Chelsea vs Liverpool: Alexander-Arnold scores a screamer & Firmino nets again | HIGHLIGHTS

Watch all the action from Stamford Bridge where Trent Alexander-Arnold and Roberto Firmino got on the scoresheet to help the Reds overcome the Blues, despite a late N'Golo Kanté strike.

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100+ comentarios:

Lfc fan but Kante goal.. omg
Not MainManMané hth
Not MainManMané hth:
Adrian is the signing of the summer. 0 pounds, what a player

Edit : lmfaoo this aged well hahahahaha 😂😂😂
zack clark
zack clark:
Trent said before the game he wanted more goals...
Kante most humble player 🚲😄❤️
John McMahon
John McMahon:
We were terrible second half, but playing bad and still getting 3 points is what all previous PL winners have done.
Misbha Hussain
Misbha Hussain:
Liverpool played very well especially Firmino (as usual)
Shakh Malikoff
Shakh Malikoff:
Chelsea team: I can not score

Kante: Fine. I'll do it myself
Brilliant from the lads today. Trent scoring a banger and firmino is extremely underrated 🔥
kaiza sose
kaiza sose:
Kante. Scores a screamer and acts like nothings happened
zack clark
zack clark:
Adrian played brilliant today idc what you say
Mohammad Abdala
Mohammad Abdala:
Love that goal from Trent best right back in the world
Best Achiever
Best Achiever:
Kanté from another planet...Ynwa till end of Time!!!
Steven Gerrard
Steven Gerrard:
These are the games that you have to Grind Out to become the premier league winner
Haniem Xo
Haniem Xo:
What a team, what a club. YNWA!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️
Just gotta win the next 32 and we're sorted.
Firmino and Trent and the rest are greatly appreciated!
lady kiss
lady kiss:
All the same I can't leave Chelsea... Humble player kante
Anak Sholeh dan Sholeha
Anak Sholeh dan Sholeha:
Alhamdulillah.... Liverpool win again...
We love you Mo Salah...
I'm fan's from Indonesia...
Johnny Tarmidji
Johnny Tarmidji:
Adrian and Firmino played well as always
96 Never Forgotten
96 Never Forgotten:
Jordan Henderson is My captain and im Proud of him
Emanuel Pleités
Emanuel Pleités:
And they even show the great goal of Kante... I like that❤
I Liked Google Plus
I Liked Google Plus:
I'm not gonna lie, that was a terrifying second half
English for FOOTBALL FANS:
Liverpool's central defenders were the difference today. Chelsea played well but their defenders weren't Matip and Van Dijk!
Roger Seow
Roger Seow:
Brilliant goal Trent and so impressive goal by Bobby Si Sanor! 💪👏👍😍😘👑🏆😘
Johan Hermawan
Johan Hermawan:
You'll never walk alone Liverpool
Ронахи Дневной свет
Ронахи Дневной свет:
it's really hard to get past Van Dijk in the double challenge. that's one of the reasons he was chosen as Footballer of the year.
Good job Reds😍🥰
Brilliant from Trent extremely underrated
Jen S
Jen S:
YNWA, boys ❤️ What a brilliant goals from Trent and Bobby 💥🔥
omar kassim
omar kassim:
Kante just had enough and decides to become Lionel Messi and score an absolute banger of a goal.
Bobby his cheeky and joyful self in the goal celebration.
You'll Never Walk Alone.. ❤️❤️!!
saran தமிழன்
saran தமிழன்:
Awesome bobby.. One of the best brasilian magician...
Adrian play good, one of Liverpool problem in past was the GK position and now they have two good GK, too bad Alison is injury now.
Vikas Kumar
Vikas Kumar:
Kante is best of our times and so down to earth...just love his attitude
What a goal !
Nandahari D S
Nandahari D S:
Firmino - world class pretty much everyday🔥🔥🔥
Ario Gerardiansyah
Ario Gerardiansyah:
I wish we had Kante in our team, such a humble person and hardworker player
Amazing goal by Bobby Firmino ⚽
Cesar Augusto
Cesar Augusto:
Dale Firmino poha🇧🇷
Emilio Pereira
Emilio Pereira:
What a game from ADRIAN
Slamet Ristiyono
Slamet Ristiyono:
For this match *Liverpool = ARNOLD + ANDI ROBERTSON + FIRMINO*

Alex Karver
Alex Karver:
It's scary how we actually had more sight on goal than Liverpool in this match😂
Shubham Mandloi
Shubham Mandloi:
Ohhh Kante my boy 😍
Bobby Firmino is a genius player ⚽💓😍
Abdi Mustafa
Abdi Mustafa:
Trent scored another Wonder free kick against Chelsea 😆😆
Nice Goals by Firmino and Alexander Arnold ⚽⚽💓💓
Bloody hell boys, no foreplay just straight to the action. TAA breaking hearts
Firmino + Trent duet maut 😍
Itiel Oliveira
Itiel Oliveira:
What a free kick TAA... and what a finish by Ngolo Kante 👌
Ron John
Ron John:
We don't score normal goals against chelsea🔥🔥🔥
Ронахи Дневной свет
Ронахи Дневной свет:
Liverpool are simply wonderful.
Mehul Jain
Mehul Jain:
"And it was all so simple!"
Nandu Rohit 007
Nandu Rohit 007:
Red Devils♥️♥️♥️🔥🔥🔥
Bt admit it..Kante's goal is awsm👌👌
What a stunning goal from Trent Alexander -Arnold 😎😎😎
guntur adiwinata
guntur adiwinata:
Thanks you liverpool fc for glory..👍👏🤜🤛
I love you liverpool 😍
Because we are family reds anfield gank 🎉🎉👏👏
fadil 17
fadil 17:
YNWA ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
Bobby Firmino world class 💓💓💓
Magnus Carlsen
Magnus Carlsen:
Nice goal by Bobby Firmino ⚽⚽
Shakil 9
Shakil 9:
The Liverpool admin is the goat 🐐
Sha Nisha
Sha Nisha:
What a smashing goal by Arnold. Brilliant! 👏👏
mailetsi belly maila
mailetsi belly maila:
Can’t wait for Allison to come back ...
Our defense needs someone to organize
Nirbaan Bilkufs
Nirbaan Bilkufs:
I really enjoy watching basketball. :D
chitiz kumar
chitiz kumar:
LFC fan but what a player kante is. I think its physically impossible to not like him
YNWA #6Times
YNWA #6Times:
Love this Club. YNWA❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Lord Raven
Lord Raven:
houssem Torres
houssem Torres:
Big Adrian ❤🔥
Jack Hyde
Jack Hyde:
Glad Liverpool won! Really hope that Mane is ok! 🤞
Lewis Kennedy
Lewis Kennedy:
NEXT 😀 Justice For The 96 YNWA
Rangi Dalglish
Rangi Dalglish:
TAA what a bullet my son! YNWA.
shivdeep naik
shivdeep naik:
Kante Goal OMG
Candycobee 23
Candycobee 23:
Yes trent is the screamer 🔥🔥🔥🙌
Limerick's Finest
Limerick's Finest:
Trent really pulled the chavs pants down in public with that one. 😂
Seena Karandikar
Seena Karandikar:
What an intense match🏁🏁🏁
bojes wr
bojes wr:
1:12 special goal..amazing konte 👍💪
John Cambridge
John Cambridge:
I was so impressed with Adrian...he already made plenty crucial saves since he been took a few months for him to settled in as mignolet took years and never improved at all..very good cover for alisson
Good victory and valuable 3 points :+))))
Michael Fong
Michael Fong:
Really good effort by Mount at the end, but couldn't keep it down. This is the kind of skill Ole looks out for in training, striking the ball and the calculation of physics algorithm using the foot.
Nicola Vivarelli
Nicola Vivarelli:
Another great victory! Perfect start : 6 /6 for my great Liverpool. YNWA
Adrian is getting better and better now..
Jxthro Hlongz
Jxthro Hlongz:
Top of the league ❤️YNWA
carlos F
carlos F:
Firmino pes2019 mobile apelão.
i am 91
i am 91:
just imagine if kante play for liverpool, i hope keita could reach his level too
Kobby Talks
Kobby Talks:
Love this. Kobby Talks!
King James
King James:
That south American Italian Jorginho tried to get under the skin of Hendo and TAA but it did not work.
Klopp has instilled champions mentality in this team.
Good match and beautiful goal A. Arnold ❤️⚽⚽
Natthtikarn Si
Natthtikarn Si:
We are the champions^^
Tamanna Chowdhury.mmkkl
Tamanna Chowdhury.mmkkl:
What a goal 🤩🤩🤩🤩
El Paso
El Paso:
hate to said but Kante goal was amazing also beside Trent on that match.. but Firmino <3
Tchamou Paulin
Tchamou Paulin:
Kante's goal was very wonderful 👌👌
Rendy Adie Tama - 26
Rendy Adie Tama - 26:
Liverpool fans
kwanghyun Lee
kwanghyun Lee:
hi guys~
Saad Salam
Saad Salam:
Allison is in trouble after Adrian getting better each day.
Taza Taziri
Taza Taziri:
Adrian looks dependables. But can't wait Allison to fully fit
mase solo
mase solo:
Anas Qodri
Anas Qodri:
Liverpool scored high quality goals in this match! Gj on ur win
chapi iqbal kasim
chapi iqbal kasim:
Lampard quality is high 🔥
Harum Mawarti
Harum Mawarti:
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