Chelsea 1-1 Aston Villa | Premier League Highlights

Watch the highlights of Chelsea v Aston Villa at 2020–21 Premier League.

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Founded in 1905, Chelsea Football Club has a rich history, with its many successes including 5 Premier League titles, 8 FA Cups and 1 Champions League, secured on a memorable night in 2012. Famous former Blues include Peter Osgood, Gianfranco Zola, Dennis Wise, John Terry, Didier Drogba & Eden Hazard.

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100+ comentarios:

Win or loose up the blues
EJ Sung
EJ Sung:
cross cross cross all day. Great plan. You know why every team we play against has a "great" defense? Because it's so easy to defend against us.
Chapss Elysee
Chapss Elysee:
When ziyech injured Chelsea didn’t win a single game. WE NEED ZIYECH BACK FAST
I remember Christensen made same mistake 1or 2 years ago. He clashed and did same reaction then we conceded. Of course, he wasn't injured. Terry will NEVER do that reaction.
Pedro Neves
Pedro Neves:
Much better performance than the arsenal game but you can clearly see how much Ziyech is missed, with him Today we would have won 💙🇲🇦🧙🏼‍♂️
Nana Creator
Nana Creator:
Hakim ziyech😔
silent control
silent control:
im not comfortable with any game that gorginho starts and even azpi cant run now😪
Jimo Ethan
Jimo Ethan:
Ziyech desperately needed at this point. We must grab 3point with City.
Gilmour and tomori should have played over slow Jorginho and Christenshit
Sad New
Sad New:
Chelsea actually have drawn with a team above them who has 2 games in hand as well
Jay Jashnani
Jay Jashnani:
Giroud and Defenders are carrying the club
The Notorious
The Notorious:
Man do you guys miss Ziyech. No #22, no party. He left you guys top of the table and now you guys are mid table.
Lembah Hijau
Lembah Hijau:
Just why tf lampard played the incompetent christensen instead of tomori? Smh
bright blues
bright blues:
Someone tell me please...when ziyesh will return?nd thanks
박성현 2512
박성현 2512:
Always the U pattern..I hope Ziyech comes back and create some more offense routes
Khabib Normagomidof
Khabib Normagomidof:
Ziyech 🔑
Firdaus Abd Ghani
Firdaus Abd Ghani:
Dont underestimate aston villa
this season. Even liverpool got thrashed by aston. I think draw against aston is still ok.
Luis Bethancourth
Luis Bethancourth:
Born Chyne
Born Chyne:
Kepa is smiling in the corner...
Get up Christensen, you piece of jelly
It's actually your fault because you're a protector and you just lay there like a child, what a bloody shame!
Tsar 29
Tsar 29:
Score first and end up with a draw or a defeat, last season was the same story. It's time to strenghten the mentality guys.
eman ym yas
eman ym yas:
Chilwell👏🏽👏🏽of all our new signings, he's been great.
Well... atleast havertz did decent.
Law Too
Law Too:
We miss u hakim 🥺
Can I just point out the fact that Lampard LEFT 1 sub in this game when he had attacking options, especially Abraham against his old club! Its also shocking how he left Giroud in the Arsenal game. Its making me feel like Lampard is giving up before the game ends!
Bocah Super
Bocah Super:
Lampart out
Lana Taylor
Lana Taylor:
We were title contenders with ziyech and now we're in mid table form,
Crazy how much of a difference he makes.
Amir Shaker
Amir Shaker:
Aston villa is having one of the best season in the last 20 years
Rahil Mittal
Rahil Mittal:
Please terminate Christensen's contract
Emmanuel Djunga
Emmanuel Djunga:
Our Mendy have started to feel the fever of the EPL ,kepa was just smiling, congratulations guy's for the draw.
Master Kwaye
Master Kwaye:
A great improvement from the last match , we just got a bit unlucky at times but the boys did put in a shift today which was good to see , we'll get em next time 👏👏👏👏
Lampard keeps making mistakes by putting Jorginho and Christensen in the lineup.
kiki one
kiki one:
Tuchel in Lampard out this Chelsea squad is capable
The music makes me wanna sleep
Ronaldo Cristiano
Ronaldo Cristiano:
la meilleurs equipe cest mendy
giroud . odoi.pulisic
Fikry Nadim
Fikry Nadim:
Im still not watching live because ziyech not playing... We need those key passes from him to me he is a copy of juan mata... Great player
Start CHO more often
Chug Margella
Chug Margella:
When i saw christensen in the line up I just knew nothing amazing would come through lamp needs to use the players we have efficiently
raydon h
raydon h:
"He nearly snapped the bar in two" GREAT 'commentary'
Please keep and up the intensity and play players in the right position and use the right formation for the players
Oxy Achmad Yusuf
Oxy Achmad Yusuf:
Lampard out 👌
Gaurav Puri
Gaurav Puri:
Guys, Stay Alert Because There Is a Maddog here his name IS RLM he is just barking barking and barking if someone find him plz Stop him
*tuts “Amateurs” - a Man U fan
Slim Shetty
Slim Shetty:
If giroud doesn’t play this weekend against Man City I am just plugging of the telly
Badak Kacak
Badak Kacak:
I'm happy for this result
I've low expectations for this team since that lost against wolves
Just try your best
Hopefully end this season on top 4
Devin Halim
Devin Halim:
Aston villa did great,winning balls,creating problems,grealish and McGinn are rocks there

But Chelsea side still haven't get the settlement between their pieces of the game, cohesiveness is important in any team
Leroy Highlights
Leroy Highlights:
Bless Dean Smith, he's built this amazing performing Aston villa out of nothing. His dad must be so proud. 👏👏
Arsh Agnihotri
Arsh Agnihotri:
Lampard out. Thank you and have a good evening
Hary Wibowo
Hary Wibowo:
Aston Villa is phenomenal this season
Didier Drogba
Didier Drogba:
The fact that people have to put ‘I absolutely love Lampard but’ in every comment criticising him is extremely telling😕😕
gooner tintin
gooner tintin:
When Oli is playing it gives Chelsea a diff dimension to play. Also he scores whenever called upon.
Dr Bero
Dr Bero:
Though the result i still support lampard
Mihir Kinare
Mihir Kinare:
It was always gonna be difficult for Lampard.. 6 signings from different clubs all who were gonna be starters.. No preseason to adjust n train at least 2 injuries every game congested Lampards needs to improve his in game management if we have to compete..also players need to step up
Alex Njenga
Alex Njenga:
4~3~3 again play this against man city and we are finished
didik ariyanto
didik ariyanto:
i think its all about reaction.... when another coach, giving you & team a push presure....
example...klopp & arteta...
i think lampard... can give em back that push / presure
didik ariyanto
didik ariyanto:
psy war from klopp works... now chelsea like inferior
Teo Mesrkhani
Teo Mesrkhani:
In these past few games Chelsea seem to be too predicable in the attack. Need to see some variety in the attack to get some goals.
Atul Goyal
Atul Goyal:
Villa scored the same way as Leeds did against them for which they stopped the game.
Lol we’re just cursed every December
Glen Opoku
Glen Opoku:
We’re so predictable it’s actually sad, I don’t get why we don’t play through the middle why do we always have to rely on fullbacks. Lampard is tactically inept and needs to go, he’s way out of his depth🤷🏾‍♂️
Ridza Weed
Ridza Weed:
The highlight ost sound so soothing haha
Hameem Gillani
Hameem Gillani:
This season level of the PL has been demanding. We never expected them to win a title this year. Lets back the boys so they finish in top 4.
Malcolm Ng
Malcolm Ng:
Why did we sub giroud off with 20mins remaining when we needed the winning goal and villa were happy to sit back?
Muhammad Taufiq Zul Fahmi
Muhammad Taufiq Zul Fahmi:
Salam jastalk
Brenton Appie
Brenton Appie:
Giroud is on form
Samarth Parmar
Samarth Parmar:
Credit to john terry for transforming villa's defence👌
Tom Evans
Tom Evans:
Start CHO more
Evhans Ryzkillah Perdhana
Evhans Ryzkillah Perdhana:
Nothing a New Tactical. I'm so Tired Uncle Frank with the Your Game Plan:").
Bayu Alamsyah
Bayu Alamsyah:
Come on the blues, next vs man city vamos
Alexandre Fanfan
Alexandre Fanfan:
Last season your excuse was the fact that you had a transfer ban,now what is it?you spent too much on flops?
Didier Drogba
Didier Drogba:
Bored of Chelsea. No system, no patterns of play. Just cross and hope..😕😕
Shubham Upadhyay
Shubham Upadhyay:
Angry rantman: it is my time again
Enerel Enene
Enerel Enene:
We only attacked with wings this match
We need kova to play in mid and create more options to play.
If we keep attacking only in wings, we can't win against top clubs
all the time Chriestensen laying down after smallest contacts and then we concede
fallou Galas Niang Mané
fallou Galas Niang Mané:
Edouard mendy yali 🤣♥️🇸🇳🤲
this is the reason why i uninstall my Instagram
Sherzod Bek
Sherzod Bek:
it would be nice if Chilwell and McGinn scored...
Ibnu Fajar Nugroho
Ibnu Fajar Nugroho:
I'm no happy 😭
Mr KKay
Mr KKay:
again and again important points dropped...
Sandy Septiyan Nugroho
Sandy Septiyan Nugroho:
Hayukkkkk, hahaha
Pujan Tilva
Pujan Tilva:
All OP. Aston is on amazing confidential after the match against Levorpool . (7/2) Victory
Adonis Ghouila
Adonis Ghouila:
We not doing good smh.
Silver Lining
Silver Lining:
Cross and pray is the new tactic , no other build up play whatsoever...
FDM Adventure
FDM Adventure:
The samp LOL 😂
Yass ine
Yass ine:
ziyech needs to recover quickly pffff
Jerry Marquez
Jerry Marquez:
Come on Chelsea! start 2021 winning!
HeSo Patrice
HeSo Patrice:
I’m tired of this
Najib Najmudin
Najib Najmudin:
Please get on winning streak again, Chelsea!! Come one!!!
Syihab RC
Syihab RC:
Chelsea's performance lately has been inconsistent even though it has a number of star players
Aespa Updates
Aespa Updates:
Lampards made us a top 4 side if that. We win 1/2 games under pressure then go on to lose a bunch. Repeat cycle. He’s stubborn and clueless. Just wasting time under him. If you think he’s able to compete with the likes of klopp or pep for the league title, you’re deluded.
I don't want to comment on the two young germans because if they both come good next season, I'll look like a clown..
So I'll just sit back and watch
Adek Praditya
Adek Praditya:
Draw, lose, draw, lose 😭 win?
munashe mak
munashe mak:
Lampard Out! NAGGELSMANN in❗
Sabelo Xatoto
Sabelo Xatoto:
-who still a chelsea fan
X Rze
X Rze:
Darius Ifan
Darius Ifan:
the blues never win again🤣
Luiz Augusto
Luiz Augusto:
_Eu não entendi muito bem essa escalação, e ainda assim o Chelsea com todas as contratações feitas o time é carente. Vai brigar por uma vaga da Liga do Campeões._ 😔
Have That
Have That:
I can feel that pulisic hasn't fully recovered to his fit form yet or else he could have broken through aston villa defends apart
AGAIN?!!!! 😌😌😌
Imagine how bad wed be without Giroud at this point?