International Assistance
Binnoto after sainz's sBin: I’m very excited. “We made our choice, and I think we made the right choice. I’m very pleased with Carlos joining the team, very pleased with our line-up.
Do you mean: "Carlos Sainz crash and Charles Leclerc wrecks Lance Stroll"?
JF Transp Metropolitano
JF Transp Metropolitano:
As vezes não entendo essa FIA, porque não puniu o Leclerc? Na Largada do GP do Japão do ano passado fez a mesma coisa e foi punido. Penalizaram a Ferrari por causa do motor e agora faz vistas grossas.
Byron Garay
Byron Garay:
How dare you *not showing Leclerc's camera angle* when it is clear he took away Stroll
Reverse rolls with Lance and Charles and ppl would be complaining.
Aríes Pradana A.
Aríes Pradana A.:
when I saw Sainz hit the barrier, a little funny 😅 & sorry too 😢

maybe he was sure he could avoid it, but he didn't

He shouldn't have rushed to speed up his car to quickly get into the track
Front Row Reviews
Front Row Reviews:
0:24, When you mess up on F1 2020 and can’t rewind further
"What a CRONCH that was"
-Karun Chandhok, 2020
Akshat Bisht
Akshat Bisht:
I could not understand that how Charles evaded a penalty after the incident with Stroll.
Eddie English
Eddie English:
Charles is everyone’s favorite wonderboy. They don’t get penalized, the media don’t even show it. Or talk to him about it after the race. Lucky to be Leclerc.
Michele M
Michele M:
Carlos is preparing for Ferrari
0:07/0:38: Leclerc's fault 🔼
Stroll has nothing of fault on today incident and in the Mugello Incident.
1.Leglerg Touch him.
AfanDianto Ramadhani
AfanDianto Ramadhani:

marshall (with broom): My time has come
Keven Harvey
Keven Harvey:
Leclerc's front tire hit Stoll's rear tire while Stroll is already on the exit curb.
F1 : nothing to see here.
ibnu fardhani
ibnu fardhani:
Soooo Checo will have to wait for another race to get his car upgraded
Adnan Amin
Adnan Amin:
Carlos made the most rookie mistake of all time... 🤦🏻‍♂️
Pronto ? Carlos ? S🅱️inalla
What a crunch that was
Han Solo
Han Solo:
Binotto: 'there is no crisis'.
Sainz: 'there is no wall'.

Sainz will fit right in at Ferrari!!
St. Louis
St. Louis:
Leclerc deserved a penalty, he was very reckless with Stroll.
Ashik John
Ashik John:
FIA probably didn't give leclerc the penalty ,because he is already serving one called "The Ferrari"
Paulo Monteiro
Paulo Monteiro:
Where's Lecrash penalty?
Why is there no Leclerc onboard video????
Σταλινιστης Τσιπρακος
Σταλινιστης Τσιπρακος:
Leclerc: "Thanks for your crash." 💓
"I think Magnussen hit us..."
No Leclerc onboard because then everyone would see Leclerc understeering into Stroll... Wouldn't want to take away reasons to pile on the hate on Stroll
Zenn Labs
Zenn Labs:
Somehow lando was the only car that sainz crash affected. Bad day for mcclaren
Ludwig Beresford
Ludwig Beresford:
No one:
Karun: what a CRRruNcH
To be fair
Lance was SHUNTED
Carlos simply didn't have enough patience in getting back on track, although I'm surprised he didn't use a flashback.
Regarding the latter incident: Ferrari International Assistance strikes again after a little while.
Amit S Krishnan
Amit S Krishnan:
To whoever this may concern. Crash you.
meme GOD
meme GOD:
0:23 - I tried this in Forza 4.
It worked. 😂😂😂
Paul Vetter
Paul Vetter:
0:25 "what a cRRRunch that was!"
Connor Smith
Connor Smith:
He went from 0 crashes in about a year to 3 crashes in 2 weeks
Soudipan Maity
Soudipan Maity:
Seeing Carlos crash broke a million hearts today. Whoever decided that run-off rule has only ever driven a Fiat Punto.
Anyone gonna acknowledge magnussen making 18 places in 2 races on lap 1
"What a *Krronch* that was."
youtube account
youtube account:
stroll just had the restart of the year passing over 5 cars by turn one and nobody's going to talk about it? And lec just gets away with no penalty.. not bias at all
DHL mao
DHL mao:
Are we just gonna ignore that Ericsson hit both Carlos and Lance
TJ Sorinake
TJ Sorinake:
On TV I saw images showing clearly Leclerc was the one who hit him. Why not here?
Charles deserved a strong penalty for this.
*Hamilton breathes*
*Leclerc straight up trashes somebody*
Nah it's fine
Rodaniel Rosihan
Rodaniel Rosihan:
I’m surprised leclerc didn’t get a penalty
Leclerc should have gotten a penalty
Calling it: The Domenicali Effect on Leclerc...
Martin Cronje
Martin Cronje:
Ferrari not getting penalized. Not sure where I've seen that before...
Connor Smith
Connor Smith:
Could’ve been another Matsushita Mazepin if vettel hit him
Andi S
Andi S:
What a CRUNCH...sound sastifying to me !
Stathis Tsk
Stathis Tsk:
Funny how they never showed Charles onboard or cars from behind Stroll to see who hit Stroll.... Same situation as Hamilton in Austria yet Charles got away with it.. They didnt even investigate it..Consistency
Hauptsache Puls
Hauptsache Puls:
Incredible Leclerc didnt get a penalty for shunting Stroll
What a *crrrrrrrrrunch*
Ian Ndegwa
Ian Ndegwa:
David Croft: So tell me Ant,who was your Grosjean of the day,
Antony: Id have to say Carlos Sainz,
Ferrari's just ruining it for everyone
I love how they hid Leclerc's POV to protect Ferraris once again.
Totally identical incident as Austria 2020 Hamilton vs Albon. If they knew immediately in Austria it was Hamilton's fault and went for the penalty, why didn't they even start an investigation in this incident? And hide the man in fault's POV?
So how many Leclerc infractions are we going to keep ignoring @formula1 ?
Ahmad Khalid Durrani
Ahmad Khalid Durrani:
0:24 "what a crotch that was..."
NANDu Techy vlogs
NANDu Techy vlogs:
Sainz crash:
The risk I took was calculated, but man, am I bad at math
I'm surprised. I actually have some faith in the fans now. I already last year saw that Leclerc kept getting away with penalties. Glad that people are catching on and realizing that. Usually the comments are filled with idiots!
The alliteration though...I see you over there Formula One
Clifford Domingo
Clifford Domingo:
He’s slowly becoming Carlos “Shunts”.
aditya ramesh
aditya ramesh:
So liclic and ferrari cannot afford a onboard camera from fia...
Quincy James
Quincy James:
Yeah thanks F1, be sure to withhold any video of Leclerc hitting Stroll... Is this the even handed approach we can expect from the new Ferrari F1 led by Domenicalli?... Disappointing.