Chelsea vs. Wolves recap: Was Thomas Tuchel trying to win a PASSING competition? | ESPN FC

Thomas Tuchel made his managerial debut for Chelsea and despite his side dominating possession, they couldn’t muster anything more than a 0-0 draw. Craig Burley, Steve Nicol and Jan Aage Fjortoft are on the ESPN FC panel to break it all down, including his tactics, squad selection and what they expect from Chelsea going forward.

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Kwaku Azar
Kwaku Azar:
He was trying to coach a game after less than 24 hours training. Great beginning!
David Pereira
David Pereira:
The man barely had time to put on his Chelsea gear... His first training session most likely consisted of saying “Hi my name is Thomas Tuchel. What are your names?” Allow the man to at least figure out what he’s dealing with before we jump on him lmao
No Energy
No Energy:
He literally had just one 30 minute training session with them and they're already criticising him
Can tuchel even be mentioned about Chelsea's performance? The dude literally just drove from the airport and left the luggage in the cab for the match lol.
I thought that was decent debut match for Tuchel. Something to build from.
Tulipa Ignita
Tulipa Ignita:
Greetings from Dortmund 🐝

Tuchel is a great coach, but he'll definitely more time than a day or two to be successful.... Shouldn't even discuss this game tbh 😅
Cee Why
Cee Why:
Look at that headline. If this match was under lampard, the title would be “Chelsea is improving and looking dangerous”.
Maximilian Eller
Maximilian Eller:
Bruh, he literally had a few hours to prepare and you guys are acting as if he should have had everything figured out.
I honestly saw some improvements...give them time they will be back
Klopp got us a 0-0 draw in his first game 2 days after arriving.
ace sol
ace sol:
I so enjoyed this match, those rooting for this rubbish are Lampard fc. No one is greter than the team, we movee
Deejay S
Deejay S:
Not bad for the first game in charge... Saw about 45% of what kai can do... Let's see what happens 👌🏾
ESPN really milking Tuchel. You should pay Chelsea and Tuchel 50% of the money you get from every video you make about them.
Mario Q
Mario Q:
Wolves was at the back the whole game. 5 shots on target is already an improvement from Lampard. I know it doesn't mean much, but you have to look at the context.
Rahul parthasarathy
Rahul parthasarathy:
So according to these "pundits" Frank Lampard needed time after 18 months but they start criticizing tuchel after 2 days. Wow.
The EPL is so competitive, you never know who's getting fired first. .
Vishnu Mahesh
Vishnu Mahesh:
Who remembers how craig used to criticize sarri when he was at chelsea 😭
Eddy Sylverstin
Eddy Sylverstin:
Don't be disappointed guys just bcos mount, james was not in the first 11. Last night was 1000 times better than Lampard style of play & believe Chelsea will lost last night if Lampard were incharged. 😂
malah shrestha
malah shrestha:
24 hrs in and u start judging ????
If it was a judging competition ESPN FC just won it.
Don’t know if playing out on the wings is the way to go for Chelsea
hk K
hk K:
Start pulisic next game. And Werner to gain his confidence
Turbo Sr
Turbo Sr:
I like tuchel as a manager. Never understood why psg got rid of him
78 possession this guy is amazing !
Deepan Dutta
Deepan Dutta:
Saw some improvements from Havertz. Pulisic looked good when he came on
Ruthven Phillips
Ruthven Phillips:
Abramovic probably looking at jorghinio like you're next.
Kirumira Oscar
Kirumira Oscar:
I think havertz was good this match
They literally need to fire him after that performance. Enough is enough
mal ez
mal ez:
My Dream Job... sitting there pretending to have a deep knowledge of the Game and discussing/criticizing a new manager who had only one training session with his new team..LOL
Adem Kilinc
Adem Kilinc:
Wolves the whole entire game was just parking a massive plane the whole time just staying back but 1 thing which is really positive for Chelsea is that before when teams would park the bus we would really struggle to score I know we haven't scored but but, we hot 5 shots on target and we have done better than before good signs let's hope Chelsea start winning we need to try and start winning quite alot of matches if we somehow wanna catch top 4
mohammed ahmed
mohammed ahmed:
These so called “pundits” think the team gonna perform after one session with a new manager
Muhammad Naveed
Muhammad Naveed:
The guy has 30 hours in the job and they are criticizing him. Punditry 101
Can we please get English-speaking analysts on ESPN?
Young Heartthrob
Young Heartthrob:
I can’t believe I watched Chelsea do their best impression of Van Gaal instead of the 5 goal thriller at Burnley.
Prof Danny
Prof Danny:
Lol 😂 😂 😂 these mates will always try to bring down a brother
First....... They welcomed him to premier league
Alexander Tait
Alexander Tait:
First game in, 24 hours to prepare. I saw some positives to take from it. Exciting things to come - let's see if he can get Werner hitting good form.
Adam Roberts
Adam Roberts:
give him time hes had a hour training with the team
Anant Singhal
Anant Singhal:
Positive start! Onwards and upwards
CFC Steven
CFC Steven:
Thomas my manager back him all all the way he explains his lineup at the press conference if you watch
Edna Tuckle
Edna Tuckle:
How long before some players start sneaking behind his back to senior managers ...
Mukago Lloyd
Mukago Lloyd:
Considering the time he had it was decent
PuliGOAT turned your defense into wet butter
PuliGOAT turned your defense into wet butter:
Guess What... Wolves played 10 behind the ball. Imagine thinking Chelsea were trying to pass it nowhere. They tried but in the end just couldn't break through
TheMan WithNoName
TheMan WithNoName:
This wasn't really his first match... Probably just got to the stadium half an hour before and they threw a jacket on him and showed him how to get to the dugout.
Angel Peral
Angel Peral:
Critic a coach after 20 games or so; let the coach settle in with the players, jeez....
#E Football short's special
#E Football short's special:
Mount,Jame, Abraham,Billy,Tomori
50m,35m,35m,20m,30m😂 sell time boys
Daniel's World
Daniel's World:
English pundits are just very bias; they supported a Lampard without tactics (well apart from back pass) now they're criticising a man who only had one training session with his players 😠
Oh please Tuchel just been here a day ago . As a psg fan , he will always remember as first coach to make us to the final. Let him do what he to do. Bon courage Thomas Tuchel . ❤️💙
The English hating on the Germans, classic haha
Yuran Abdul
Yuran Abdul:
ESPN what noobs..they just judge everything just for just
Jon Oliveira
Jon Oliveira:
What kind of question is that lmao 14 shots to 4 clearly passes translate to shots. It was a lack of chances taken.
Erwin zins
Erwin zins:
Exelent menager it’s exiting to each Chelsea first time they show sum urgency
Man i. Would rate some of espn fc pundits 1/10
Shravan Shetty
Shravan Shetty:
He just got there! What do you expect? To wave a wand and make everything right? Give him some time ffs! and this is coming form a united fan!
James Kannan
James Kannan:
Steve is back after Liverpool lost but will disappear when Liverpool loose again.
Denzil 93
Denzil 93:
Am I the only whose excited by this formation and there's many more others in tuchels bag
il capitano
il capitano:
Out of all the pundits in espn, bt, and sky, espn's seems to be the ones who are most out of depth.
Mosho Sihole
Mosho Sihole:
I would like to see these pundits manage a club.
yaj lumabstinence
yaj lumabstinence:
Michael J
Michael J:
Good grief, give the man a minute to breathe and have a couple, proper training sessions and at least 3 games before you start to stamp on his throat.
I watch PSG and it’s unfair to criticize Tuchel after one game. He’ll be fine.
Emmanuel Awuah
Emmanuel Awuah:
United passed 165 more than Chelsea against Sheffield United and still lost 😂😂😂
Anthony Lim
Anthony Lim:
I have watched the whole games Chelsea vs wolve and the beginning stage the playing is totally different and more on attacking and aggressive but around 20 mins or more the attack become more gentle and careful.. and the whole entire playing more on passing and I feel the players still have a lot of Lampard training in mind and it take times to remove and input new strategy from tuchel..... I just feel not enough training by Thomas Tuchel . Overall Chelsea is getting better and gels .
Tuchel cant get us the win at home against a weakened Wolves side?? Sack him!!
an in-form werner is all they need
Karume Huie
Karume Huie:
Real talk passing is 3 points
I get that Lampard may have been over obsessed with Mount, but still seems to me like Chelsea are mostly a better team with him. Perhaps rest? He did just get there so selection was probably difficult.
S S:
Espn just is the master of quick judging
Theodoros P. Stylianou
Theodoros P. Stylianou:
He should have played Mount 90 mins
Some differences to note from this game: Expect Giroud to start more matches. Expect Tuchel to implement and improve on the passing play especially in the final third. Expect Werner to be utilized appropriately. Expect Havertz to see more playing time. The passing style is still in the beginning stages of its development, it might mirror Pep's style of play with City as we already know how much Tuchel looks up to Pep so you would expect him to bring a little bit of that into Chelsea's game. This was just a test run. There is a lot more left for Tuchel to show and I expect Chelsea to win some games pretty soon. Remeber he led PSG to the Champions League final (yes he had Mbappe and Neymar), but the players Chelsea has thanks to Lampard are growing still.
The Real Addi
The Real Addi:
If Guardiola team has 80% possession, they praise his team for playing great football.
Ole lost to Blades. oh, my god, he is on the verge of getting sacked by the impatient board! Next game is crucial for him - do or die moment! United bosses looking for potential replacement and having talks with Nagelsmann and Allegri.
C M:
Wolves ran a 0 depth.
Chelsea need to hire an offensive coordinator. Josh McDaniels? Eric Bienemy?
I can guarantee that Craig Burley did not watch the game
pete kowalski
pete kowalski:
Sign of things to come, wonder why they never criticised Lampard like this?
Won’t stay long at Chelsea like all the other coaches
Ethan Shrapnel
Ethan Shrapnel:
If you want to blame somebody for the stats blame Wolves. It takes 2 to tango and Chelsea were the only team dancing.
To help fix the problem of teams sitting back and playing for the point is to make 0-0 draws worth 0 points for both teams. Would really help fix that.
He’s a clown putting Mount at the 80th minute
Critic one
Critic one:
He couldn’t beat Bayern with Neymar n Mbappe...
Chelsea 1 Bayern 10
I thought we were excellent, keep going Chels, we'll get it right
Adrian Griffin
Adrian Griffin:
This aged 10 games unbeaten.
Adem Kilinc
Adem Kilinc:
The man only had 1 day to train with the team we dominated we could of won just after 1 training session our team did well maybe if we started abraham he could of got that tap in at the start we could of maybe won but it's ok we need to start mount gilmour james more and zouma I saw some improvements from our team from tuchels 1st match! Let's hope Chelsea go to winning ways with tuchel next game vs burnley hopefully we win COYB 💙
Mo Timbo
Mo Timbo:
The guy was trying to put in a foundation lol 😂
Alejandro Murillo
Alejandro Murillo:
Im sure he had less then 24hrs to make a Real Change ! These fools are fools
Serge Zam
Serge Zam:
We havent been tepid. Just sad it didnt work with Frank. However, after the game last night, confident we are going to get much much better: Im starting to like TT
Eldho Abraham
Eldho Abraham:
by the time I realised Lampars was sacked, Tuchel has already managed a gae at Chelsea
What's wrong with espn 🙄
I mean how many time it has been for tuchel in Chelsea?1 day 😂?
A manager needs some time to put his ideas, he is not a magician
Shivang Bhardwaj
Shivang Bhardwaj:
Chelsea already playing better Tiki-Taka than Barcelona. Vamos Tuchel 💕
Mvelo Mayise
Mvelo Mayise:
I don't know why I still listen to these pundits
Hey Pundits
I know you miss Lampard
But give credit where it's due
Tuchel had 1 training session with the guys and improved every aspect of the game.
The goals will come
This impatience is just absurd
If they need more instant result, they shouldve chosen allegri
Luiz N
Luiz N:
The guy just walked in and media are already asking more give me a break
Elbee Kb
Elbee Kb:
PSG had one of the best squads in the world and a coach who didn't do very great with the quality of players he had at PSG won't do great either and won't make much difference at Chelsea where the quality of players aren't better than the ones he had previously at PSG.. in simple words.. how can a coach do any better with weaker players than the ones he had previously and that too in a much more competitive league?? the odds for success are quite low.
Haizen Unverified
Haizen Unverified:
These lads are an absolute joke
Chelsea played decently and created many chances I think the only way is up from now on. Not a Chelsea fan btw
Sometimes you’d wonder if Craig thinks well enough before he talks. He talks down on anything and everything, you’d think he was a great player or a great coach but he isn’t even a decent analyst. Instead of analysis based of knowledge of the game, we get analysis based on how little he knows of the game. Contrast Craig with Jan.
He just clowns at Manchester United because he blames them for his career crash in Chelsea after setting up Beckham’s goal in the FA cup win and was sold a year later. Dan Thomas, we don’t want to hear from grudging, bitter pundits. More of Jan!
less of Craig!!!
Ed Hinman
Ed Hinman:
no one wins bundelisga apart from bayern? really?
N. Hoffmann
N. Hoffmann:
what else can you do when wolves parked the bus and left? it was bad
Abdul-Rashid Yakubu
Abdul-Rashid Yakubu:
I just knew it. Same thing that happened to Sarri and Wenger later on will happen to him. Brits don't really appreciate an expansive, possession based game. Even if he finishes 2nd it will always be glass half empty