Charlize Theron Talks ‘The Old Guard,’ Parenting During Quarantine | Sunday TODAY

In this week’s Sunday Sitdown, Willie Geist talks to Academy Award-winning actress Charlize Theron over Zoom to discuss her latest action movie, “The Old Guard,” about immortal mercenaries. Theron also opens up about the how it’s been parenting her children amid the coronavirus pandemic and social unrest in the United States.
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Charlize Theron Talks ‘The Old Guard,’ Parenting During Quarantine | Sunday TODAY

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29 comentarios:

She's gorgeous ❤️ and brilliant in an interview!
Xeech ET
Xeech ET:
This woman never age! I guess she's immortal!
Lea Sterling
Lea Sterling:
She’s a Wonderful and amazing woman.
aaaaaaawwwww, i missed this queen so much. her divine smile is like the sun. 😍💖 such a gentle babe, so beautiful, charming, cutest, elegant and so sweet 😍😍😍💕💕💕 goddess for me 😘❤ i adore her very-very much xx
a lot of thanks for interview 😘
Rose Lopez
Rose Lopez:
She smart and beautiful.....I remember the first movie I saw her Sweet November I feel in love with her
lesley hyde
lesley hyde:
Love the interview, love Charlize 😊💖
JAMS's Nana
JAMS's Nana:
So beautiful, I love her laugh!! I watched, "The Astronaut's Wife" just the other night; she and Johnny Depp are amazing!
Charlize barely ages, stars in the movie about a squad of immortal mercenaries. Something is fishy here :)))
What I like about this movie is that even though Charlize is the only one I recognized at first by the end of the movie I came to love all of the actors. They worked well with each other and played each role perfectly. Salute to the casting director.
Ally Hall
Ally Hall:
i love charlize and i love the old guard movie.
Jelena ́s Cats
Jelena ́s Cats:
the best actress in the world!
bárbara Pereyra
bárbara Pereyra:
to amo Charlize Theron of Argentina
Charlize Theron ❤️❤️❤️
Marjo Nicdao
Marjo Nicdao:
Love theron ❤️😇
Love her. Brown hair is more beautiful on her.
Joe McNally
Joe McNally:
clarissa pedrera
clarissa pedrera:
Wonderful and inspiring woman 😍
Banu Anderson
Banu Anderson:
Why i wasnt invited to this call truly disappointed 🤣
Jeanette Colvin
Jeanette Colvin:
She gets more petty as she ages.
Todd Blewett
Todd Blewett:
This movie was sooo good
pamela milly
pamela milly:
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Shubhojit Ghosh
Shubhojit Ghosh:
I can 100% say with that outfit Charlize Theron can nail Chiquita if jormungand anime is made into live adaptation
Natalia R.
Natalia R.:
gata pra caralho
Gord Campbell
Gord Campbell:
You pile Geist. Doesn't anyone at NBC wear masks or at least show them wearing one.
Exodus Twenty
Exodus Twenty:
Such precious little Boys
Ironclaw XII
Ironclaw XII:
Yeah, must be tough staying at home and looking after a few kids, with only a few hundred million in the bank. In the words of Bill Burr: "Oh yeah, I thought roofing in the middle of July is a redhead. I thought that that was difficult. But these mothers are bending over at the waist, putting DVDs into DVD players. I don’t know how they do it. I don’t know how they do it." Unreal.
Dirg Ramsey
Dirg Ramsey:
So I guess that boy is a girl now🤔
Neelakash Bordoloi
Neelakash Bordoloi:
Didn't she had a son and a daughter?
Gord Campbell
Gord Campbell:
Aaaw man she burned off the mole on her neck. What an unsexy thing to do.