Chadwick Boseman dead at 42 (not 43) on Jackie Robinson Day in the MLB, August 28, 2020

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Kyle O'Connor
Kyle O'Connor:
They are intentionally lying about dates and ages etc bc they realize decoders are growing in numbers and influence
Trust Jesus John14:6
Trust Jesus John14:6:
From the day Kobe the Black Mamba “died” till the day the Black Panther “died” is a span of 216 days 6x6x6= 216.
The Black Panther movie came out on February 16th 2/16 2018. The Kobe Bryant all star game was February 16th 2/16
Get Beaned
Get Beaned:
You guys notice it's been getting more and more obvious lately
Male Isac
Male Isac:
Whole hollywood is full of evil people. 🤔
StrykesV3 StrykesV3
StrykesV3 StrykesV3:
Most of the public have been lobotomized and I'm not even joking. How they can't even notice the simplest, in your face "coincidences" makes me so mad.
Peter Goyalow
Peter Goyalow:
Showing everybody your stuff bro
Nita Sheree
Nita Sheree:
No wonder they aired an episode of Ellen last week and Boseman was a guest on the show
The Last Botos
The Last Botos:
This could be a big breakthrough vid for the channel. This one is pretty blatant, even for all those coincidence theorists out there
Michael Jones
Michael Jones:
Today is also the Black Panthers creators birthday Jack Kirby
if anyone has watched the show “martin” from the 90s... starting martin lawrence the number on his apartment door was 42 facts. look it up..
Also he died on the day of Emitt Tills death and MLK speech.
YouTube never seems to put your new uploads in my feed, to the point where I thought this channel had been removed again smh
kayla decode talker
kayla decode talker:
For another "76"...Today is Donalds Trumps 76th day of his age. or 10 weeks and 6 days after his birthday like "106"
Jackie Robinson Day is on April 15 the 106th day of the year (Leap)
Black Lives Matter = 106
Rest in Power George Floyd= 106
Justice For George Floyd = 106
Black= 106
Negroes= 106
I Can't Breathe= 106
Black Power= 106
Black Panther Forever= 106 ..."Black Panther Forever" was tweeted out by the NAACP about Boseman today

Also I think it's interesting that we think of Huey P Newton of course because of the black panther party..Huey shares the birthday 2/17 with Michael Jordan .....which makes me think of the actor Michael B. of Chadwick Boseman in the movie "Black Panther"..
Ben J. Hamele
Ben J. Hamele:
Explained how Chadwick was 42 not 43 to a friend today and he said no I will trust the media and their reporting of 43. I just said, okay brain dead sheep. So many people asleep and can't see they changed his birth year to 76 right after he died. My god.
Jalen Walters
Jalen Walters:
Everything’s a coincidence to sheep😴
Dan Lucas
Dan Lucas:
The Jackie Robinson Day is worse than you said... even the makeup day, Aug 28, had a makeup day. The Astros vs. A's, and Twins vs. Tigers double headers, the teams wore the #42 today (Aug 29) because their games got postponed or rescheduled from yesterday. The score was 4-2 in the first game of the Astro's - A's double header and 4-2 in the second game of the Twins - Tigers double header. Seriously? It's so obvious.
Hey Zach. The director of “42” is 59 right now and he went to a Jesuit University called Loyola Marymount.
blicky Mcblickerson
blicky Mcblickerson:
IBM and marvel both has his birthday 1977 but still saying he was 43 then when u click in the sites it says 1976 as if they changed it ,and again this is multiple sites not just 1 making a mistake smh they're getting sloppier and sloppier as we stay wide awake we keep this up and they wont have anything to hide from us keep videos like this coming
in a red carpet interview with Access Chadwick says 4 times "I'm Dead" when asked about Black Panther 2
Chadwick boseman was part of Operation 42 this year for Covid
T L:
They just changed his birthday on google
kina'u gago
kina'u gago:
I been waiting for this video once I seen everyone posting about him I immediately thought of you!! And I seen some posts said he was 42 then some 43.. So irritating 😠
Stage 3 colon cancer is 40% curable with people living at least 5 or more years after diagnosis. He has money fame and status with the best access to health care but suddenly dies without anyone besides friends/family knowing on Jackie Robinson day of all days lol.
Don’t worry man there’s a lot of people who know about this knowledge. I’m sharing it with everyone I know, there’s a channel called Spiritual So a ton of his followers know about this, and many others. It sucks that the thing you’re trying to expose is the one that is trying to censor everything😅 one day you’ll be big, you’ll blow up and everyone will know about this knowledge. There are more people than you think waking up right now. I know it’s frustrating but stay positive and stay consistent. You literally have the secret to how the entire world is operated. That’s power right there.
PMC Cherego
PMC Cherego:
The mind controllers at Wikipedia changed Chadwicks date of birth to 1976 so yeah now he was 43 LOL 😆
This reminds me of when P.Diddy’s ex Kim Porter passed. The articles said 47 but IMDB says 46. Smh.
Zulena Staton
Zulena Staton:
I went back and saw an interview with him done in January 2019; the article clearly states he was 41. His birthday is not until November. Famous Birthday is the only site keeping the correct date. I even saw one site that previously had his correct birthday in an article done earlier this year, updated it to incorrect date today! This is crazy and sad!💔
Tre Huron
Tre Huron:
go look up his birthday on wikipedia now they literally done changed it to 1976
Terry Williams
Terry Williams:
if Jackie robonson day was supposed to be on April 15 then that means it was moved by 4 months and 2 weeks smh
Keenan Staggs
Keenan Staggs:
CNN just reported death of Julia Reed at 59. Julia Reed=59
Awakened to My Aha Moment
Awakened to My Aha Moment:
Another link to Kobe Bean Bryant: The normal Jackie Robinson Day is April 15th, which is 135 days before today's make-up Jackie Robinson Day.

Also, it was already decided that he wasn't going to play T'Challa, Black Panther, anymore, due to his displeasure as to where the character was headed, so his little sister Princess Shuri becomes Black it's not like they still needed him for that franchise.
Winton Evans
Winton Evans:
Funny when I got here, there were only 42 comments
Dan Lucas
Dan Lucas:
If you really want to blow your mind, go look at the ONE tie in Andy Reid's regular season record. It was in 2008 with the Eagles (just to save everyone some time). They tied the Bengals 13-13... but they came into the game with a 5-4 record, and left the game with a 5-4-1 record (541, the 100th prime). Super Bowl 54, 100th NFL season... they were telegraphing that ish.
Mohammad Abdi
Mohammad Abdi:
Yo this is crazy bro yesterday I searched him up his birthday was nov 29 1977 and know they changed his year to 1976 I think the media is hiding something from us so they had to kill and nba player cliff Robinson so that we can forget
Tabi Jo
Tabi Jo:
I put off watching the George floyd video until Dave chappells stand-up..i knew it was a sacrifice ...this is my first time watching u....why doesn't anyone see this
Ragged Dick
Ragged Dick:
RIP to all killed by the sick powers that shouldn't be! Leave these people alone!
Robert Mitchell
Robert Mitchell:
He was a part of “Operation 42” that raised 4.2 million for PPE for African-American hospitals. These people are so effin suck man. This is a sad world we leave in.
I live for this page. I feel alone until I come here! Thank you Zack! Keep spitting facts
PMC Cherego
PMC Cherego:
Blow my mind and decode someone famous that died naturally, as to say not by the numbers. It's seems like everyone dies by the numbers. Spewing info ,love your work
Genesis 1.29

Hebrew: God said, "See, I give you every seed-bearing plant that is upon all the earth, and every tree that has seed-bearing fruit; they shall be yours for food. ... These will be food for vou.
wanna benatural
wanna benatural:
What about Michael Jackson and Prince
Kenny Norman
Kenny Norman:
37:47 blew my mind.. 2004 both front runners to the united states were members of the same exclusive skull and bones club in yale
Andre Ly
Andre Ly:
google recently just changed his bday from 1977 to 1976 -_-
lilly stargazer
lilly stargazer:
This had to be the best one I've watched...
" like they got hit in the face with 💩" 🤣🤣🤣 good job dude.. great video !! I shared on fb both of these from today ...
JayLucid *
JayLucid *:
They changed his birthday on all websites to 1976 but I still found some that say 1977 🤔🤔
Chadwick Boseman, the actor who brought Jackie Robinson to a modern audience in the 2013 film ‘42,’ has died after a battle with colon cancer. He was 43.
Boseman’s death came on the same day MLB celebrated Jackie Robinson Day in honor of the color barrier-breaking Brooklyn Dodgers star, with every player wearing Robinson’s No. 42- Yahoo headline. If you think this is a coincidence, then you're really BRAINDEAD. He played the most famous black baseball player who also happened to be the first to play in the major league and apparently died on the same day the guy he played was celebrated by the MLB. Plus the age he died was the number the baseball icon wore. Yeah that's all pure coincidence. And yes he was born in 1977 not 76 so he should be 42 not 43.
lilly stargazer
lilly stargazer:
Response on Fb 👇

"Wow that was a deep video everyone should watch! "
David Smith
David Smith:
All of this is true. Sadly most people don't care.
ProTruth Energy
ProTruth Energy:
Zach, I've been following you for about 2 to 3 years and you've been hitting the nail on the head. Keep doing what you do....ya feel me!
Sakthi Viswanathan
Sakthi Viswanathan:
Anybody else feel at home seeing Zach , only Zach speak out so much truth after seeing how much lies are sold in advertisements , media , politics , banks etc ?
Lee Nichols
Lee Nichols:
Wikipedia have changed his birth year to 1976. Clearly Winston Smith from 1984 at work, if you've read the book you'll know what I mean!
Joe Cool
Joe Cool:
that movie ‘Knowing’ is 2 hours and 1 min long, like 201🥴
Ryker Tanks
Ryker Tanks:
This video was so undeniable they probably gonna try to delete your channel again after this Zach 😂😂😂.... Regardless you can't be stopped 💪
naw bro I got pissed too about how they killin my people and we aint believing in healing or the power of GOD! BODIES DROPPing DAILY NOW!! May the Lord Jesus Be with you ALL!
Zep Tepi
Zep Tepi:
'Storm name' = 53, like the year they started naming storms.
These people lie ABOUT EVERYTHING.
Meryly Mal
Meryly Mal:
Wanted to Call your phone when I heard this . Broke it down before my sister's eyes...She was amazed.
A Guerra
A Guerra:
Hey Zach how do I get on your sites to get your book, I'm not very computer smart, but I listen and watch through my phone . I don't have computer. Just cheap phone. Anyway, I've been spreading your vids slowly, to friends and family. Anyway thanks Zachary your work and knowledge is not in vain!!....
shadow u
shadow u:
lmao they changed his birthday to 1976 on most of the platforms, that just proves your point even more
G T:
1984, baby!!!! Changing his-- (Boseman's) story one # at a time..... Or would this fall into the realm of the Mandela effect??? No matter, anyway you choose to look at it, "they" are peeing on themselves and scared ishtless because ppl are beginning to notice their number magic ... I see it as an act of desperation and it makes me glad to see that the word is getting out. Thank you for your work as always, Zach
Lisa Simpson
Lisa Simpson:
Did zach mention a link to kamala harris and chadwick? Theyre both howard university alum. Chadwick's last tweet, (in August, 2020), was a statement endorsing kamala, featuring a picture of himself with kamala.. (I know zach referenced a "boondocks" episode where oprah became president). Could chadwicks death be a sacrifice for his fellow howard u alum, and a precursor to her becoming VP, and eventually replacing 90 year old Joe biden as president?.. Just a thought. I know there are no Elections just Selections, but i wanted to share that thought
lilly stargazer
lilly stargazer:
Yes!! ZACH love the rant.. people need to feel this!!
Mr Mystery
Mr Mystery:
Its Michael Jackson bday as well
Nikolay S
Nikolay S:
The moment I saw that nice guy died, I was sure its not a coincidence, and Iam like let's check Zachs video to see what actually happened.. Zach you should work on your own website and get in touch with london real TV and david icke, the moment you get some bigger reach they will delete you from all platforms again...
Zyrnnh Aka'sh
Zyrnnh Aka'sh:
Did his birthday got changed all over the internet OR is your video wrong? On Wikipedia is 1976, but the page was last edited on 29th of August.
Edit: I commented before reading the comments xD
Brian Parham
Brian Parham:
Was waiting for these how can people think this is a coincidence
Yawn Sleep
Yawn Sleep:
Also interesting
"two hundred one" = 59 reverse full reduction

"2 hundred one" = 56 full reduction
47 reverse full reduction
I dare you say zach is lying
OG Krane
OG Krane:
So Google/wiki changed his birth year to 1976 but still has he graduated from T.L Hanna High school in 1995. 1995-18= 1977.
I highly doubt he was 19 going on 20 graduating from Highschool. 😑
ryland stowell
ryland stowell:
His birthday changed on many sites to make him 43. Who has screenshots of his birthday or a site that has not been fixed yet
StrykesV3 StrykesV3
StrykesV3 StrykesV3:
Chadwick Boseman met with Kamala Harris back in 2018. A picture of both of them was his last twitter post, on August 11th, the date she was nominated as VP

Kamal's tweet eulogizing him says "Heartbroken. My friend and fellow *Bison* ..."

Bison refers to the mascot of Howard University, a university they both graduated. It's a historically black university.

Bison = *59* in Ordinal
N*gro = *59* in Ordinal
Blues = *59* in Ordinal
Slave = *59* in Ordinal
Chadwick Boseman = *59* in Full Reduction

That date August 11th, is also the anniversary of the Watts Riots in LA. Boseman would die in LA.

Watts Riots = *106* in Reverse Ordinal
Black Lives Matter = *106* in Reverse Ordinal
David Burch
David Burch:
Zach did you notice that Wikipedia changed his profile to say he was born in 1976 so he’s 43 not 42, trying to play us all probably do to your work and pointing out this sick Jesuitical riddle🤦🏼‍♂️
Williams Images
Williams Images:
35:59 "the Dunblane massacre"
Not sure if you're aware but tennis player Andy Murray was at that school when the shooting happened in 1996
K C:
Tell Sweet Lady thank you! I was looking for this today. Thanks man
alec french-polk
alec french-polk:
Haven’t been to this channel in months but when I realized the 28th was Jackie Robinson day and the weird stuff about his birthday I had to come see what Zach had to say
Ernesto García
Ernesto García:
MLB - matters lives black
Tahlia Fagan
Tahlia Fagan:
Funny, i believe the internet just changed his birth year to 1976. At first, it was 1977.
I didn’t know about your website. I will check it out. Your work is fascinating and you provide tremendous validation of your theories. The entire subject is fascinating. Not even two weeks ago I thought Gematria was all bullshit. I am so surprised to find out that there is so much legitimacy to gematria. I literally stumbled on to your channel and was quasi attracted. I am glad I subscribed because I enjoy your video’s. Well worth my time.
I hope you and your sweet lady had a lovely evening.
This music dates me but I think the song is timeless and is IMO a great couples song. If it isn’t your cup of tea please keep in mind that my heart is in the right place. I’m hoping you and your special lady enjoy it.
Rhodie A
Rhodie A:
Love your channel and content! You literally opened my eyes and i just bought your book. Ive been saying for 3 years now that ive noticed how the nba was tryna revive the celtics lakers rivalry and i said it to my dormates that we will have a lakers/celtics championship soon. Guys time to make the system work for you!
36:07 that raisin ad the orange box beatrice really looks like masonic compass
Yawn Sleep
Yawn Sleep:
Hey zach interestering enough "name the storm" = 52 full reduction 65 reverse full reduction

Too many coincidences man.. what do you think about this? I'm not trying to reach its all speculation but in these times can we really give them the benefit of the doubt?
Robert a
Robert a:
Yawn Sleep
Yawn Sleep:
Also intriguing is the fact that on a calculator. 4, 5, 6, and 7 make a perfect square or box. And if you cross them diagonally you get 47 and 56. Just food for thought
Stickshift lover
Stickshift lover:
Reports are focusing on him being the star or 42, Jackie Robinson story instead of him being the star of Black Panther. Also what date did Kobe die?
Zach you are a beast!! Straight savage!! I appreciate your work. Supporting via YT and Patreon! ✌🏾💜
Holly Jablonowski
Holly Jablonowski:
April 12th, a day I will always remember. David Hogg's birthday. Also sometimes shares it with Easter and Holocaust Remembrance Day.
elmer balls magoo
elmer balls magoo:
I’m not sure why- but every time I look up Chadwick’s birthday, the year says 1976(IMDB, Wikipedia) Maybe someone has been changing the year.
Also Cliff Robinson
Like Jackie Robinson

Taught us dual ceremony
They changed his birthday on google, I was literally looking at his bio on google an hour after it was reported, I went to check it again and it said 1977
Twan Bellamy
Twan Bellamy:
They have changed his year he was born to 1976. It was different last night when I looked it up! I wonder why that is...
You’re seeing this comment for a reason
You’re seeing this comment for a reason:
Literally everywhere I look it says he was born 1976.
Moors In America
Moors In America:
Yo I’ve been sharing your video like crazy! This was an amazing breakdown. Would you be interested in speaking on my podcast sometime on this topic?
Morris The Menace
Morris The Menace:
Hi, I’m new to this but could this gematria number system be used to predict stuff in the future and could it in any way be linked to any religions?
Gen Steps
Gen Steps:
You opened my eyes wide open. I will definitely be watching more of your videos. I have been seeing these coincidence for a long time but didn't know about gematria until now
joe mo
joe mo:
Zach, I found an interesting thing about the Michael Brown case. The address of "Ferguson Market" the place where Michael Brown stole cigarillos and pushed a store clerk a short time before Darren Wilson supposedly Shot him, is 9101 West Florissant Avenue. Check out that 911 encoding!!!
I did my little research, saw videos from 2 years ago of his biography being born on 1976 not 1977. So he’s 43. IMDb is notorious on having false information.
IMBD movie website shows his correct age of 42 still.
nine divine
nine divine:
This is fascinating. Really really interesting...thank you 🙏 be safe everyone
Tony Malo
Tony Malo:
God Bless you King appreciate all your videos thank you for the light
youre the best ZACK stay just like you are brother dont change a thing this is what the PEOPLE NEED a real MAN that is not afraid to speak the truth and their mind