Chelsea vs. Real Madrid: Who will face Manchester City in the Champions League final? | ESPN FC

Manchester City has already booked its place in the Champions League final in Istanbul on May 29. Will its opponent be a familiar Premier League rival, or will the first-time finalist have to take on the competition's 13-time champion? ESPN FC's Jurgen Klinsmann and Craig Burley preview the second leg of the Champions League semifinals between Chelsea and Real Madrid.

0:00 Should Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel start Timo Werner or Kai Havertz?
2:40 Will Real Madrid have the psychological edge over Chelsea?
5:28 Takeaways from the first leg of the tie.
6:19 The guys make their predictions.

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100+ comentarios:

This is genuinely the hardest match to call. On one side you have Chelsea that have proven they’re an incredibly tough side to crack and they can take on big clubs and win, but on the other side you have Real Madrid that always find a way to make it out no matter how bad the situation is. It’s an unstoppable force against an immovable object.
Chelsea not scoring many goals but defensively a monster, they are capable of keeping a clean sheet so they are slightly favourites
L. Sun
L. Sun:
Regardless of the favorable odds by the bookies, Chelsea should never ever underestimate Real. It will be the biggest challenge for Chelsea for the year. Keep my fingers crossed while biting my nails.
Louis B
Louis B:
klinsmann what a legend
Kevin F
Kevin F:
Klinsmann knows what's up
If Mendy and Valverde are fit and can start, then we have a chance.
King Tshilobo
King Tshilobo:
If our attack can convert those chances we create, we can win this game. Our defense and midfield is strong. Werner needs to wake up and be clinical. I believe in Mount and Pulisic
As a Real Madrid fan I’m very happy that the ESPN pundits picked Chelsea to go through. 😁🙏
Hadi Hassan
Hadi Hassan:
The fact that they barely talk about kante is beyond me .... man of the match last week
Francis Taps
Francis Taps:
Noone wants to talk about how Chelsea has dominated Spanish opposition this CL run...beating Sevilla 4 _0 was no joke thats a team contending top 4 in laliga
Lord Vader
Lord Vader:
Lol nobody wanted to watch chelsea vs porto but they made shaka🤣
Rz rz
Rz rz:
I think Chelsea will face Man City in d final, go go Chelsea 💪💪
Kxng Hakeem
Kxng Hakeem:
As a Chelsea fan I'm proud that my team as reach the, I don't think no one thoght.
Unruly Rebel
Unruly Rebel:
KAI is now starting to find form they should start him
Kevin B
Kevin B:
As Herm Edwards said “you play to win the game” have a courageous mentality and Chelsea will go through.
Swag Waffals
Swag Waffals:
That’s What I Like To Hear People Doubting Madrid But We’ll See 💪🔥
Craig G
Craig G:
I'd play the same front 3 as the Fulham game
Riki Jola
Riki Jola:
I hope eden hazard shows up tonight
Divine Dube
Divine Dube:
If Chelsea lose it's still an accomplishment for me. From where they were with Frank Lampard I say they done a good job. Still top 4 & they in the FA cup final too. Next season they will be fire...
CheLFa K. Malik
CheLFa K. Malik:
C'mon on CHELSEA 💪🏻👊🏻🔥💙
Tbh why are we so underestimating the English side so much?
Chelsea never got the credit since the Semi Final Draw.
It will be a F to all other league fans who don't want English finals.
It can happen this year too in Europa too.
Samuel Gonzalez-Tovar
Samuel Gonzalez-Tovar:
At this point just play timo as a midfielder better with the assist than scoring
If chelsea play the way they did at rm home then they go through, but they also need werner to pull off a Torres and finally score when it matters
John Ngugi
John Ngugi:
Chelsea are winning champions league.mark my words
Kennie Anthony
Kennie Anthony:
Chelsea were the underdog still we out played you guys in Madrid....... remember 2012? We were under-rated,we loved been underrated so don’t be mad espn pick Chelsea we deserve all the praise,but mind you we prove it again tonight because we got an intelligent manager
Carlos A
Carlos A:
this game could easily be a final
David Hernandez
David Hernandez:
I need Chelsea to win so my Mount can get an upgrade.😂
Marie Meri Muluka
Marie Meri Muluka:
As a Chelsea fan I am still dancing on top of the roof of my house after the massive hammering of Real Madrid. Walitudharau, aha aha aha, whose laughing now!
Hayagrivas Bharath
Hayagrivas Bharath:
I feel these guys are building up real Madrid too much like they always comeback, they are great. Being a Madrid fan, this sounds great but these guys are talking about the Madrid with Cristiano. Madrid without him has too much variables, even if the goals will come or not is a variable.

I feel its very hard. We need to try, though we are not favorites, let's have faith. Hala Madrid
Hala Madrid!!!! Real Madrid getting healthy at the right time, Capitan is back as is Ferland Mendy and Valverde.
Just the talk of who will progress means Chelsea is favorite. Under Lampard, no one backs Chelsea to beat Real Madrid.
Athul TM
Athul TM:
Not trying to be toxic, but still wanna laugh at the guys who said "Real Madrid will destroy Chelsea"
They literally got destroyed (mostly) by Kante single handedly, again 😂
Aaron Wati
Aaron Wati:
Obviously giroud on for Werner. Big game goal machine.

I was surprised we didn’t start him last match would’ve been perfect
Chelsea4Life 23
Chelsea4Life 23:
I just want to think we will go through, but it’s Real Madrid. I think with Ramos we will struggle, especially Timo. So I’m predicting Real 1-0 Chelsea. Unfortunately
When tuchel came to Chelsea I was very skeptical about what he going to do but right now i think it's possible and just bravo 👏🏿 gór him
Maldini 3
Maldini 3:
The game Chelsea lost to Porto wasn't at Stamford Bridge but yes it was considered a home game. Both legs were played in Seville. What's wrong with Craig🤔
T Spot
T Spot:
Werner? 3 goals, 34 games, since 11/21/20, second most minutes on the team.
This isn't U-8.
Patrick Onwujekwe
Patrick Onwujekwe:
Real now have a full strength squad. So, it's advantage Real
Chelsea are the favorites to go to the finals but jokers who believe that because they’ve played great in the first half of the last leg guarantees they will do so again tomorrow haven’t watched enough football. If Chelsea qualifies tomorrow they’d have to earn it.
The babayaga
The babayaga:
Lol 🤣 blue one getting kicked and dumped into the ocean 🌊 that would be fun to watch , and Ramos is hungry hope they are aware and hope they remember the game against Liverpool 🤭
Matthew Snider
Matthew Snider:
I predict Real Madrid based on their experience and moxie (and because the master of the Dark Arts, Sergio Ramos, is supposed to play), but there's no denying Tuchel is "a cunning fox" just like Jan said a couple weeks back, so I won't be shocked if Chelsea pull off the upset. Looking forward to the match.
Titus Kiptoo
Titus Kiptoo:
After the match Espn next video Title " Did Chelsea Pay the price for not killing the game in the 1st leg"

Real will not play as badly as they did in the 1st leg, Mendy is back, meaning we go back to 433. I am confident that Real will be firing on all cylinders, 2-1 in favour of Madrid.
Atif Saeed
Atif Saeed:
Don't start with Ramos tomorrow. It's going to be Tuff to beat Chelsea. Hazard has the chance to become Hero for Madrid and Villain for the Blues
mr.Vincenzo PES
mr.Vincenzo PES:
I believed Madrid as always
I still got faith in Timo. He ain't scoring but he's assisting.
Hasmit Uchil
Hasmit Uchil:
Watch Mount single handedly destroy Vardrid
Yuh let's go for the All English Final, COYB!
Joseph John
Joseph John:
Ramos to win it in the 92nd moment 😁🏁
Ivan Ostrava
Ivan Ostrava:
Klinsmann knows the game
Neel 🇮🇳
Neel 🇮🇳:
Daddy say's 🗣️
My child Werner shine again
Ambedkarite Truth
Ambedkarite Truth:
Pressure will be on Chelsea a bit more as they are playing at home, they had more chances to finish off the tie in the first leg itself and Madrid have unexpectedly reached till the semis.
Having said that, Madrid will have to play lot better than they did in the 1st leg!
David Keeling
David Keeling:
Good luck Chelsea hope you win Liverpool supporter.
julian campos
julian campos:
Everyone underestimates RM but they have 13 champions league titles ;)
Aditya Dutt
Aditya Dutt:
ESPNfc finally considers Chelsea as a good team.
Anurag Mishra
Anurag Mishra:
Madrid be like been there done that 🔥
Giannis MPO
Giannis MPO:
Werner needs to start. He’s destroying their defense.
Javier Morande
Javier Morande:
The first 25 mins of the game will decide who is going to win.
Abdiasis Nur
Abdiasis Nur:
i hope hasard scores and knockouts chelsea it would be so fun to see chelseas fan reaction
I am here to laugh at the so called experts who were saying real will win because they have hystory blah blah blah.. lol🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Hala Madrid⭐️!
Vick JR
Vick JR:
Klinsmann. What a man!
Up the chels💙 2-1 win havertz to score first⚡️
Koffa Tallawford
Koffa Tallawford:
It's going to be 2 English teams in the final which Man-city going to become the winner 🏆
Ridwan Ali
Ridwan Ali:
Timo Werner time to get goals
If Tuchel wants to go through to the final he needs to bench Werner and start Giroud, you know how many chances that idiot missed in the first leg 🤣🤣🤣 but as a Real Madrid fan I think we will go through to the final and Luka Modric will put on a brilliant masterclass
Ajinkya Gaikwad
Ajinkya Gaikwad:
I think Chelsea FC will qualify for UCL Final
Recognize Relate Assimilate and Apply
Recognize Relate Assimilate and Apply:
Real Madrid will win 1-0. Benzema will score in the 90th minute with a tap in.
earl William
earl William:
Let's go Chelsea came on my boys we need this
Caleb Partridge
Caleb Partridge:
Let’s just see how the game goes tomorrow. Then we can talk.
Alex Estefes
Alex Estefes:
Hope it’s Madrid since city vs Chelsea would be a prem final which would be boring
oneito Guz0115
oneito Guz0115:
Tammy needs to play
mike bambur
mike bambur:
Chelsea wins 2 0 easily.
Neel 🇮🇳
Neel 🇮🇳:
Benzam 😎 chill guys they can't score
T.Silva 😤 guys we need to fight until the end
Me what happened if Real can't score 😅
Robber hood
Robber hood:
Bruh Ramos is playing most likely. It’s a wrap before it even began tbh
Black Hokage
Black Hokage:
when I hear Jurgen, I think of klopp 😁😁
doctor greenfinger
doctor greenfinger:
think burley got it spot on if we take our chances we win this game
Dek Hassan
Dek Hassan:
If timo takes his chances then chelsea WILL GO THRU
Harlz A
Harlz A:
Come on Chelsea!!!!!
Anderson Skarstad
Anderson Skarstad:
It’s gotta be Chelsea. 2-0 my prediction.
james jervier
james jervier:
am a Chelsea fan and am happy is only this 2 guys that's on the panel cause when ever there's 3 and they all choose the same team, that team normally loses 🤣😂🤣 so i know we are going to win this one.
Riwill Rynjah
Riwill Rynjah:
Chelsea will go through to the final.
Daniel Cimino
Daniel Cimino:
Chelsea win 2 - 0. I have 0 confidence in Real Madrids attackers except for Benzema, you keep him quiet, no matter what you go through
Siddhant Pathak
Siddhant Pathak:
Modric is getting slower day by day and goes to defence most of time
ali kayosan
ali kayosan:
Start Giroud ST, Werner LW, pulisic RW, Mount CAM
For us to win ramos will head crucial goal to win we need fit valvede and speedy mendy
Timothy Mukansi
Timothy Mukansi:
Tuchel's love for Werner might cost him a ticket at the final if he starts Timo.
Billy G
Billy G:
Let’s make 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆
Hala Madrid!!!
Unruly Rebel
Unruly Rebel:
Meh we'll take either one easy win 😤
Martin Nyarko
Martin Nyarko:
Did Craig just call Chelsea win this time? 🤯🤯🤯 Haven't seen this video till now.
german pule
german pule:
Lmao they always choose against Madrid and Madrid always come through
Denilson Mecha
Denilson Mecha:
Jorjinho to score first goal thru’ a penalty kick and Werner second goal counter attack.
Mohammed K.
Mohammed K.:
As Chelsea fan I can already feel the fear in my chest. Never doubt Real Madrid
Harry Sandro
Harry Sandro:
Real Madrid suffer many injuries and the recovered players are not fully fit. I say Chelsea is the favorit but nobody knows.
This match will define an Era, will Real Madrid still be the monsters of Europe that have dominated the champions league or will Chelsea start cementing themselves as regulars in the Champions league.
vitamin protein
vitamin protein:
As a Chelsea I am not gonna watch the game, I will be ready and see the score tomorrow, unless if we lose I won't sleep
Charlie Arnold
Charlie Arnold:
I wish I could see Giroud start man he needs to be on the pitch
Sofias` Football Talk
Sofias` Football Talk:
I have a feeling it might be Chelsea, a complete dark horse of the season
Ledion Roci
Ledion Roci:
Can someone’s pls explain why they went like that in the end when klinsman said pulisic scores?!
Anurag Dandekar
Anurag Dandekar:
Klinsman is too nice to believe him