Chi Chi DeVayne Opens Up About Living With Scleroderma

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100+ comentarios:

Can’t believe chi chi passed away. One of the most underrated queens of all time.
Mary O
Mary O:
And just less than a month later, it has been reported that Chi Chi has passed away from pneumonia caused by Scleroderma at the young age of 34. I will forever remember her singing upside down while standing on her hands. She didn't miss a beat! Well Chi Chi, I sure hope the angels are clapping in time with you. So sad! Rest in peace Chi Chi!
Esmee Hague
Esmee Hague:
I remember her being one of the most financially disadvantaged queens, she worked 3 jobs and still couldn't get by. But she made it in the end. RIP Chi Chi I'm glad the world got to see that you are a star before you left us
“I’m not in the worst stages, and hopefully I won’t be” heartbreaking 😓💔
John Weiss
John Weiss:
For those who don't know: Lady Red suffered from a condition called, "cyclic vomiting syndrome," which appears to be an autoimmune syndrome. A severe episode on the weekend of July 18th landed her in the ICU. She didn't survive: Lady Red died yesterday, July 25.

Jonny & Lady Red were not only besties, but we're roommates since Hey Qween started. And now, despite his own grief, he's helping with the arrangements for her funeral with her family.

Keep sending love Jonny's way — he needs it right now.
Dan Gamboa
Dan Gamboa:
Damn. Live every minute like is the last one. This is heartbroken.
R.I.P Chi Chi DeVayne September 24, 1985- August 20, 2020. 🥀
Tiffany Sunday
Tiffany Sunday:
"They rather have Cancer than Scleroderma" that broke my heart, I pray her soul is finally pain free and resting peacefully.
Angela Gunn
Angela Gunn:
This was hard to watch after Lady Red's passing. It's harder now. Rest in power, angel. 💔
Holly Emery
Holly Emery:
This is so hard to watch after hearing of Chi Chi's death. She was such a beautiful queen in and out. May she rest in peace
This hit really close to home, especially now that news is out that Chi Chi has passed away. Not only did my mom have scleroderma, but they both died the same way: pneumonia as a complication of scleroderma. I'm so glad, though, to hear Chi Chi explain it here in a public platform, because scleroderma is a relatively rare disease (only 3 in 100,000 people get it) that not many peope know about. It's the reason why my mother was only diagnosed after she'd had it for years. By the time she was diagnosed she had to be on oxygen 24/7 and had already had to give up many of the things she did before, when she was healthy. It sneaks up on you, especially because the symptoms don't always appear to be related at first sight. My mom's various symptoms were checked by various specialists, but it wasn't until a pulmonologist saw her (a doctor who specializes in respiratory diseases) that she was finally diagnosed. And it starts just like Chi Chi says. You start to realize that you can't do stuff that you used to be able to do and as time progresses that will only get worse, especially without treatment (which only slows down the progress of the disease, since there is no known cure for it). It's heartbreaking to see from up close and you never know when your body reaches the point where it's just had enough and gives up. So the more people hear about it, the better.

Rest in peace, Queen. And my condoleances to Chi Chi's family.
Jay Markel-Pratt
Jay Markel-Pratt:
This has me tearing up. Chi chi is such an angel. PRAYING FOR YOU BABY!!!
RIP The Bayou Queen may the fireflies light the path to peace and rest.
David Pendock
David Pendock:
RIP Chi Chi and Lady Red. You both made the world so much brighter.
Her Louisiana spirit, Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler, will always live on. No matter how hard your life is, keep smiling, the good time is coming. Rest in peace Chi Chi.
Robin Maida
Robin Maida:
I can feel the sorrow in her voice shes still in shock in this I am so sorry baby
Renan de Oliveira
Renan de Oliveira:
im so sad she said she didnt wanna go to the doctor because of who she is... Why does the wealthiest country in the world treat people like this? why dont you have healthcare for all?? even Brasil has it.....
Can d
Can d:
Everyone, visit chi chi's insta, maybe throw her a few bucks on their venmo. They in the hospital getting dialysis right now! They look much better since being admitted to the hospital, but let's send some cheer their way! They are hoping to be discharged today I believe
Gaz Carter
Gaz Carter:
RIP LADY RED AND Chi Chi, massively missed xxxx
Alex Wanders
Alex Wanders:
Rest in Power. Amazing queen, your legacy and spirit will live forever
Rest In Power, Chi Chi Devayne. You didn’t deserve this at all. You had one of the most beautiful hearts of any queen I know. Wishing peace and comfort for her fans and her family both in and out of drag. I’m so heartbroken and in complete shock. 2020 can choke.
Drawing With cookie XD
Drawing With cookie XD:
It’s so hard to watch this and know that she is no longer with us chi chi you will always and forever be in our thoughts I hope your showing everyone up there how to lip sync and do that drag love you forever and always miss chi chi devayne 💚 R.I.P our queen CHI CHI DAVYNE X
slashvsworld world
slashvsworld world:
It really gutted me hearing about this. Right after Lady Red. She looks so beautiful here too!
Michelle Mitchell
Michelle Mitchell:
Chi Chi is so beautiful both inside and out. I know she's been going through it lately and hope she's able to go home soon. I cried when she said on Instagram she though she was a "forgotten Queen" and was overwhelmed with all the support. Her post yesterday said it was looking like she was soon going to be discharged. I saw her performance on "Little America" and she was amazing. A real gem both inside and out. Sending love to Chi Chi and Lady Red. Two awesome Queens who have had a rough time and are so loved and respected. Love them both so much ❤️💯👍
flo A
flo A:
I love that she's trying to smile through it. Sounds thoroughly depressing. She's so strong and brave. And l love how positive she's being about how it's affected her dancing and flexibility 😔 💔 We love you chichi. Good to hear that she's recovering cos gurl... 😴 The whole shit is scary !
Hasina Mzee
Hasina Mzee:
Praying for Chi Chi's family and friends. One of my favorite stars of Drag Race. This is crazy to hear. Rest in Peace luv 💔💔
This is so sad to watch. How tragically fast she was gone after her diagnosis.
Neil Julian
Neil Julian:
RIP Zavion Davenport 😭😭😭😭
Ergo Sum Adrieyl
Ergo Sum Adrieyl:
You can tell they came up grinding for everything they’ve got.
Hey Anne
Hey Anne:
I really love Chi Chi. I hope she feels better soon. I know that she was recently in the hospital.
I couldn't help but start crying at the very moment she said she hoped she didn't get to the worst stage of the illness... I just read about scleroderma, and having pulmonary and renal complications, it was just about time for her to die. Rest in Power, Chi Chi. I can't believe it.
Ron Zepor
Ron Zepor:
RIP Chi Chi. Seeing this after hearing that you passed makes watching this even harder. You can see she was hurting and holding back tears during this interview. You will always be loved and remembered baby. Miss you already. 💔💔
Samuel Rummer
Samuel Rummer:
It makes me realize how truly fragile life is. Tomorrow is never promised. I'm truly so sad and sorry that Chi Chi is gone. I've been in a total in a daze that he's gone. He and Lady Red have been called home way too early but they're both now among the stars where they belong.. Absolutely heartbreaking..
r.i.p girl. man watching this and knowing shes dead is heartbreaking
Kim Hjalmarsson
Kim Hjalmarsson:
Came here after the sad news of Chi Chis passing, had heard about the health struggle but not about this horrible diagnosis before. 💔
Cozy Corner
Cozy Corner:
Last update I heard, she is doing better👑🙏💝💖
Tracy Frederick
Tracy Frederick:
My bayou queen ❤❤❤

Edit : our beautiful Chi Chi has passed 😭
BASZ Spooks
BASZ Spooks:
I hope she's ok!!! Her Instagram post broke my heart
This is so sad to watch knowing it was only a month ago!
Richard Peralta
Richard Peralta:
Reading through these comments made me realize we also lost Lady Red 😭😭 two sweet, lovely, talented queens, gone way too soon. Rest in power, you two beautiful angels 😭😭💔💔💔
She said it’ll force her to change the way she is known to perform but BABY when she did “and I am telling you!” Honey she let the kids have it!!! Rest in love angel
i’m a dialysis RN, that just so happens to be a fan of chichi... this really feels like i have a family member going through dialysis... i hope she gets better.
RIP CHI CHI You will always be my favorite. What a beautiful soul 💕💕🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
Dan B
Dan B:
My mother had Scleroderma, most doctors had never even heard of it...
Vicente Román
Vicente Román:
looking back, such a genuine person, thank you for advocating and sharing so much Chi Chi
A Derion
A Derion:
My aunt died from what Scleroderma did to her body. I feel so bad for her family and friends. 34 years old. So young. It makes me so mad that nobody has heard about it. Nobody raises money for it. In her honor we should start a fundraiser, in her honor for Scleroderma research .
Paul Emerson
Paul Emerson:
One of the most underrated polished queens to grace the runway, always and forever a fan of this beautiful queen, rest in peace😭💖✨🌈
Leja Land
Leja Land:
She was such a sweetheart...we have to give people their roses while they’re here!!!
Nc Mc
Nc Mc:
Zavion is such a beautiful name. May this beautiful soul rest in eternal peace.
Annalisa Volcan
Annalisa Volcan:
Oh my god this brought me to tears. Poor thing, I wish I would have supported her before it was too late, I feel so guilty :((
Chef Christopher Tucker
Chef Christopher Tucker:
Alex Baez
Alex Baez:
I feel so sad now, rest in peace beautiful angel
Lisa Craig
Lisa Craig:
God bless her and miss you rest in peace 🙏 all hail the queen
this is beyond heartbreaking. i can’t believe she’s gone it hasn’t even registered yet.
this is so sad, rest in power Queen ❤️
Sade as in Adu
Sade as in Adu:
Rest in Power, you beautiful LEGEND❤️❤️❤️❤️
May u rest in peace.... u were always a stand out to me and u will be missed 💔💔💔
Wendy Lee
Wendy Lee:
This illness with Pneumonia took her from this world too soon. She is now lighting up heaven with her beauty and grace.
R.I.P. Chi Chi you beautiful Queen❣
💔 I lové Chi Chi, she inspires me to keep going through chronic illness and chronic pain ❤️🔥✊🏽
Trévi Davenport
Trévi Davenport:
Imagine doing the thing you love and then seeing that being taken away from you. Absolutely heartbreaking 💔 chi chi we love you baby!! 💖💖💖💖💖
This is just gut wrenching to watch now. Rest in Power Chi Chi and Lady Red ❤️❤️❤️
Ms bayou queen! Love you chichi, Hope her health picks up soon✌️❤️
Luiz Fernando Figueiredo Trevisan
Luiz Fernando Figueiredo Trevisan:
Chi chi we love you, you will always be remembered
Momo Dobi
Momo Dobi:
This is painful to listen to this because you can hear the sadness in Chi Chi’s voice but also being so positive. What a beautiful soul. Rest in P O W E R
Charlie Mätur
Charlie Mätur:
That is just so scary! I didn’t know that she had that disease :( she was on the top of her game ! Rest In Peace ur so amazing chi chi! 😢we will always remember you!
McGale Winn
McGale Winn:
Prayers to Johnny!!!! I know he hurting.... And he lost Lady Red. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Chi Chi was such a talented queen and such a success story and inspired thousands. May she rest in power.
The Bayou Queen will be dearly missed. Chi Chi was seriously one of the sweetest queens I’ve seen and so caring in her positions. Truly hope she’s at peace ❤️
Alex -182
Alex -182:
We need more medical professionals of color.
rest in peace beautiful.
Osito Kintsugi
Osito Kintsugi:
I can relate as a cluster autoimmune disease suffere myself! I have Scleroderma on my kidneys (I found out thru biopsy), Lupus, Mixed Connective Tissue Disease, PCOS, Raynauds, Avascular Necrosis, Sjogrens Syndrome and Antiphospholipid Syndrome APS.

I don't think people can comprehend the amount of courage and strength it takes us sufferers to make it thru life!

Knowing how bad it is for me and I'm NOT a performer, I can only imagine how tough it was for her!

Rest in power Chi Chi, your suffering is NOT in vain!

Crazy Cats and ME
Crazy Cats and ME:
RIP fly high with the Angel's 😥
I have crest syndrome (a mild version of scleroderma) and my heart goes out to Chi Chi's mother that raised a strong warrior. RIP Chi Chi 😪
Katie J
Katie J:
I'm so so sad 😞 she was so sweet
Jamie Flood
Jamie Flood:
God bless her. So candid and honest. RIP angel
Chris-Tina V
Chris-Tina V:
Poor thing, so sad, really brings tears to my eyes
I believe she’s back in the hospital as of yesterday.
Rest In Peace beautiful 😞😣
What you talkin about Willis ?
What you talkin about Willis ?:
I'm glad that she got to hear that "we all love you" and I hope she truly believed it 🙏❤🌷 Rest in Peace, Queen Chi Chi.
I knew this was going to be difficult to watch. But damnnn. Anyone's passing is sad. But when the person was so real and so humble it just hits in a deeper darker spot.
RIP Chi Chi, such a beautiful soul ♡
Lizzie H
Lizzie H:
This really scares me... I had a sudden dramatic weight loss but I’ve been too scared to go to the doctor...

I need to get it together.
My mom had scleroderma, it's brutal. I'm so, so, so happy that Chi Chi was able to get a quick diagnosis, my mom fought to get one for decades (no exaggeration !). So much love to you Chi Chi, you look beautiful, keeping fighting!! <3
This is so heartbreaking. I didn't know about anything about her being hospitalized until I heard the devastating news last night. RIP Chi Chi. You will always be loved by me and everyone else. You had one of the most iconic lipsyncs in RPDR herstory. You will be missed but now forgotten. So now go do a flip through those pearly gates, Lady Red and all the other iconic drag queens to ever grace this world is waiting with cocktails and some music! Go dance the night away girl!
Amarildo Fecanji
Amarildo Fecanji:
You left too soon sweet man. Rest in power!
Andre Trepanier
Andre Trepanier:
I love you Chi Chi, My heart is broken.
Isabella Marshall
Isabella Marshall:
😭 so heartbroken its crazy how I never met chi chi but yet I am so devastated by her death and missing her 💔rest in peace chi chi devayne THE lip sync assassin
Andrea Orlopp
Andrea Orlopp:
Maybe her look was‘nt to polished, but I‘ve loved her southern dialect, her sense for humour. She was so charming, funny and talented. I really miss her. 😔😢
rest in power chichi… One of the golden hearted girls. I love u!
God rest her soul 🙏 will always be remembered in our hearts 💕
Ms. S.E
Ms. S.E:
Now there's 2 Davenport's (SAHARA now CHI CHI) has passed away, may they both RIP
wow I just don't know what to say.we are crying on this end for real.we loved chi chi for i think a lot of people could relate to her.she was struggling big time but she had a dream and had just a down to earth about her it was so charming! she was the kid we were all rooting for on this end and even tho she did not win on ru pauls show she became a winner anyway for she started to manifest all these beautiful things in her life.I will forever love and remember chi is that you can do don't give up attitude that makes life in peace darling chi in peace.
t c
t c:
rest in peace, sweet angel 💗👼
E K:
I’m so heartbroken. I feel blessed to have been able to meet her -so sweet and funny, and to live on this planet at the same time as Chi Chi...I’ll miss her forever 😞🙏🏻💜
Angry lit Pow-la!
Angry lit Pow-la!:
RIP Chi Chi, you were so talented and beautiful. You'll be missed 💗 Safe journey home, may you find a warm place amongst the ancestors. Rest in peace 💗💗💗💗 You'll never be forgotten
The Robin
The Robin:
My all time favorite queen! I miss her already.
William Soles
William Soles:
Kielo Pólen
Kielo Pólen:
RIP, Queen.. you were one of my favorites ones.. I can't believe that you are gone...

God damn.. this year keeps getting worse..
Stephanie Davis
Stephanie Davis:
She was the epitome of Southern charm and not only was she so freaking talented, but she was humble and kind. It’s always sad to lose a Queen but damn it it’s fucking devastating to lose Chi Chi.
Glen Coco
Glen Coco:
RIP Chichi!! I hope you’re flipping and splitting in heaven!! 💔💔
David Hlz
David Hlz:
Rest in peace a truthly humble and funny quen