Chelsea or Tottenham Hotspur: Which side is more likely to win the EPL? | ESPN FC Extra Time

ESPN FC’s Craig Burley, Dan Thomas and Frank Lebouef answer Saturday’s best veiwer questions in Extra Time, including:
(0:00) Is Manchester City’s 2-0 loss to Tottenham Hotspur a sign that Pep Guardiola’s side might finish outside of the top four?
(1:12) Has Pep’s time in the Premier League shown he can’t win European trophies without Barcelona star Lionel Messi?
(3:33) Does Chelsea have a better chance of winning the Premier League than Spurs this season?
(4:42) Will get Thomas Tuchel get sacked if Paris Saint-Germain fail to advance from the group stage of the UEFA Champions League?
(5:30) Does counter-attacking football not get enough praise?

(6:52) Has a fan’s reaction ever distracted you during a match?
(11:14) Which Hollywood actor would they like to portray them in a Hollywood biopic?

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100+ comentarios:

Danial Shafiq
Danial Shafiq:
These are the same dudes that doubted mourinho and lampard lol
Stv Bee
Stv Bee:
Imagine if Mourinho spent over £500million on defenders and lost to City, what these ESPN pundits would have said today? 🤔
Hardcore Poverty
Hardcore Poverty:
Love watching these fools talk and get it completely wrong on the daily basis 😂🤣😂
Jevon Andrew
Jevon Andrew:
Am I the only one who realizes that chelsea and spurs were under stick by these guys a few weeks ago?🤦🏾💀
Osaro Aigbe
Osaro Aigbe:
If any other manager did with Harry Kane what Mourinho ha done to him.

The English media would be hailing the manager as the most tactical one
Front Runner
Front Runner:
If U sell kante
U will sell midfield.

Mark my words
pradeep singh
pradeep singh:
Mourinho's team beat city espn hypocrites talk about Messi.... Laughable.
Matthew Olugbemi
Matthew Olugbemi:
Can you believe that these ESPN guys actually questioned why Mourinho should get a top job and said he is past it but will go to any length to defend Pep that he doesn't become a bad coach overnight.
Prashant Manral ktklLlleb
Prashant Manral ktklLlleb:
best counter attacking side was mourit real madrid.Atleast praise him sometime
Unruly Rebel
Unruly Rebel:
That lil boy somewhere laughing at Frank 😂
Unruly Rebel
Unruly Rebel:
Everyone was probably yelling at shaka "there is oil in his gloves"
Y E.
Y E.:
Remember when this same panel use to make fun of Jose ? 😂😂😂😂❤️
Messi : I am leaving this f club to win CL

City: finish 6th
Tyrone Codner
Tyrone Codner:
Don't forget Mourinho led Chelsea to there first EPL trophy so he can help Spurs to an EPL trophy. I am a Chelsea fan but I won't write off Spurs plus LCFC and LIV are still here.
Shezan Hussain
Shezan Hussain:
Spurs needed 5 6 players at the start of the season and mourinho fixed all there problems with 60 million pound
M. P.
M. P.:
Ah, ESPN’s relegation candidate pundits.
Remember them telling us that Mourinho had lost it at United for criticising Shaw and Pogba?
Pogba is still Uniteds biggest liability who is being left on the bench again by the next manager and nobody seemed to mention that Spurs targeted Shaw in the 6-1 and just ripped him to shreds - Jose knew he was their weak link.
Mourinho knows what he needs from players and doesn’t tolerate those who can’t reach his standards.
He obviously thinks Alli is like Pogba- more interested in developing stupid goal celebrations than his game.
In Jose we trust and I can’t wait watch Craig Burley eat his words as the season goes on.
Premier League is the best
Premier League is the best:
Wow, this turned into some big therapy session with Frank over the abuse question lol.
Stefan Kazimirovic
Stefan Kazimirovic:
Tottenham really looks great, Kane and Son link up is on fire. Chelsea have a deeper squad, Liverpool of course is still here so it’s gonna be interesting.
Sam Subramanian
Sam Subramanian:
"A fantastic life with lots of happiness and lots of sadness as well" lmaooo
Minato D Roger
Minato D Roger:
All I have to say is spurs and chelsea have something to say. Can either win the title, but the only thing sure in football ⚽️ is the ball is round.
Whenever i click....they are talking about something different
amir pane
amir pane:
is too early to talk about this,why the Media always do this every time??! Spurs is good team & Chelsea also a good team,c'mon is too early.
Joshua Dawson
Joshua Dawson:
“Chelsea have an unbelievable amount of attacking options”
Spurs attackers : are we a joke to you.
(Kane, Son, Bergwijn, Bale, Lucas, Lamela, Vinicius......)
JY Teo
JY Teo:
"I hope you die". Wow. That's really too hardcore. It's a game and fans should support the team in moderation. Don't take it too hard.
Last season when Mourinho openly Criticise Ndombele for being lazy.
Ndombele said he will never play for Mourinho again.

What a turn of event this season.

Ndombele is in terrifying form. He may have gone unnoticed under the shadow of both Kane and Son.
But Son and Kane are being themselves.
Ndombele is the one making the difference this season.
Connor Mcleod
Connor Mcleod:
These jokers are Jose haters.. RESPECT
Academic Solutions
Academic Solutions:
Frank's comment on the boy and his father jeering him is just DEEP!!! Some people don't deserve to be Parents!
Kevin McConnell
Kevin McConnell:
Managed to last one minute before realising these guys don’t know what they are talking about. Craig burley must be a cheap pundit to keep his job.
Paul K
Paul K:
reading things to early just like last season when you predicted united wouldint get top 4 you are a mug burley
Welcome to ESPN. Where we slander managers, then praise them when they do well. Because we know nothing about football
Karume Huie
Karume Huie:
I think Tottenham mourinho is a serial winners
Miki Melo
Miki Melo:
FYI: We have just passed 20% of the total games played... 80% more to go
Jordan Davis
Jordan Davis:
First of all Guardiola did not do so well at Barca because of only Messi. The amount of world-class players in that squad was ridiculous. You had the likes of Henry and Eto'o and Yaya Toure in that squad.
"they can't afford to not be in top 4". They are bank rolled by Saudi oil. They can afford to do what they like.
Guy Masterson
Guy Masterson:
Craig’s body language every time Spurs are mentioned is hilarious! He just despises them AND Mourinho! I have a feeling he will be eating his words 8 months from now...
Ashutosh Sampat
Ashutosh Sampat:
Sergio Aguero is the MAN for city. City aren't elite without him.
Charles Vignesh
Charles Vignesh:
‘Messi comes to play like Silva 😂’.. had me lost there.
Andrew Wen
Andrew Wen:
c h e l s e a
Mikey Skelly
Mikey Skelly:
When Burley said Ben Kingsley to play Frank lebouf 😂😂
parth duggal
parth duggal:
craig forgot the name of jupp heynckes. Calls himself a pundit. lmao
Tariq Khann
Tariq Khann:
Depends on whether son, Kane staying fit.chelsea have more depth in squad.
Asmera Shikor
Asmera Shikor:
Shame these guys sometimes they call pep a super couch when he loses he needs Messie like Aspirin so funny
King Otto
King Otto:
The Messi Slander by some of these media bums 💀
Ashif Shrestha
Ashif Shrestha:
When Man City looses, the response is It's just a hiccup, wow I just learned Irony.
Mouhamadou Moustapha Diop
Mouhamadou Moustapha Diop:
Probably Chelsea has the most chance to win it
Appy Adams
Appy Adams:
2:26. Lord Burley destroyed the United fans within seconds 🤣🤣🤣
Can't find one bit where these clowns praise Jose for the win...
Trini Godbless Youth
Trini Godbless Youth:
CHE vs SPU....👍🔥🔥🔥up the Chels ...More football less talk
Huitribe Wang
Huitribe Wang:
Leicester. I hope Linekar send me a e- x'mas card.
I'm getting this feeling that spurs might win European trophy before barca does in this decade.
Edson Hernandez
Edson Hernandez:
As a Liverpool fan, I’m more afraid of Spurs. They have been looking deadly since decimating ManU. But Chelsea are starting to gel well - if they beat Spurs then I do think it’ll be a three horse race
sazzad Hossain
sazzad Hossain:
Jose will make tottenham win tittle & Europa...
I believe in jose.
no metter which team next week...
mindmancer _
mindmancer _:
Funny how these same guys were not even considering chelsea at the start of the we are now
8:54 - the moth... (he almost cursed) 🤣🤣
Rohit Sharma
Rohit Sharma:
Liverpool hold my beers 🍻
Alama Eyob-Austin
Alama Eyob-Austin:
It would be hilarious 🤣 to see George clooney play Craig burley lol 😂
Can we just take a second to realize how great tanguy ndombeles mentality is? The lad was getting bullied by Jose last season and has now been one of spurs best players and first names on the team sheet the lad has done all that while Paul pogba a “superstar” at the time just kept sulking
Jack Welsh
Jack Welsh:
Frank that was deep. I was expecting a story about a girl flashing you on a penalty kick not a life story
Ariel DblackiD
Ariel DblackiD:
Remember these bunch of nob head predicted Spurs to finish outside the top 6 🤷🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤣🤣🤣
Edu Fount
Edu Fount:
These guys just say nonsense. Imagine, someone getting results for his new club in one year but still hasn't done enough. But Guardiola and Klopp had 5years or so to get a trophy for Liverpool. These clowns should do this thing for free.
Hector Alejandro
Hector Alejandro:
@10:10 "...and it was my own father."
Don Quixote Jr.
Don Quixote Jr.:
Chelsea have amazing attacking talent, yet Kane would rank as the best striker both teams combined?

Son can’t be that far off anyone else on that forward line, excepting Werner
Kathir Sivagananam
Kathir Sivagananam:
What about us Liverpool 🤷🏽‍♂️
c smitty
c smitty:
He only re-signed because they still have a hope of getting Messi. If messi doesn't come I think he leaves.
Junior the Equalizer don
Junior the Equalizer don:
Leicester city is lol saying y'all don't know what's going on
Huang Jinsheng
Huang Jinsheng:
honestly, too early for the verdict. 30th Nov will slightly come to light for both side.
zack J
zack J:
Totenham and winning a trophy in the same sentence😂😂 come on y'all we all know they gonn mess up
Don Quixote Jr.
Don Quixote Jr.:
If he’s out of the top 4, he’ll get another 200 mil to get into the top 2
Still 29 matches ahead, everything could happen.
just wait for the eventual crumble in January
Shooter McGavin
Shooter McGavin:
14:50 These Gs obviously don't realise Tony Blair is Scottish
cedric fernandes
cedric fernandes:
Dec will be an important month in the history of spurs if they can survive all their matches i think mourinho will be the best manager in the world cause he will be favourite to win it all period
Shirish Baral
Shirish Baral:
Manchester United lives rent free in Craig Burley's head
Tgaming Passion
Tgaming Passion:
poeple always forget that city was unstoppable when Sane was fit, and loose the title when sane got injured....
Keamogetswe Modisane
Keamogetswe Modisane:
Tottenham looks good, I'm shocked. If they can keep it going, then they'll probably win the league
Ashley Walker
Ashley Walker:
The whole espn are absolute muppets!
Hockey is life
Hockey is life:
frank is a cool guy, my fav
Yeshen Naidu
Yeshen Naidu:
Liverpool are winning the league
Andrew Lee
Andrew Lee:
Craig finally reveals why he has been a lil salty towards Chelsea and fair enough to him but not all supporters are idiots like that guy who said that
ask two chelsea x players seems legit
Shamar bell
Shamar bell:
Man city gonna finish in the top 4
Nirmala Vasan
Nirmala Vasan:
How are Man City fans so deluded ? How do they expect that signing Messi will solve all their problems ?
I come to this channel when i want to be angry with the stupidity of human kind.
Abhijeet Bagga
Abhijeet Bagga:
I want spurs and chelsea to win silverwares this season
Craig burley ia an idiot, he keepa writing off tottenham no matter what, suppose to be unbiased, be a man and admit spurs are in the conversation, mediocre player and terrible pundit, which is why he would nevr get a job in england
Mason Fury
Mason Fury:
Title race will be insane this season something new from city and Liverpool dominating
Akisiba Gideon
Akisiba Gideon:
About round of 20 u will comments again 🤣🤣🤣
Haitham Al-Battashi
Haitham Al-Battashi:
Bang on average pundits 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
Jerri Adriano
Jerri Adriano:
Yes dat the answer ,Messy,because Guardiola always need the most expensive players,he can take Fc Porto and win the Champions league
Gary Barnes
Gary Barnes:
Awful channel, why do i put myaelf through it
Ameen Agunbiade
Ameen Agunbiade:
Man City is going to the new chelsea of last season
James Imen
James Imen:
I sink Tottenham 😂
Joe Gordon
Joe Gordon:
Who actually is this craig guy 😂
A Ch
A Ch:
The only reason i kept clicking, is because i love football. Even if someone is talking rubbish!
Can Pulisic walk back into the starting 11??
T Moon
T Moon:
in the thumbnail it looked like Frank Lampard from February 2020 when Chelsea beat spurs at the bridge
Venomous VENOM
Venomous VENOM:
As always complete clueless ESPN pundits
Harvey Fuqua
Harvey Fuqua:
Chelsea has a more talented team than Spurs? I beg to differ.
Lol Craig just REFUSING to say the words “Spurs are a good team and mourinho is doing well”
Listen mate, I had my doubts and said my fair share about mou but give him credit when it’s due