Chelsea vs Real Madrid: Preview | Semi-Finals - 2nd Leg | UCL on CBS Sports

90 minutes separate Thomas Tuchel and his Chelsea team from a potential second consecutive UEFA Champions League final for the German, but standing in their way is the formidable European force that is Zinedine Zidane's Real Madrid.

The Spaniards remain in with a shout after a 1-1 draw in the first leg and an away goal for Los Blancos at Stamford Bridge could really open things up. With Karim Benzema on song, you would not bet against Real conjuring something up in London, but Christian Pulisic's away goal is a good lifeline for the Blues to have if they do concede.

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78 comentarios:

Ayoob Ibrahim
Ayoob Ibrahim:
My heart was in my mouth for a second thinking these were the highlights😂😂😂
Imagine if Chelsea make it to the champions league final and Werner scores the winner 🤯
Thomas Guerrero
Thomas Guerrero:
Crazy how Madrid had 58 injuries this season and still fighting for the title and made it to a semifinal in champion league.
Rick Rordan
Rick Rordan:
I think the first leg painted Madrid poorly because they don’t play a 3-5-2 regularly and I would expect them to look much better with their preferred 4-3-3
Lmao Conrad can just take an L, when Madrid played against Liverpool he said they will not pass. Watch Madrid prove him wrong again
sahil mohan
sahil mohan:
One thing is for sure tuchel's tactics are going to be on another level. He can even start Giroud.
come on Chelsea!! 💪🏼
Ebrima Manneh
Ebrima Manneh:
Funny, how some pundits write off Madrid chances so easily. Despite their struggles they know how to turn things when it matters.
Bikram pradhan
Bikram pradhan:
Zidane is a magician. He will do something.
Oswald Small
Oswald Small:
Ramos to get a red card vs the false 9 installments 😬😬😬
Oswald Small
Oswald Small:
Yeahhhhhh as predicted and the haters that told me to shut up plz pack your bags and go back to Spain now; almost won with Ramos to get red card💥🔥🔥🔥💙💙💙💙💙💙💙
Christopher Pritchett
Christopher Pritchett:
The momentum is going to come from hazard the man his gold in this stadium. And Benz is a monster right now. Vini Jr is coming strong its gonna be a great game but I have faith madrid has this
First Name Last Name
First Name Last Name:
Come on Chelsea fight and win this game. I will not sleep just to watch you don't let me down
Samsung Saracen
Samsung Saracen:
Can Hazard help Benzema and Real beat Chelsea?

Can Real stop Havertz Pulisic Ziyech Timo and co from scoring?
Madrid only had 1 shot on target, Kante put kross and Modric in sandwich 🥪
Eddye Traverso
Eddye Traverso:
Ferland mendy valverde and Ramos are all playing.
owh nadirah
owh nadirah:
Did anyone forgetting the mighty west brom?😂😂😂
luiz santos
luiz santos:
Halla Madrid
22 shots against Osasuna and that guy is saying we couldn't create chances what BS. He just mad we beat Barca and Liverpool.
Claudia camacho
Claudia camacho:
Does Any one happens to know what Channel they're playing on Wednesday (?)
Levi Ackerman
Levi Ackerman:
What was Conrad on about Ramos and valverde are definitely back im not sure about Mendy, I love when the odds are against madrid they always prove them wrong😏
Macalin Gujjis
Macalin Gujjis:
My prediction is chelsea 2 - 0 real madrid.
Chelsea will make a huge statement on second leg.
That will be Madrid worst nightmare.
Om Smak
Om Smak:
Chris Bowman
Chris Bowman:
We shall see... My feeling is Zidane subs brilliantly with correct strategy and wins the match late against a stubborn Chelsea defense.
OG Cookie Monster
OG Cookie Monster:
Tuchel has made that Chelsea side more solid at the back. I can see Chelsea just sitting on that advantage & keep it 0-0, but thats a dangerous game to play
Mercy God's child
Mercy God's child:
Red card for Ramos. Put your money on that! Pulisic will mesmerise Ramos and Ramos would be red carded if he plays!
First Last
First Last:
Will Madrid be able to afford to stay in this competition in the future?
M C:
With Ramos back in, Madrid is gonna go all out. I think they’ll win it tbh
Vishrut Shenoy
Vishrut Shenoy:
Chelsea 💙
So yeah, all of a sudden Kroos, Modric, Asensio, Casi, Militao, Ramos (may or may not play; no matter with Nacho available alongside Militao), Mendy (looks solid to start), and Vasquez can't POSSIBLY score a goal when given the chance, right?


It's amazing how time and time again these pundits write off Real.

Martin goatwaite
Martin goatwaite:
goatwaite>>>> benzama
Sergio Castaneda
Sergio Castaneda:
Let’s gooo
My heart says chelsea but my brain says madrid.
Akouri Ammar
Akouri Ammar:
I like it when the odds go against Real Madrid in a CL Semi-final, of course they'll go through, mark my words.
Yasar Muktar
Yasar Muktar:
Chelsea ❤️💪
2nd leg
Chelsea 2
Rm 1
Never count Madrid out
Abraham Alzubaidy
Abraham Alzubaidy:
everyone is talking about how chelsea stats are so good not conceding many goals but noone realizing that madrid only needs to score one goal to go thru,,i get the english bias behind all this....its madrid and CL what u gona do......and if madrid loses its cz madrid wasnt good enough
Nana Mohammed
Nana Mohammed:
Real Madrid will never loss this game.bcz zenedine his amazing manager
Cer Mel
Cer Mel:
Hala madrid.
non 452
non 452:
If hazard starts there is no way madrid wins. The guy isnt ready
Azim Ifham
Azim Ifham:
Who tf did Real Madrid rest in their midfield. Cap! #coyb💙
The Wumpus
The Wumpus:
Chelsea 2-1, Havertz goal and assist this match.
ohid uddin
ohid uddin:
*Real will win.*
koorosh shahidi
koorosh shahidi:
Luis garcia has been beting against real madrid since the begining of this thing and losing and surely he'll lose again. Yes chelsea had the upper hand in the first 30 minutes of the first leg and they played against a super exhusted group of players and even then the rest of the game was even . and this time they are facing a team that's much recoverd and rested and will possibly have three major players ( ramos, mendy, valverde) back. So again it is not predictable but chelsea has got no advantage in the field and will definatley conceed at least one goal so their away goal will be useless.
So this is gonna be super close and a very tight match and chances that it goes to extra time are high but again chelsea chelsea are not the favourite to qualify.
Young Musa
Young Musa:
Chelsea 1-0 game over
Sorry Chelsea, my Real Madrid are coming to your house and unleashing “your boy” Hazard on you … we are leaving London with a 3-1 score (4-2 aggregate). Nothing personal, It’s just what Real Madrid does … win Champions League 😎
There is something about Valverde and realmadrid mark this comment
Asian Minox Journey
Asian Minox Journey:
I got the short heighlights of the games if y’all want to check it out
Oswald Small
Oswald Small:
Welcome to the bridge Real we are waiting for you with great anticipation 🤣🤣🤣
It’s true Chelsea are favorite given the first leg performance, but I seriously doubt Real will play 3-5-2. No way Marcelo starts, unless Mendy is not ready. I suspect Zidane will go with Nacho, Militao, Valverde (if he tests negative in time) and Mendy. You know the midfield. Upfront, he’s going to go with Asensio and Hazard w/ Benz. The “Kareem will Rise to the Top, again!” 😜
Yasar Muktar
Yasar Muktar:
Chelsea most younger players 🤾‍♂️🤾‍♂️🤾‍♂️🤾‍♂️🤾‍♂️🤾‍♂️🤾‍♂️🤾‍♂️💪👌⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽
The Sweet Life of Rina & Sebas
The Sweet Life of Rina & Sebas:
This man has no idea what he’s talking about ! RESPECTFULLY!
Alexis villatoro
Alexis villatoro:
kenneth omolo
kenneth omolo:
The narrative of chelsea living to regret missed chances in Madrid is just from cowards who all along had Madrid as the favorite. They never imagined chelsea going through and until now still fancy Madrid will qualify. They are just cowards to come out and say that they are with Madrid so as to have escape route in case chelsea progresses.
Lol! It won’t matter who goes through here coz if Pep gets to the final, game over.
Bikram pradhan
Bikram pradhan:
Militao will score. Mark my word! ☺️
Javier Martinez
Javier Martinez:
Real Madrid will go to the final
Success Johnson
Success Johnson:
Chelsea fc is win 2 - 0
History? Real have never beaten Chelsea in europe 🤣
M2rtk 0034
M2rtk 0034:
Chelsea needs to kill the game in the first 25 minutes, they have the quality and can do it, but if they miss easy goals like in the last match they will be eliminated 100%.
what is the American guy babbling about??...
Przemysław Og
Przemysław Og:
Real hahahaha 😂😂😂😅😅😂😂😂😂 big club witch little players.
Ade ToVAR's Dad
Ade ToVAR's Dad:
Both clubs>>>>Bottleona.
Roman Santana
Roman Santana:
real madrid is real madrid
Hussein Al Janabi
Hussein Al Janabi:
Luis Garcia is terrible analyst and English speaker lol
Ivan Lopez
Ivan Lopez:
Real Madrid wins 2-1
Rodrygo the master
Rodrygo the master:
My prediction 1-1
Penalties and Madrid to win
Vani 333
Vani 333:
Who the 7uck wants to bet 400 dollars on this game?? I got the best team in the 7ucken world passing!
It is going to be a really close game, Madrid will provably win though
Josh.F Tambunan
Josh.F Tambunan:
Madrid win 2-0
Csokops #glazersout
Csokops #glazersout:
Real Madrid will win this
hala vardrid
hala vardrid:
Vardrid will lose as always unless they rig var and score offside goals again
Edwin Gutty
Edwin Gutty:
Chelsea Respected Madrid to much. Zidane doesn't know what his doing
Hello lkr
Hello lkr:
Sergio ramos and Mendy will play
Let's go Chelsea, keep up the pressure!!
Start Pulisic, Giroud, havertz please and trade Timo for Bale!!
Timo can assist and draw defenders, come on timo get it together lol
Alpha A Jalloh
Alpha A Jalloh:
Real Madrid will beat Chelsea 2 zero hands down. Take it from me.
Roger Gomes
Roger Gomes:
Porto was better than Chelsea, Chelsea are lucky to be playing in the semi finals!!