Chelsea vs Leicester City | FA Cup Final | Watch Along Live Ft. Sophie Rose & Lee Chappy

Chelsea vs Leicester City | FA Cup Final | Watch Along Live Ft. Sophie Rose & Lee Chappy

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100+ comentarios:

Big up Robbie to get Vardy on the show!
Emi Martínez GOAT 2021
Emi Martínez GOAT 2021:
Literally the best fan ever on this show. He and his kid celebrating
Sophie is a sore loser for leaving like that.
2:16:45 don robbie trying his best to keep his marriage in tact
Anesse Ameer
Anesse Ameer:
As a utd fan huge congratulations to Leicster they fully deserves it played their hearts out and that win is for their owner god rest his soul he's up their smiling to them players 👏👏
Conrad Abela
Conrad Abela:
I'm genuinely annoyed how smug and obnoxious Sophie is when Chelsea score or win, but when Chelsea lose she leaves and can't handle it. All the opponent supporters on the show stay and take her squeaky celebrations, dancing and hearing the word babe every 24 seconds, yet she leaves within seconds of the final whistle. You're not entitled to win Sophie. Stay and take it like an adult. I actually like sophie despite finding her a bit annoying, but this is entitlement at it's finest.
Aakash Mestry
Aakash Mestry:
Sophie such a glory hunter didn't even congratulate Lee for a great game. Babe time to spend another 500 million to win a trophy🤣🤣. Big up Lee 👏👏
King Darwin
King Darwin:
No wonder vardy didn’t score today bc he was with the don this whole time 👍
Harshit Devadiga
Harshit Devadiga:
Man looks more like vardy than vardy actually does lmaoo!
Asher Sanjan Abraham
Asher Sanjan Abraham:
2:16:45 and thereafter for anyone who wants to see Don Robbie get smothered.

Edit: The cameraman knew what he was zooming into :)
Raunak Das
Raunak Das:
From all Arsenal, Liverpool, Man Utd, Man City, Tottenham fans, we love you Leicester, oh we do <3
Chris Cannone
Chris Cannone:
Get Sophie off the show .She's a child .I get the balloons are nice but chappy is a nice lad and did not deserve the rude snub at the end.Great game and great content.
Some Guy
Some Guy:
That's the difference between a real football fan and a plastic chelsea fan, no passion and they only stick around when they win...
Red army Realist
Red army Realist:
Yoooo, I'm jealous of the family-like relationship that runs through Leicester from the owner down to the players...I loved every bit of the owner celebrating with the players and everyone
Brandon Maverick
Brandon Maverick:
Vardy would rather be with the Don than play in the final

What a lad
Leicester just saved football again thankyou
Anirban Ray
Anirban Ray:
Sophie needs to learn some manners.. not everyone supports Spurs like your darling Expressionz .. other teams do actually wins something
Glen Kightley - Everything Arsenal
Glen Kightley - Everything Arsenal:
Unscripted 101
Unscripted 101:
What a goal from Tielemans
Snake Eater
Snake Eater:
14:56 This guy knew it!
Akshat Sharma
Akshat Sharma:
So nobody will talk about how don got free hugs for no reason 😂
Comrade Pingu 
Comrade Pingu :
The change in emotions is funny.
Ibrahim 007
Ibrahim 007:
No one gonna talk about how Sophie just blatantly sexually harassed Robbie??
Alun Gil
Alun Gil:
Don Robbie definitely sleeping on the couch at his yard after 2:16:44 😂
Glen Kightley - Everything Arsenal
Glen Kightley - Everything Arsenal:
2:16:43 Hahahahahahahaha Sit Down Soph 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Ahmed Mahmoud
Ahmed Mahmoud:
Sophie has some weird actions glad Leicester won
2:17:29 Thats a KING!! No Simping Like Expressions. Man's fully rubbing in a Fa Cup Final Disallowed Goal in Sophies face 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Vardy Shithousary 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Az Akh
Az Akh:
She hugging Robbie like some toy bear lol after the offside goal
AFCforlife Santi
AFCforlife Santi:
Sophie "I am not coming back until I see a change"Rose
Jermaine c Charles
Jermaine c Charles:
Happy for Lecister full respect
Ricley Domingos
Ricley Domingos:
Sophie was about to cry 😂😂😂
Calvin Chen
Calvin Chen:
1-0 1:51:06
1-1 2:16:47
Offside 2:17:54
02:23:30 The popcorn celebration was funny af! Congrats Leicester!
Sophie's and Lee's reactions at 2:17:15 after that were priceless.
Laxmi Melty
Laxmi Melty:
Loved the bit when kasper schmeical was dragging the owner to join the celebrations. Can't even imagine if any player from the top 6 clubs do to that to their owners.
Fair play for getting vardy on the stream robbie!👍
Jony Ola
Jony Ola:
02:26:54 The Godfather approves
StairStation's Football Edits
StairStation's Football Edits:
Congratulations Leicester from a Man United fan.
Eoghan O’Connell
Eoghan O’Connell:
Sophie is such a sore loser not even and congrats to lee my god and most of the game she was on her phone
Kami Champ
Kami Champ:
Vardy is so fast that he can run back to the watch along from wembley
Tim Bradley
Tim Bradley:
That's childish and spoiled from Sophie. Should be grateful that Robbie has her on, especially as her vocabulary consists so heavily of "babe" on these watch alongs. Also, she should be appreciative that Chelsea made two finals and can still win the biggest one; especially with how their season was looking like it was going to be a disappointment before Tuchel came in.
Shovelling food down her gob. More interested in her phone and walking off at the end. Sounds like a rubbish date. 😁Robbie shouldn’t have her back. But it’s all about views. Well deserved Leicester.🏐
GHOST 000:
Why did she leave? Not brave enough to face defeat? Oh wait, Chelsea fan - makes total sense.
Mourad Gaming YT
Mourad Gaming YT:
I really like that lee chappy guy such a nice guy remember him from the Leicester 2016 days
harnav saini
harnav saini:
Not gona lie watching Lee’s sons video crying made my cry too 😥
Tahir Qureshi
Tahir Qureshi:
Sophie showed no respect to not staying there after the loss..when Chelsea beat teams opponents still stay some some bloody class
Lee J
Lee J:
Thank you Leicester for beating the rent boys.
HP maraurders
HP maraurders:
Congratulations to Leicester city 👏 so happy for ya tieleemens goal was elite
Prasoon Manandhar
Prasoon Manandhar:
2:17:07 love it
Cameron l 10 l
Cameron l 10 l:
The last 20mins is the quietest ive ever seen Sophie 😂😂😂😂
Jared Manicum
Jared Manicum:
Robbie got vardy for the watch along 👏🏼👏🏼
Citizen K
Citizen K:
It's always refreshing to see the Arsenal ladies at the watch-watch-along, the likes of Pippa, Helen & Charlene & also seeing Sophie on the Don Robbie Channel but I'm disappointed at Sophie's unsporstwoman like antics by walking out...

I got time for her but that was salty & sour on her part.... The Arsenal ladies would never have done that... It's never nice to see your team lose in a final but if it happens, you take the "L" along with a "bit of banter" which is "standard" and move on.

Leicester fully deserved that win & they are a club clearly growing in stature, well done & good luck to em.

Credit to the owners of Leicester and what they are building.... This is how it's done & what Arsenal need to get back in the mix as we are and will slip further down the league without true backing & support like what we are seeing here; from the Arsenal hierarchy... Kronke's & KSE "Please take note!!!"

PS just look at the love the Leicester City players/fans have for the owner/s and vice-versa... Such a stark contrast to what we have at Arsenal?
Don Robbie attempts to open wine bottles reminds me of Wenger's struggles with the coat zip😀
Gareth Clarke
Gareth Clarke:
My lord Sophie so fit these days 😍
RED Hulk
RED Hulk:
Lee is great love what your all doing with the channel 👍🏻
Brain Sample
Brain Sample:
I think Robbie should drop sophie now , it’s getting old .
The G.O.A.T
The G.O.A.T:
As a chelsea fan that’s unacceptable from sophie, when we were on our run you were giving it to everyone, now that we’ve been in poor form you’re running come on giving us a bad look
FOXes FAmily
FOXes FAmily:
I love Leicester city from Thailand 🇹🇭
That was very unprofessional from Sophie football is win or lose get over it! At least hug the other guy and accept it
Well done Leicester!!!! Love from The Arsenal X
Brandon Maldonado
Brandon Maldonado:
Congratulations Leicester City from Valencia fan felt the same when Valencia beat Barcelona
D C:
How naughty that celebration would've been, had Chelsea won 👀 😂
Aaron Fenton
Aaron Fenton:
Great win for Leicester. Congrats to them!

I thought Sophie’s behaviour was appalling tbh. No respect and shows a lack of sportsmanship. It showed a level of entitlement that fans of bigger clubs have. Didn’t even have the grace to congratulate Lee Chappy.

Congrats city thank you for winning I can’t stand Chelsea
Con wis
Con wis:
Well done Leicester 👏👍
Mical l
Mical l:
Love Leicester from mancity fan
Alex Tromp
Alex Tromp:
1:53:40 Expressionssss with them oozinggggggg SALSAAAAAA for babessssss 🤣🤣🤣🤣
we Snooker
we Snooker:
Don Robbie allowing popcorn on the floor cos he respects Leicester’s achievement
Robbie got a motorboat for nothing 😂😭😂😭😂😭
Docter Khumalo
Docter Khumalo:
Pink looks good on Sophie 😍
King Chitam
King Chitam:
sophie had the same reaction as me after we thought we scored but then were ruled out lmaoooo
2:29:50 Don was faking it so that Vardy can see himself as one of the boys👏👏
0:1 1:51:00
Off side Goal 2:16:30
End 2:23:20
Ibrahim 007
Ibrahim 007:
Robbie get a guest that actually engages with you and not just be on there phone. Sophie is finished
yahya Mahmood
yahya Mahmood:
Big up Robbie , love the channel and all the different fans that get on it. 💪💪♥️♥️
R G:
So happy for Leicester!
Fully deserved it 👏👏👏
Sam Nowlin
Sam Nowlin:
I’d hate to sit next to Sophie in a match
Elite Serien
Elite Serien:
Matt Alexander
Matt Alexander:
This is brilliant haha i support united but so happy for Leicester
Garvin In Taiwan
Garvin In Taiwan:
Don Robbie: It’s gone in
Sophie: “(Screams)"
dazzer169 *
dazzer169 *:
Chilwell's non goal gave us 88:31, and for that we can all be thankful
Pratik Ghimire
Pratik Ghimire:
1:51:05 Tielemans goal
Jack Lowe
Jack Lowe:
frank gunner
frank gunner:
I think someones a bad loser lol.
Marty Rembecki
Marty Rembecki:
Congratulations to Leicester
The Austin Experience
The Austin Experience:
come on city im pround of you yes lester come on
Jordi Jost
Jordi Jost:
what the hell how can you be on your phone half of the game and not watch every second that your team plays in a fa cup final...
Jamie vardy having a party 😂
Anthony m
Anthony m:
Robbie thinking "damn if Chelsea had won what would I have got...
1:52:20 Sophie’s done a runner 🏃‍♀️😂😂😂😂😂
Manny United
Manny United:
When Robbie says he can be a manager but Sophie says she said that ages ago "What you on about" proper London girl
Alright Foxes, keep it coming one more from Chelsea next week.... you can do it
Alex _7
Alex _7:
Vardy really is the 🐐 on the show and playing at the same time
Mo Jama
Mo Jama:
How’s Vardy playing the game and doing a watch along at the same time
Sam Parhamfar
Sam Parhamfar:
oil money won't buy you class. Congrats Leicester
BestInTheWorld 13x
BestInTheWorld 13x:
Big up Leicester, we always win it so it was gd to see a proper (blue) club win it
Boojhawon Sharma
Boojhawon Sharma:
It hurts as an Arsenal fan for not winning this trophy this year
Abhishek Choudhary
Abhishek Choudhary:
Top lad