Celtics vs Heat HIGHLIGHTS Full Game | NBA Playoff Game 4

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In today’s game the Heat beat the Celtics 117-114 and lead the series is 3-1 Stay tuned for game 5.

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100+ comentarios:

Dor Aroch
Dor Aroch:
Nobody is talking about Meyers Leonard's consistent effort on the sidelines
Seantino Lin
Seantino Lin:
Heat and Celtics are role model in the NBA for developing young players. Nuggets as well.
Don't forget the fact that Zion "20 games played" Williamson was selected for the All Rookie First Team and Tyler Herro not 😤
damn herro, this kid has a bright future
Hector Kyprianou
Hector Kyprianou:
Imagine Hayward missing his baby's birth just to go home 5 days later
Mehlo Wakhe
Mehlo Wakhe:
Surprise package was Herro, Celtics were not expecting that
Andrew Jackson
Andrew Jackson:
Crazy how close each game is, like both teams have that edge to grind their best to go till the final second and it’s amazing to see
Ronald Leung
Ronald Leung:
BEST HIGHLIGHT EDIT EVER! you included all those missed shots AND plays and that kept me nervous the whole vid not sure which shot is in which is not!

Keep it up!!
Asad Zubair
Asad Zubair:
Jimmy butler really deserves
to win a championship
Time for Marcus Smart to shout at his team again in the locker room
Although the Heat wins, but I saw your airball JB lmao
I sometimes forget that Herro is just a rookie, what a performance.
jan reyes
jan reyes:
Last minute, refs tried hard to steal this one.
Wa Y
Wa Y:
Herro really becomes a hero to save Heat ass in this game.
Der blinde Sánchez
Der blinde Sánchez:
7:49 It's clearly an offensive foul.
Juan Bautista
Juan Bautista:
Referees were for boston on last 50 seconds of the game. Time to take their cut.
I really want miami to win it this year lakers should loose 😂
cLoud unDerWeather
cLoud unDerWeather:
the expected reaction from everyone. "WOW herro has a bright future"

oof its gonna be sad when people turn on him the second he messes up.
Vander Ko
Vander Ko:
This game today is not brilliant enough in the context, but if Miami Heat keeps on doing this way, JB will get his first champion this year.
Heat better chill before Lebron James says he’s coming back.
I didn't know airball existed in NBA in that close range LMAO.
Thinking Mind
Thinking Mind:
These two NBA's team is almost match, luckily Miami Heat has a lot of shooters, Herro is of course the trigger man.
Mao mao
Mao mao:
Both team are so good,respect all players this two team💪💪💪
Noriel Hermosa
Noriel Hermosa:
ref was annoying, really tried to save Celtics.
I love butler's face at 7:47 😂😂😂
Fran Karlo Strajher
Fran Karlo Strajher:
Imo refs made this game close. Few fouls on Celts that shouldnt have been called at all. But thats just my perspective.
The fact that Jayson Tatum only started scoring in the 3rd quarter (3:48), and finished as the highest scorer tells me
(i) there is a problem at the Celtics,
(ii) that boy cold.
Also, outstanding performance by Tyler Herro.
Батлер, Хиро и КО просто красавцы)))
John Daniels
John Daniels:
There is nothing Boston can do, because they don't have Andre I. Even if he dosnt play he is the NBA mojo to get to the championship finals.
Netflix x Zroell
Netflix x Zroell:
Celtic's loss caused by Hayward's Mustache. Blame that mustache
Ohio Perez III
Ohio Perez III:
Refs tryin to win it for Boston, clear swipe by Butler off of Tatum but they called jump ball
I love how everyone praises Herro now and when he is cold and having off game everyone wants him to stop shooting and go to bench lol
бонг Африка
бонг Африка:
Bron vs Iggy in the Finals, again?
Bernardo Carlo
Bernardo Carlo:
7:56 When you realise Heat's one game away from victory
Milan Petrovic
Milan Petrovic:
Philip Nejudne
Philip Nejudne:
Yea go go HEAT!
Anthony Hnein
Anthony Hnein:
thank you for this beautiful editing🙌
So, no one has ever heard of the "Night of the Rookie" before? No? Ok, I admit I made that up after watching Tyler's amazing performance tonight!!! Let's finish this in the next one!!!
and the song goes... i am the Herro!
David Haposan Octa
David Haposan Octa:
Amazing HEAT🔥🔥🔥
borat smagadijev
borat smagadijev:
Daaaaaamn what a game.
Jeff jones
Jeff jones:
LBJ will play against his sweet memories in the Finals 🏀🔥
Dazzer 1804
Dazzer 1804:
Tyler Herro getting a Breen BANG!!! You've made it young fella!
Joneses Ente
Joneses Ente:
Heat for the chip! they have that good chemistry
Legendary One
Legendary One:
Hes the HERO for the miami. Nice job kid
Phil Heather
Phil Heather:
Thanks for the highlights package.
FaVSong Hits
FaVSong Hits:
YOUR MY HERRO....👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
2ne1forever kpoplegend
2ne1forever kpoplegend:
Yay Heat! 🙏👏
Jonathan Hankieson
Jonathan Hankieson:
Herro Ball been on it since the start up! Heat Vs Lakers NBA Finals!!!
This is good basketball, i love it
The league looking fantastic, it will be amazing in a couple of years with all these new stars
Jhermel S
Jhermel S:
You came through for us man 😰
Herro became a god!
Nojae Montecino
Nojae Montecino:
Both team want to go finals how game so closely so crazy 😂
What a nice game!
Morgel Drachensteiner
Morgel Drachensteiner:
Hahaha EC finals. Remember Bulls vs Pistons or battles with NY Knicks ... this is like in practice 😂
Tyler Herro got that mamba mentality
Jesiel Belido
Jesiel Belido:
Let's go Heat
Joonas Penttilä
Joonas Penttilä:
Damn herro went off thats good W
Gooooo Heatttttt
Roberto Sabado
Roberto Sabado:
One win to make it four, go Miami!
Herro plays like a vet. Well done Miami!!
Xook U'uk
Xook U'uk:
Todo le cargan a Tatum, falto garra, ambición, decisión y querer ganar.
Heat with just 8 turnovers in the game and Boston with 19 turnovers.. game changer 🏀
Jet Fox
Jet Fox:
Crawford be looking like Verajao with all those missed layups
0:42 確信犯
6:43 ん!?
7:57 渾身のwhy?
Bernard Paton
Bernard Paton:
D. T
D. T:
Very good game 🔥 Herro was on fire
Francesco Porcelli
Francesco Porcelli:
Mamma mia sti MIAMI HEAT💣💣💪💪💪
Edwin Rivera
Edwin Rivera:
Celtics need to go back to Boston to cool off too much Heat for them..😎
damn i really want Jimmy to get a chip.
lego yoda
lego yoda:
Let’s go LAKERSSS💜💛💜💛
Joseph Velasco
Joseph Velasco:
It is impossible to overhaul that 3-1 advantage. Celtics is not a miracle team like the Nuggets. Better rest early to watch the finals.
maxiqum s1
maxiqum s1:
brothers tried to be the mvp ofmthe game so hard
caner şentürk
caner şentürk:
muhteşem bir galibiyet hero muhteşemdi miami denver final oynar
Benjamin Gines
Benjamin Gines:
Miami Heat sooooo lucky Tyler Herro landed on their team!
Benjamin Gines
Benjamin Gines:
Miami Heat sooooo lucky Tyler Herro landed on their team!
Marius Glovackas
Marius Glovackas:
Luckily eastern teams are on the similar level like west or maybe even stronger
Lhetz Candz
Lhetz Candz:
Ravel L. Ananta
Ravel L. Ananta:
Close game, but I really enjoyed Heat's fighting spirit and willpower. Big Salute from me, GSW fan!
Bradley Chou
Bradley Chou:
If you watch quarter highlights, you see that Kemba was on Herro for the majority of the 3rd quarter...really unsure what Stevens was thinking, trying to "hide" walker's liability with a sharp shooter + slasher. Would've been better to hide Kemba on Duncan Robinson, a very effective but 1 dimensional player. They switched Jaylen Brown/Tatum over to Herro in the 4th, but was too late, as he was already fired up.

Both teams are great defensively, you have to be to reach the semis, but can somewhat see the lack of awareness or energy from Tatum. Small things like buttering a rebound, letting a man outside out-box you, or getting so wildly beat on the 1st step he had to resort to a blind jump to gamble for a block (6:17 - 6:20).
Reymart Anul
Reymart Anul:
Tyler herro,real herro,handsome
jacob sharry b
jacob sharry b:
This is what I like about the Heat, they have their bases covered. Even when Butler is having a poor shooting night, they have other scoring options, outstanding performance from Herro tonight. I really hope Bam is alright.
Alwayswannafly 633
Alwayswannafly 633:
Guys is it good to beat on heat in this coming game 5?
Denis Wallace
Denis Wallace:
Why does Jayson Tatum *push* on every single drive to the basket?
I would like lebron to get his 4th ring.
But i got to say Miami are playing like champions
vag drak
vag drak:
His game reminds me the playstyple of klay Thompson
Jeff jones
Jeff jones:
Tyler and Duncan the new splash bro
Ke Li
Ke Li:
AGAIN, HEAT has great cooperation, They'll win the series.
sandika wijaya aji
sandika wijaya aji:
Even Boston+refs, but still Heat+Herro are great!!
raymond misiona
raymond misiona:
Literall hero
Timothee Muzaliwa
Timothee Muzaliwa:
Kindly let us play some of the play develop. There are many highlights where you just see someone score
dz k
dz k:
Heat are ending this in the next game , I just hope the Nuggets can tire out the Lakers.
Hasan Ali Tuğal
Hasan Ali Tuğal:
these was banger games omfg. Every game is close and i appreciate that too much.
Create Googgle
Create Googgle:
Im empress about to hero, hes like curry and irving he can battle on the lane even his slim
raul ticar
raul ticar:
lets go HEAT!
Paul Van Diessen
Paul Van Diessen:
CM Bruno
CM Bruno:
Lol heat so many 3's lost