Chelsea 3-1 Man United | Samuel Eto'o Scores Premier League Hat-Trick | Classic Highlights

A hat-trick by Samuel Eto'o ensured Chelsea maintained the pressure on the Premier League pacesetters and surely ended Manchester United's chances of retaining their title.

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Founded in 1905, Chelsea Football Club has a rich history, with its many successes including 5 Premier League titles, 8 FA Cups and 1 Champions League, secured on a memorable night in 2012. Famous former Blues include Peter Osgood, Gianfranco Zola, Dennis Wise, John Terry, Didier Drogba & Eden Hazard.

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Ctrl Alt De Ligt
Ctrl Alt De Ligt:
Say what u want about Etoo, he was a world class unstoppable legend in his prime and on his day like this, he can destroy anyone. Deserved more recognition
Stephen Ayodeji
Stephen Ayodeji:
Etoo was arguably the best striker of his generation, no cap. He did it in Spain, Italy and England- the toughest and best leagues across the globe. He's a legend IMO!
Shamir Reuben
Shamir Reuben:
The most incredible thing about is that after the third goal, Eto'o celebrated with a ball boy, who you can see at the top right on 3:52. That ball boy was Callum Hudson Odoi!
a schs
a schs:
Can't believe that Legendary Etoo played for Chelsea. It's truly honored!
Eto'o is a legend
Eto’o’s celebrations were always epic with so much emotion. Legend
A great player is great where ever he plays. That's what Eto did. In Spain and Italy and England. What a striker
Michael Glynn
Michael Glynn:
Eto is a very unsung player, only player in history from what I know to win to trebles on the trot, one with Barca and then the next with Inter. What a player he was.
Saleh Azami
Saleh Azami:
Eto'o should have come little early Drogba and Eto'o would have been a deadly partnership
William therkildsen
William therkildsen:
Remember this game, it was my first Chelsea game at Stamford bridge, plus i met Eto’o the day after in a hotel. Still got his autograph framed in my room together with the ticket
Ernest Nhyira
Ernest Nhyira:
I missed this atmosphere , the beauty of football has gone without spectators.
David Iyiola
David Iyiola:
I can proudly say this Chelsea is coming next season 😊......for everyone
VAR Room Podcast
VAR Room Podcast:
What a legend Eto'o
Shraddha Uchiha
Shraddha Uchiha:
A World Class Player Samuel Eto'o👏💙
Tronos Pak tam
Tronos Pak tam:
An amazing goal history from the greatest striker of all time
Vincent TuffGong
Vincent TuffGong:
Eto'o was unstoppable, my all time best African CF...
Only George Weah can b compared to him
yongo paul
yongo paul:
I am proud of you my country man Eto'o i can't forget this man
This has been an amazing year thanks to Chelsea's post and they unstoppable goals I love you Chelsea
바닐라 vanila아이스 ice
바닐라 vanila아이스 ice:
Only one season but what a hero Etoo was.
Dib Anbesa
Dib Anbesa:
Samuel eto one of the best strikers in football history
Kailash V
Kailash V:
Eto'o's payback for the faith Mourinho kept on him is top-notch.
Autism Merchant
Autism Merchant:
Hopefully Werner can join Eto’o in the ‘strikers who have scored a hat-trick against Man. United’ club in future.
Dib Anbesa
Dib Anbesa:
One of the deadliest strikers the world have ever seen!!
the atmosphere at these games is something we never see anymore today, pure nostalgia watching these clips
Wisnu Hariyadi
Wisnu Hariyadi:
Eto'o was past his prime while in chelsea but still a beast
Kwame Nart
Kwame Nart:
I remember this game very well, the day before my last paper on campus. It gingered me to pass that exam.
mkidu George
mkidu George:
Strong offensive 4-2-3-1 line up of Chelsea that featured Cech Ivanovic, Cahill, Terry, Azpilicueta , Luiz and Ramirez as double pivot defensive midfielders, Oscar as a playmaker , Hazard and Willian operating on flanks, and Eto’o as lone striker upfront...

With Matic Torres and Obi Mikel came on as subs..what a day!..
When i watch classic highlights at this channel, Petr Cech always shows his class...what a legend...he shouldn't have was Jose's big mistake...Cech is better than Courtois
He may not be in the team for a long time.
But damn what an impact
Lukas Abramovich
Lukas Abramovich:
Good old days when Petr Cech was Chelsea’s goalkeeper and adidas was their kit provider...
Sterling Ibrahim
Sterling Ibrahim:
Eto'ois a legend ❤️
Omar Kamal
Omar Kamal:
Eto is good great dribbler great passer great finishing he’s a dream player to have makes me proud to say I’m African love from Egypt salah learned from a Cameron great
Uchiha Sarada
Uchiha Sarada:
Hudson-Odoi got inspiration from Eto'o...RESPECT
Sidney Rabelo
Sidney Rabelo:
Que saudades desse época.
Zebedee Kawei
Zebedee Kawei:
Classy team this one! Hopefully we'll be back to winning ways next season. Hoping for a Kai signing announcement soon.
Tinotenda Chibvuri
Tinotenda Chibvuri:
One of the best Chelsea teams ever
After Drogba I yet feel in love with Eto. I loved him completely. 💕💕💕
how I wish he had more seasons with us.......
what a amazing team.. Eto, Hazard, oscar, willian, ivanovic, cech, david luiz, cahill, matic and terry <3 and now........
Jack Golf
Jack Golf:
Best moment of Callum’s life.
Big Burrito
Big Burrito:
3:42 Eto’o celebrating his hat-trick with a Chelsea ball boy named Callum Hudson-Odoi 😉
Incroyable Samuel Eto'o
Israel Flores
Israel Flores:
William is such a beast, he was so consistent and Chelsea
Fabio Sarti
Fabio Sarti:
The most important goal eto'o scored at stamford bridge was in chelsea-inter 0-1 (2009-10) when he was a world class player
Kurby 123
Kurby 123:
What a team this was
Dani Flores
Dani Flores:
El mejor equipo de europa 🇲🇽👍🏻
M Ayub
M Ayub:
Etoo hazard oscar willian
What attack Chelsea had ♥️
Oneil Forseh
Oneil Forseh:
The fact that prime Mata, Matic, Lampard, and Mikel were all on the bench. Mad!
Nicholas Otado
Nicholas Otado:
2:24 that's what center forwards do they don't miss from six yards
Sterling: we don't do that anymore
Apeo Met
Apeo Met:
Oh my I miss this Chelsea 😢 😭 😫
kevindra arsalan
kevindra arsalan:
it was ashame that wi didnt win anything that season, we were superb on the big 6 and so close on getting the UCL final. hope to see this kind a chelsea again soon!
سبحان الله وبحمده سبحان الله العظيم
سبحان الله وبحمده سبحان الله العظيم:
One of the legends of Africa 🔥
This game was sensational, but I couldn't see him glitter like this anymore until his last moment in Chelsea.
levoloh adama
levoloh adama:
Eto’o aussi c’était L’homme hein 👏🏿💪🏿
Yeti Azwar
Yeti Azwar:
Chelsea is my favorite team...and these players are dream team of chelsea, with drogba and lampard
Diamant Love
Diamant Love:
Eto'o respect 💪✌️🙏
Man I miss Hazard. The only player that I so badly would've love to see play amougst with the young talents that we've signed. Ziyech, Werner, Pulisic, Havertz.
brad Tcheliebou
brad Tcheliebou:
That last Vidic tacle 😂
Hrishikesh Pillai
Hrishikesh Pillai:
3:45 That was Callum Hudson-Odoi with whom Eto'o was celebrating
Enio Utui
Enio Utui:
Samuel Eto'o 💪💪
trizzer anyi
trizzer anyi:
I miss this Chelsea 😭😭😭
Flynn Taylor
Flynn Taylor:
And to think Chelsea’s current team is gonna score even more goals
Jideofor.bright Bright
Jideofor.bright Bright:
Legendary eto o
Jaime Rodriguez
Jaime Rodriguez:
What does Eto’o say after his first goal and to who ? Seemed like he made his point real clear
Timothy Caesar
Timothy Caesar:
1:08 too many legends on the bench
Next season chelsea will be fire 💙💙💙 COYB
P.s Rip Chadwick Boseman aka the Black Panther 😔
Tizi Bambino
Tizi Bambino:
That 1st goal celebration tho 😂 man be so full of himself
Lampard's boys gonna fire all competitions next season 🔥🔥💙
Psycho Dictator
Psycho Dictator:
I wonder who let Oscar go. He's a wonderful player. One of the best player Chelsea ever had. The last time i heard about him he played at Chinese league. Such a phenomenonal player at such a low class league. I'm so sad. Wish he had stay longer
Ryan Fahlevi
Ryan Fahlevi:
This team😭🔥
Aekkapong Buranakiti
Aekkapong Buranakiti:
The King Eto'o
Ange Patrick A
Ange Patrick A:
Just imagine if we had eto’o and drogba play at the same time ( plus the same mid and defence )
Come to think of it, I prefer the last few PL seasons than the "Big 4" era. Much more open with a lot more interesting teams.
Vihan Subramaniam
Vihan Subramaniam:
One of the best strikers ever no question. Was a machine in his prime. Could literally do everything.
Saitama 22
Saitama 22:
This Chelsea team is a BEAST!
Hassan abdirahman
Hassan abdirahman:
I am laughing at antonio Valencia defending for the third goal .Eto'o was simply a beadt
blessing bikinya
blessing bikinya:
his top goal scorer mark at Mallorca is not yet broken , a legend Etoo
Eto really clinical in front of the goal
newton samgwa
newton samgwa:
Samuel etoo ws de man,true legend
Hamdi Adam
Hamdi Adam:
Man those blue adidas kits were so beautiful, I miss them. Can't wait for next season tho!
Bryan Del Cid
Bryan Del Cid:
That Vidic tackle was clean as a whistle
Emmanuel Okenwa
Emmanuel Okenwa:
This guy is not an ordinary striker. Single handedly destroyed man United
Hércules Setubal
Hércules Setubal:
This team 🔝💙
etoo was a legend innit
Rowan H
Rowan H:
Love chelsea & eto’o
Can’t believe they let Phil Jones get an assist😭😭
SID Ramz
SID Ramz:
Willian was unstoppable this match
We had a proper GK then. Hopefully Edouard Mendy can sort out this mess
Jeffrey Jones
Jeffrey Jones:
Great Person Samuel Etoo
Jack Mehoff
Jack Mehoff:
Etoo a menace! 🤣🔥👑
Hrishikesh Pillai
Hrishikesh Pillai:
3:51 That's Callum Hudson Odoi near the corner flag.
Tau musara
Tau musara:
Eto was underrated
Fadi Ahmed
Fadi Ahmed:
Stamford bridge was amazing
Kalvin's 1911
Kalvin's 1911:
what an peferct player we has once upon a time
ahh yes
ahh yes:
I see that de Gea has been mishandling the ball for almost a decade 😂😂
Beau Ter Ham
Beau Ter Ham:
I just realised that havertz has the same number on the back as Eto'o
Willian n hazard in their prime🥶
sidi bagos
sidi bagos:
Sad that etoo and Drogba don't play together in Chelsea 😢