Chelsea 0-2 Manchester United | Premier League Highlights

Highlights from our Premier League match v Manchester United at Stamford Bridge.

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Founded in 1905, Chelsea Football Club has a rich history, with its many successes including 5 Premier League titles, 8 FA Cups and 1 Champions League, secured on a memorable night in 2012. Famous former Blues include Peter Osgood, Gianfranco Zola, Dennis Wise, John Terry, Didier Drogba & Eden Hazard.

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100+ comentarios:

Ultra instinct Goku
Ultra instinct Goku:
If I’m being honest Giroud really needs to start against Bayern, he’s a very good striker with a lot of experience and quality and he can score goals unlike Tammy and michy
Khaled Abu Omar
Khaled Abu Omar:
VAR did 2 errors:
1: An obvious red for Maguire.
2: The first disallowed goal Fred pushed Cesar so he was pushed on to Williams. Damn you VAR!
ME! swift
ME! swift:
If Tammy is unavailable for Bayern's game, I wanna see Giroud starts man
I'm s United fan but fair play to Chelsea. They even posted highlights when they lost, GG.
Alexander Kosasi
Alexander Kosasi:
damn giroud showing lampard why he deserves some game time.
Kevin Kim
Kevin Kim:
How is Maguire's not off the pitch when Son took a red card doing so much less, the guy's ready to break the balls of the player
Laz01 Gr
Laz01 Gr:
At least caballero dived. Kepa always stays still and watches the ball go in and still the media support him.
Avi Pandey
Avi Pandey:
I had to see this highlight just for Maguire's kick 😂😂
Didier Drogba
Didier Drogba:
Batshuayi vs Giroud [Just today's game]
Minutes played: 68-22
Shots off Target: 2-0
Big Chances Missed: 1-0
Chances Created: 0-1
Passing Accuracy: 94%-100%
Clearances: 0-2
Fouls Won: 1-1

Giroud did more in 22mins both offensively & defensively than Michy did in 68mins!

Justice for Giroud😭😭
Jaka Dika
Jaka Dika:
Babby BooKardashian
Babby BooKardashian:
Entry: denied
Entry: denied
Key card : accepted
Key card : denied
Crack Head Biden
Crack Head Biden:
Manchester United double standard refereeing been the same over 20years
yogi prayuda
yogi prayuda:
Maguire : this is spartaaa!!!!
Peters Steven
Peters Steven:
All I can think about now is Bayern....
Brayden Le
Brayden Le:
Your telling me son gets a red card but Maguire doesn’t

Edit: I’m a spurs fan
Justin Bonds
Justin Bonds:
If only Antonio conte didn’t piss D Costa off, we might still have a steady goal machine.
kevaughn james
kevaughn james:
Every time I watch this match highlights it pisses me off because the English premier league ref so blind and stupid it herts. Even my grandmother would see that is red and she is blinded.
Ancient Rageedi
Ancient Rageedi:
Daylight robbery. The FA trying everything in their power to make sure Man U finishes top 4.
Maxistan 2
Maxistan 2:
Also_ Extra
Also_ Extra:
Giroud deserves some bloody playing time.
Darma Suhendra
Darma Suhendra:
Hakim's Ziyech in coming🔥
Dave Mitchison
Dave Mitchison:
Neither Man United nor a Chelsea fan so I can say this with complete impartiality. Harry Maguire should never have been on the pitch when he scored the second goal. The disallowed goal from Zouma for the alleged push was ridiculous as the Chelsea player appears to be pushed into the Man U player by another Man U player.
Mr. J
Mr. J:
MU vs CH 3 : 0 at this season
EMY Chidi
EMY Chidi:
With or without var Chelsea was humiliated three times by United 😂
Quân Nguyễn Đức Minh
Quân Nguyễn Đức Minh:
Olivier Giroud is who Lampard needs. He’s extremely good. I wonder how he can’t be the second choice
Daniel Shamu
Daniel Shamu:
Zouma has been our best defender by far this season, but you start Christensen over him, Lampard's tactics are poor
They really need to sort VAR OUT!!
James Mathew
James Mathew:
We seriously need to change the training of this team with many players getting injured
Pulisic CHO were both injured in training
Kante got inured after 20 mins of play when he had two week break
Ha Min Lee
Ha Min Lee:
I felt bad for Chelsea in this game. Should be 1-1 and Maguire should go off
Miranda Dean
Miranda Dean:
When you play bad, its feel like getting robbed
Angga Shinoda
Angga Shinoda:
No matter, my favorite colour is still blue
Rany Sem
Rany Sem:
What’s happening with the VAR?😏
I've been impressed by seeing Giroud after a long absence
MatuMMi HaHaHa
MatuMMi HaHaHa:
chelsea will win champions league if this season they finish 6th.....still remember 2012/13 season...😁
snapy nutshell
snapy nutshell:
It's funny to hear how chelsea's commentator being down tune when United scores,and getting high when Chelsea scoring lmao😂
Latjor Hon
Latjor Hon:
This was unfair from VAR!
game zone
game zone:
Why lampard why you never play olivier giroud

He has more quality and peefect finish
Why you not use olivier?
krisnaputra 11
krisnaputra 11:
Back to GIROUD!!!! NO Tamy n Batsuayi!!! Look Lampard!
I think giroud was good when he came on
James Mathew
James Mathew:
Lampard can't be blamed for this
He had lack of options with injuries and no signings
Team played good but were unlucky with decisions going against them
0:43 no card 😂😂😂
Giroud 😘
Mikhail Soltau
Mikhail Soltau:
This match so unfair
Sheldon Omondi
Sheldon Omondi:
Aggregate after 2 legs with bayern will be over six goals😂...chelsea will be lucky if they can score even one
Both refs from Manchester, what a surprise
manhhoang nguyen
manhhoang nguyen:
VAR :(
what the hell with the Reff.. no redcard, 2 goals disallowed.
FR Bmp
FR Bmp:
0:48 NO Violent Conduct...after this you know Chelsea will not have a good evening.
Alex Karver
Alex Karver:
We have good form ,we really do, it's just the finishing we need to do well, 17 shots and just one on target???!!!!!!!
Ricardo De Blank
Ricardo De Blank:
Fix Var. It’s ruining the beautiful game. This reminds me of the Barca game back in 2009
Satoshi N
Satoshi N:
referees are corrupt in this match it`s clear
Congratulation VARchester united
Rixx Kumar
Rixx Kumar:
Giroud still a beast.
Nithin Neyyan
Nithin Neyyan:
Some Legends are saying that, Chelsea are still arguing with VAR decisions 😌😌😌
Song got a red card for basically the same thing, kicking a player from the ground. And now the Man Utd player didn’t get anything? I mean, what about consistency?
1 shot on target woohoo.
Diego Valenzuela
Diego Valenzuela:
Man United payed the ref this game
18 shots but no one goal? What a shame chelsea
Kamesh Priyan
Kamesh Priyan:
Harry Maguire needs to get red card
Namgyal Rai
Namgyal Rai:
When your crush denies you
Dery Haryadi
Dery Haryadi:
Congrats VARchester 👌👌👌
The Official Ycef
The Official Ycef:
Giroud has to start against Bayern
Yvonne Topi
Yvonne Topi:
What has Chelsea done to deserve such refreeing?
Wills ub
Wills ub:
Thank you Anthony Taylor the most clueless referee ive seen in a while.
Rizky Febryan
Rizky Febryan:
VARchester united!!
Olaf Weinzer
Olaf Weinzer:
How disgusting, they want to take Manchester United with theft and everything they need for the next UCL. Rotten.
Iron Oxlade
Iron Oxlade:
Eekoweyy Beyd
Eekoweyy Beyd:
There's so much dishonesty and unjust discrimination in EPL. English players are mostly favored. The referee's performance was shambolic.The VAR was also against Chelsea.

Even though Manchester United was more determined and clinical, The dishonesty in EPL also played against Chelsea.
John Ali
John Ali:
20% Human
80% Technology
T V:
Kepa arrizabalaga next match 🙏
U guys still have the guts of uploading the video after we lose🤔😕
Mohammad Syahrul
Mohammad Syahrul:
Good game, high technology one day Indonesia can do it 👊🇲🇨
Dominiqz Rollins1878
Dominiqz Rollins1878:
Trending Number #9 In Indonesia.

Guest what?
Calvine K. Atsiaya
Calvine K. Atsiaya:
Manchester united was given the win by VAR openly
Kevin Laksamana Putra
Kevin Laksamana Putra:
Giroud is back !!
Alex Karver
Alex Karver:
Match shouldve ended like 5-4, win to chelsea
Sunny Ghosh
Sunny Ghosh:
I'm a spurs fan and I'm happy that Chelsea lost but that was a clear red for Maguire 0:38
YaSseR 1080
YaSseR 1080:
Manchester United : 6-0 round trip !
Bayern Munich : 12-0 round trip ???
Ross X
Ross X:
Maguire RED CARD
I'm A Chelsea FAN
I'm A Chelsea FAN:
We had 61% possesi
Jonathan Melendez
Jonathan Melendez:
Giroud for the rest of the season and for the Champions League
Fajar Ruli
Fajar Ruli:
@chealsea football club, can i have your backsound music ?
Do you send me to my e-mail ?
Ilir United
Ilir United:
ole 3;0 lampard 3 games 8; 1 🤣🤣
ejo 1337
ejo 1337:
Refeere dissalowed you 2 goals, maguire should have been sent off in my opinion but it was good see players fighting till the final whistle
-From Arsenal fan
Munira Ahmed
Munira Ahmed:
My team❤
Are those officials and referee a Manchester Academy passed out....damn!! 😝
Bal Bustos
Bal Bustos:
Thank you VAR for scoring both goals for Man U!!!
Says some Chelsea fan
Dan DA little Man
Dan DA little Man:
Where’s the highlights?
Connie Patterson
Connie Patterson:
If you trust the var system so much, you should review Anthony Taylor's referee system.
Maguire with the Kung Fu ,no red card?
Sheldon Omondi
Sheldon Omondi:
Three games this season and an aggregate of 8-1 in total😂😂...chelsea is clearly no match for the great Manchester United💪😂
CTS 2.0
CTS 2.0:
Are the extended highlights coming soon? There was so much missed out!
Aman Khinvasara
Aman Khinvasara:
I am an arsenal fan and I admit that Chelseas highlight vids are much better XD
Mathew Paul
Mathew Paul:
1:17 "I think it will be given because it's a tidy little finish"😂😂😂
Yongki Sanjaya
Yongki Sanjaya:
semua sayang Ole
Everyone loves Ole. huehehehe
Amy Mehta
Amy Mehta:
Brave of Chelsea to post this
matummi eiei
matummi eiei:
London is red😆😂😂
Dr.Abdirahim Abdullah
Dr.Abdirahim Abdullah:
I'm very honest I was supporting this team since my young age I have never seen losing at home like that all in all VR must make sure what they are doing is not fare at all goodluck