Chelsea 0-2 Liverpool | Premier League Highlights

Watch the highlights from Chelsea's Premier League match against Liverpool.

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Founded in 1905, Chelsea Football Club has a rich history, with its many successes including 5 Premier League titles, 8 FA Cups and 1 Champions League, secured on a memorable night in 2012. Famous former Blues include Peter Osgood, Gianfranco Zola, Dennis Wise, John Terry, Didier Drogba & Eden Hazard.

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100+ comentarios:

Chelsea signed so many players kepa thought mane was on of them
Vicky Singha
Vicky Singha:
Kepa is such a fun lad to watch, he is the biggest pre Christmas joy.... Kepa will be badly missed after he retires from his wonderful Managerial career in Chelsea.
We signed 6 new faces -- hopefully, we could challenge the title this year. All the best
Anish Ahmed
Anish Ahmed:
Sarri is sitting at home with cigars applauding kepa
Mance Rayda
Mance Rayda:
The only player I'll applaud is Timo. He was everywhere. I like his ambition and drive to always go forward.
Christensen red card was like he doesn't believe in Kepa.
Mateusz Kołodziej
Mateusz Kołodziej:
Klopp realized one day that a good goalkeeper was needed to reach a team on a higher level.
Ricky Sudrajat
Ricky Sudrajat:
Firmino: "Kepa, pass it to Jorginho!"
Kepa: "OK, sir... "
Mane: "Hehehe~..."
Afiq Haiqal
Afiq Haiqal:
I hope Kepa rise up and beat Mendy. I still believe in Kepa.💯🤜🤛
Wandile Zwane
Wandile Zwane:
Chelsea need Hakim Ziyech and Christian Pulisic back as soon as possible, and Kai Havertz needs to play as a #10 behind Timo Werner
Chelsea Sponsor to Liverpool :
"Why you didn't scored 3 goals?"
I'm so upset at one moment on this game of that Kante backpass when we're literally in a counter attack transition 😥
Madness King
Madness King:
A severe loss in the beginning of the season. We hope that Lampard will learn from the mistakes of this match and the return of Hakim Ziyash and all the players⁦✌️⁩💙💙💙
AGAO-Entertaiment Channel Official
AGAO-Entertaiment Channel Official:
Mane 2 goals
Firmino 2 assists
Kepa 1 assist

The first goalkeeper assistance in the EPL😂
We really didnt play bad at all, if Christensen didnt play American football, and if Kepa knew what he was doing we would have had a great chance. Not to mention a lot of our starters are out right now
Bvutira Gmail
Bvutira Gmail:
Calma, vamos substituir Kepa por Mendy em breve
Hayden Crandall
Hayden Crandall:
The favoritism for Mount has to end. Any other manager would have put Hudson-Odoi in over Mount at the wing.
soiung toiue
soiung toiue:
I'm so upset at one moment on this game of that Kante backpass when we're literally in a counter attack transition 😥
Rocky Bhai
Rocky Bhai:
There is nothing shame to lose against the mighty Liverpool.. Mane 😍
We should 100% start Havertz at Cam next game!
abang otai
abang otai:
i like how lampard made his team play out from the back.. bunch of newbies against the best attackers in the game lol doesnt lampard learn from mistakes??
Heru Jaya Permana
Heru Jaya Permana:
Look how Firminho give direction to Kepa 😆
Thank you Kepa
Pero que buen gol el primero, bien liverpool.
Kima Bbc
Kima Bbc:
Sometimes I wonder if lampard wants the best out of Chelsea or the best out of Mason Mount,But lamps is the coach!
Deven Rai
Deven Rai:
I think Lampard got this wrong with the tactics. The over reliance on Mount is shocking
El Nyno
El Nyno:
Chelsea aun va a Mejorar .. necesita poco de tiempo mas y quimica entre los jugadores .. y tambien la vuelta del Crack Marroquì .. Ziyech.. Suerte blues ❤💙
Martin Mwaisakenyi
Martin Mwaisakenyi:
Kepa had three things to chose from, give the ball to Jorginho, Kurt zuoma or clear the ball out of danger. He chose the first one and it costed the team
FPI bukan teroris
FPI bukan teroris:
kepa : iam sorry

karius : youll never walk alone
kepa is whats stopping us going onto the next level if he's in goal we are at best coming 4th again
Michael Kuypers
Michael Kuypers:
Why don’t let Werner take The penalty’s?
T Paul 256
T Paul 256:
Our keepers thou 🤭
There's no one you can fully rely on 🤷
ሕቡን ብ ኤርትራውነቱ
ሕቡን ብ ኤርትራውነቱ:
Thiago Silva & Thiago Alcantara played UCL final, Silva signed for Chelsea 2 weeks ago and Alcantara signed for Liverpool 48 hours ago. Frank said Silva is not fit yet and Alcantara played damn well. YOO FRANK LAMPARD STOP MAKING EXCUSES!!!
Is this pre-season ? I hope so 🙏 go go chelsea !! Peace and love from Indonesia ❤️
Ambia Mash
Ambia Mash:
Mane mane marvelous and fabulous player of liverpool, congratulation
Warmaster AceJoker
Warmaster AceJoker:
What is AC thinking with that challenge on Mane? Just sell him along with Rudiger and use the funds for Dayot Upamecano
Takhe Nama
Takhe Nama:
Havertz really pleases me. A lot of u don't see it, but what I saw was absolute composure in those little one touches, and link ups. Just melts my heart. Give him time lads. Maybe he'll melt your hearts too 😇
Mo Madni
Mo Madni:
Hope our fans don't overreact. Played decent until 10 men and then obviously the game was gonna be gone. We were also missing Chilwell, Silva, Ziyech, Pulisic. We lost but get over it and move on to the next. ⭕
David Connolly
David Connolly:
Good performance lads!!! 🔵🔵🔵🔵
Ugo Princewill
Ugo Princewill:
What an impressive match
Akshay Chourasiya
Akshay Chourasiya:
Kepa played beautiful one two one to Mane before he scored the goal.
El Mejor
El Mejor:
That goal wasn't Kepa's fault...
Денислав Петров
Денислав Петров:
Quick reminder that Chelsea paid 70+ mil for this goal conceding machine 🤦🏻‍♂️
Max Bashford
Max Bashford:
I can't wait for a new keeper
In other words Mendy
Consalata Akoth
Consalata Akoth:
Hard work comes with success.
Anak Sholeh dan Sholeha
Anak Sholeh dan Sholeha:
Liverpool win again...
I love you MO Salah...
cah kentir
cah kentir:
What a pass from kepa. That was brilliant pass. Absolutely wonderful. YNWA
zein yakuza
zein yakuza:
Harusnya satu lagi gol nya biar jadi kaya sponsor heheheh. Sukses buat semuanya aamiin
Nasim Reza
Nasim Reza:
What an assist by kepa😚😚
Keep it up
You will defeat De Bruyne
Joel Quadros
Joel Quadros:
Still we can make it...common CHELSEA..Don't loss single game💪👍❤
Sergey Fursov
Sergey Fursov:
Это был последний матч Кепы)
vivek lamba
vivek lamba:
Mane scores....Great assist from kepa..
To be really honest I think there best formation was in 2018
ST- Hazard or giroud
RW- Willian
LW- pedro
CM- kante , Barkley, kovacic
CB- christisan, azpilicueta , alonso, David luiz
Broke Boy
Broke Boy:
Congrats, Chelsea played good, next time will be different 👌🏽🙂
Motlatsi Lebereko
Motlatsi Lebereko:
I'll take the positives out this game. Fully support the entire Team patiently. Let's go Blues.
Thoriq Adiprayoga
Thoriq Adiprayoga:
if we still have hazard, the boss still choose mount over him. clue less tactics with 10 men. PARK THE BUS!
Mufag Ahmed
Mufag Ahmed:
We need ziyech ;silva ;chilwell and pulisic back soon and will be on fire 🔥 🔥 🔥
Edit: lastly Mendy to be our new goal keeper 💙🔥🔥
Adielgrech PUBG
Adielgrech PUBG:
Congrats The Reds ❤ 💯
Patrick Joseph
Patrick Joseph:
Kepa's errors still punishing Us! When the opponents tryin to shoot on target we av been counting the goal... Kepa should need to stay bench this season....
Tyler Durden
Tyler Durden:
It could be draw: no mistake from Kepa and 1 point from penalty. Good game and experience for Chelsea players! Keep on working!
Amal 66
Amal 66:
Ziyech will be proud of that assist from kepa
You can’t announce mendy sooner Chelsea
Mané is on fire 🔥
Suren Rasni
Suren Rasni:
Win or loss always THE BLUES💪🏼
Denilson Francisco
Denilson Francisco:
Chelsea ta com um timaço e não consegue vencer o Liverpool😂😂
Olah Olah
Olah Olah:
Keppa kiper yang sangat keren selain bisa menyelamatkan gawang keppa juga bisa memberi umpan
Aulia Fajar
Aulia Fajar:
Christensen thought he's playing Rugby 🤣
Pranav Tambe
Pranav Tambe:
Timo was amazing he making a forward run but he can't get support from any other player
M'gsha Girmeso
M'gsha Girmeso:
Qbramovich should bring a new manager/coach
D. S.G
D. S.G:
we love kepa at chelsea 💙
stanley weezy
stanley weezy:
If Kepa stays, we'll be lucky to get top 4! 🤦🏿‍♂️
Paul Agolla
Paul Agolla:
Hope Mendy can be announced even now, Havertz should play behind Werner, Werner is a great player, hope we will catch up next game
Nam Ng
Nam Ng:
Chelsea must change the line-up of goalkeeper in this season.
Respect for the upload!
Emily An
Emily An:
There is nothing shame to lose against the mighty Liverpool.. Mane 😍
abdilahi farah
abdilahi farah:
Jorginho-i never missed a penalty
Alisonn hold my beer
Roma Capoccia
Roma Capoccia:
Seeing Kep again as Chelsea goalkeeper make me 🤔 💭
Tristan Ld
Tristan Ld:
The sniper Jorginho missed a penalty incredible
Rashmi Singh
Rashmi Singh:
Without the re card we could have dug out a result. First half was solid defensively
DevilBoy Faliq
DevilBoy Faliq:
Assists this season:
Kevin De Bruyne:0

Stats speak for themselves
The Fourth Chairman
The Fourth Chairman:
Lampard: "we're gonna have a fantastic 2020/2021 season"

Kepa: "Very cute, Boss"
Trending Now List
Trending Now List:
you see... the real power of Juergen Klopp.. he's absolutely insane
If i was lampard, i'll play 4-3-2-1 or 4-2-3-1( without winger) to fit the players line up
info penting
info penting:
Don't worry, all of this has just begun. We are still a long way from starting, Chelsea is definitely the champion
Ebenezer Danso
Ebenezer Danso:
What a match
Ebenezer Danso
Remember when we lost to Liverpool and Arsenal in 2016 and then we had a whole turn around and won the league ,hopefully that happens
MM_theboy :
Jorginho: surely gonna score a consolation goal
Alisson: oh hell no
Andreas Ioannou
Andreas Ioannou:
That was the €80 million goalkeeper? Amazing, absolutely amazing...🤦
Shortest official club highlights ever 🤣🤣
Have That
Have That:
I feel sad to see even kovacic and kante can't do anything much against liverpool midfields. That match could have been a draw
Subscribe to an Egg
Subscribe to an Egg:
We really didnt play bad at all, if Christensen didnt play American football, and if Kepa knew what he was doing we would have had a great chance. Not to mention a lot of our starters are out right now
Mohammed Rayan M
Mohammed Rayan M:
Kepa wow most expensive goal keeper best in the world after de gea😜
Bonanza Marimbera
Bonanza Marimbera:
Heita EEK
Heita EEK:
playing HAVERTZ at the wrong position, is gona cost us alot
Loco Guerra
Loco Guerra:
Chelsea need a pretty goalkeeper like Super Karius.
William Roshi
William Roshi:
I like Timo attitude even with 10 man- He plays for the badge and not his personal glory-
irfin ahmat
irfin ahmat:
ngakak liat pinalti si jorgi🤣
Lord Klaus
Lord Klaus:
Where's is Thiago Silva. I saw Christensen on the line-up and automatically I knew it's gonna end in tears. Play Caballero.
buzz humour
buzz humour:
Trop fort ce Mane ☺️☺️
Ricky Maldo
Ricky Maldo:
I always play Fabinho as a CB in FIFA lol
David Karanja
David Karanja:
Thiago just signed about 48 hours ago and he was in the squad,,,We have players that we signed weeks ago and we're always told that they're not ready. Klopp understands the game.