Chelsea lift the 2020/21 Champions League trophy! Winners for a second time!

Cesar Azpilicueta lifts the 2020/21 UEFA Champions League trophy after Chelsea became winners of Europe's greatest club honour for a second time in nine years.

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100+ comentarios:
PSG sacked this guy to win the champions league 😂
Jupp Heynckes 2012 - walked past Trophy
Jupp Heynckes 2013- lifts it
Jurgen klopp 2018 - walked past
Jurgen klopp 2019 - lifts it
Tuchel 2020 - walked past
Tuchel 2021 - lifts it

German coaches know how to fight back
Havertz paid off his entire transfer fee with that goal
Fan Site
Fan Site:
Kante is such a simple guy.. Didn't even enjoy the free luxury of kissing the trophy 🤣
Bintang Fisichella Ibnu Mas'ud
Bintang Fisichella Ibnu Mas'ud:
Kante,a humble guy who everyone loves him.....and because of that,he won many major trophies
Fan Site
Fan Site:
This victory should forever be used as an example while explaining what role does a manager play in the team's success and how he can bring a difference
Charlie Carolan
Charlie Carolan:
James emptying his pockets
Captain lass
Captain lass:
Kante deserves the Ballon d'Or
Jack B
Jack B:
Liverpool fan but I am delighted for Chelsea, and especially for world class N'golo Kante, and also Thomas Tuchel after him losing last year. Let's have some mutual respect for great wins.
Imagine how lampard is feeling now, he's happy as a fan and chelsea legend but jealous as a manager 😂😂😂
Frank must have went mental with that mount assist
Kevin Chico
Kevin Chico:
I’m crying so hard rn man 😭😭 this means everything 💙
I still can't believe it, we've done it Champions of Europe again I cried my eyes out at the final whistle after those 7 long minutes of ET. Kante was exceptional as usual, Rudiger was immense at the back, Reece pocketed Sterling all game, Kai proving why he's a big game player and our captain Cesar Azpilicueta aka Dave being a true leader as always. This is only the beginning COYB!!!!!
Watching Tuchel, Giroud and Thiago Silva winning this trophy made me cry.
Caleb Chung
Caleb Chung:
Although I's an Arsenal fan, Chelsea deserved this win 100%
Nikunj Pasari
Nikunj Pasari:
The last 3 Champions League was won by a German Manager
Klopp -> 2019
Flick -> 2020
Tuchel -> 2021
k k
k k:
When Zouma was trying to lift up Kante 😂😂😂.
Kante is so underrated even though he's literally won the world cup and champions league. Now he's proved everyone wrong.
Inconnu Inconnu
Inconnu Inconnu:
thiago silva: thank god i left psg in time 😂😂😂😂
Glen Opoku
Glen Opoku:
I love this club🔵 we absolutely deserved to be champions of Europe
noko yamoto
noko yamoto:
The best player of this year "KANTE"
Tiger Tooth
Tiger Tooth:
Kante- Premier league, champions league and World Cup winner. What an immense player, one of/if not the best modern CDM football has seen!
Jurgen klopp 2018 - walked past trophy
Jurgen klopp 2019 - lifts it

Tuchel 2020 - walked past it
Tuchel 2021 - lifts it
Hazard- Leaves Chelsea to win the UCL.
Chelsea- Fine. I'll do it myself...
Let's all laugh at Man city 😂 1.5B spent and still no cl trophy 😂
Fea Kreuz
Fea Kreuz:
Chelsea always win UCL in the most unexpected times 😂
alicia eden
alicia eden:
I remember people laughing at Werner and Havertz when they said they came to Chelsea to win trophies. Some even called them disrespectful. What a sight for sore eyes 🤭💙
Milan Vo
Milan Vo:
2:17 kante looks like a 3 year old toddler being picked up by his big brother 😂😂😂😂
Suranjan Kapil
Suranjan Kapil:
As Hansi Flick said, Chelsea won and they completely deserve it
2021, the year of the underdogs!

🏆 / Chelsea 🔵🔵

🎖 / Villarreal 🟡🔴

🇮🇹 / Inter Milan 🔵⚫️

🇪🇸 / Athletico Madrid 🔴⚪️

🇵🇹 / Sporting 🟢⚪️

🇫🇷 / Lille OSC ⚪️🔴

A big difference in the stadiums without the fans.
Aguero is a bottler, no wonder Messi lost all those finals with Argentina with him
Aidan Jane McIntosh
Aidan Jane McIntosh:
I'm really happy to see Dave with the trophy. It still seemed like he only arrived yesterday to replace Ivanovic, but now he has earned the right to put the word Legend before his name.
I like how Kante wasnt appearing while celebrating the trophy, so zouma carried him upwards. 😂🏆
Sagar Mane
Sagar Mane:
From being 9th in the Premier league in Jan to getting into top 4 then FA Cup final and now winning the champion's league that's tuchel masterclass!💙💯🙏
Altern8rlc - A Chelsea FC Channel
Altern8rlc - A Chelsea FC Channel:
Reece James is gonna find tons of pound sterling in his pockets later on...
Vergil Simon
Vergil Simon:
As a United fan, I'm happy for Chelsea
Joshua Thomas
Joshua Thomas:
Let's remember Lampard too cuz without him Chelsea wouldn't have even been in the Champions league.
Unknown User
Unknown User:
Can’t stop watching this man honestly so many goosebumps. Proud to be a Chelsea fan 💙
Uncle Ruckus
Uncle Ruckus:
Kante deserves an individual highlight reel. Should 100% win uefa mens best player.......
Lee Zii Fan
Lee Zii Fan:
1:30 kante is such a humble guy
James Hambis
James Hambis:
I’ve watched this 20,000 times in the last 24 hours and I shed a tear everytime 😭💙💙💙💙
Ashton Huggins
Ashton Huggins:
2:19 Anyone Noticed Zouma picking kante up at the back 🤣
Unicorn Optik
Unicorn Optik:
When Manchester united loses UEL
City said: U never Walk Alone Brother 😆
Jakov Cvitanović
Jakov Cvitanović:
Very funny,past three years the finals were:
Tottenhem vs Liverpool
Psg vs Bayern
Man City vs Chelsea
Spain clubs really strugling in the VAR era....
Eden Hazard
Eden Hazard:
Kante is a monster :O
What a day 😭😭still can't believe it from fighting for our spot in UCL to winning it is unreal
Matt Gardiner
Matt Gardiner:
Surely has to be one of the greatest manager achievements of all time. To make them european champions within one season!. Quite amazing. They were totally rock solid.
imagine being mateo kovacic. winning the UCL 4 times with only playing 17min in total :D
Maxx Viintage
Maxx Viintage:
The Champions League is officially made in Germany...
Frank Lampard punching the air right now
Chelsea didn’t even have the best players in the squad unlike city but congrats 🎉 😊
Got to give credit to Abramovich, best owner in Europe. Man City spend more than Chelsea but do they have 2 CHAMPIONS LEAGUE 🙌🙌🙌🙏🙏🙏
Zaki Zainal
Zaki Zainal:
congrats chelsi, for me the moment of the game is when azpilicueta interception from that city attack.
Védi Dally
Védi Dally:
This Time It's not London and England that's blue but the whole Europe congratulations Chelsea
Munashe Mutenje
Munashe Mutenje:
Kante should be given the UEFA , FIFA and ba'londor player of this year .... I'm just been honest... 💪🇿🇼💪 CHELSEA !! ....
I love this club, we are the kings of Europe.
Ahmad Jiyaad17
Ahmad Jiyaad17:
2:18 Kante was lifted😂😂😂
Uncle Ruckus
Uncle Ruckus:
This is the goat manager? The man who cant win a ucl without prime messi and prime barca? Absolute fraud.......
"The Kings of the Kings Road are now the Kings of European Football" One of the best line ever 👌🏻👌🏻💙
Jordan Burke
Jordan Burke:
This young team is gonna hopefully grow from this and more trophies come in the future.💙💙💙💙
Lampard built an army for this team but Tuchel perfectionist this team up the chels 💙
Who else was coming to see how shy kante would touch the cl trophy
I love him soo much
Ng6cblock A
Ng6cblock A:
Congratulations Chelsea , well deserved 👏🏽 from ah Liverpool fan
Fajri Zamzami
Fajri Zamzami:
FA cup:❌
Ucl :✅
Shanita Jyrwa
Shanita Jyrwa:
It's Frank Lampard who built this amazing team
Imagine thinking
havertz is a flop
Kante isn't the best midfielder in the world
And that reece james is overrated 🤣🤡
Imagine spending 1 billion and still cannot win the UCL
J W:
This set up of having no dedicated striker was always trash. And then he doesn’t start Fernandinho... i swear pep is just delusional sometimes
Congrats to Thiago Silva and Thomas Tuchel on winning this season although they lose the final last year but they still deserve it to win the Final
Famous Journey
Famous Journey:
From being unprofessional 7 years ago to become a ucl winner ladies and gentlemen I present N'GOLO KANTE
average players: celebrate, celebrate, celebrate
Kante: Euro, Euro, Euro
They can't beat arsenal and villa but yet still won the ucl 😂😭 every player played their hearts out well done Chelsea
Eoin F
Eoin F:
The Irish guys strikes again ! He’s the reason Chelsea’s won.
2:18 Kante getting lift is better than the trophy getting lift
Dvid12 H34
Dvid12 H34:
Fantastic display from Chelsea tonight fully deserved let’s hope with the class that the young English talent of James, Mount, Chilwell and Foden it’ll be a year to remember in the Euros for the Uk
I could watch this all day I swear.
Samuel _
Samuel _:
Good job Chelsea, from a Liverpool fan, enjoy it lads❤️
Mohammad Sameer Kakar
Mohammad Sameer Kakar:
I am the most happy for TT after PSG kicked him out.
GoldCamera 2327
GoldCamera 2327:
Jorghino just won euro 2020 and champions league
What a game, wish werner could actually finish
Chelsea for life 💙
Itz Callum
Itz Callum:
Respect from a Rangers Fan 💙
Gaye Lee
Gaye Lee:
This brought joys of tears to my eyes. The guys truly hustled and played their hearts out to win this well deserved cup. Well done Blues !!!🎉🏆👏👏
Divyanshu Jain
Divyanshu Jain:
0:47 , well no need to kiss the trophy . I have won it 3 times in a row
Daz Couz
Daz Couz:
I have watched this video so many times over the past couple of days and I still get goosebumps. Amazing. Chelsea 💙
Layth Barzangi
Layth Barzangi:
Massive congratulations from a Liverpool fan. The way Tuchel has transformed Chelsea is nothing short of incredible. Tonight was a tactical masterclass from him and his team executed to perfection. Well deserved title for the Blues.
Martin Ranalli
Martin Ranalli:
Absolutely marvellous brilliant!! I am so overjoyed, I was going through hell during the match. Blue is the colour!
Erwin Kaka
Erwin Kaka:
City cursed, Aguero Forgetted,,cause Aguero not starting line up 😀. Chelsea Champions 2012 & 2021 .congratulations 🎉
Only the 100th time I've watched this now but it's totally worth it 💙
DB Beats
DB Beats:
I can watch this 100x and it still wont be enough
Kid Might Guy
Kid Might Guy:
That mount assist was chefs kiss💙
Faith Akande
Faith Akande:
Kante what a performance 🔵🔵🔵
King Santi
King Santi:
KAI HAVERTZ, WERNER, RUDIGER, TUCHEL. 10 out of 11 players from Germany have a UCL.
Denis Gonzalez-Andin
Denis Gonzalez-Andin:
Chelsea Wins again just winning in 2012
Bec Ey
Bec Ey:
I like PSG better but i wanted chealsea to winn the champions leauge final cause PSGs out
Faith Akande
Faith Akande:
Don’t want to hear the Fred and Kante comparison
Ruman FF
Ruman FF:
Surely hazard missed the moment, and crying now
Gerelchimeg Erdenebayar
Gerelchimeg Erdenebayar:
I have been praying for several days, and today, before the game, I cleaned the house and showered my self. It is now my routine before every big game haha. Oh god, Chelsea is amazing.