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Champions · Kanye West · Gucci Mane · Big Sean · 2 Chainz · Travis Scott · Yo Gotti · Quavo · Desiigner


℗ 2016 Getting Out Our Dreams, Inc./Def Jam Recordings, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

Released on: 2016-06-10

Producer: Kanye West
Producer: A-Trak
Producer: Lex Luger
Producer, Studio Personnel, Recording Engineer, Mixer, Associated Performer, Drum Programmer, Keyboards, Bass Guitar: Mike Dean
Producer, Co- Producer: Derek Watkins
Producer, Additional Producer, Studio Personnel, Recording Engineer: Noah Goldstein
Producer, Co- Producer: Charlie Heat
Studio Personnel, Recording Engineer: Maximilian Jaeger
Studio Personnel, Recording Engineer: Gregg Rominiecki
Studio Personnel, Recording Engineer: Thomas Goff
Studio Personnel, Recording Engineer: Quavo
Studio Personnel, Recording Engineer: Finis "KY" White
Studio Personnel, Asst. Recording Engineer: William J. Sullivan
Studio Personnel, Assistant Mixer: Kez Khou
Composer Lyricist: Kanye West
Composer Lyricist: Alain Macklovitch
Composer Lyricist: Lexus Lewis
Composer Lyricist: Mike Dean
Composer Lyricist: Noah Goldstein
Composer Lyricist: Radric Davis
Composer Lyricist: Sean Anderson
Composer Lyricist: Ty Epps
Composer Lyricist: Jacques Webster
Composer Lyricist: Mario Mims
Composer Lyricist: Quavious Marshall
Composer Lyricist: Sidney Selby
Composer Lyricist: Derek Watkins

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Effect Beats TG
Effect Beats TG:
When everyone does their part in the school project
Matthew Li
Matthew Li:
This is what dj Khalid wishes his songs to be 😂
RBS Gyble
RBS Gyble:
Desiigner killed it with just adlibs
The avengers of rap
This song should be the super bowl intro.
Chris The Inkling [MDC30MUSIC]
Chris The Inkling [MDC30MUSIC]:
They really gave Quavo a 15 second verse 😂
Nick Muse
Nick Muse:
Egg Egg
Egg Egg:
Wish Ye and Travis had more songs together. They always make bangers.
K Mays
K Mays:
This man Kanye made two champion songs. Goated
Jesse R
Jesse R:
that Big Sean line about Hand Sanitizer has never been more relevant
lieutenant Doc
lieutenant Doc:
Travis always sounds like a goddamn god
Akshath Ashok
Akshath Ashok:
Travis is the king of hooks for sure
Should’ve played this during the final fight in Endgame
Edwin Mayen
Edwin Mayen:
this is the most ambitious crossover in hiphop to date
Wizard Turtle
Wizard Turtle:
Marvel:Avengers is the best crosser ever
Kanye:hold my beer
When Travis said “straight up” 😭😍😍😭😭🤤🤤🤤🤤
Adam Grant
Adam Grant:
Everyone in the song was 🔥🔥🔥🔥. I can’t rate who was the best.
Yoo this is so underrated 🔥mean features , litt song
This is such a fire track but sadly it didn’t even get 1 million views and the attention it deserves
Britney Rose S.
Britney Rose S.:
2 Chainz went off 😭
Matt Turak
Matt Turak:
Producer: How many features you want Ye?
Kanye: Yes
renegade _AMG
renegade _AMG:
I wish Kanye released Cruel Winter album..sadly we will never get it 😔
Ali Bozobozo
Ali Bozobozo:
Desiigner killed it...
Astroboi 22
Astroboi 22:
Travis’ Part 📛💥📛
of course kanye produced this beat
Deion Carious
Deion Carious:
2:05 - the slogan for 2020
Ajay Dahl
Ajay Dahl:
Yeezy track credits be looking like a damn Avengers movie credits roll.
Big Sean had the best verse 🔥
[Verse 1: Quavo]
Lifestyle on camera
Hundred thousand dollar chandelier
They tried to turn me to an animal
But white people think I'm radical
Supermodels think I'm handsome
You might think I'm too aggressive
But really I think I'm too passive
'Til I pull out the chopper, start blastin'

[Chorus: Travis Scott]
1500, all in singles (straight up!)
Throw it up, watch it fall and drop
'Round and 'round they go
'Round and 'round they go

[Verse 2: Kanye West]
Pray for me
I'm about to hit the Ye button
I don't wanna say nothin' wrong
But it'd be wrong if I ain't say nothin'
Imagine if I ain't say somethin'
Wouldn't none these niggas say nothin'
I done lost and made money
Now I'm makin' somethin' they can't take from me
And I'm fresh out of debt in this muhfucka!
And they still ain't ready yet for a muhfucka!
Yeezy might have to go and put his Louis on
I'm 'bout to go Gucci in the Gucci store

[Verse 3: Gucci Mane]
It's Gucci!
Fresh out the feds in this mothafucka
And they still ain't ready yet for a mothafucka
Gucci Mane and I'm 'bout to put my Yeezys on
Now that Gucci home, it's over for you Gucci clones

[Chorus: Travis Scott]
1500, all in singles (straight up!)
Throw it up, watch it fall and drop
'Round and 'round they go
'Round and 'round they go
Champions, we run the city
Number one, they fallin' from the top
'Round and 'round they go
'Round and 'round they go (straight up)

[Verse 4: Big Sean]
Look, I say a prayer for my enemies
They cannot slow down what's meant for me
Funny how they come around like I can't see through they secret identities
Lately, it's all about Zen in me
Subtractin' the negative energy
Fuck with the family, turn your ass to a memory
My niggas keep it a century
I blow the check up, nigga, detonation
Kill 'em one by one, Final Destination
Top my destination
I got guardian angels all around a nigga, that's deflectin' Satan
I'm a mothafuckin' champion
This right here the fuckin' anthem
I can't dap you without hand san'
I don't know where your dirty ass hands been
I wake up to like a hundred texts
Championship team, but we can't cut the net
She all off in my jersey lookin' underdressed
I'm finna buy this bitch a Honda CRX

[Chorus: Travis Scott & Desiigner]
1500, all in singles (straight up!)
Throw it up, watch it fall and drop
'Round and 'round they go
'Round and 'round it go, 'round and 'round it go
'Round and 'round they go
I'd rather be strapped and ride with a pole
Than to get down in a hole

[Verse 5: 2 Chainz]
I took a nap in the pulpit
I never like how a suit fit
I got a pocket full of money
It got me walkin' all slew-foot
I'm on my wave like a cruise ship
In that hoe mouth like a toothpick
Anyone get in my way
Nothin' to say, I tote 'em choppas like pool sticks
I wear pajamas to Ruth's Chris
Couldn't walk a mile in my new kicks
I'm comin' from the apartments
We never had our damn pool fixed
Walk in the mall with my new bitch
Tell her to get the whole rack
My new bitch gon' pull me a new bitch
Then pull me a new bitch
See that is a snowball effect
I got gold on my neck
Lookin' like a Super Bowl on my neck
I got a mansion full of marble floors
It look like I could go bowl in this bitch
Versace logos on bowls in this bitch
Like I'm a serial killer
I put the real in gorilla
I did this shit for my niggas

[Chorus: Travis Scott & Desiigner]
1500, all in singles (straight up!)
Throw it up, watch it fall and drop
'Round and 'round they go
'Round and 'round it go, 'round and 'round it go
'Round and 'round they go
I'd rather be strapped and ride with a pole
Than to get down in a hole
Champions, we run the city
Number one, they fallin' from the top
'Round and 'round they go
'Round and 'round it go, 'round and 'round it go
'Round and 'round they go
I'd rather be strapped and ride with a pole
Than to get down in a hole

[Verse 6: Yo Gotti]
I'm Yo Gotti!
Reach for my chain is suicide
The car I drive fit two inside
They mad at Ye 'cause he all in the neighborhood
But he let them goons inside
Let's fuck up the neighborhood
Let's fuck up the neighborhood
Buy every house in this bitch
You know that the money good
My wrist in the kitchen go 'round and 'round
Play with the kid, I'ma gun you down
The roof on that Wraith in the lost and found
Official trap shit let me slow it down
Way more shit than a Pamper
All we rock is bandanas
Whips so nasty, no manners
I just got head in a Phantom

[Verse 7: Gucci Mane]
She say she don't want a chump, baby want a champ
She say money make her cum, Gucci make her damp
1017's the Squad, Gucci Mane's the stamp
And he don't never sleep, he's a fuckin' vamp
I heard your bitch ride on the bus, you don't give a damn
My bitch drive a Lamb', you should call her ma'am
I love my Auntie Jane, but fuck Uncle Sam
I'm a walkin' money machine, check my Instagram
Niggas never test the kid so I don't have to cram
My city treat me like a king, I should wear a crown
And I don't really fuck around
I gave my bitch two mil' 'cause she stuck around

[Chorus: Travis Scott & Desiigner]
1500, all in singles (straight up!)
Throw it up, watch it fall and drop
'Round and 'round they go
'Round and 'round it go, 'round and 'round it go
'Round and 'round they go
I'd rather be strapped and ride with a pole
Than to get down in a hole
Champions, we run the city
Number one, they fallin' from the top
'Round and 'round they go
'Round and 'round it go
'Round and 'round they go
I'd rather be strapped and ride with a pole
Than to get down in a hole
Why was this song so slept on, low key might’ve been the hardest song ever at the time
Claudio Andrei
Claudio Andrei:
lol how s this got 90k views on youtube and 200.000.000 plays on spotify
Sou obrigado a falar isso aqui ta uma porra
Sou obrigado a falar isso aqui ta uma porra:
This song should be in the Super Bowl, Super Bowl intro, this is so underated, song fine. I love the Quavo. UNDERRATED song, 2019?
Sami Marsalis
Sami Marsalis:
This the song they should play when the raptors won
Randy Barrientes
Randy Barrientes:
Kanye west , 2chainz,Gucci mane,,big Sean,these is straight 🔥, legendary history in the making ,the best song yet.✌️🏆🏆🏆 champions .
Why am I just hearing this 😰
Jurgen Ludwig
Jurgen Ludwig:
Big Sean’s verse underrated
Joe Cole
Joe Cole:
Most underrated song of all time
Illegal Videos
Illegal Videos:
2 Chainz and Big Sean had the best versues
Jahi Khalil
Jahi Khalil:
Damn chainz snapped 🤦🏿‍♂️🎯
Elijah Johnson
Elijah Johnson:
2019 give like 💯
Jesse R
Jesse R:
Josh Martinez
Josh Martinez:
I used to workout to this all the time back then damn 👌💪🏼
Sha Wingo
Sha Wingo:
Eb Trax For me it would be
1. Big Sean
2.Kanye West
3. 2 Chainz
4. Quavo
5. Desiigner
6. Gucci
7. Gotti
Call me James
Call me James:
How does this have so little views
Bob Augwi
Bob Augwi:
2:06 everyone right now
ExtraOrdinary MUSIC
ExtraOrdinary MUSIC:
Should be on NBA 2k soundtrack
Sam Cangemi
Sam Cangemi:
That quavo intro never gets old man
2chainz be snappin on features
*_still listening 2019 mayne_*
2020 anthem 🥳
Shalev Waldman
Shalev Waldman:
2 Chainz - “I neva like how a suit fit” lol
Mark Santana
Mark Santana:
High school of 2016 ...good days🏀⚾🏆 shit was so lit
used to bump this freshman year lol
Christopher Raymond
Christopher Raymond:
Dammm Desiigner went way too hard on this track 🔥🔥
big sean went off
mike mays
mike mays:
I can't dap you up without hand San idk where TF yo hands been 😭🔥
Darren Miles
Darren Miles:
2 chains “snowball effect” line put the song on another level
Nut Supplier 69
Nut Supplier 69:
DJ Khaled: I'm about to make the biggest collaboration
Kanye: *laughs in woopity scoop*
Eli Da Goat
Eli Da Goat:
Akram Elrafie
Akram Elrafie:
"Subtracting the negative energy" 💯🔥🔥🔥
Wayne Wilson
Wayne Wilson:
Chainz had the best part 🔥
Yung Effen
Yung Effen:
people have seemed to forget about this gem
Amuchastegui Jeremías
Amuchastegui Jeremías:
Imma tell my kids they were the avengers
M 8
M 8:
gods programming creative mode
Manuel Barelli
Manuel Barelli:
This feel like the avengers theme of trap.
Mike Oxlong
Mike Oxlong:
Playing this in my headphones during graduation.Class of ‘21!!!
tell me the reason that this audio's view is just 1.7M
Youssef Mohamed
Youssef Mohamed:
I put the real in gorilla
How does this song only have 1m views it should have like 1b
Rob Higgins
Rob Higgins:
this done brings back so many memories... take me back to 2016
Melvin Henry
Melvin Henry:
"I put the REAL in GoREALa!" 2 Chainz went in! Best verse! 💯
This is one of the greatest trap songs of all time
M 360
M 360:
2:06 Quarantine mood
I used to have this song on repeat everyday. I’m glad I came back here 🔥
Chris M
Chris M:
0:55 should have been “I’m bout to go dumb in the Gucci store” that’s more of a ye lyric
Ro Dollaz
Ro Dollaz:
2 chains violated this.💣💥
Angelo Iorio
Angelo Iorio:
Still no music video yet 😔
Lukas C
Lukas C:
When I win in a discussion with my sister😎🔥😂
Still waiting on “Cruel Winter”🥶 ❄️
lil lollan
lil lollan:
This was the song that got me into rapmusic💯🔥
Stephen L
Stephen L:
Ppl sleep on this song so hard
Kyle Beland
Kyle Beland:
Locker room music. The real ones understand
Iloveprettyfeet Women
Iloveprettyfeet Women:
God bless sean fa that final destination line🙏🏾🙌🏾🔥🔥🔥
Chicken or Vicky's
Chicken or Vicky's:
2 Chainz torched this beat
Yung Space
Yung Space:
This song is everything
Selen İnan
Selen İnan:
I found this song from the apple music then i showed to my friends and they were shocked because they had no idea about this song i think its so underrated beacuse i haven’t seen any promo about this song 🤷🏼‍♀️ (and its little bit old tho)
"1500 all the seagulls"
Underrated af🔥
Ayele Brockington
Ayele Brockington:
2 chainz the MVP on this
Aakre Music
Aakre Music:
So underrated song, everybody on this is ******* LIT.
0:43 Ye took the fastest breath in the world
kanye is the type to have 7 other artists in one song
Cactus jack is the go-to for hooks
This is some Lord of The Rings Avengers battle music if I’ve ever heard it.
Jeremy Sanchez
Jeremy Sanchez:
Big Sean's hand sanitizer line was ahead of its time. Pure prescience. I think we should all gain a newfound respect for the GOAT rapper Big Sean.
Faiz Khalifa
Faiz Khalifa:
When designer says round and round we go 🔥🔥
Faiz Khalifa
Faiz Khalifa:
Back when QUAVO was featured on every track
Daniel Allen
Daniel Allen:
I swear to God this song was out in 2017