Chelsea 1-1 Manchester United | Premier League Highlights

Highlights from our 1-1 draw with Manchester United at Stamford Bridge

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Founded in 1905, Chelsea Football Club has a rich history, with its many successes including 5 Premier League titles, 8 FA Cups and 2 Champions Leagues, secured on memorable nights in Munich and Porto. Famous former Blues include Peter Osgood, Gianfranco Zola, Frank Lampard, John Terry, Didier Drogba & Eden Hazard.

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Blue Fusion
Blue Fusion:
Miss kovacic and kante's penetrating runs in games like this. Let's be honest, Tuchel has managed injuries to major players so much this season it was bound to affect us at some point. We go again
king cj
king cj:
We deserved more than we got but either way I'm happy about the way we dominated and played like a team. The mistake could have happened with anyone. We move!!
Silvers Rayleigh
Silvers Rayleigh:
Ziyech was the only dangerous forward with some really high pressing. He created some really nice chances that were painfully wasted. I also don't know why is Alonso taking ALL of our corners, Ziyech is way more dangerous on those as he showed against Juve and the two corners he got to take when Alonso came off.
The Warrior
The Warrior:
Till the last minute, i feel Chelsea gonna score. Thats the team Chelsea had evolved into . The team is so solid. Its not our day....but better days ahead🤞
Chris __CFC
Chris __CFC:
Proud of this team man.. but we should take our chances. On to the next game up the blues 💙
Man, this was extremely disappointing. We should not have left this game with a single point. Pulisic did really well when he came on, great substitution. Players like kovacic or kante would've thrived in this match. Our finishing is really poor, could've been another 5-0 if we could just put the ball into the net.
davin chandra
davin chandra:
I think the boys displayed a very fine performance against utd. But almost every time Alonso has possession, our tempo suddenly dropped and he lost several momentums to cross and create chances. Werner was very, very diasppointing in front.
On the other side after Mount & Pulisic subbed on, Chelsea upfront looks so fluid. Ziyech looks determined too.
Next: Watford. Here we go! 🔵
Sports Mohamed
Sports Mohamed:
To the people that are saying the wizard isn't strong enough or can't play on the high level an entire premier league game Ziyech proved them wrong 😌 he becomes a real beast when he get used to play games constantly 90min 😎
Chelsea 2007
Chelsea 2007:
I had doubt about RLC before the start of the game and he did disappoint me rather frustrated watching him taking too many touches whenever he got the ball he should have pass quickly but he's busy trying to dribble pass too many players and werner was very frustrating to watch but that is why we bought lukaku otherwise good game and it's one of those days where no matter how we try it just wont happen...move on to the next game and i hope no one blame jorginho because mistakes happen and he'll learn from it
Mohammedhussain Latif
Mohammedhussain Latif:
The stats say it all
15 corners
23 attempts
A billion shots
1 goal that also a penalty
There is surely a finishing problem which needs to be fixed
Resher Og
Resher Og:
Ziyech is a wonderful what a pass from Ziyech to Pulisic.....Chelsea board shouldn't do any mistake and release Ziyech on loan or sell him he is good we really need him....Thank you Lampard for bringing Ziyech in
Mehdi Mido
Mehdi Mido:
just a remark for this last match: I do not understand why we choose full backs to play corners and free kicks near the corner when we do not have good defensive midfielders like Kanté and Kovacic to cover in case of counter attack.
Realtor Abulesowo
Realtor Abulesowo:
As far as I’m concern, I applaud the team’s spirit and how we played . You don’t win every game. In as much as it pained we dropped points in such manner, we have to get back and win again. Up Chelsea
yitbe hadgu
yitbe hadgu:
I have never expected chelsea to dominate united like this ........proud of this Chelsea team
Jai Burmeister
Jai Burmeister:
Tough result but we're still top of the league, time to move on from this and look to Watford on Wednesday, another 3 points needed. We can't keep dropping points at home if we want to lift the title when it comes May.
It’s hurts and it’s frustrating to watch Chelsea not easily beat utd
The Cap
The Cap:
Never expected this result
What an upset! Excellent playing from Chelsea! ⚽️⚽️
kelvin sakey
kelvin sakey:
Chelsea fan till i die 💙
Saul Flores
Saul Flores:
We are winning the league and champions 💙💙 let’s go you blues
Does anyone else agree that the post match stats were absurd?? Total Shots: 23 - 3
Disappointing draw nonetheless but we'll bounce back greater as always.
Crazy stats from the Best team ITW💙💙💙
Ziyech was the motm , outstanding performance
Semesta Peter
Semesta Peter:
Jorginho's signature penalty style. Manchester United tended to play defensively and Chelsea conceded on the counter-attack for playing attacking. Chelsea is also less than optimal to take advantage of scoring opportunities. Congratulations to Manchester United on going two games in a row unbeaten.
Yoel Arokeum
Yoel Arokeum:
Good performance from Thiago Silva 💙💙💙💪
We need Kovacic back ASAP
Carrick said in his interview that he was impressed by ziyech during this game. Enough said....
What a game. bossed all areas of this game, we go again on tuesday. well done boys
George Ogbanje
George Ogbanje:
My lovely Chelsea tried enough although we couldn't got the victory at end. But my lovely team played well.
T K:
Jorginho's ball control freaked me out, and Mendy's pass made me pass out. Luckily the angel Fred, led me to open my eyes.
Aymaan .T
Aymaan .T:
Yes we were poor and should've absolutely battered this United side. But let us not slander the players. Hopefully we make up for these dropped points in the upcoming fixtures. HAVE FAITH IN TT GUYS.
randomly things
randomly things:
Listen, I know that some of our players put stinker & they did everything they could during 90mins, just unlucky. But, the fact that we draw to this United-Carrick weak side still unacceptable in my book. There’s no way we almost bottled this.
Adrian Leung
Adrian Leung:
This game tells us how important chilly is, we need our wing backs to fly forward to keep our intensity.
Blue Fusion
Blue Fusion:
Atleast the fighting spirit was there after we went a goal down and even after we scored. Inasmuch as CHO should've buried the game in the second min and Rudiger should have put it to bed in the last, we'll take a draw. 🔵💙
Horkays Speaks Football
Horkays Speaks Football:
Need to start finishing chances can’t win the league like this. Our defense has been phenomenal. Unlucky from Jorginho . We come back stronger!
Suhail Siddiq
Suhail Siddiq:
david Mwangi UDI
david Mwangi UDI:
2021: " Timo Werner is not good enough.."

2025 (after selling Werner): "Chelsea shouldn't have sold Timo. He's world-class"
stuart selkirk
stuart selkirk:
Chelsea should have won this game 5-0 easily, but as a defender myself, I would have been furious having a penalty like that against me. In the process of trying to clear the ball, a leg comes from behind me in an attempt to play the ball, how am I supposed to be able to stop myself kicking through!
shivaditya pandey
shivaditya pandey:
Missing lukaku more than ever 😕
Charles Pangela
Charles Pangela:
We should have easily won this game but we're still on top
Damn I'm so frustrated with this result. We should have won this game. City and Liverpool took the 3 points easily, and we got stuck 😔. At least we are still on the top.
king Josh
king Josh:
We played well but lacked finishing and man u showed us that
They got their opportunity and took it
They came for a point and got it
We certainly must improve if we are to win the league
We move💙
Ro Ahasan Bin Aman
Ro Ahasan Bin Aman:
Proud of you Manchester United
Rubona Galilee
Rubona Galilee:
Chelsea need to improve their finishing
Chelsea FC
Chelsea FC:
Very excited with the performance 👍
Exiting to watch this Chelsea-FC Team 👍
I know very well that we should have won the game but still not bad as we all know anyone can drop points ok it’s not only us dropping points 🤷🏻‍♂️
I believe in Thomas Tuchel 100%

Proud of this Chelsea-FC Team 👍
Ajoke Abimbola
Ajoke Abimbola:
I miss chilwell,kovacic and kante 🥺🥺
Olerato Rantho
Olerato Rantho:
One day Rudiger is going to score one these “impossible shots” 🤞🏾
Narendra Jayram
Narendra Jayram:
Timo and CHO needs to get better. They can’t miss chances every time. To be honest this Chelsea team is heavily dependent on our defenders to score at the moment 😊
Kim Carson
Kim Carson:
Keep Improving. Let's hope and pray we improves our game quickly, in being clinical and decisive.

CHO needs to improve his shooting and decision making.

Timo needs to improve his ball control, dribbling and decision making.
He has the natural ability to score but because of his lacking in control made it hard for him to score. He could've control the ball before he shoot, make the ball closer to him that's why Diego Costa and Eden Hazard are deadly, it's because they have good control of the ball. They can fake shot, hold the ball, before they shoot. Stay cool and not panicked in front of goal.

Alonso needs to run fast, because he's slow, it made his game harder. Even just little bit faster would do

RLC needs to improve his decision making and progressive passes, he could've passed the ball or shoot, but instead he dribbled.
He didn't suit well yet with Jorginho, and we were unlucky that jorgi made a mistake.

But overall, great performance and great spirits from the team
Ema's Account
Ema's Account:
I am a Manchester United fan, and I have to say, I do NOT blame Jorginho for the mistake he made.
Nishanth C
Nishanth C:
At least two players still needed to be in the back when taking a set pace. As soon as the ball was lost, James and Alonso had to stand a little further back. Instead, they did not expect a counterattack.. and
Why wait so long to use substitutes.
When is anyone in the media going to start talking about this insane rule that let's teams get an advantage from being off side? The incident at the end was an absolute joke, giving united a chance to win it from a corner. How can they justify letting play go on and not checking for off side as they didn't score a goal. If they scored from the corner they would not have called it back for a var check. Its happening on a regular basis I've noticed and its an absurdity.
Let's go Chelsea 💙
Subhrajyoti Roy
Subhrajyoti Roy:
2 points dropped but we move.
Aleksandr Bs
Aleksandr Bs:
Отличный матч
Ezekiel Nduli
Ezekiel Nduli:
Much respect for Tuchel. He had every right to complain about the offside. He did not deserve a yellow card.

Utd fan.
Nicholas Benedict Goh
Nicholas Benedict Goh:
Credit to our Club to show Jorge's horrendous mistake...

And let's be honest it's not a floodlight problem it's a really bad error LMAO
Akinwasola Kolade
Akinwasola Kolade:
We really need eden hazard in January,he knows how to penetrate opposition defences in games like this where manutd were very solid defensively and this would have resulted in a clear win for the blues.I hope tuchel gets him in January by all means.
Jorginho(0:1)— 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️. Jorginho (1:1)— 👏👏👏
lokin look
lokin look:
Ziyech créatif
Emmanuel Essis
Emmanuel Essis:
We have been unlucky this time but it was a beautifullll game. Be focus on our next fixtures❤️BLUESFOREVER❤️
Ijomoni Kingsley
Ijomoni Kingsley:
With Werner I felt Chelsea played with 10 on the pitch. Alonso was not just it and I hate the idea of him taking every corner kicks. CHO I don't know how he missed that sitter. My best player on the pitch was Rudiger. But Chelsea has done well with so much injury crisis. If Chilwell was fit and played Chelsea would have won this.
ano nymous
ano nymous:
0:08 where Hudson-Odoi costs Chelsea another 2 points, selfishly trying to score instead of servicing Werner. He did this before and the price of letting Hudson-Odoi start is at 4 points so far. If Tuchel keeps tolerating this it's going to cost Chelsea the title.
Kevin Ligusi
Kevin Ligusi:
We had a great game yesterday. Man United were lucky. Just like we were lucky to get all the three points at Brentford. You can't win all the time in this game. There will always be such frustrating moments.
This result did United justice. We should of got the 3 points but we look forward to Watford
Parox 14
Parox 14:
Everything on this team is pefect atm the only thing lacking is our ability to score our chances, I mean our defence is scoring all our goals.
Ilyas Ancharad
Ilyas Ancharad:
the last pass of zijech pff crazy. to bad it didnt end with a goal
glad that we didn't lose, the player's confidence won't dip too much. god i miss lukaku, should've put 2-3 past de gea
Wake me up when Chelsea can actually take chances. I haven’t seen that since we had Diego Costa.
Kwame VanDamme
Kwame VanDamme:
I can say that even in the minds of the entire players, they knew Anthony Taylor was going to rob them yesterday but that didn't happened for the second time in the league this season. Taylor had his decisions right. Even they thought they wouldn't be awarded any penalty when Thiago Silva went down, but the didn't happen. Referee Anthony Taylor officiated the Che v Brentford match with great performance, yesterday he did it again. Gradually that saying "Anthony Taylor hates Chelsea" curse is gradually fading away
well played boys
Muhammad Iqram haqim Bin Zulkapli
Muhammad Iqram haqim Bin Zulkapli:
we need someone to replace alonso..cannot win title like this..alonso look so heavy in this match
Here to Stream and Sub
Here to Stream and Sub:
Chelsea drawing in this game hurt me alot. But amazing performance from the boys tho.
ashutosh banasure
ashutosh banasure:
I watched the game today nd I was so excited that we should beat this Man United side for sure but the performance with this 1-1 draw felt like a lost to me man....Literally a bit disappointed 😔🙁☹️😥😭😩
We should have won the game in first half itself that CHO save by DDG, Rudiger outrageous effort from outside of the box nd some other chances too! Lack of finishing nd not taking the chances at upfront cost us the game today! 65% possession, 24 shots only 6 on target, 15 corners nd we scored only Penalty won by Thiago Silva for Jorghino that's it!😵

I really don't know why we give such respect to other big nd better playing teams sometimes really no clue for that🤔😬😵😲Tuchel made late substitutions today Mount nd Pulisic should have come around the time of penalty nd Big Rom around 75 mins a bit casual approach from our manager, J5 scored the equaliser but that individual error when such speedy players like Sancho nd Rashford charging a alone guy might have done better or never let J5 alone in such counter times have some cushion with another player in my opinion, Mendy had not a good game either a bit weird passes nd distribution today, RLC was decent but need to do quick passing too, CHOnaldo definitely need some finishing nd accuracy, Turbo was not even charged for the game today, Alonso wasn't ready to play the intensive game, Defenders were pretty good, Moroccan Magician Ziyech had some good passes, chances but need the magical strike from his left foot in these kind of crunchy nd nail biting matches!!

I hope Chelsea will get maximum of points from the upcoming 7 matches(at least 17 out of 21) before the Liverpool nd Man City games nd must be on their A++ game in this busy December month to get closer to the BPL title otherwise City nd Liverpool will catch us nd we should have faith, belief, passion nd charisma in ourselves as a team to get the results against big teams too so that we have a better chance to win the title in a convincing nd deserving manner!! COYB 💙⚽🥅😊👍💪🤘💯🙏
Mandar Bhosale
Mandar Bhosale:
If you see overall, this game was completely dominated by chelsea, the way they kept the possession and defending, united just got a lucky goal
Gilmar Tomas
Gilmar Tomas:
what a goal for jaden sancho! lets go man utd!
dunia maya
dunia maya:
Come on Chels 👏👏👏💙💙💙
Jorginho almost did perfect copy of 'Gerrard - Demba Ba' situation
M. Fahri
M. Fahri:
being always in form lately, i'm so gutted for us only taking a point against a weakened united. could have widen the gap again even for a bit with city. oh well, unlucky. we go again boys!
We need Kova and Lukaku.
I can't stand Timo.
Aakash S
Aakash S:
Front 3 should ne Pulisic +Lukaku +Ziyech /Mount.
Growth Channel
Growth Channel:
We should go after Luis Diaz.
That guy is a beast.
Probably a future Ballon D'or winner!
Porto won't be able to keep him for long.
J Din
J Din:
Ziyech and james were respectable. Alonso was alonso-negative1.. which isnt too bad per se. Werner was..... haihhh. It was MU, every single fan wanted a win. If only Tuchel reciprocated that in his hindsight of the game.
Uki J
Uki J:
Chelsea’s Injuries are costing us
Risotto Nero
Risotto Nero:
it's okay if Chelsea can only draw this time... 👍🏻😊💪🏻💙🔥🎉
Dan Sivyer
Dan Sivyer:
Two points dropped boys but still top
Gotta take our chances
Come on Romelu get back in the goals
Razor Callahan
Razor Callahan:
Не было пенальти, просто игровой эпизод
No problem we create lot of chances now coming the lukaku
FB Highlights
FB Highlights:
We Learn From The Mistakes
Chelsea Chelsea Chelsea 💙💙💙🥅⚽🥅⚽🥅⚽💪💪💪💪✌️💙💙💙
1:43 تمريرة زياش قمة في الجمال 🇩🇿❤🇲🇦
Phạm Ngọc Oanh
Phạm Ngọc Oanh:
We will bounce back and become stronger! COYB 💙💪🏻
Nicole Collymore
Nicole Collymore:
First time i have seen Ziyech run so much. Lol.
Anıl Erden
Anıl Erden:
I love My Beautiful Chelsea so much maybe yesterday i couldn't have beaten them but we will beat them in their home court.
Thomas M
Thomas M:
Not gonna lie there's no way that was a penalty
h h
h h:
Hate to say it but Werner is genuinely not good enough for the PL. It's not just about his finishing, he lacks almost everything it takes to be a good striker. He is good at making space but his dribbling, finishing, decision making are just not up to standard.
we really needed someone in the midfield who is energetic and fast we were missing Kante and Kovacic who can penetrate defences
The observor
The observor:
Some players like Jorgi ,Odoi start te get tired, and RLC prouved that he can't play 90' . Alonso was not in his a day,but he must let Ziyach kicks the corners.
Werner no comment !!!!
Always the same.
RK's Lounge
RK's Lounge:
We need Lukaku & Kova back
He is such a good coach, PSG was damn stupid to let him go...
Melvin Emerald
Melvin Emerald:
Why are people not hitting the nail on the head? Odoi was so poor in the, but unfortunately, he stayed too long for such a below par performance. Werner too was as usual, very poor.