Charles pays emotional tribute to Lord Mountbatten

Prince Charles reveals he didn't know how he'd come to terms with the "deep loss" of his great uncle Lord Mountbatten in an IRA bomb in 1979, describing him as "the grandfather I never had".

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This is the first time I've heard his voice. It's fantastic. Charles has such an attractive voice presence. If not part of the Royal British family, this man could be a stunning voice actor or the next David Attenborough.
Vivian Martinez
Vivian Martinez:
I've always admired the Prince of Wales...he's never been afraid of showing the world his very tender heart. God bless him.
Maith an fear.
nicola dollard
nicola dollard:
Terrible incident but there was also a young Irish boy on the boat. Rip to them all just senseless
Tavga Hawramy
Tavga Hawramy:
this video show good character of prince Charles.making respectful visit to his great uncle
I think Prince Charles More then any other Royal or famous person (Actors, Music, Etc) would be a great Mind pick into the past and future. Architecture, Millitary and Items never said to the media Mountbatten Churchill Ireland Ties with the Commonwealth Canada Austraila ISIS right down to his night cap drink He doesnt look like a gin drinker lol
Lou Chatman
Lou Chatman:
Great tribute
ricky darrell cool
ricky darrell cool:
okay- and may kids grow up stronger now to get away from bad people -
HRH is also a great speech maker, see how he kept these people behind him in thrall
Temera Lane
Temera Lane:
Randyman Maximus
Randyman Maximus:
Very sincere man
Jean Luc Picard
Jean Luc Picard:
It was so heartbreaking to watch it on The Crown..what a remarkable Man,Lord Mountbatten
Belle Bella
Belle Bella:
Lord louis saved our lives from japan in singapore during world war.if lord louis dead early then i could have died too
john o neill
john o neill:
Its good his leaving it out
Wonderful video and a great tribute to a man who gave so much to the world. Lord Mountbatten was honored here in the USA for all of his work on behalf of so many throughout the world.
Bardo Film
Bardo Film:
When we get to 1979 in the crown I’m not sure how I will feel about seeing his assassination
Kennedy Knew
Kennedy Knew:
Nice boat goes like a rocket!
He has had a tragic life for a guy who is next in line for the throne
Ally Soobratty
Ally Soobratty:
The man who partitioned British India
Akun Premium Gratis
Akun Premium Gratis:
So for killing the most brutal and terrible person responsible for many deaths like Mountbatten, you're willing to sacrifice innocent children?
John Okeeffe
John Okeeffe:
Richard Taylor
Richard Taylor:
Oh we are so rude what shame, all these discusting people getting away with all sorts this is shocking kids being tortured by these establishment physcopaths !!!!!!
Beatrice Nkundwa
Beatrice Nkundwa:
An outstanding negotiator and mediator.
Eti Tripathi
Eti Tripathi:
Lord Mountbatten many decisions especially related to India and Ireland were not good
Baji Scipio Dārayav Aurelius Julian Venizelos Nalwa
Baji Scipio Dārayav Aurelius Julian Venizelos Nalwa:
Sad Mountbatten died
miriam wright
miriam wright:
Paedo-Batton hahaha
13 Gone & not forgotten , we got 18 and Mountbatten 🇮🇪
conor lyons
conor lyons:
I am Irish but I get sick thinking of the inoccents the ira murdered and slaughtered
He should have holidayed in Blackpool
King Ole & Good George was your grandfather, Charles! And he was so good to you! Really! How dare you!
Veronica UK YNWA
Veronica UK YNWA:
My Grandfather was in Burma. A Royal Marine, he was bitten by a snake in his leg. His fellow Marines cut the poison out of his leg and they carried on. My Grandad drove Moutbatten in Africa. He did nothing. He was there to look good because he was a Royal
chupa cabra
chupa cabra:
The real tragedy of the "Mountbottom" that it didn't happen 50 years earlier...could have saved numbers of young children's lives and psyche's...
Glasgow’s green And white
Glasgow’s green And white:
Your uncle ? Unlucky ! Our country
Kesha Toran
Kesha Toran:
so many rude people
as you sow, so shall you reap.
It wasn't smart for him to be in Ireland
Marvin M. Messier
Marvin M. Messier:
Lord Mountbatten planned the Dieppe Raid of 1942, and when you think of all the allied soldiers who were blown up because of his arrogant stupidity, it's almost poetic he died in a similar manner.
E K:
Let’s not forget what he did to Kashmir
Great person.
Respect from Pakistan
Paul V. Cassidy
Paul V. Cassidy:

2: BSR: British Ireland: £: GBR !!!!

Paul V Cassidy: Dublin: Ireland: British Ireland: GBR !!!!

Prithvi Raaj
Prithvi Raaj:
Jo luta h wo lotana prega yaad rakhna firangiyo
Divyansh Vyas
Divyansh Vyas:
Lord mountbatten ruled us & he was truly a kind for the poorest of the poor in India.
Truth War
Truth War:
hell with mtbatten!
Joe Cook
Joe Cook:
I like Charles. Everyone loved his young wife like we adore hot Hollywood types that love attention.
But prince Charles took a backseat to her grandstanding, in my opinion.
Diana's secretary must've been busy informing the press that she would be at this and that hospital or aids clinic every time to curry favor with the public.
While Charles seemed to do it out of duty, with less press. Again, in my opinion.
Michael Boylan
Michael Boylan:
A superb speech, G,A, of IRA/Sinn Fein said in 1979,,,Mountbatten was a legitimate target, But four people were blown up including two children Nicholas and Tom, Was it worth it after all ? In the Pro and Contra chapter of Dostoevskys novel The Brothers Karamazov the monk Alyosha asks his atheist brother Ivan,,,is the redemption of the world worth the death of an innocent child ? Ivan softly answers,,no. I am with Ivan, Always
Akshay Sathe
Akshay Sathe:
Lord Mountbatten father of Pakistan.
The man who divided my India.
Waiko the Amazing
Waiko the Amazing:
Up the Irish Republican Army.
Vishnu Anil
Vishnu Anil:
Its our last viceroy in british india.
Freedom Loving Loyalist
Freedom Loving Loyalist:
I never forgave the IRA after that.
Its Always Sunny In Portlandia
Its Always Sunny In Portlandia:
Wasn’t Mountbatten a notorious child pred? Yes, he was. So is prince Andrew. What a sick and disgusting family
Matthew Maguire
Matthew Maguire:
Mountbatten deserve worse.
Andy T
Andy T:
I’m Irish and I believe in
Irish Unity and am certainly no Royalist,I am a Republican.Wrong was done on all sides for sure.
This was very wrong.
Charlie should have said thank you uncle peado for introducing Jimmy Savile into our family.

Rest in pieces Mountbatten.
Thomas Stern
Thomas Stern:
1:00 like the 13 innovent civilians your soldiers murdered. Or the Irish farmers drove off their land to build the castle you so fondly rember. Mountbatten knew the risks of going and went anyway.
As much as I hate the royal family. I have came to respect prince Charles
Gertie Shaw
Gertie Shaw:
Charles, do you know what you Brits did to Ireland and why the IRA hated him so deeply?
Ed D
Ed D:
Cry me a river
He deserved it
Michael Duffy
Michael Duffy:
Sad to see these disrespectful comments. Mountbatten was a great man
No surrender to the IRA
Philip Ford
Philip Ford:
Louis Mountbatten was a remarkable man - very much a case of 'the right man, at the right time, in the right place'. From his early inter-war naval career to his time as Supreme Commander Allied Forces SEAC (Southeast Asia, WWII), and then as the last Viceroy of India, he was uniquely pivotal in so many landmark events in 20th-century history. He was a vain, often pompous man, yet by all accounts, he was also much-loved by the men who served under his command, and he was a very effective communicator. In the post-war independence struggles across Asia and SE Asia, he was a public supporter of the break with British colonialism, often in the face of heated criticism back home in the UK.
J. P.
J. P.:
Lord Mountbatten was just one of the many victims of the cowardly IRA and their terrorist activities.
So many idiots here that are completely blind to the great advantages of constitutional monarchy. Who on Earth would want to see this country become just another drab republic?
Filipe Matias
Filipe Matias:
He should also pay his respects to the irish catholics murdered by the British troops and by the orangist protestants of the UDA!
Leo Walsh
Leo Walsh:
Do not forget about the hundred of Catholics your regime killed. Mountbatten was a legitimate target. The Royal Family have never and will never be welcome here. I understand the pain of loss but our people have been brutalized for centuries by your family.