Chelsea 1-0 Newcastle | Havertz Strikes Late to Sink Resurgent Magpies | Premier League Highlights

Kai Havertz stole all three points at the death, as the Blues downed a revived Magpies side at Stamford Bridge.

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100+ comentarios:

alessandro del piero
alessandro del piero:
Kai is a real hero of Chelsea in recent games, especially in such a difficult time. I want to tell the politicians and corrupt sponsors that you will not be able to destroy this club and its history!!! 🔵🔵💙💙💙 I have already written this message, but I want all Chelsea fans to see that all adequate football fans are with you.⚽⚽⚽
Dan's Table Tennis
Dan's Table Tennis:
The composure and ability to do what Kai just did is generational
Yman N
Yman N:
That control in a space so tight was sublime! Never seen such a touch before. This goal will be remembered and valued when time passes.
Sammy Kay
Sammy Kay:
The pass, the control, the finish... Is Elite, Havertz is a baller
That pass from Jorginho to Havertz was so beautfiul, executed with perfection.
Duwayne Wright
Duwayne Wright:
Havertz has definitely added aggression to his game. He's only getting better. He's going to have a great career at Chelsea.
Zola would be proud of that touch. But of course, Zola did that pretty much every game.
Blue Fusion
Blue Fusion:
Havertz is genuinely the most exciting Player we have had since Eden hazard. Already a Chelsea legend 🔥😅🔥
Miguel Dias
Miguel Dias:
What a fantastic game from Havertz! The hero of the game, no doubt, but it was a tough game in difficult times, and we won't let these times affect the players and the club's history!
Арген Бараканов
Арген Бараканов:
Can we just appreciate that pass from Jorji? Finish from Havertz is a master class for Werner and Lukaku
Kai really been carrying our team lately, a 🐐 already in the making
chris yako
chris yako:
I always said last season that Havertz could be a long term number 9. Such a wonderful player. A joy to watch.
Martin Yeboah
Martin Yeboah:
Havertz resues us motm. Kai is in the form of his life that pass from Jorginho reminds me of Fabregas
funny samie David
funny samie David:
Jorginho should play more passes like that instead of back passes every time
Nice timing and control by Havertz!! He’s very silky and cunny 😄
Never write him off 😎
Blue Fusion
Blue Fusion:
Kai Havertz is the future of Chelsea football club. Big moments player. 💥💙
Blue Fusion
Blue Fusion:
Kai Havertz’s six Premier League goals for Chelsea this season:

◉ Header
◉ Header
◉ Header
◉ Left-foot
◉ Left-foot
◉ Left-foot

The next three may just be coming with his right. 😅
Fadedsamuel samuel
Fadedsamuel samuel:
Havertz was superb this match. Glad he is our Match winner
Siddhant Singh
Siddhant Singh:
That GOAL was POETRY IN MOTION! One of the best goals I have seen...
Kai Havertz has been in great form as of late, the future of Chelsea💙💙
Oisamoje David
Oisamoje David:
With all the witch hunting going on in just glad all Chelsea FC fans had something to sleep peacefully with tonight. Great game. Thanks KIA.
Man we truly needed this win. Its been a long time since we've won them like that right at the end...
Saibal Ghosh
Saibal Ghosh:
The pass, the control, the finish🔥 Brilliant scenes
Emo cool joe
Emo cool joe:
Kai is on maaaad form right now hope he keeps on scoring in these tough times we in up the chels
Charles Lotara
Charles Lotara:
The pass, the touch, the finish. Some world-class stuff right there!
Azubuike ikechukwu
Azubuike ikechukwu:
Let's appreciate the magnificent pass from jorginho to Kai 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 that was a defense splitting pass. Long may it continue Jorge
Ugochukwu Modum
Ugochukwu Modum:
This goal will be looked upon years to come and be noted as one we very much needed.

Thanks Kai!
Jamal Udin
Jamal Udin:
Havertz is amazing, but Kante is incredible 🔥
Moses The Bluess
Moses The Bluess:
Beautiful passing & excellent finishing...Outstanding performance!!
Abdullah Azzam
Abdullah Azzam:
this win its very important not about table rank but its about maintaining the spirit of our beloved supporter,despite being crushed by cruel condition i always support this team,WE ARE BLUE BLOODED
Isaac Zachariah
Isaac Zachariah:
Havertz slowly becoming my favourite Chelsea player since Drogba and Hazard.
Kai a spectacular midfielder, passes, goals, vision! has it all. 👏
Kai is indeed one of the classic strikers in the world now
Chief 👽
Chief 👽:
Kai is a Chelsea legend
Julio Rafael
Julio Rafael:
Kai Havertz first touch in the winning goal was pure class !
And with his wonderful performance today, he proved that he deserves to play as a starter in all games.
Mr. Money
Mr. Money:
The control and touch are superb. But that pass from Jorginho was amazing, Pirlo levels of accuracy right there
That’s a special finish! Kai is really becoming a great talent!
Amazue Ikechukwu
Amazue Ikechukwu:
The control and finish was 🔥🔥🔥🔥
yudhi yuliandra
yudhi yuliandra:
Havertz first touch is magical 🔥
J&G Media
J&G Media:
This is what you call football, what a touch and a lovely goal @ Kai my Boy 💙💙💙
Chelsea FC
Chelsea FC:
King kai what else can I say more about this young talented player 👏👏👏👏

Brilliant player
Awang Khairunnas
Awang Khairunnas:
Hats off to the Newcastle fan and team for giving us hell during the 90 minutes. Especially the "Mike Ashley is coming for you" chant 😂 take the L Newcastle haha
That pass from Jorgi 🔥, that touch from Kai smooth and finishing it with the same leg, that goal is Juicy.
You dropped this king 👑
Frans Timotheus
Frans Timotheus:
Havertz is improving every game.. that’s consistency 🔥🔥
Sylvester Mumo
Sylvester Mumo:
The composure and that first touch was awesome, who can dare hate such a talent
This was one of the best Goals i see so far. Love it and watch it over and over. Masterpiece
Souley. Traore
Souley. Traore:
Havertz, what masterclass
Rui Guo
Rui Guo:
Watched the game. Chelsea escaped a penalty but that last Jorginho loft pass + Havertz run & score was a sheer beauty.
Havertz making it look easy 🔥
The PromKing
The PromKing:
I've always maintained that Jorginho is a great player and a vital part of our midfield. Only those who don't know football would think otherwise.
This win shows the mentality and togetherness of the team. Keep on going until the last minute and never stop trying. COYB🔵
What an awesome goal ☺️
Maitha Kiio
Maitha Kiio:
So thrilled to see Kai doing his thing💙💙
Irvan Maulana
Irvan Maulana:
That was a beautiful touch by Kai Havertz and very important goal 💯
Beautiful Onyinye
Beautiful Onyinye:
0:38 That save by Mendy is only second to God's saving grace😊😊😊.... Keep working hard Mendy, one day, you will shine so bright they won't be able to manipulate the votes
The pass the touch and the finish, just wow💙 💙💙
The pass the touch and the finish was amazing
Ozigbu Kingsley
Ozigbu Kingsley:
I love havertz form right now hopefully he can keep up the concistency,great win(nice pass from jorgi tbh)COYB💙
That goal smells like class and composure 🔥🤌🏼
Edi Mulyadi Wijaya
Edi Mulyadi Wijaya:
when someone faces a steep rocky road at that time someone shows how to reach the best peak... 💙Chelsea 💙
Abis Abis
Abis Abis:
0:44 Mendy jumps high to watch the ball after his punch clearance. Next moment almiron shoots he was able to dive and save . Not all keeper has that instict.
Yesterday I was wondering how goalies get to see that ball with so many players in front. This is an example the effort they do to have a eye the ball.
A dreary game ending with a true spark of the divine. What a goal.
Mr. Nikroma Daud John
Mr. Nikroma Daud John:
Am absolutely satisfied with the way the boys handled the game coz Newcastle are also on form of their life but Chelsea out powered them.
Well done.
Luke Bashian
Luke Bashian:
I really thought it wouldn’t be our day when Havertz’s missed the header, but king Kai made up for it 😍
Raimundo Melonio
Raimundo Melonio:
Giovanni T2K
Giovanni T2K:
Nothing against lukaku but I don't think he could've taken that ball as smoothly as havertz to finish that chance 🤷‍♂️💯
Bang Kur
Bang Kur:
What a pass from jorgi,, and what a touch and finishing from king kai,, keep struggle in the trhrouble 😍😍😍
Brilliant pass, great touch, sumptuous finish 🔥
MM19 X KH29 X CP10
MM19 X KH29 X CP10:
Kai has the talent of Messi and the elegance of Zidane, the finishing skill of Shearer, the speed of a young Ronaldo, the composure of Berbatov and the passing of Ozil
Aisha Sheikh
Aisha Sheikh:
That pass from jorginho💥 and that goal from kai brilliant 💙👌⚽
That pass from jorginho 👌🏽
That finish from Havertz 🔥🔥🔥
Sophie Baker
Sophie Baker:
Like the CL final goal, I could watch it a million times and not get bored. King Kai 💙
Nur Mad
Nur Mad:
Keep strong lads. I know we can pass this situation. keep fighting. Keep believe✊✊
Thomas Shelby
Thomas Shelby:
That ball from Ziyech to Havertz!! 🔥🔥🔥 Deserved a goal at the end!
What a clutch player 🔥🔥
Pius Baidoo
Pius Baidoo:
He’s our hero❤️❤️❤️
Prophet 52
Prophet 52:
Cuando un club es más grande q sus problemas, te amo mi Chelsea 💞🇵🇪💞
ndubuisi agwuncha
ndubuisi agwuncha:
Sublime pass and Sublime finish
Muhammad Zikra
Muhammad Zikra:
Keep it up chelsea. Even with this problem, let's show the world the blues still best
Yogi Yousaygum
Yogi Yousaygum:
Beautiful assist, first touch, and shoot. Class.
Mohamed S
Mohamed S:
great job to the whole team and especially despite everything that's been going on lately and I hope to continue with the team as much as a great fun of the blues she is saved
Player of the month Kai Havertz 4 goals 3 assists
Didier Drogba
Didier Drogba:
Thank you. Thank Tuchel, Kai and of course Jorgi helped us through this tough game in difficult times.
Davis Dickey
Davis Dickey:
The day of the champions league final my wife and I were expecting our third child in a week or so. I jokingly told her before the match “whoever scores the game winner for Chelsea, that’s what we’re naming our son.” As u all know Kai scored the winner & now we have a beautiful baby boy named Kai:) can’t wait to tell him how he got his name one day lol
Pei Sharif
Pei Sharif:
That pass from Jorginho to Havertz was so beautfiul, executed with perfection.
Ir One Lovebird
Ir One Lovebird:
Awesome goal from King Kai 🔥🔥🔥
kun mwas
kun mwas:
What a touch ! What a finish ! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
Rin Muana
Rin Muana: What a pass! What a finish!💙💙💙
Kholid Nur
Kholid Nur:
Keep strong Chelsea. We with you 💞
Anderson caetano Caetano
Anderson caetano Caetano:
Orgulho de torcer the blues sempre champions league e mundial campeão
احمد رضا
احمد رضا:
We will stay support to Chelsea forever 💙💙
Rev Lmao
Rev Lmao:
kai is deceptively explosive and fast at 6ft2. few more years in the weight room and he will be next level.
The assist is even more beautiful than the goal 🥰💙
Yusuf habeeb
Yusuf habeeb:
I absolutely love this team💙💙💙
Emmanuel Edem Dacosta
Emmanuel Edem Dacosta:
Wow! Excellent ball control from Kai, classic by all standards.
Nyakallo Mphuthi
Nyakallo Mphuthi:
This match proved to me that I wasn't imagining things when I concluded that there are some players who "don't" want to pass the ball ⚽ to Lukaku and Havertz is one of those.

Romelu Lukaku can become deadly again if the tension is sorted out because he does make excellent runs into the box but he never gets the pass. Blues all the way and forever 💙
Aung Myat Min
Aung Myat Min:
J5 cross looks brilliant. Then, Kai's finishing skill is just on another level. Mendy's save, tho! Come on, Blues!
Resi Denata
Resi Denata:
Epic control, King Kai 🔥🔥🔥 keep hand in hand, guys. Keep Blues flying high 👍👍
What a beautiful goal 🥅
Ahmed Somali
Ahmed Somali:
What a pass from jorjinho 🔥
Ferry Yana Aditya
Ferry Yana Aditya:
World class first touch and goal from King Kai 🔥🔥