Celta Vigo vs. Barcelona reaction: Ansu Fati on fire & Philippe Coutinho in form for Barca | La Liga

Barcelona continue to impress under Ronald Koeman with two league wins in two matches after a 3-0 victory over Celta Vigo. ESPN FC's Alejandro Moreno and Frank Leboeuf analyze Barcelona's performance and how the team appears to be taking shape after a tumultuous offseason.


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Vachan Bundimutt
Vachan Bundimutt:
Down to 10 men, away game, horrible weather and against a well sophisticated team...and we still won 3-0

If this was under Valverde and Setien, we would never see this result..
Kakashi Hatake
Kakashi Hatake:
Finally Barcelona doesn’t have to depend on messi to do everything. He can now focus just on the attack.
Zero TwoSixty
Zero TwoSixty:
Ansu Fati is the future of Barcelona Messi will be his mentor.
Frank: Wind help Barcelona win.
Me, an intellectual: Yes. Wind of change.
Bassam 07
Bassam 07:
Statistics fans won’t appreciate Messi’s magic before the second & third goal
Coutinho, De Jong and even Roberto were all immense
Aftax karaamaH Official
Aftax karaamaH Official:
10 men
Away win
Clean sheet
It might be soo early to tell but what a way start the season from koeman
Loic Djomo
Loic Djomo:
This guys are blaming the wind 🙄. Bruhhhhh. Give Barca credit .
Evans Seakamela
Evans Seakamela:
Why can’t y’all say Barca played a good game without saying the other team was bad
Come on credit where it’s due
That Neymar reunion wont be happening with Ansu performing. Hope the youngster stay fit.
Gun Kub
Gun Kub:
Fun fact: Messi already got 2 (own goal) assists in this season. 😂😂😂😂
Nick van Betuw
Nick van Betuw:
Frank: "Yes but the wind..." lol 😂
Kshitij C
Kshitij C:
This was the best Barca performance in an year and a half, smart pressing off the ball, Messi finally back in form and most importantly great counterattacks without a million useless passes. COUTINHO'S pressing has improved a lot, that's what Bavarian meal does to you.
Bijay Magar
Bijay Magar:
haha Now they are saying Barcelona was lucky because the wind was flowing towards celta vigo🤣🤣🤣
paco ramon
paco ramon:
Ansu Fati did it in a cold rainy night at Vigo.
Mincili MC Isaac Maseko
Mincili MC Isaac Maseko:
Couthino is on Fire 🔥😭
Vijay Bhushan
Vijay Bhushan:
That pass from Frankie 🙈
I Am Always Happy
I Am Always Happy:
The Attack and Midfield was on point today. However the defense did look suspect at times. I don't know why Barca haven't invested in players at this position
Kris gaza Richard
Kris gaza Richard:
2 games in a row messi forced the opponent to score a own goal, if thats not brilliance i dont know what is 🤷🏿‍♂️👏🏾
Trideb Adhikary
Trideb Adhikary:
The new Barca is on fire with so much energy 🔥🔥come back in a grand way🔥🔥
let's protect mother NATURE
let's protect mother NATURE:
For me COUTINHO was the BEST player out there, He ran the show and absorbed most of the pressure and made good passes. As soon as he got substituted Barca for some reason defencivily started to look vulnerable.
The best thing is Koeman has eliminated these high levels of neurotic emotions surrounding the team. Just back to basic professional football.
Mo PeSGaming
Mo PeSGaming:
They did fc Barcelona 🔵🔴❤️💙👍💪💪💪
Sam Allardyce
Sam Allardyce:
koeman the footballing genius
Hamza Orakzai
Hamza Orakzai:
"Barcelona were lucky because the wind was blowing in Celta's face" Frank, Jurgen Klopp would be proud of you
Football Made Easy
Football Made Easy:
Everyone is in good shape. Now Messi can easily pack his bags and leave with a relief that yes someone is there to take care of this club
let's protect mother NATURE
let's protect mother NATURE:
Messi was good but COUTINHO WAS THE BEST.
Mystery 99
Mystery 99:
Messi was unbelievable
Prince Teye
Prince Teye:
Barca will prove everybody wrong
Alama Eyob-Austin
Alama Eyob-Austin:
Griezzman should have left Barcelona this summer
Ram PUBG :D:
They forgot that....Leo Messi love ❤️ to play in raining 🌧 weather 🔥💪🏻
raheem mcclashie
raheem mcclashie:
i'll say it agin ansu fati is by far better and talented than greenwood.
Anthony Yanez
Anthony Yanez:
We played against the wind in the first half so not fortunate at all!
Atri Bera
Atri Bera:
Barca: Tough opponent that they haven't won against on the road in 5 years, one man down for most of the match, terrible weather, still goes on to win 3-0 with a solid show of character.

ESPN: They won because of the wind.
shiraz papi
shiraz papi:
Barcelona win in a tough stadium by 3goals to nothing a man down and this Heaters Are only looking at Grezzman
Just show some Appreciation...
The curse is finally over. Thank God
Most people don't know but celta is a Stoke away version of laliga. Really hard conditions to play against. Thank God they had to play with 10 man otherwise the wind was so strong that demboz would have taken a flight from ground to old Trafford 🌪
Leonardo Cruz
Leonardo Cruz:
played so well off the ball, I was screaming at the players to run lol now I'm hyped
Nasser Abdulazeez
Nasser Abdulazeez:
Ansu fati in barc is fantastic man God bless you fati for football in barc 🥰💥🤝
Gideon James
Gideon James:
Climbing back to the top easily
Dybala Michael
Dybala Michael:
Neto has been surprisingly good man. Respect ✊
It’s good to see Coutinho back in shape. One of my favourite players 👌🏼 👏
Harsh Munagekar
Harsh Munagekar:
Me: Barca was playing very good today, good performance

Frank: It was the wind
Isso Mixes
Isso Mixes:
ESPN FC logic: The rain only fell and the wind was only strong when Barca had the ball.
Vic Williams
Vic Williams:
*Now yall wanna hop on barcas wagon* 😂
Harsh Sharma
Harsh Sharma:
16 shots and 11 goals - Ansu fati
Chris H
Chris H:
I’m happy to see Barca having fun again, not needing to try and still destroying there opponent. Like the good ol days 🙂
Sabir Alvi
Sabir Alvi:
Someday when Fati, Messi, Griezmann and Coutinho all score a goal in same match, these guys will complain "Oh where is Ajax's De Jong, why he is not scoring goals?"... they just wanna be whining about some player!
Dami Fash
Dami Fash:
Anyone remember when that clown GAB said he expect barca to finish 3rd behind Madrid and athletico....😂😂...

We’ll see
Roshan Hussain
Roshan Hussain:
Finally that good times come 🤩
Simoko James Phiri
Simoko James Phiri:
Even when Barca win, you guys still blame Griezmann 😂😂😂
Youssef Assem
Youssef Assem:
Frank leboeuf being a sport's consultant 🤣🤣🤣
Hayden Gutierrez
Hayden Gutierrez:
no messi should be on the right wing and griezmann up front
With Witt
With Witt:
Coutinho was immaculate 🥶👍
Shakira Alleyne
Shakira Alleyne:
Coutihno was on fire I’m glad he’s seeing his way 🥰
Bryson Sabun
Bryson Sabun:
Hahahaha Thank you Alejandro, you remind me those times, everytime it was Coutinho who has sacrificed??? It's really a shame!!
jason tan
jason tan:
Can anyone tell me what’s in the right side of franks head ... I can’t seem to figure it . Anyone noticed btw.
Koeman made Barcelona defense amazing with past two games
Samuel Mugo
Samuel Mugo:
Barca haven't conceded a goal💀
They are turning the whole mess around pretty quickly, amazing stuff
Daniel Lau
Daniel Lau:
If you want to play Dembele, play him as a RW because Ansu Fati is too good to be on the bench.
Coutihno was amazing.
Richy Kaweesa
Richy Kaweesa:
But really you guys!!! Griezman is playing so well!!! He's sacrificed alot for the team!! I tell you after having Dest that combo will grow!!!
Michael Escobar
Michael Escobar:
You need to keep Griezmann on the bench and when u want to sub Coutinho then you play him in his position. It's the only way.
Tharun Krishna Vadde
Tharun Krishna Vadde:
Man that pass from de Jong to griezzy was lit af!
ninja G original
ninja G original:
If we playing juventes we need to see more
Saif Chowdhury
Saif Chowdhury:
Looking forward to this season where other players are stepping up!
Achyut Dave
Achyut Dave:
Celta Vigo didn't give up. At least 3 of the five available subs were offensive from them.
Afzu 10
Afzu 10:
Griezmann will strive when dest comes in🔥
Sudeshna Mukhopadhyay
Sudeshna Mukhopadhyay:
Dave Y
Dave Y:
Griezmann sticking out like a sore thumb
Messi actually got no goals or assists, but if people look at the goals they see the unbelievable things he did once again. Stop comparing him to anyone else... they just rely on goals statistics.
Johan Rijhkelaar
Johan Rijhkelaar:
Griezman just simply won’t cut it at Barcelona, he’s not that kind of player seem like fish out of water 😕
josh dominguez
josh dominguez:
I have a good feeling about this season
Jeffrey Gervais
Jeffrey Gervais:
Wow they've actually said some positive things of Barça!🤯🤯
John Blessed
John Blessed:
A few seasons ago Griezmann boasted that he was sitting at the same table as Messi and Ronaldo but since he came to Barça he is struggling to find his best form in games.
Health iz Wealth
Health iz Wealth:
The wind 😂😂😂
pratham somani
pratham somani:
i know the season has just started but barca really fought this one out shows their sheer tenacity and hunger for wins,especially after that red card
Aditya Sonde
Aditya Sonde:
Wind ?? Tf, at least try to least hide the bias 😂😂
Oh yeah the wind?🤣 Is he a klopp fan?
arvin STARVIN’
arvin STARVIN’:
2:31 so by this logic, why didn’t Celta tàke the advantage of the wind in the first half?
Shariq Khan
Shariq Khan:
Oh so they played well because of the wind in the second half 🙄 2:25
Gc Salfon
Gc Salfon:
Coutinho coutinho coutinho coutinho coutinho coutinho💪🔥🔥🔥
Vincent Kumar
Vincent Kumar:
French analysts have all sorts of excuses for Antoine G ...laughable
Curtis Charles
Curtis Charles:
regarding griezmann. this is the board's fault because they bought a guy and not having a position where he can start. griezmann can only play as a striker at barca but then that leaves messi to play on the right wing or behind the striker. if messi plays right then he cant track back to help the right back and that was the problem last season with semedo, as he had no help. then if messi plays behind the striker then what are you gonna do with coutinho ? push him on the wing? it didnt work before ,then if you do push him on the left wing then what are we gonna do with fati? so griezmann has no other choice but to play on the right because he is a worker and he can assist the right back. other than that then its the bench
Nazmul Alom
Nazmul Alom:
When good comes it comes with full hands
Hamza Orakzai
Hamza Orakzai:
Thank God Gab Marcotti isn't here to downplay what Barca did, like he did against Villareal
Issa Shloniii
Issa Shloniii:
Did that guy really talk about the wind 💀💀
Vatsal Agarwal
Vatsal Agarwal:
Griezzmann doing a lot of things for the team defensively, he had been crucial
ambesh karanjit
ambesh karanjit:
Finally these guys are spitting facts and praising Barça without being biased and supporting to Madrid teams 😌
#Sand Vision
#Sand Vision:
This is a normal result 😂. Okay counting that one Frank
Omer Axmed
Omer Axmed:
Frank is true about greizmann's situation lack of confidance
No Im Spartacus
No Im Spartacus:
Good result. The team played eally well and under koeman they seem more hungrier and press alot quicker which is a good thing. Im looking forward to the Sevilla game .💙❤
City On Top
City On Top:
Koeman just reminds me of SAF in a weird way
Adi Tya
Adi Tya:
3:50 normal results??
Ev Folorunsho
Ev Folorunsho:
Did Frank just mention the wind? Smh, this was an unbeaten celta but barca fought like dis was a final, it's bin ages Messi ran and tackled like his life depended on it.
Franchize Tribe
Franchize Tribe:
Next stop stoke city 💪🏿
Griezmann, idk where he goes in the team. He's use to the second hand striker position. He could play CAM, but he's pretty difficult to fit.
devang chauhan
devang chauhan:
Messi was on fire in second half
Not sure why no one has mentioned this yet but Coutinho was a man of PURPOSE today 🔥🔥. MOTM for me.