Celeb Reaction To Naomi Osaka's French Open Withdrawal

Serena Williams supports Naomi Osaka after she withdraws from the French Open. Plus Ed Sheeran talks his return to music and Kate Winslet on not having her body touched up or edited for “Mare of Easttown”.

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0:00 - 14:16 Naomi Osaka Withdraws From French Open
14:17 - 18:45 Ed Sheeran Returns With New Music
18:46 - 23:36 Kate Winslet Fought For Unfiltered 'Mare'
23:37 -26:49 Zackery Torres Reveals She's Transgender
26:50 - 28:11 Michelle Pfeiffer Trains for 'Ant-Man 3'

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65 comentarios:

People make the assumption that because you have moments where you appear to speak in front of the press without anxiety , that everything is ok. Everything isn't. When someone tells you they are not ok believe it. Support them. Get them help.
Lisa Bennett Bolekaja
Lisa Bennett Bolekaja:
They tried to flex and Naomi said "Okay, Bye!" Love it! It will take someone of her stature to change the rules to accommodate those who can't handle intrusive media. They tried to put her in her place and thank goodness she is in a position to leave. Number 2 in the world and she bounces to protect her mental health (during a pandemic), and now the media and Tennis higher-ups have egg on their faces? Bravo. Those who want to talk, cool. Those who don't, that's cool too. Rule change!
Sammy Ytube
Sammy Ytube:
So young, gifted and smart thinking about her mental health first.
Jacqueline Payne
Jacqueline Payne:
I’m other words just as with collegiate sports power grabs by the elite and deal with you in the aftermath.

Naomi, ALWAYS PUT YOURSELF FIRST. Even if that means we see less of you. That doesn’t change how much we love and support you.
Sim Simas
Sim Simas:
Wow, mental health is not important anywhere. Not even if you are a professional athlete, the world is fine with you being in turmoil. A select few will fight by her side, but the entirety of humanity needs a major wake-up call. People are speaking out, speaking up, advocating for themselves....seeking allies and help, or understanding and consideration for their mental health.

Sorry she is getting fined for protecting herself. Women aren't protected well, not in public unless there is peer pressure.
Joshua Alexander
Joshua Alexander:
The only time most people watch press is when the important ppl in tennis lose because ppl wanna know why they lost. That’s it.
louise scott
louise scott:
The number of people arguing that it's a contractual obligation, it's the rules, it's for the fans, it helped build her brand blah blah is very jarring. Mental health first!!
Renita Brown
Renita Brown:
I disagree there are tons of athletes that love to use their platform to talk about whatever they want to talk about so they will always be somebody who wants to step up to the mic and have a conversation I think it's also the timing of these to have these discussions before imagine ask them all these questions that can get into their head is a lot
I don’t understand when it became mandatory for athletes to do press conferences. Let those who want to participate do them. The media has become too entitled. All that girl should have to do is play the game.
Shamika Devero
Shamika Devero:
IB Old
IB Old:
Creative alternatives have been suggested to promote sports, like televised kids sports clinics, for athletes who don’t want to do press conferences.
Renita Brown
Renita Brown:
I think Naomi got in front of it because if they had been left to dictate the story they would have told their side and probably skewed the image we all know how the French media can be especially as it pertains to black athletes so I completely understand her going to social media that way whatever she had to say was not chopped and screwed
Love that Naomi said nope to the mess, hopefully more athletes will take a stand.
Twisted Sister
Twisted Sister:
All the players are obligated to make their press call it’s in their contract. The publicity and media coverage of the interviews is where the prize money comes from.
Willa Fuller
Willa Fuller:
ED Sheeran is so awesome.
MnS Vlogs
MnS Vlogs:
Yes Love love out there❤️❤️
Sim Simas
Sim Simas:
Let's go Proud Pride!
Ciaron Smith
Ciaron Smith:
Lewis Hamilton has driven a car 1 second faster than any of his competitors for the past 8 years.
Willa Fuller
Willa Fuller:
Really? Most athletes won't want to do interviews?! Please! Most live for it.
Bob Dollar 937
Bob Dollar 937:
Things in a person's environment like mansions and money does not affect the Personality or Mental Disorder that people develop from puberty to around age 25 when the Average Person's brain mature, however Personality Disorders do not require Medical Intervention and Mental Disorders will require Medical Intervention.
The Organization, are they thinking of their and presses wellbeing or the players and fans, who are actually the reasons we have tennis tournaments?
Every nation came from 🤜🏿❤🤛🏿 so why hate on your creators sigh humans smh
WorldPeace Famie
WorldPeace Famie:
The devil will do anything to defeat you, I am glad Naomi is putting her health first and not thinking about Financials, I hope she is surrounded by strong support, no health no wealth 🙏🏾
The Saint
The Saint:
She did well and she sorry, let see her actions with her words. Give her time.
Dean Albertson
Dean Albertson:
It's called a medical exemption. If she had a problem with her throat and could not talk, she would not be required to do a press conference. It should be the same for a psychological issue. Perhaps her coach could go and do the press conference.
Chantal N6
Chantal N6:
Why did the press asked her questions about her last name & where is her dad. Those type of questions shouldn’t be allowed because they have NOTHING to do with her game. There’s has to be a journalist CODE OF CONDUCT.
Norsh Stephens
Norsh Stephens:
He actually said you can’t get away with not doing interviews. Yet Bill Belichick does it all the time. Shannon Sharpe called him out about it when he was on CBS pregame show, and shortly after Sharpe was gone from the show.
Tanika Atwater
Tanika Atwater:
Why wasn't Naomi paying a fine every time she missed a post game interview enough punishment? Why did French Open and other slams threaten disqualification?
Max Kwok
Max Kwok:
The fact is there will be another Naomi after this one. And they didnt really boo her, they booed at the tournament officials for handling the awkward situation badly.

After match, a Player and their support staff exit tennis court to private chamber, comfortable room setting. Within 1/2 hour after match, 1 or 2 questions from each reporter are compiled, and organized by players staff, and presented orally to player, for response. Every Player on the circuit, presents their oral and or video presentation, reaction, emotion, comes through in their privacy. Some players may prefer both oral and video presentation sent to all reporters on line.
lizzy F
lizzy F:
So happy she's getting the support she needs; a real slap in the face for a man like piers Morgan who only chooses only one race to put down. He sure is a low life if that's how he makes his money 💰🤑🤷
Dean Albertson
Dean Albertson:
Boycott the French Open.
Su zeO
Su zeO:
I'm a huge tennis fan but I can honestly say the post match interviews mean nothing to me. They're being ascribed way too much importance. I feel sorry for the players whenever I see their post match interviews. Especially the upcoming crew like Jannik Sinner. It looks like torture.
realist bob
realist bob:
shes a woke activist...
Makeup & Yoga 2020
Makeup & Yoga 2020:
cant we just leave her alone? times have changed
Michele King
Michele King:
So no one saw the rude questions asked of 16 year old Coco. Naomi has a point of how athletes are treated in the press room
Paula Farmer
Paula Farmer:
She was and is prioritizing her mental health and that is always a positive thing. She didn't say she's representing all athletes, she was speaking from her personal experience, making a decisions for herself that can help others who struggle. Maybe there needs to be adjustments to the post match interview platform, but I don't think anyone expects they'll be removed. That said, I've rarely heard one that didn't feel awkward or stupid.
Joni Lipsky
Joni Lipsky:
Anyone that says athletes have an obligation to the sport to do press to promote it, clearly is not a sports fan. In this day of the internet and social media, anyone with a camera and an uplink can be a “journalist”. The two ET reporters commenting on Kate Winslet did an entire segment without once interviewing her in a press conference. That lack of being able to subject Kate to a media feeding frenzy won’t negatively impact the success of the series. The sports reporters and talking heads can criticize all they want without requiring the actual presence of the athlete to put in their two cents. Additionally, any top athlete like Naomi Osaka likely has a management team, including PR people who provide her media training. What you see on a press conference are inauthentic responses to some repetitive questions that give you no insight to the game. I will continue to be a tennis fan even if I never see a live interview again. It’s the sport I enjoy. To the extent I am a fan of the athlete, I find social media posts to be more demonstrative of their stream of consciousness than a press conference with rehearsed answers to dumb questions. And yes, mental health is at the heart of this issue. Unless you’ve experienced severe anxiety from public speaking, you have no idea how badly it can affect you, and in the case of Naomi Osaka, can negatively impact future performance. Sure other athletes endure it fine and may even enjoy the attention, but as Serena Williams pointed out, everyone is different and will react differently to the same type of stimuli. Conversations will continue on this topic whether or not Naomi participates in a press conference so implying that media relies on a subjects’ participation is a disingenuous argument.
j. M.
j. M.:
Kate Winslet is amazing. It would be great for both men & women to show their true faces as they are, especially in films. Aging faces are beautiful and empowering.
Shawn Matthews
Shawn Matthews:
Naomi wins here! She is not leaving tennis, or leaving interviews. She is making herself first. No institution is going to think of the athlete first. They are about the dollar. It takes alot of mental strength to be on top of your game. She is not a possession. She is a person, who must perserve her mind which you want to keep intact for years after the applause dies. Good for you, Naomi ❤🙏🏾❤🙏🏾❤
Kirk the Jerk
Kirk the Jerk:
Serena Williams literally said, "I have thick skin, some don't" and she's being hailed as #NaomiOsaka's greatest ally. The media is stupid. Maybe that's why millennials like Naomi don't want to do press conferences.
If there's no player, there will be no Games, Games exist with help of Press, So, which one is more important, the player or the Press?
Lex is
Lex is:
Let Naomi deal with it. People are going to deal with the press. That being said, the press conferences is the most boring part of sports. Media need to stop giving themselves so much credit. Your numbers for press conferences are so low. You all really think these press conferences are doing something. The only thing they do is allow you to write an article no one really reads. Cat videos pooping do better. Let’s keep it real.
Man anyone whose watched 2018 us open and circumstances can see naomis anxiety and being boooo Ed by fans and winning a dream like that...deauces French one of the best if not nest on the female side...the tennis organization wta needs to catch up or took a step back and bring a conversation to light, I listen to some press conferences 🤦‍♂️ ....just repeadly asking same questions...stupid uneducated questions
Sharon marcia Lawrence Hunter
Sharon marcia Lawrence Hunter:
If she was a white player like Maria she would have got a path on the back and plus a hug look for Maria did to Serena years and still Serena was a better player and you get all the big endorsement and the past of Serena and give her the endorsements because her skin was lighter
V Thomas
V Thomas:
You don’t get what Naomi is going thru yet you sit here criticizing her. Leave it alone guys. You’re not an athlete, you have no idea so leave it alone and move on.
Elen Allen
Elen Allen:
All those organization talk a good game but the end of the day it's a business ! This woman is telling you that she is having some issues and she needs a rest ! She has to take care of her mental help ! This woman needs our help not be punish for not being in her top form ! Mental help is real and bravo to Naomi for knowing she needs help ! Please take care of yourself there is so much love out here for you ! ❤😷✌
Reveron Everon
Reveron Everon:
No live 💓💕👫
Sarah Pelletier
Sarah Pelletier:
the video is really good and great
steve coleman
steve coleman:
Maybe tennis isn't for Osaka ....she can stop walk away do something else that makes her happy she was pushed into it as a kid like all the others.... just stop ....get a life out of spotlight
Trent Timoy
Trent Timoy:
She did the right thing. Depression is no joke. Not all depression is created equal. Talent alone can not get you through a sporting career. Without a strong mental foundation you're going to crumble under that pressure and eventually burn out.
Sharon marcia Lawrence Hunter
Sharon marcia Lawrence Hunter:
The French Open do not care about black athletes look what they did to Serena she's going to wear the black catsuit it was to prevent blood clots
Lara Croftix
Lara Croftix:
She is right. I never watch the press conference. As a fan of the sport I don’t need them. Changes need to be make.
Rita Duah
Rita Duah:
There are men in the Tennis tournament who do not talk to the media, why are they not ridiculed. I support her fully. The threatening is just uncalled for. The treatment of athletes especially black athletes who people think they are not human. They did the same thing to Serena and Coco. It's disgusting with these reporter who think they should control your life. Now that she dropped out the Tennis whatever are singing a different song. And all those racists and trolls who are ridiculing her, check your own mental health and find something better to do. Shame on you.
Sue. R.
Sue. R.:
Press conferences are boring! We like to see her playing, not speaking the same sh*t a million times. So, even if you are talented as her, but you don’t want to talk with a bunch of old man, you’re done? Stupid
Teal Jade's Research Notes & Anecdotes
Teal Jade's Research Notes & Anecdotes:
I bet if a large number of her fans boycott the tournaments, they will change their tune.
Sending you all the love that you can hold Naomi!
Take care of you! We the people got you.
M J:
Serena did NOT say that some people are thick skinned vs thin skinned! Her reference to thick vs. thin was an example of body types. Let’s quote people correctly please!
Let’s be clear she only did this by Twitter she never reached out directly to the French Open, the tournament look for her a few times, she never answered, actually they even used the same medium Twitter to ask to have a talk because they were worried for her but she never answered. she wasn’t taking care of herself, she just don’t wanted to do an interview and avoid the conversation that he needed to happen to achieve that. She was like a bad boyfriend breaking up by text. It’s her own deeds that produce this outcome, let’s stop blaming the tournament
Kirk the Jerk
Kirk the Jerk:
Classic Serena danced around the question in a press conference. She basically said, "I have thick skin, some don't." How is that "support?" LMAO.
The problem is that these tournaments DO NOT control the press and their sexist hateful questions. It's a free for all degrading attack in the press room for nasty reporters. There is no "oh, the athletes don't want to do press" it's a, the athletes are asking that you control the reporters so that they are not so mentally distraught that they can't focus on the main reason they are here in the first place, to play tennis.
sha shazan ali
sha shazan ali:
If she really cares about depression she needs to stop helping out and promoting NiKe, Louis Vuitton who exploit 3rd world labour 20cent a day for a human to make 100 Nike sneakers is sick, think about her getting paid millions when 1000s are being exploited just so we can have the Nike she promoted, we need transparent actions, when will we have this, and what hypocrite is serena for treating osaka like that during the US open
Apollo Ciach
Apollo Ciach:
She’s in shambles already, lost her number 1 status as quickly as she got it. She’ll be out of the top 5 within a year. Too many young killers on the come up in woman’s tennis
She can't cope with the pressures of facing the media after she loses a match, but that happens frequently and you have to deal with it. Most players hate the media but understand it 's part of the job to talk to reporters. Without the media, there is no prize money, no contracts, you don’t get half the cake. Most players hate the media and talking to journalists, but you had to do it
Naomi needs to grow up or her career is over! Wussy youth!